The Math, Part 5

By AgainstMyWill published January 18, 2013
Dan continues his search for the others Jason tutored and gets in deeper and deeper.
[This is the last chapter I've written so far. Let me know what you think... I'm working on something else at the moment but I could return to add chapters to this if there are good places to take it! -will]

Dan slowly smiled, and then knelt down and pulled up his torn underwear over his jizz-covered ass cheeks. Then he pulled up his pants. They rode uncomfortably up into his ass crack, soaked as they were with his jizz, but he just reached back and scratched around a bit with his fingers. Then he brought his fingers to his mouth and idly sucked on them as he adjusted his hardening cock in his drenched, stained, ruined pants. James's several loads started to leak out of his asshole. He could feel the hot spunk start to leak down into his already-drenched pants.

"I've gotta go," he said to James. "I'll come back to get you, though."

And he left.

First order of business, Dan thought, was to get presentable again. He walked through the halls no longer bothered by the fact that he looked like a debased slut soaked in jizz – hell, didn't just look like one, he was one. He was enjoying the stares. Yeah, it was shameful, but now the idea of shame had a deep, naughty sting to it, and it just made him harder. A part of him was still horrified, but that part was getting smaller. He never wanted it to go away completely, because it made him horny when that part was horrified or humiliated or revolted.

But for what was next he couldn't show up looking this way.

He went home. He didn't even notice whether or not Angela was there (she wasn't.) He showered and changed and drove to the library.

It took him a few hours digging through microfiche, but eventually he found it. The scandal. They wouldn't name the boys directly but they named the accusing parents. Dan smiled and wrote the names down. A little searching around online and he had a list of addresses.

He got to the first house and rang the bell. "I need to talk to your son, ma'am," he explained in the most charming and sympathetic manner he could muster, "It's about Jason. I know the cops talked to him a lot but I'm working with Jason in the psych ward and I could really use some more information. There's just nothing there."

The woman scowled. "That monster can rot, for all I care." OK, this was going to be harder than he thought. He took a deep breath. But just then, from the top of the stairs, a voice.

"Who is it, Ma?"

"Nobody, Derek!"

"Ma, I know you're talkin' about me!"

"It's about Jason, Derek, you don't have to talk to him!"

"No, Ma, it's OK, I'll talk to him!"

Well, that was easier than expected. The woman took a deep breath and flared her nostrils but finally opened the door and let Dan in. She led him upstairs and into her son's bedroom.

"Hey, I'm Derek," the kid said. "I'm just about to head back to college, so it's good you came this week and not next."

"I'm Dan, and I'm Jason's psychiatrist. I was just wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what Jason did to you, exactly."

Derek rolled his eyes. "Look, if you don't already know, you should just stay out of it."

"I really need to know, Derek," Dan said, gauging the boy's reaction. How hard would this be?

"Jason was my tutor – he was all of our tutor. That's how it happened."

"What did he tutor you in?" Dan gave the faintest hint of a smile.

Derek caught the hint. He stared at Dan, head cocked to one side for a while, and a smile spread across his face.

"I think you know what he tutored us in, Dan, don't you?"

Dan smiled. "Jason was your math tutor."

Derek flashed him a naughty smirk. "I guess he's been your math tutor too, huh?"

Dan looked down to see Derek's cock straining at his gym shorts. Derek followed his gaze down, and spread his legs wide open.

"Fuck yeah, faggot, you're one of us too now. Fucking filthy piece of shit, get down there and service my cock!"

Dan didn't need it said twice. He was immediately on his knees and grabbed the kid's hard shaft through the sheer material of the gym shorts. Derek moaned. The material at the tip of his cock started to darken, his precum soaking through the shorts.

Dan flicked his tongue across that spot. It was slippery, slick with the precum and sheer material, slimy. He wrapped his lips around the mesh-shorts-wrapped cock head and began sucking gently. Derek moaned again.

Dan yanked the gym shorts off and underneath, Derek was wearing a white cotton jock strap; it was wet with his precum and his hard cock was furiously straining against the material, tenting it out. Dan licked at the head of the cock through the cotton and then pressed his face between the cotton pouch and one of Derek's inner thighs. He inhaled the teenager's musky sweat and the warmth off his skin, and then he extended his tongue and ran it up along the inside of Derek's groin, then probed it into the cotton pouch and licked up and down the edge of his ballsack. Derek was openly moaning now, loud enough Dan was almost worried his mom would hear, until he imagined his mom walking in seeing them and realized how amazingly hot it would be to be so humiliated. So he licked harder.

Finally Derek stopped him. "Better not be planning to tease me all day, faggot. Lie down on your back, bitch, NOW."

Dan lay down on the teenager's bedroom floor, staring up at the ceiling, but not for long. Derek straddled his face and soon the teenager's plump, muscular butt framed by the jockstrap eclipsed his view of the ceiling.

"Give it a whiff, faggot." Dan raised his head off the ground so his nose was right in the teen's crack, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. The hot, moist, dirty smell of the teen's sweaty ass filled his nostrils and Dan moaned aloud.

"Now eat up, you depraved piece of shit." And Derek sat down on Dan's face.

Dan was in heaven. Derek's plump butt-cheeks enveloped his face, his crack resting directly on Dan's nose and mouth. His eyes were staring directly up the end of Derek's ass-crack and then up his spine, his back arched to spread his cheeks and get Dan wedged deeper in his crack.

Dan stuck out his tongue and began to eat with a fervor. He could taste the teen's warm, sweaty crack and he swiped his tongue up and down it, trying to get it as wet as he could. He found the tight brown pucker of the teen's anus and began to prod his tongue at it. He felt the wrinkled skin and tasted it, dark and moist and dirty, and the hint of bitterness told him Derek had taken a shit since last time he showered.

He drove his tongue in, opening that pucker by force, and felt his tongue worming around inside Derek's rectum, licking the moist teenage cavity he desperately wanted to fuck.

But not yet. They had more to do.

Derek smothered Dan with his ass for a while and then flipped over, pulled the jock off so his hard cock could spring out, and shoved it down the older therapist's throat. Dan just moaned his approval through the thick meat now plugging his throat.

"Ready to drink up my load, faggot?"

Dan did his best to nod, and Derek plunged all the way in and grunted loudly as he pumped a huge load of teenage spunk down Dan's throat.

Three minutes later the two calmly walked downstairs and Derek informed his mother that he had to accompany Dan back to the hospital for another interview. Over his mother's protests, the two hopped in Dan's car and drove back to his house.

On the way, Derek texted the rest of the group – "Of course we stay in touch," he said, "We get together and fuck like total fucking pervert fags," he said, and groped his swelling crotch – and gave them Dan's address.

When they arrived, several of the other teens were already there.

Dan met them all and gave each one a quick blowjob, rimjob, whatever the teens demanded of him, while they stood around him calling him names and spitting on him. He came in his own pants a few times, so he had to change before he could get back in his car and drive to the hospital for the last time.

First order of business was getting James out. That much was easy, since the same orderly still believed he was James's therapist. He "escorted" him to the car and then went back in for Jason.

28B. He opened the door. Jason was sitting in his usual desk chair. His computer was shut down and disassembled already.

"You were a fast learner," Jason said.

"They're all at my house, now."

"Why don't we do one final short session here, just for old time's sake?"

"It's only been two days, Jason."

"Lie down on the bed, faggot."

Dan lay down.

"OK, tell me what you've learned."

"You've shown me that I'm not a straight, loving husband and career therapist."

"What are you?"

"I'm a disgusting faggot and I deserve to be treated as such."

"See? That only took you two days. With the others it took longer. Some of them lasted for months. Now slide your pants down and roll over onto all fours."

Dan did as he was told; his cock now seemed perpetually hard and leaking. It drooled precum onto the sheets of the bed. Some small part of Dan noted this would be DNA evidence if anything went wrong, and then he laughed out loud. Everything had already gone horribly wrong.

"Now lay your face down against the pillow so you can use one hand to finger your asshole and the other to jerk yourself off."

Dan settled into the horribly demeaning position, face turned sideways pressed down against the pillow, ass up in the air. He licked two of his fingers and shoved them in his hole, still leaking and lubricated by James's cum earlier that day, and started jerking his cock.

"Good. Now repeat what you said."

"I'm a disgusting faggot."

"Good. Again."

"'I'm a disgusting faggot."

"I'm glad you've accepted this truth, Dan. It's for the best that you live the rest of your life deeply ashamed of your perverted desires and actions. Say it one more time, and then cum all over the bed."

"I'm a distusting faggotOOOHhhHHH FUCK!" Dan lost count of how many orgasms that was today, but his load was huge nonetheless. His cock erupted, hosing down the sheets in several thick blasts of jizz.

"Lick up your cum, you sick faggot, and then you can escort me out to the car with my computer and sign me out of here."

Before he'd even finished his sentence Dan was slurping hungrily at the sheets, cleaning his own jizz off as best he could. Then he calmly stood up, pulled his pants back up, and walked his patient out to his car, with his computer on a rolling cart. The orderlies protested, but Dan ignored them and then signed Jason out in the register.

He got back in the car. James was already naked, fucking himself with an empty soda bottle while Jason watched, expressionless.

He drove them all to his house. They carried the computer in, and assembled it in the living room. They hooked it to his large television.

The teenagers were already fucking in the most depraved ways possible. Bodily fluids were smeared all over the couch and carpet. The tangle of nubile bodies and limbs was so tight it was almost impossible to pick out actual humans in the mess.

Jason booted up his computer and turned to the group.

"Hey, you sick faggots."

Everyone stopped at the sound of his voice. Everyone sat up and paid attention.

"Find a partner, and watch the screen. It's time for today's math lesson."

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