My last four

By Piso Mojado published March 6, 2018
4 short stories

I swear these are the last of the stories. 4 I had never really developed.

Anvil Bar

Anvil was packed as it always was on the first Saturday of every month. If you didn’t weigh at least 200 pounds you probably didn’t want to be there unless you never wanted to come out again. The average bear there was 200 pounds and covered in muscle, fur and sweat. The room stank of old piss, sweat, leather and poppers. Walking by the closed bar was a sexual experience if by smell alone. The constant baritone voices and loud electronic music thumping could be felt a block away.

“Randall” was an accounting major at a local community college. He was in good shape for someone with his major. He at least played Rugby and went to the local “Y” to work out three times a week His best friend, Mitch was a pencil geek with no muscle tone and an unnatural pasty complexion. They became friends on line and shared that they both had dreams of being rough leather tops. Those bad boys bought leather posing jocks and nipple clamps. Mitch even had a set of pleather Chaps (So much cheaper and feels like the real thing) besides, his topsiders were real leather so it made the outfit somewhat authentic.

Plied with peach schnapps and pent up sexual frustration they decided tonight they would hit the Anvil. Tonight they would be the leather tops they dreamed of being. They smelled and and felt the place before they even set foot on the property. Caught up in the moment they entered. Like in a bad movie all sound stopped and their hearts droppe as mountain of men after men turned and looked at them with grins of malice. The two boys turned to leave when meaty hands pulled them back in. We all know what ensued so I’ll spare you kind readers but now six months later on the first Saturday of August when it’s particularly Hot and sweaty walk to the bar and look below the tip jar filled with twenties and you’ll see the prone boy whose mouth his was mounted to a one foot by one foot glory hole: the 0g nose ring hooked on to the panel as is his 4g tongue piercing.

His wrists shackled to the weight bench and his totally hairless body slippery from sweat, piss and cum is held to the bench by his 0g Nipple rings. His arse is raised to the tops position of comfort and gaping but reach underneath and you’ll find the 00g PA hooked to the bench and 26 rings of 4g steel cover his scrotum like a chain maille. months of forced feedings have doubled his weight and constant paddling have given him a truly pink pig like appearance. Mitch was usually found in uses better suited for his build. Sometimes he’s covered in pleather and used as a foot bench, or wrapped in steel chains with an ash tray cock gag bound in his mouth. He’s most popular when he’s chained to the mechanics creeper held in place by a really too large dildo secured onto the creeper, feet and hands secured to the base and wheeled around the room with his urinal hood and gag so there’s no waiting in the bathroom.

Yep.. Its a good night at the Anvil


Preston Ellis III cursed in several romance languages as his Bentley Arnage sputtered to a stop in front of an old GULF filling station in beautiful downtown Pahrump Nevada. Preston Ellis III was a very self important man. Though he was born in Sepulveda and his parents made their fortune singularly from their accidental success in the “Cell Phone Cozy” market and follow up Faux Fur sexy underwear line he held himself to a standard adopting a snooty Oxfordian accent and looking down on people with his Orange County public Education.

He exited his leather and wool sanctuary stepping his calf skin loafers into a puddle of water and dirt. A few more curse words later and he was ready to meet the owner of this little slice of hell with a convenience store attached

“OOoooEeee.. that shore is a purdy ve-hickle.. is that the new Chrysler 300?” asked the big bear of a man. Preston Ellis III turned and gasped at the sight before him. Easily 6’6" and a full 360 pounds of pure man meat, Preston Ellis III had never been so intimidated by a man in his life. His chest was barley contained in his bib overalls with one side down. His huge nipples rough and plump from years of use, he was sure. The hair on his body would cover a dozen recipients with “Locks of Love”.

Preston Ellis III recovered somewhat and said “N…N..N..No.. iiiiit’s a Bently”. The owner looked him up and down with eyes that betrayed a large intelligence but again he spoke like a rum runner from the Appalachian mountains.. “Well.. lets get you out of the heat and into a soda. Don’t want to get yer pretty clothes to get any dirtier. Big Billy Branson, I own this place” and he held out his hand.

Preston Ellis III Accepted his hand thinking “God he’s going to hate me by my name alone” but before he could offer his name he noticed his hand was covered in axel grease. Stoopified, he just looked at it. He should have been raging in his head but he just stared. He rubbed his fingers together and felt aroused at how sexy the grease felt and flowed. He brought it to his face and closing his eyes, smelled the grease. He barely registered his hand spreading it on his lips under his nose.

His eyes still closed, he felt Big Billy standing closer. A humid manly smell overwhelmed him. Big Billy had pulled Preston Ellis III into an embrace and buried his face in his armpit. Preston Ellis III leaned in and rested his forehead on Big Billys bicep as he licked and smelled his new master.

Big Billy slowly stripped Preston Ellis III of his clothes and old identity piece by piece noticing how slender and gym toned he was. He pinched and pulled at his nipples making them as plump as his own. He bit, chewed and sucked on Preston Ellis III lips until they were full and red against his milky white skin. He kneaded and grabbed his arse cheeks until they were like soft white melons and he cupped his balls and cock then pulled and stretched them until they hung low and full and to his knees.

Preston Ellis III was moaning like a whore and when pushed to his knees, kept his eyes closed as Big Billys cock rested on his cheek while Preston Ellis III sucked and cleaned Big Billys ripe sweaty balls.

Preston Ellis III pawed at his own bum smearing axel grease on his hole and inserting his own fingers inside. Big Billy says deeply “Boy.. we got chores to do.. We ain’t got time for this”. Preston Ellis III looked up with a pouty lip and his big doe eyes and said “Please Pa.. It’s s been hours since I had you in me.. a quick one so I kin work…”

Big Billy says “You know yer old pappy cant say no to that face” as Big Billy entered him with no resistance whatsoever. Preston Ellis III Gasped and moaned and cried out as Big Billy fucked the last of Preston Ellis III out of this prude who rolled in and replaced him with Elvis, his own flesh and kin. This might turn out to be the best one Big Billy has produced in the last 164 years on this earth. "Hurry up and swallow then , Boy… Pa has a Bently to part out

Getting a new Puppy

Brandon woke up to a strange fullness in his belly. He sat up but as he rose up on his haunches he noticed his paws hanging down from his chest like a dog and the fullness increased. “What the Fuk” should have come out but all he heard was “WuFF Wuff”. (Waiiiit.. What?) He dropped down to his hands and knees, I mean paws. He was so confused. Master walked in to the room at the noise. Master? No, that was.. Uhhhh. Fuck, We went to school together… His name is Master.. I mean.. I… No, doggies don’t go to school" Puppy though as he lifted his leg to lick his balls.

Master held up his collar and lead and Puppy raised up a bit but the higher he got the dizzier he became. “Puppies don’t stand” so he bounced on the floor noticing for the first time how good his tail felt to wag. Fuuuuck it was deep inside him. SO good. It was making his doggie cock hard Master placed the collar on puppy who suddenly had a moment of clarity. “Wooooooo” he cried out. He looked pleadingly at Master who said:" You’re going to love being my breeding bitch.. you’ll be much better at that than you were a human. Remember six years ago when we shared a dorm room? Bet you didnt think I’d recognise the pendant my sister forgot when you defiled her in my own Fucking room! So whose the Bitch now! I’ve been drugging and hypnotising you since that Freshman year six years ago and I needed you aware for this last step, you ready"? And Old Brandon began shaking. Tears poured down his face, shaking his head “NO”. “when I pull puppies tail out all of Brandon will pour out and I’ll fill you with myself”.

With that Master pulled Brandon’s Tail Butt plug out. Two thoughts hit him: How huge and deep that plug was. It’s impossible it was inside him and the other horror that he lost his tail. How would he wag and show Master how grateful he is. He began shaking and howling at which Master began stroking his hair. Wait.. his body is hairless. Master had him denuded yet he could feel hair and his master stroking it. He became calmer and calmer. Master pulled his Human cock out. Puppy whimpered and raised his tail up. Master filled him with his thick ten inches. “When I cum, Brandon will exist no more, my cum will replace all thoughts and you’ll be my good bitch forever”. His thrusts increased and Puppy began panting. God he needed Master inside him! Master came hard. 8 shots of cum erupted from his stored up loads. It was hard but he’d saved up a weeks load for this moment. After 6 years of waiting, what was one week? and Puppy felt something break. He crashed to the floor Dazed. Master replaced his puppy tail and Sat back satisfied with his work. Puppy scrambled on all fours to lick and clean masters cock and balls. He loved Master and hoped they could play again.. after walkies, maybe.



I always scoffed at corny superhero stories of how Lightening and random Chemicals gave FLASH his super speed or Spiderman got his “Spidey Powers” from a radioactive bite but I’ll be Gaddamed if it isn’t true or I wouldn’t be floating here dis-embodied above the charred remains of my body. God I am SO embarrassed! There’s a freaking Charcoal statue that used to be my body with my hand still around my charcoal cock with charcoal cum halfway up the charcoal shaft. I pity the poor first responder who discovers my body.

There I was stroking away at my computer (literally) with my cock and balls plugged in to an “OHMiBOD” personal vibrator. A surge of electricity from a lightening strike and “Poof”.. There I’m not any more! Oh Gawd.. is that food stuck in my teeth? I’ll Die… again!

And sure enough on cue here comes Fire and EMS. God they look hot in their turnouts. Several are putting out small burning remains Aaaaand They find my body. OH GOD!! Stop Laughing!! WTF is wrong with you guys.. I’m Dead and you’re making POST-TESTY Jokes?! The Italian looking Firefighter says “Better Glove up… I bet he’s IBM+” and they all laughed! That Homophobic bastard!

I throw a fist to hit him and suddenly I feel like I’m in a cyclone. The Firefighter kind of shudders and suddenly I’m flesh and blood again. FUCK I feel good. Strong! I smell Bloody AMAZING! So sweaty and a hint of smoke and spice. The other Firefighters notice I stopped talking and look at me, “You OK Mario”? I reply in Marios Deep baritone voice: “Yeah.. just kind of sad”. but then I see the humour. I see Marios amusement. I can feel his thoughts. Marios/My new smile relieves the tension and we turn the scene over to the police. This is gonna be good!

We head back to the station and three Firefighters head to the gym so I tag along. Lets see what this body can do. We’re lifting and sweating and every time someone gets up I make it a point to lie down in their sweat outline. As I brush against someone I feel a pull towards their body but I don’t want to leave Mario yet so I hold on but I guess I leave a bit of energy in each of them ’cause pretty soon they all start sweating just standing there. All three are sporting full on wood. They all look confused but they cant deny the heat So I take the lead.

I lick my palm and start rubbing the big “Sausitche” through my shorts. You can see the veins through my now wet material. I lift an arm and smell, then lick the pit. They’re all standing there watching me: their shorts tenting and soaked in pre-cum. they lean in to smell each other and the first bold member dabs his tongue on his buddies nipple and he groans in sexual frenzy. Soon it’s all on!

They’re humping and licking and full open mouth tongue sucking when couple of more Firefighters walk in to see what the noise is and before they can cry out I place my palm on their chests and force myself into them then back into Mario. Six crazed Firefighters fucking in the station and One by one they cum on each other. As each one comes they fall asleep on the floor of the locker room and their cum starts rolling towards me. It kind of freaks me out but as it touches my skin it’s absorbed. I feel an electric charge. What a rush! I guess their cum when possessed by me changes and gives me strength. My Spidey power is Cum harvesting?! I can think of worse fates!

Somehow I know that when they wake up they’ll remember how turned on they were by the smells and feelings and they’ll be a little more receptive to the idea of male on male sex. Suddenly I have a new purpose: to rid the world of homophobia one load at a time.

I ring dispatch and let them know I think I have the flu and I’m going home. Off I go to trade bodies again. I didn’t walk long when I saw a group of Skinheads hanging off a sea wall. Oi! music is blaring and they’re shouting out their racist vitriol for all to hear. I snuck up on the loudest one and placed my hands on either side of his shaved head and pushed him off the wall. I watched him shudder and look around dazed and confused. I guess the more I touch someone the more energy I transfer. Thanks to the last six loads I have plenty.

The other four circle me calling me “WOP” and “Meatball” when the leader I pushed staggered over. He was eye fucking me something bad. I started to chub up and he saw it. Drool appeared at the corner of his mouth and I saw him start to sweat. He wasn’t a bad looking lad. 19, maybe 20.. no older. His mohawk was bridged by tattoos on his scalp, throat and neck. His arms were covered in Celtic Runes and Swastika’s as were his mates. His tight bleachers showed off his body pretty well and his mates gawked at the wood he was sporting.

One by one I touched each of the group again and again. First a slap to the face or head, then a poke in their cocks and nips. Anywhere I touched them caused quite a reaction. The leader opened his pants and started tossing it right there in front of me, not noticing anyone else. I turned him around and he let me, then I bent him over and licked his bung hole. This time I saw an arc of electricity and he cried out as he shot load after load into the sand. As the cum burrowed under the sand to reach me I saw the others begin to sweat. One by one they fell in to each other gobbing into each others mouths, sucking on pits and arses. One by one they shot loads into the sand and passed out as the loads made their way back to me. I made the switch to the leader intending to let Mario go back to living his own life. As I made the decision I felt Marios mind cry out: “DON"T GO.. I need you in me”. I pulled back in and let him know I would always be a thought away. Somehow I knew this to be true. And somehow I knew that I could only occupy a body for so long before they became dependent on me. Mario was permanently changed and now I had another game plan.

I entered the leader and Had him fuck one of his boys. As soon as he came I reabsorb it and abandoned his body entering the one I just fucked through his cock-arse connection. The electric charge through his prostate would leave a permanent mark, I’m sure! I then repeated the ‘fuck-cum-absorb and switch’ on each of the boys then back in to Mario asking for a lift to the nearest truck stop then off to the Nations capital. The whole way there We hummed “Spider Man, Spider Man.. Does whatever a Spider Can…” .

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