Well wishers

By TickledPink published March 10, 2018
Hideki loves his boyfriend, he just wishes that things were going a bit better for him.

Every day, after kissing his boyfriend goodbye, Hideki walked to work. He and Ken had been a couple for going on 4 years now, but lately he’d been worried about his partner. Ken had been down, things at his job hadn’t been going well and he was stressing about it a fair amount. It wasn’t rugby season either, so his usual outlet to work through things wasn’t available. It had even started affecting their sex life. Lately all Ken wanted to do when he got home was collapse on the couch and watch TV. Cuddling up for a movie or two was pretty pleasant most of the time for Hideki, but when it was all Ken wanted to do, day after day, he couldn’t help but worry.

All this and more tumbled about Hideki’s head as he strolled on to work, his shoes clacking on the sidewalk. Off to his left was a small park, and at the entrance was a small well, and on that well was a small plaque. It denoted the well as a wishing well, put there by a local charity, with the proceeds going to the unfortunate. He paused in his walk and looked at it. He headed over and checked inside. Inky black water shone under a wire frame. He could see his face reflected in it, straight black hair and dark eyes, clean shaven for work.

On a whim he fished a coin from his pocket. He held it, and pictured a wish. Ken was happier, he was active, he was succeeding in his job. He flicked the coin up. It sang as it caught on his nail, spinning in the air, before splashing into the water with a solid “bloop!”, sending ripples through the water. He turned and continued on his way.

Hideki got home that night around 7, expecting to see Ken on the couch, some show playing on the TV. Instead, no one was there. He raised his eyebrow at that and quickly found the note on the counter.

“Gone to the gym, back soon”

He raised his eyebrow at that, and couldn’t help but smile. Ken was doing something. Hideki hummed to himself happily as he prepared dinner. He would have liked a text or something, the gym was right near Hideki’s office, so he could have joined him or stopped by. Didn’t matter though, it was something not on the couch.

A few weeks later, Hideki was walking to work, slightly stiffer than usual, smiling at nothing in particular. He’d been in a particularly good mood lately, in part, because he had been getting laid a lot more lately. Ken had been going to the gym regularly, and things had seemed to be going better for him at work. And since Hideki didn’t usually get that stressed, they’d been able to have a lot more fun with each other. The only downside to Ken’s newfound enthusiasm was the effect on Hideki’s walking time, but he didn’t mind that tradeoff so much.

He came up on the little park again. He looked at the well, still smiling, and remembered the wish he’d made. Wishes weren’t real, obviously, but it had been that day that Ken started pulling himself out of his slump. He could spare another coin for charity. He reached into his pocket for another coin. He flicked it off his thumb a few times, thinking.

“I wish…” he thought to himself. He thought about how things had been going lately, and couldn’t think of much he’d change. The only thing he could come up with was a bit silly, but, realising that wishes were wishes, he’d never have to tell anyone else about it. “I’ve always wished Ken would show himself off a bit more. Especially since his gym time is paying off.” he flicked the coin into the well and continued on his merry way.

Hideki arrived home, opening the door and was greeted by something fragrant sizzling off in the kitchen. He went through, finding Ken stirring at a pan of sauce, something boiling off to the side. Ken smiled at him, curling the edge of his red moustache. Hideki paused to take in the sight. Ken had an apron on, protecting him from the sauce sputtering on the stove. He didn’t appear to have a shirt on. Hideki walked around the counter, coming up behind Ken. He saw with some amusement that Ken wasn’t wearing pants either, only a pair of grey boxer-briefs. Hideki wrapped his arms around Ken, reaching under the apron and pulling himself against his warm back.

That night they’d cuddled on the couch, Hideki joining Ken in the pants-free club. Partway through the movie they had to stop it, the feeling on Ken’s hardening cock rubbing at Hideki’s arse through his blue briefs proving too much for the both of them to ignore.

As Hideki sucked, Ken’s member throbbing in his mouth, his hands roved over Ken’s back. The red hair around Ken’s cock had been trimmed back recently, something he’d only started doing over the past few weeks. Feeling slightly naughtier than usual, Hideki’s hands lowered, grabbing at Ken’s cheeks. Before a finger could even graze between them Ken let out a “hrhmm!”.

Hideki rolled his eyes, head bobbing back and forth. He moved his hands back up Ken’s back.

Ken and Hideki walked through the small park near their house. It was a Saturday, a few weeks later. Hideki had been happy for most of the intervening time, his work was going well and his partner seemed to have completely snapped out of his funk. Ken had recently joined the managerial program at work, which came with more money, but also more stress. He had been taking it like a champ though. Ken and Hideki had been going to the gym together lately. Hideki was doing it mainly to stay fit, Ken was gearing up for rugby season to start again. He was planning to show off a new improved Ken to them, as he’d said the previous evening. He’d been strutting around in a pair of red briefs that evening.

It was surprising initially, but Ken had pretty much stopped wearing anything but his underwear at home. Hideki had got used pretty quickly, and had even mostly stopped wearing anything else himself. The only time it had bit him was when he’d forgot the lack of clothes, opening the door on a pair of Mormon guys. They’d seemed a little taken aback at first, but even more so when Ken snuck up behind, pulling him into a hug from the back. They’d left shortly after Ken pulled him in for a kiss, still standing at the doorway. They hadn’t been back since.

Today though, Hideki’s happiness was being challenged. They’d been having more sex in the past few weeks than in the previous months combined, and he was kind of… not bored. He just wanted to switch it up a bit. Try something new. He and Ken had been discussing it on the way back from the gym, using euphemisms galore to keep the content passerby-friendly. They stopped next to the wishing well at the entrance.

Hideki, on reflex reached into his pocket for a coin. He’d been making regular donations to the charity, one coin of loose-change at a time. He twiddled the coin over his knuckles for a bit, head tilted up slightly to look at Ken.

“I mean… it’s just… sometimes I wish you were just a bit more open-minded.” He said.

“Is this about,” Ken made an uninterpretable gesture. From context Hideki took it to mean how Ken considered his rear-end sacrosanct and untouchable, but he failed to see how the gesture would have conveyed that in any meaningful fashion. Ken sighed. Putting his hand over Hideki’s, covering the coin he was fidgeting with, he continued. “Look, I wish I could. I wish I liked it like you do. It’s just, I…” he shifted uncomfortably, obviously clenching his cheeks together at the thought. “I don’t know.” he finished, lamely. Hideki looked into Ken’s grey eyes, and shook his head slightly, sighing.

“It’s alright.” He said. He looked around quickly, before leaning in to give Ken a peck on the lips. Pulling back he casually flipped the coin into the well, where it landed with a wet “Bloop-bloop!”

About a week after Ken was on his knees, tongue tickling at the tip of Hideki’s cock. Hideki rolled his head back slightly, breathing with every flex of Ken’s wet mouth. He heard Ken shift, and looked down. Ken had got on all fours, shifting to a more comfortable position. His back arced slightly, Hideki couldn’t help but notice Ken’s arse. It almost looked like he was wiggling it slightly, waving it back and forth. He looked down at Ken, who was looking back up at him. Seeing no complaint in Ken’s expression Hideki brought his hand to his mouth, wetting his middle finger. He looked at Ken for confirmation again, who simply shuffled slightly, definitely wiggling his arse this time. Hideki reached over and pushed his middle finger down Ken’s crack.

Hideki felt Ken shiver as his finger reached his hole. He tickled at it slowly as Ken sucked. Almost an hour later they lay next to each other, kissing as they rubbed their own cocks. Ken had a hand between Hideki’s legs and was working three fingers in and out of his hole, in time with his hand on his own cock. Hideki felt him bite gently at his lower lip. He felt Ken’s hand reach up, taking his free hand from where it had been tracing the hair around Ken’s nipple. Ken brought his hand to his lips, and took two fingers in, tongue tracing over them. He then moved his hand between his legs, before returning to his cock. Hideki moved his hand, eyes closed, groping blindly. His fingers found their goal and he felt Ken’s body quake as he tickled it.

Soon he had worked a finger in, and slowly moved it in and out. They lay there, fingering each other and kissing, as they wanked themselves to completion. In unison they spasmed, white cum shooting out and covering their chests. Hideki slowly pushed himself up, bringing himself closer to Ken, and the cum on their chests mingled as they pressed together, tongues dancing slower and slower.

Hideki had noticed that Ken was chucking coins into the wishing well on the way to the gym. When he’d asked, Ken had said he’d had a change of heart. He had originally thought the well was stupid, that the charities could just get the money directly, and wishing wells were a waste of time. But he was apparently feeling more open-minded these days. Hideki smiled bemused, as Ken reached out, scratching at the stubble on his face. He had a coin out and was about to throw it in.

“I wish you’d keep this you know. You’d look good with a beard”


Hideki had been noticed a couple of changes in Ken, he thought about it as he scratched at his face. He’d been growing out a beard and it was still in the itchy stage. Ken was still wearing pretty much just his undies around at home, but lately he’d changed type. It seems he’d been buying a bunch of jockstraps lately, and they were pretty much everything he’d been wearing. He was a bit surprised at how much Ken had taken to them to be honest, even at the gym he’d got changed in the locker room, not showing a trace of self-consciousness as the other guys in the room saw his light-blue jockbrief.

Hideki didn’t mind though. He’d found himself more and more drawn to Ken’s arse these days, so he was perfectly happy to see it being shown off more. And their sex-life had definitely taken on more variety. That evening Hideki was on his back, looking up at the blue pouch covering Ken’s cock, while his own was being sucked by Ken. He reached up to pull it from the confines of the jock it was in, when he felt Ken’s hand reach down and stop him. Without stopping his sucking, Ken shifted his position, bringing his knees under him.

Hideki found himself staring up at Ken’s arse, framed by the straps of his underwear. He licked his lips, to his surprise. Hideki didn’t really like rimming. It was one of the things he didn’t really want to try, and before, it hadn’t been an issue. Before, Ken hadn’t even wanted a finger there, much less a tongue. Now however he’d been hinting at it, pouting slightly whenever Hideki had refused.

This time felt different to Hideki. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like trying new things. He knew Ken wanted this, and he wanted to grant Ken’s wish. He lifted his head up and licked at the hole in front of him. Grabbing at Ken’s waist with his hands, he lowered his curled over lover down, bringing the hole to his face. He licked at it, teasing at the pink puckering. Ken shivered as Hideki rubbed his beard at his crack, and redoubled his sucking. Hideki felt as Ken’s fingers teased at his arsehole, and when he felt one push gently in, he bucked his hips. Flooded with lust, he lashed at Ken’s hole, tongue-fucking him in time with the fingers tickling at his prostate. Combined with the steady rhythm Ken kept up on his throbbing cock, he edged closer to climax. He moaned, into Ken’s hole, and shook.

Before he passed the point of no return, however, Ken lifted himself off. He stopped sucking and sat up on his knees. He lifted them one at a time, swiveling around. Hideki looked up, as Ken lowered himself onto his cock. Hideki’s eyes rolled back, as Ken slowly, but with increasing speed, bounced, fucking himself deeper and deeper. He leaned down and the two of them kissed. Hideki felt as Ken reached back, and pushed a finger deep inside him. Ken’s hole tightened and relaxed around Hideki’s cock as he moved himself up and down. Hideki felt Ken’s breath quicken, and saw the red flush reach his face. Knowing Ken was close, Hideki allowed himself to let go, and he saw stars as he came. He felt Ken twitching on top of him as he too finished. After they’d broken the kiss off, Hideki looked down, slightly blearily. Ken was still in the jock, the front soaked in cum, even having not touched his cock once.

Hideki and Ken were headed to the shops. They’d spent the whole Saturday inside, and inside each other’s holes. It was pretty much how they spent most of their time off. Things had been going very well for the both of them, their careers had been going like a dream, rugby season had kicked off again and Ken’s team was dominating, and they’d been having, frankly, fantastic sex. Honestly, somedays it seemed like all their wishes were coming true.

They paused near the well, looking into each other’s eyes.

“You know,” Ken started, “sometimes I wish everyone could be this happy.” He said, flipping a coin into the well.

“That’s the lamest thing you’ve ever said.” Hideki said, deadpan.

They walked off to the shops, hand in hand.

Jed was taking a walk through the park, hands in his pockets, fidgeting with a coin. Everything he saw annoyed him. The last three dates he’d been on had been a bust, and he was frustrated. He saw two guys walk past. A well-built Asian man and an even stronger-looking ginger. They were holding hands and laughing. It sickened him. Not because they were two men. Because they were so damn happy.

The last three women he’d seen had been some variety of terrible or another. And they were so damn hard to understand, he’d been so nice, and they’d gone off with some jerk instead of him. Seeing those two guys so happy just rubbed it in. Women sucked. Sometimes he just wished he was gay. Those guys had it easy. They could just play video games and drink beer and fuck. No “headaches” and no periods. It would be so much simpler.

“Wish I could just be with my friend.” He thought. “Beer, bros and buttsex, or whatever it is they do.”

A charity well sat at the entrance to the park. Without a further thought he chucked a coin in.


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