Ulysses 4

By J Alexander published December 21, 2012

As the nanites begin to spread, Knut and Derek start an orgy in the barracks.

Derek climbed from the cockpit of his Raptor, feeling a victorious thrill run through him right to his balls after utterly defeating the Tyreni scouts. As if in answer to his prayers, Knut came running out to him. But when he saw Knut’s expression, Derek frowned.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“The nanites have escaped. Unless we act now, we’ll lose the ship in a matter of hours.”

Another man came running after him.

“Hey kid! Sergeant Travis sent me to find out what you know about the cargo.”

Knut shook his head. “I don’t have time to explain it all, so I’ll be brief: The nanites are highly intelligent and feed on cum. If they catch you they will stimulate you until you ejaculate and then feed on your juice. It’s what they use to replicate themselves, so the more you cum, the more of them there are.”

Derek and the guard shared an amazed look. “Shit.”

“There was only a tiny drop left.” Knut continued, “But there are hundreds of men on this ship, and sooner or later, it’ll find a way to spread. I can’t find Ethan, but if you help me find him, he’ll know what to do before the whole ship is taken over by insane cum-hungry nanites.”

“Is that a bad thing?” the guard asked, hefting his package.

Derek scowled at him. “Yes, it’s a bad thing. They’ll enslave us and use us like meat.”

“I’ve got some meat they’re welcome to use! Looks like you do too, soldier.” The guard said, checking out the obvious bulge in Derek’s tight flight suit. Knut looked anxiously between them.

“Look,” Derek said, “I believe you. Let’s get out of here and find this Ethan guy.”

“You two have fun!” the guard called after them lewdly.

“Pig!” Derek shouted back.

Derek and Knut rounded the corner and the guard was gone.

“Okay, how do we find Ethan?”

“We need to get to a computer terminal. The ship can tell us where he is.”

Meanwhile, in C deck aft, the pool of silver was coalescing into a perfect circular shape. The four naked men stared at it in wonder as it sprouted eight legs and pushed itself up.

“It’s like a spider!”

“Are those arms?” Joe asked.

Suddenly, the spider leaped into the air, landing on Boots (the dark-haired soldier that Travis had been sucking – he was naked except for his tall black combat boots, hence his nickname). The nanites changed shape again, wrapping themselves around his waist, and completely enveloping his long juicy cock and balls.

“Ohhh my god.” Boots said, sliding his back down the stall as the nanites began to work his meat back to hardness. “Help! It’s got me, mmm, it’s got me!”

“What’s it doing?” Joe asked.

“Joe, take your friend and get out of here. Get help.” Travis ordered.

Joe and the other young soldier grabbed their pants, yanked them on, and dashed out the door.

Boots twitched, and arched his back as the nanites slid all over his shaft, mimicking the thrusting actions of sex and the tight, warm feel of a good ass.


“Shhhh.” Travis comforted. “Don’t worry. It’ll just be a moment – then you’ll be one with the hive, Boots.”

“What? Oooooh yeah!” Boots struggled against the pleasure, but there was no stopping it. “What hive?”

Travis straddled Boots and climbed forward on top of him. And while the nanites were servicing Boots, Travis pushed his own shaft between Boots’ lips. Boots’ eyes widened, but did not resist as Travis slowly began to fuck his throbbing meaty shaft down his throat.

“Oh yeah. Mmm! Take my cock, soldier. Swallow it!”

Boots was confused, but here he was, pinned to the bathroom floor by a hot army stud and a weird silver blob that felt fantastic as it massaged his balls and jerked his cock at perfect tempo. Feeling the soldier’s meat between his lips, Boots reached the point of no return. He felt the surge rise in his balls, instinctively thrusting his hips up off the floor, and suddenly he was shooting his cum hard into the silvery blob, which sucked vigorously until every last drop was extracted. Satisfied, the blob slid off of him and remained there, quivering.

Meanwhile, Boots continued to gobble down Travis’ thick shaft. Travis smiled and continued to facefuck the soldier beneath him, until he too was ready.

When he felt Travis getting ready to blow, Boots moved to back off the cock, but Travis pinned him down and blasted into his mouth. Then he pinched Boots’ nose so that he had to swallow. Boots struggled a bit, but eventually gave in. Only then did Travis back off, and Boots saw that his shaft was still dripping, and that there was silver mixed in with his salty essence.

“What the fuck was that, man? I-”

But it was too late. The nanites had reached his brain. Boots froze, blinked, and then smiled the same vindictive smile back at Travis.


“Consume and spread.”

“Computer, locate Ethan Thompson.” Derek announced.

“Lieutenant Thompson located in Med Bay.”

Knut frowned in alarm. “Is he okay?”

“I dunno. Let’s go and see.” Derek responded.

They reached the Med Bay in a few minutes.

“Ethan!” Knut called out.

“Knut! I’m here, are you alright?” Ethan replied.

Derek quietly observed the two of them, and checked out the new guy. He was pretty hot, well-toned and evidently packing. He judged that he wouldn’t have much trouble getting permission for a three-way.

“No, well yes, I’m fine, but we’re in trouble…Ethan - the nanites escaped during the attack.”

Ethan froze, and Derek wondered what the new guy would do next. Without another word, Ethan moved to a phone line on the wall, and dialed a number.

“Petty Officer Curtis, this is Lieutenant Thompson. By executive order, seal off all bulkhead compartments from the holding level to B deck. Put the ship on high alert, and enforce a curfew effective immediately. No one is to leave their barracks. Have Commander Brooks meet me on the Bridge.”

Derek and Knut looked at each other in amazement, while Ethan listened.

“Sir, for executive orders, I need an authorization code-”

“J-406-Foxtrot.” Ethan responded smoothly.

There was a pause on the phone. “…yes sir.”

Officer Curtis began making announcements on the overhead, as Ethan smirked.

“How did you get an authorization code like that?” Derek asked.

“Brooks. He took fancy to my cock. While he was busy licking my cum off his face, I looked around his room.”

“That’s why he called you in privately?” Knut gasped. “Huh. And I was gonna ask you about Derek…”

Ethan looked Derek up and down quickly. “Yeah, fuck him. He’s definitely hot. But right now, I’ve got to get to the bridge.”

And he ran out the door. Knut took Derek’s hand and began leading him down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” Derek asked.

“I just got permission to fuck you. Where do you think we’re going?” Knut smirked.

They reached the door labeled Barrack 15. It was mostly empty, as each barrack could hold 50 men. Knut nodded politely to the guys that were in there.

“Hey guys: we’re gonna get it on in here, do you mind?”

“Nope.” “Nah.” “Go ahead.”

“We voted.” Knut smiled, stripping off his customary tank top. “We don’t mind what anyone does in here. It’s a free sex zone.”

Derek drank in the sight of Knut’s bare torso, toned and sweaty, and he couldn’t speak anymore. He reached out and began to rub his hands over Knut’s chest, as Knut leaned up to kiss him.

“I should warn you,” Knut whispered, unzipping Derek’s flight suit, “I kind of cum a lot.”

“As long as I get a taste of you, I’ll be happy.” Derek said. He unzipped his flight suit the rest of the way and peeled it off his sweaty body so that he was completely naked. Knut licked his lips as he admired the pilot’s body again: muscled from head to toe, and with a nine inch cock, jutting straight out over sweaty balls.

Knut lunged in, licking the sweaty musky scent from all around him, and then the shaft itself. Derek sighed as the young mechanic serviced his shaft. A few of the men in the barrack looked over at them with interest, but Derek did not turn to hide. Instead, he put a hand on Knut’s beautiful head and gently took over the process, pistoning his long pole into the young man’s full, voluptuous lips.

After awhile of bliss, Derek released him and Knut backed off, standing up to quickly remove his own pants. His sweaty six-pack glistened, and his treasure trail led Derek’s eyes down to the rigid seven inch shaft that stood proudly erect before him.

“Turn around.” Derek whispered. Knut grinned, and obeyed.

Knut’s ass was too delectable to pass up. Derek was salivating as he plunged forward, his tongue quickly finding the young mechanic’s hole. He heard Knut cry out in pleasure, and drove further, thrusting his tongue inside of him as far as he could reach.

“AH! FUCK ME!” Knut was screaming. A few of the other men were watching intently now, either gripping concealed packages, or outright jerking off while watching the exchange. One couple decided to sixty-nine on the bunk across from them, and Knut began jerking his cock as he watched the two rugged soldiers going at it, swallowing each others’ throbbing veiny cocks.

“You’re delicious.” Derek said, sliding his chest up Knut’s back. Knut shivered at the friction, and delighted when he felt Derek’s shaft pressed against his back. “I almost came just rimming you.”

Knut made no reply, but moaned when Derek began to kiss the back of his neck. He felt Derek humping him slowly, until the motion stopped and he felt pressure at his hole.

All at once, Derek’s long shaft slid home, and Knut screamed out “YES!”

Very quickly, almost desperately, Derek began pounding his meat in and out, eliciting sobbing cries and loud moans from the mechanic. All around Barrack 15, men were dropping the pretense of disinterest and gathered closer, stripping off clothing and freely groping each other, jerking each other off. The couple on the bed across from them got up, and the man with tattoos mounted the other in similar fashion. Knut leaned over the gap and the bottoms kissed passionately as Derek and the tattooed soldier fucked at a steady pace.

A full blown orgy had erupted, just from watching Derek and Knut. Derek’s sweaty balls were slapping wetly against Knut’s ass, and Derek grunted with each thrust. The room filled with the sounds of wonton lust.

“Turn me over, Derek. Please.”

Barely stopping, Derek flipped Knut over so that he was on his back, and then he leaned down and they kissed again. One of the nearby men came over and inserted a finger in Derek’s ass. Derek made no reply, but continued plowing Knut’s ass while the soldier stretched his own. Derek only paused his vigorous fucking of the cute mechanic so the soldier could mount him, and then he was sandwiched between them.

“Ah! Oh god! Yes! FUCK!” Derek cried out. Any movement resulted in his shaft thrusting into Knut, or the hot soldier’s fucking further into him. Derek turned to look the soldier in the eye.

“If you’re gonna fuck me, soldier, then FUCK ME.”

The soldier grinned, grabbed Derek’s hips, and began pounding his meat home.

The tattoed man came first, crying out and filling his bottom’s ass with jizz. The smell filled the room, and soon many other couples were panting heavily as their cream spurted onto their muscular bodies.

The soldier’s fucking hit Derek’s sweet spot over and over, and he came like an explosion, pulsing deep within Knut’s bowels. The convulsions squeezed his ass muscles on the hot soldier’s cock, and he came with a grunt, his salty fluid spilling out of Derek’s tight ass.

But none of them compared to Knut. Since Derek had stopped fucking, he jerked his cock desperately, until the enhanced balls gave a surge, and cum blasted out of him, splashing across Derek’s abs and chest, even drenching his hair, and splattering the soldier behind him.

Derek looked down at the twink in utter shock, his messy black hair clinging to his face. Then he began to laugh, and the soldier who had fucked him joined in. All across the barrack, the men stood amazed at Knut’s flood of sticky cum. Then Derek leaned down and licked all the cum out of Knut’s bellybutton. A large amount of cum remained however.

“Boys,” Derek said, gesturing to Knut. “Open buffet.”

The men closed in, eager to taste the young mechanic. Knut laid his head down and sighed in content as the tongues descended.

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