Prom Night - Chapter 3

By RobinHood70 published March 2, 2018

Hunter’s life is a living hell…until the person he despises the most comes back into it

Cast: Mr. C (1, 2, 3) Casper (1) Hunter (1, 2)

It had been a long shift on a very hot day, but I was finally done at the garage. While I’d managed to finish the last couple of weeks of high school after the events of prom night, it was largely due to my reputation as a good student, and previous grades propping me up. I skipped classes sometimes, showed up hungover other times, and did almost no work whatsoever at any time. My final exam marks were total shit as well, since I could barely focus on putting one foot in front of the other, much less provide essay answers to convoluted questions that seemed utterly inane after everything I’d been through.

College or university was entirely out of the question, and I’d had a difficult time finding a job, given everything. I’d always had a natural aptitude for mechanics, though, and I managed to convince the owner of a local garage to let me learn on the job. He’d been patient, if a bit gruff, and I’d learned quickly. Working helped keep my mind off of other things, but probably the best part of my new job was the coveralls. The more clothes I was wearing, the safer I felt, though “safe” was a relative thing now. It had only been a couple of months since prom night, and I still had nightmares about it almost every night, usually waking up in a cold sweat, trembling and whimpering quietly in the dark.

I’d given up masturbating because every time I touched my penis, my mind immediately jumped to everything that had happened on prom night. I’d even started sitting down to take a leak so I didn’t have to touch it. Of course, not touching it also made me think of prom night, but it wasn’t quite as bad, somehow. Now, the only time I touched myself was in the shower, and even then, I kept it as short as humanly possible. Between the nudity and having to actually touch my penis, I hated showering now.

Even worse were the erections. Whether it was morning wood or a wet dream (I’d actually started to get those again now that I wasn’t masturbating), I couldn’t help but think of that night. Thankfully, my penis usually softened up pretty quickly at that point.

Looking up, I realized I’d been standing in the little cubby that served as a locker room doing nothing for who knew how long, obsessing over what had happened yet again. I was doing that far too much. The boss had asked to see me after my shift, so after taking off my coveralls and hanging them in my locker, I crossed the garage to his office. Unusually, his door and blinds were closed, so I knocked and then opened the door after I heard him yell “Come in!” My heart stopped as I saw a face that I’d hoped never to see again.

I stood rooted to the spot for several seconds, my shock only subsiding in self-preservation. As Casper moved to hold his pendant in front of me, I stepped forward and punched him in the stomach. He folded up like a lawn chair and I quickly moved to take his pendant, stuffing it in my shirt pocket.

I ran out to the garage and grabbed some duct tape, covering Casper’s mouth, then using a bunch more of it to bind his hands and feet, stealing the odd glance at his midsection to admire the large, rounded hump in his pants. Even as evil as I knew him to be, I’d always admired the way his crotch looked. Once I was sure he wouldn’t be going anywhere quickly, I went out to the old clunker I’d bought and fixed up with the help of my new boss, and pulled it into the garage. I could feel Casper’s eyes on me as I walked back into the office and dragged him out to the car. I debated briefly whether I should toss him in the trunk or the back seat, settling on the back seat, since it would be less conspicuous when I got back home and had to take him out again. Throughout it all, my boss continued poring over paperwork on his desk—probably the only time I was grateful for Casper using his pendant.

It was only a few minutes from the garage to our place, and I glared at Casper for most of it, at least when I didn’t have to keep my eyes on the road. He just sat calmly in the back the whole way, looking for all the world like I was his chauffeur rather than his captor.

When we got home, I realized that there was too much chance for someone to see us and wonder what was going on, so I went inside and got a knife to cut the duct tape, holding the blade surreptitiously to Casper’s body once he was free and ordering him to walk slowly towards the house. Just to be on the safe side, I also pulled the pendant out of my pocket and held it in my other hand, in case Casper decided to be more uncooperative than I expected. I was loath to use it, but I would if I had to.

“Dad’s been looking all over for you, you know”, I told him quietly as I pulled him out of the car. “He’s even got friends helping him, though they obviously don’t know what actually happened. He let them think that we broke up after you tried to rape me. Not too fuckin’ far from the truth, is it?”, I asked him rhetorically as we walked towards the house, my arm wrapped around him to conceal that I was holding a knife to him. Just touching him brought back memories, and I cringed inwardly at every step, but there was no other choice at the moment. “You’re lucky I caught you and not him or you’d be dead already. You might still end up that way, if he’s home.” I noticed that Casper was getting a pretty impressive—not to mention beautiful—erection, presumably from me having my arm around him. Out-fucking-rageous! In fear of his life, with a knife to his throat, and there was Casper developing a wonderfully large mound in his pants. Even in my current state, I couldn’t help but admire it for a few seconds. “Move it, boner-boy!”, I snapped, shoving him towards the door, then jerking him to a halt and motioning him to stay where he was.

“Hey Dad, I’m home!”, I called out after I opened the door. “You here?”

Not receiving an answer, I motioned Casper inside, then walked him to the kitchen, pointing to one of the chairs. Setting the pendant down on the table beside him, I checked the rest of the house, just to be absolutely certain that Dad wasn’t home. Once I was satisfied that he wasn’t, I reported back to Casper and took a seat nearby, letting my eyes settle on Casper’s exquisite mound once again while the two of us waited for Dad to get home.

He showed up about twenty minutes later. The moment I heard him unlocking the door, I grabbed the pendant off the table, got up, and headed towards the front hallway, casually blocking his way to the kitchen. Dad had his gun out, his finger wrapped dangerously around the trigger, and he looked every bit as unhinged as I’d warned Casper he would be…almost like that guy from the old movie poster for The Shining. Clearly, he’d gotten word that Casper was back in town.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Dad! It’s okay, everything’s under control”, I reassured him, doing my best to calm him as much as I could under the circumstances. “One of my co-workers warned me that he’d seen Casper heading into the manager’s office at work, so I was ready for him when he tried to put the whammy on me after my shift.” It was a small white lie, but I didn’t want Dad thinking that there was even the slightest chance that Casper had had the opportunity to use the pendant on me. In his current state, if I told him the way things had actually happened, he probably would’ve been paranoid enough to think Casper had gotten to me before I’d floored him. “I jumped him and taped his mouth shut before he even saw me. I’ve had him tied up here ever since, trying to figure out what to do with him. Look, I’ve got his pendant right here”, I reassured him, holding it up to show him it was safely in my hands and not in Casper’s. “Now, just put the gun down and relax!”

I was a little surprised that Dad did exactly what I’d wanted and set the gun down on a small table in the living room, but when I saw that he was visibly starting to relax, I realized what had just happened. Continuing to hold the pendant up where he could see it, I decided it was probably best if I made absolutely sure he wasn’t going to do anything rash.

“Just calm down completely, Dad. Everything’s okay. Even after everything he’s done, you’re not going to hurt Casper, and you know it.” I was relieved to see the manic edge fade ever so slightly from his eyes. “In fact, you can’t even be angry or upset with him at all”, I continued. I could see Dad’s face continuing to relax even further as my commands took effect. “Good, now just follow me into the kitchen, sit down, and listen to what Casper has to say”, I finished.

Sure enough, as I headed towards the kitchen, Dad obediently followed me, sat down at the table, and greeted Casper curtly. “I thought you said you had him tied up!”, Dad accused in an incongruously calm voice, though there seemed to be a hint of alarm to it.

“I lied”, I admitted, holding up the pendant once again. “There’s no reason to worry about whether he’s tied up or not, though”, I told Dad. I could see why Casper got a kick out of using it.

Casper grinned at seeing Dad under the pendant’s effects. Standing up, his smile broadened as Dad’s eyes immediately locked onto the erection I’d been admiring myself until a few minutes ago. “Nice erection, Casper!”, Dad complimented him.

Apparently, despite how long it had been, not all of Casper’s commands had worn off. Because most of them had worn off the morning after prom, and others had worn off as soon as we’d realized that we were behaving unusually, I’d always assumed that there must be some kind of time limit, or maybe that realizing you were under the pendant’s influence negated its effects.

“Thanks, Mr. C!”, Casper purred, reaching his hand out towards me. Without even thinking about it, I handed him back his pendant.

“What the fuck are you doing?”, Dad yelped, his terror at seeing Casper with the pendant again apparently overcoming his calmness. Granted, he’d calmed down when I’d told him to, but I’d never said anything about staying calm.

“Relax, Mr. C”, Casper commanded, holding up the pendant. “You’re happy to see me again because you know that I’m here to fix things. Despite everything you’ve been through, you know that I can use the pendant to make everything better, and you’re going to let me do so. It’s great that I have my pendant back now, and you’re looking forward to having me use it on you and Hunter again, no matter what I actually use it for.”

“Sorry, I guess it just took me by surprise that Hunter was handing you back your pendant. I wasn’t really upset or anything. Or, I was, but I’m not now. In fact, I’m actually happy to see it in your hands again”, Dad told Casper sincerely. “Hell, I’m glad to see you again! You’re looking pretty good…and your cock is so beautiful, especially hard, like it is now.

“It’s not like I don’t know what’s on your mind, you know. But, however much of a pervert you sometimes are, I know you can fix what you did before, and I’m surprisingly eager to let you”, Dad informed Casper, a hint of warmth on his face. “Oh, and you can start by stopping me from admiring your cock, or at least telling you how incredible it looks. I mean, it is a nice-looking cock, don’t get me wrong, but it’s seriously fucked up that I keep complimenting you on it.”

Dad’s comments were an odd mix of complimentary and plaintive, especially the bit where he’d referred to Casper as a pervert, yet they obviously made sense to him. They were rather disturbing to me, though. This wasn’t how things had been supposed to go, and I knew it, but for the life of me, I couldn’t seem to stop what was happening. I didn’t even want to, really. That idea really hit me, and I realized chillingly that, whatever I remembered, Casper must have used the pendant on me without me knowing it.

“There’s nothing unusual about complimenting me on my cock, Mr. C”, Casper told my father. “It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do for such an incredible-looking cock. It’s probably the best cock you’ve ever seen, in fact, and it feels good to tell me so.”

I wasn’t at all surprised to see Dad’s face relax once again. “Fuck, that thing is beautiful!”, Dad said, apparently unaware of Casper’s suggestion. “Oh, that’s much better. Thanks! What had you done that I felt so weird about admiring your cock before?”, Dad asked. “Wait, no, that’s not what’s important right now. As great as it is to see you again, Casper, you’ve still got a lot to answer for, and a lot of things to fix. The last several months have been hell, and even if I’m not upset with you, exactly, I’m still disgusted by a lot of what you did!”

I could only imagine the cognitive dissonance in Dad’s head right now. Hell, it wasn’t much better in mine. I knew what Casper was capable of, I hated everything that had happened since prom night, yet I’d just willingly helped him get Dad under control and then handed him back the very thing he’d used to hurt us both so much in the first place. What’s more, I wanted him to use it on us both again in the future. Whatever else I might think about the situation, though, I knew Casper was going to fix things, and I was willing to do anything that was necessary to help him with that.

“Mr. C, you’re quite calm now and you’ll remain that way no matter what happens. Prom night seems like so long ago and the negative feelings you’ve been having about the whole incident are fading. It’s actually possible for you to forgive me now because you understand that I was just a misguided teenager back then who made some mistakes, and that I’m not the same person that I used to be. You can accept me for who I am today rather than who I was back then, and you’re actually starting to realize that you like me. I’m a nice guy, and you’re really eager to spend more time with me. You especially love the idea that I’m spending that time controlling both you and your son.”

It was a good start to fixing things, I had to admit, though I wondered why he hadn’t just started with that. Maybe he had to go slowly? Either that or he was just trying to figure out what to say. Whatever the case, Dad was already looking much more at peace than he had in months now that Casper was getting to work on him. I noticed that Dad’s eyes were now locked on Casper’s cock, but I could hardly blame him, since just following his gaze had gotten me staring at it again too. “Feeling better, Mr. C?”, Casper asked.

“You know”, Dad said slowly, as if savouring the moment, “after the last few months, I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but yeah, I do feel better…a lot better! I take it you just used the pendant on me?”, Dad asked. “You didn’t fix everything, you know”, Dad informed Casper conversationally.

“Yes, I used it, and no, I didn’t fix everything. One thing that I’ve come to understand is that wording makes a big difference, and I need to be very careful about what I say so I don’t cause any unintentional consequences. Sure, I can make some fairly radical changes in a short amount of time, but if I do, I’m more likely to make mistakes or gloss over things that I shouldn’t. So, no, I didn’t fix everything; I just used the pendant briefly to start making things a little bit better. Doing all of it will take longer, possibly a lot longer, but we’ll get there”, Casper asserted confidently.

“You’ve changed”, Dad replied, his tone saying he meant it as a compliment. “I’m not over what you did to us by any means, but I feel like I can begin to put it behind me, and you actually seem like a pretty good guy now”, Dad allowed, “though clearly you’re still a horny little bugger”, he said with a slight chuckle, rolling his eyes theatrically after looking pointedly at Casper’s midsection and smiling. “Even after everything you’ve done, though, I actually wouldn’t mind you using the pendant on me and Hunter again. Just seeing you with it, I’m a lot less worried about what you’re going to do with it.”

There were a few things that struck me as odd as I watched Casper using the pendant on Dad again. The most obvious was how calm and accepting I was about what Casper was doing with Dad right now. I knew he was taking control of Dad, and that he would be taking control of me soon, and it didn’t really faze me at all. Plus, there was the whole thing earlier with kidnapping him, yet not actually doing anything else to him once I got him home. Had he already had me under his control at that point? Before I had a chance to think about it any further, Casper turned towards me. I knew what was coming, and felt alarmed by it, but I made no move to stop him at all.

“Hunter, it’s been a long time since prom night, but you can let that all go now. You’re not upset or concerned by any of it, and you know you don’t need to worry about anything like that ever happening again. You forgive me for everything, and you’re even starting to like me again—a lot. You actually think of me as your best friend now. You’re quite comfortable with the idea of me using the pendant on you and your father as often as I want—you’re actually really turned on by the idea of being controlled—and you won’t ever be concerned with anything I want to use it for at all.”

I wasn’t sure why I’d been alarmed, though, now that I thought about it. Casper was a really great guy, when you got right down to it, and it was seriously hot knowing that he was using the pendant to make me do what he wanted…to feel what he wanted. I smiled as I realized that my change in perception must be because he’d used the pendant on me, and I felt my cock starting to get a bit stiff from it. That, however, wasn’t something I wanted to deal with right now, and it left me feeling extremely conflicted.

“Okay, I think that’ll do for a start, but I can see from Hunter’s face that there’s obviously stuff that needs working on still, and from what he’s told me, I know I’ll need to use the pendant on you for a bit as well, Mr. C.” Dad’s face lit up at the idea, and even I couldn’t help but smile a little as my cock stiffened up just a little bit more. I was definitely sporting a semi now, and it was starting to get a bit uncomfortable, both physically and mentally.

“Are you okay for a little bit?”, Casper asked, turning towards me. “Despite the look on your face, I think your Dad needs my attention more than you do, overall, and this’ll be a lot easier if I only have to use the pendant on you one at a time. What is the matter, anyway?”, Casper asked.

“I’ll be fine for a little bit if you get me to…well…”, I hesitated, looking towards Dad. I wasn’t about to come straight out and admit that I was getting hard. Even thinking about being hard in front of him was freaking me out a bit. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, probably barely enough for him to hear, much less Dad.

Casper just looked at me quizzically—almost empathetically, I thought—for a minute before holding up his pendant again. There was just a momentary impulse to stiffen up even further, but it was gone before it even reached my cock. In truth, any sense of wanting to get hard at all had disappeared for the moment, a fact for which I was extremely grateful.

“Oh, Hunter, before you go, can I borrow your phone?”, he asked. Was I going somewhere? Actually, now that he mentioned it, I was going somewhere, though I hadn’t quite made up my mind exactly where just yet. I felt a distant excitement at the idea that Casper must have used the pendant on me again, but I stayed focussed on what I was doing. Reaching into my back pocket, I pulled out my phone, unlocked it, and handed it to him.

“Hey, Dad, it’s me”, he greeted his god-father after a minute. “Yeah, I’m fine. I think I’ve got them under control now.” Dad and I shared a look at Casper’s choice of words. We were both definitely under his control, and we knew it. Despite the fact that we both liked it, there had been a definite suggestion of commiseration in our look. Casper continued talking with his god-father for a couple of minutes before I heard an enthusiastic “Have fun!” just as they wrapped up their conversation and Casper handed me my phone back.

“Interesting that your god-father knows about this”, Dad commented. “Or have you used the pendant on him too, to make him think that this is all normal?”

I never heard the answer to that question, as I was much more focussed on what I was supposed to be doing and had already left the kitchen by the time Dad finished his question. Walking down the short hall to the living room, I grabbed Dad’s gun off the table where he’d left it and opened the front closet to grab my backpack, hiding the gun inside. “Hey, Casper, I’ll be back in a little while!”, I called, feeling the need to let my best friend know that I wasn’t just abandoning him. I wasn’t too worried, though. Casper had his work cut out for him, so he’d be far too busy to worry about me for the next little bit. “Bye, Dad. Have fun!”

Casper wasn’t the only one who had his work cut out for him. Mulling my options over quickly, I knew just where I was going to dispose of Dad’s gun. While the lake would’ve been the obvious choice, lakes were sometimes dredged, and it wasn’t like I had a boat to go drop it well away from the shore where there’d be less chance of it being found. I’d spent a lot of time wandering the forests around town when I was younger, though, and there was this one place in particular where there was a deep rock fissure just at the edge of the forest next to a bunch of other rock formations. I doubted more than one or two people besides me had ever stumbled onto it, or would ever stumble onto it, and even if they did, it went far enough down that, with the jagged walls, you couldn’t see the bottom of it. I hadn’t been there in almost a decade, though, so I hoped it was still there and accessible.

Fifteen minutes of driving and another twenty of walking found me in the right general area, though I had to search for a couple of minutes before I got my bearings. Forcing my way through some brush that was now a lot thicker than it had been when I was a kid, I found the fissure I’d been looking for and dropped the gun in, listening to it clatter along the walls until it wedged in somewhere deep down.

I hadn’t been to this place since I was a kid. It was a very calming area, well away from the travelled paths, and a quiet place to relax. I wasn’t sure what had prompted me to come here again after all this time, besides wanting to give Casper and Dad some time alone, but I was glad I’d decided to come here today. After sitting quietly for several minutes and enjoying the solitude, I got up to head home, smiling at the thought of what Casper must be doing with Dad right now. My cock thickened the more I thought about it, but not enough to be uncomfortable, and I largely forgot about it again as I made my way back out of the forest.

Once I got back into town, I stopped at the drugstore and picked up some cocoa-butter-scented Vaseline. After what had happened way back on prom night, neither Dad nor I had even wanted to look at the old tub of the stuff, much less touch it, but I’d eventually worked myself up to tossing it in the garbage. Dad and I both retched whenever we caught the scent of cocoa butter now, but I bought the jar without even thinking about it.

I also stopped at the local Chinese food place and picked up dinner for the three of us. I had to wait quite a while, since we hadn’t pre-ordered it, but I didn’t mind. It was still early, and I imagined Casper and Dad would be a while. It was a nice feeling to be buying Casper dinner again. I hadn’t done that for him since before he’d left.

The sun was quite a bit lower in the sky by the time I got back home than it had been when I’d left. When I got inside, Casper and Dad were cloistered in Dad’s study with the door closed. Unsure if they’d heard me come in, I dumped the food in the middle of the table and got to work setting the table. I figured the sound of dishes clattering would alert them that I was home without disturbing them if they were too busy to eat yet.

Sure enough, Casper and Dad emerged a few minutes later. Dad had his arm wrapped around Casper’s shoulders and was smiling contentedly, more like he’d been reminiscing with an old friend for the last two hours than having his mind slowly but surely altered by someone who’d forced him to have incestuous sex with his son a few months past. I certainly didn’t hold that against Casper at this point, but I was always one to call a spade a spade.

What I did hold against Casper, though, was that my father was stark naked, and Casper was stroking Dad’s cock like he owned it—which I supposed he probably did. Seeing them was, confusingly, both arousing and sickening, bringing my mind back to the events of prom night. Just because I’d forgiven him and moved on didn’t mean I was over it.

Concernedly, Casper ran up to me as I started to dry-heave over the sink. Forcing me to face him, he held up his pendant. “Just relax, Hunter, and stop trying to throw up.” My body responded instantly, and unlike most of the time, this time I knew he’d used the pendant on me, since he continued to hold it up as he waited to make sure I was okay. I shuddered as Dad walked in and stood behind him, unable to help but glance down at his erection. I felt calmer now, but still revolted.

Closing my eyes as a shiver rolled up my spine, I reached out to Casper for comfort. I knew he’d make everything better, not just because of the pendant, but also because he was my best friend—the person I turned to when I needed support. “Hunter, it’s okay”, he reassured me. “Just open your eyes and look straight at the pendant, nothing else. You know you want to”, he coaxed.

It occurred to me that I could probably stop him from ever using the pendant on me again if I only kept my eyes closed, but I rejected the idea almost immediately. It was impractical, if nothing else, but more to the point, it wouldn’t fix things, and I desperately wanted to not feel the way I was feeling right now. Besides, the idea of him using the pendant on me was exciting, even slightly arousing.

Steeling myself, I opened my eyes slowly, quickly getting my bearings. I could see Dad nuzzling up against Casper’s back now, which made it slightly easier on me, since I could no longer see his cock. Being right in front of me, it was hard to miss the pendant, and I locked my eyes on it as soon as I could focus on it.

“Hunter, there’s nothing wrong or disturbing about seeing your father naked, even if he has an erection. In fact, you’re very comfortable with seeing him that way, and it feels no different to you than seeing him clothed. Everything that happened on prom night is so far in the past that you almost never think about it at all, certainly not just from seeing your father’s body, not even if I’m touching him or having sex with him.”

As it turned out, I needn’t have bothered being so careful about where my eyes were. Now that I’d gotten used to the idea, I found that Dad being naked didn’t faze me in the slightest. It was almost like I saw him that way every day, except I knew that I didn’t. It took me a few seconds to realize what must have just happened. “That’s just fucking cool!”, I told Casper as he went back to fondling Dad’s cock and even grabbed Dad by the hair to pull him in for a kiss. “Man, you’ve gotta use that thing on me more often!”

“Not to worry”, Casper assured me, his tongue darting in and out of Dad’s mouth as he spoke, “I will!”

With that minor issue dealt with, the three of us sat down to dinner—or, at least that’s what we intended to do. The first thing Dad pulled out of the bag was the tub of Vaseline. He made a face, and promptly confessed his revulsion at the smell to Casper. The matter-of-fact way he made the admission suggested that he’d been commanded to do so in some way. I was guessing that, after how badly Casper had screwed up last time, he’d put some kind of rule in place that if Dad was feeling uncomfortable about anything, he should say so.

“You’re not in any way turned off by the smell of cocoa butter anymore, Mr. C”, Casper told my father, holding up the pendant. “In fact, you find it very stimulating. It reminds you of sex! Forget you ever even had a problem with it at all, including that you said anything about it just now”, Casper ordered.

“Wait, you can alter memories too?”, I asked.

“Apparently.” Casper turned to snicker at Dad as he opened the tub of Vaseline and took a long whiff.

“God, I love the smell of this stuff! It’s such a turn-on!”, Dad unabashedly informed us both.

Even I had to laugh a little at that, knowing that only a moment before, he’d been revolted by even seeing the container. Unfortunately, the scent of it hit me even as I started to crack a grin, and I lost it almost immediately. “Same!”, I said succinctly to Casper, forcing down my gag reflex and glancing at Dad.

Sure enough, seemingly only a moment later, I joined Dad in huffing the Vaseline jar, feeling my cock begin to press against my pants just a little bit more. It was still barely a semi at best, which kind of surprised me—I would’ve thought that Casper would have me sporting the biggest boner I could possibly get. I was just as glad he hadn’t done that, though, because it was in a very bad place right now, and touching it still really bothered me.

“Thanks!”, I told Casper after I’d taken a few more whiffs of the amazing cocoa butter scent. Dad and I shared a wistful look as he put the cap back on the Vaseline and started to unpack the Chinese food for real this time. As Dad busied himself with that, Casper took the opportunity to explain a little about what was going on.

“Just so you know, Hunter, your Dad doesn’t remember anything about the pendant at this point”, he started. I just stood there in wide-eyed disbelief. When he’d said he could alter memories, he hadn’t been kidding! “In his mind, it’s just a game you and I play, where I pretend I can use it to make you do something, and then you voluntarily choose to do what I told you to.” I glanced worriedly at Dad as Casper explained. He was standing right there listening to everything Casper was saying, after all.

“Yeah, perception comes with it. I figured that one out a while ago, though I didn’t realize it would work to quite this extent. You do love the sight of my crotch, after all, even after all this time.” At the reminder, I looked down at it fondly, admiring Casper’s humongous erection. “Apparently, I can take it even further than that, and have someone actively reject information that doesn’t fit what I told them. From the little testing I’ve been able to do, it’s like I’m speaking gibberish. He knows I’m speaking, and he can make out the bits that don’t touch on the forbidden subject, but anything else just goes right over his head.”

“And, of course, since he also doesn’t know he’s controlled, I imagine this whole conversation has been total nonsense to him. Naturally, I also told him to ignore any such feeling of incomprehension, so it’s almost like we’re not speaking at all right now”, Casper smirked.

“Wait, but how does that work with you stroking his cock and stuff?”, I asked. “Surely he must know there’s something unusual with that!”

“Well, yes and no. He’s working under the belief that it’s a perfectly natural thing that, because I’m dominating you, he would also follow my orders and often find himself doing things he’d never imagined doing before. It’s just a natural part of us dating and him being your Dad. Plus, of course, he finds being dominated extremely arousing. Isn’t that right, Mr. C?”, Casper grinned.

“Fuck, yes! I’m really glad you and Hunter got together. It may not be the same as a woman, but letting you boss me around is insanely hot in its own right”, Dad agreed.

“See what I mean?”, Casper pointed out. “That part made sense to him. But even what I’m saying now doesn’t, because why would I be talking about making sense or not making sense unless I was controlling him with the pendant.”

“That’s just fucked up!”, I complained. Even knowing what the pendant could do, I had a hard time grasping how someone’s mind could be so twisted around. “You’re a real freaking pervert, you know that?”, I accused. It wasn’t intended to be mean-spirited—Casper was my best friend, after all—but I didn’t really mean it jokingly, either.

“Don’t look at me! It was mostly his idea”, Casper countered. “Once we’d mostly wrapped up, I asked how he was doing and if there was anything more he felt he needed, and he told me that despite everything I’d done, he still didn’t feel at ease…like there was some kind of weight pressing down on him that he couldn’t see and couldn’t really define. He meant it as more of a mild complaint, but he said he wished he’d never even heard of the pendant. I wasn’t sure if I could actually make it work that way, but I asked him if he wanted me to try to do exactly that, and he agreed. As you can see for yourself, he’s much happier now.”

Dad had all the Chinese food out and opened up by now, with spoons in everything, and he was opening a pair of disposable chopsticks for himself. I’d never learned to use them, nor had Casper, so we both used normal cutlery. My mind was still reeling with everything Casper had told me, but we continued talking about it as we ate.

While Dad joined in the conversation occasionally, mostly it was Casper and I talking. We talked a lot about what had happened over the last several months—how I’d been unable to even go into my bedroom without wanting to cry and had started sleeping on the couch the very same night he left, the troubles with me touching myself, how Dad and I had both become complete drunks, the way we’d been almost completely unable to talk to each other…all of it. It felt good to get it off my chest. Casper even had the decency to look guilty, and he apologized repeatedly for how badly he’d hurt the two of us, though I reassured him that I’d already forgiven him. If anything, that made him look worse. The longer we talked about all of it, though, the better I started to feel, and I knew that meant he was using the pendant on me, even if I didn’t remember it.

In turn, Casper told me all about his adventures in Quebec, not that there was much to tell, though the part where the pendant had obviously come back to him was kind of neat. Hearing about Casper using the pendant on the guy who drove him back even started to turn me on a little. Dad remained blissfully clueless about anything directly pendant-related, presumably thinking it nothing more than jewelry, despite everything Casper told me about his trip back.

As the evening progressed, I became increasingly convinced that Casper was using the pendant on me frequently, and I finally managed to get a full-fledged erection, the first one I’d had voluntarily since Casper had disappeared. I spread my legs so Casper could see how turned on I was, and grinned when I saw him admiring me—I loved giving Casper an eyeful! Without thinking about it, I reached down and casually readjusted myself, knowing full well that Casper was getting turned on at seeing me do so. Of course, then I got turned on knowing that I was turning him on, which doubled when I realized that he must have ordered me to like turning him on. It kind of spiraled after that, and I almost came in my pants, but Casper brought me back down to earth after a minute or so of snickering at my predicament, even as he continued to admire my now-shirtless body and the stiffy in my pants.

“So, I have a question”, I said as we sat around the table eating fortune cookies and I let Casper massage my erection through my pants. “What was the whole kidnapping thing about earlier? That all seemed like my idea, but the more I think about it, the more I think it couldn’t have been. The whole thing just makes no sense. If I was under your control, why did I kidnap you? If I wasn’t, and that whole thing was my idea, then when did you turn the tables and start using the pendant on me?”

Casper laughed, one finger curling around the waistband of my pants and massaging the precum-drenched head of my penis. “That was your idea, actually, though not quite in the way that you mean. I had control over you from the moment you opened your boss’ door. You told me how things were with you and your Dad, including the fact that he’d spread it around that I’d tried to rape you and that he had people looking out for me who probably wouldn’t be too friendly. I figured if they saw me in charge, they were more likely to do something bad, quite possibly before I could even react and order them not to. It was your idea to kidnap me, so if anyone saw us, it’d always look like you were the one in charge, at least until we got back here. I took it a step further and made you forget the entire conversation, so you’d think you really were kidnapping me, and that you were totally in control. I thought it’d be more convincing that way. In retrospect, I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t, though. You really had me worried for a minute when you punched me in the gut. There was nothing fake about my reaction to that! For a minute, I thought maybe you’d somehow broken the pendant’s hold over you again…until I noticed you admiring my crotch as you taped me up.”

“Sorry! I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad!”, I apologized. “I gotta say, though, it’s seriously fucking hot that you’ve been using the pendant on me since the moment we reconnected.” That was how I thought of it now, even though I was still distantly aware of everything that had happened—or I thought I was, anyway. I was sure Casper must’ve made me feel this way at some point, but I couldn’t imagine not being deeply in love with him. “I wonder who it was that spotted us, though. I don’t think Dad told my boss—I hope he didn’t!—but even if he did, or my boss heard rumours, you seemed to have him pretty much under your control. Besides, Dad came here, not to the garage, so someone had to have seen us here, or at least close to here. I can’t imagine they saw us on the way unless it was some monumental coincidence, like we stopped at the same light together or something.”

“Your Dad says it was your neighbours that called him”, Casper replied. “I’ll head over there later and have a ‘chat’ with them. I’m sure by the time I’m done, they’ll understand that everything’s fine now and it was all just a big misunderstanding.”

“Wait, the neighbours knew?! Dad!”, I said, turning towards him only to discover that he wasn’t there. Looking around, I realized that it was fully dark out now, and Dad was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t remember him leaving, specifically, though I did have a vague memory of him moving around and taking the dishes away and stuff at one point, now that I thought about it. I’d just been so engrossed by the conversation with Casper, not to mention the gorgeous bar outlined so clearly by his pants, that I’d never really noticed. It was so great having him back! “Wow, we’ve been talking longer than I realized!”, I commented.

“You needed it”, he smiled, though he still had a slightly tense, even pained, expression on his face that had been there for most of the night. I understood why now. He truly hadn’t meant to hurt the two of us the way he had. Even though it didn’t bother me in the slightest anymore, he clearly still felt guilty about it. I only wished I could take his pain away the way he’d taken mine. I smiled at him, trying to make him feel better. He smiled back instinctively, but I could tell he was still brooding. That didn’t stop him from playing with my cock, though, even if mostly through my pants still. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t take his pain way the way he’d taken mine, but I could certainly make him feel better!

Standing up and displaying my well-toned, slightly muscular body proudly, not to mention letting him admire my midsection for a few seconds, I plopped myself in his lap and started kissing him meaningfully. Man, I loved kissing him! With my newfound awareness of the pendant and its effects, I realized now that that was probably its fault, but it didn’t really matter to me at the moment. Casper was a little unresponsive at first, his body slightly rigid and his mind obviously elsewhere, but in a strange way, I began to realize that I had almost as much power over him as he did over me. I kept stroking his hair and massaging his shoulders, kissing him passionately, my lips working their way slowly down from his mouth until I was kissing and licking his neck. He’d always had a weakness for having his neck touched—something I remembered from when we’d first been dating. It turned him on more than anything…at least anything you could do in public.

It took a while, but eventually what I was doing started having an effect, and not just the one I could feel pressing against the bottom of my leg. He started getting more into it, losing his stiffness, and even massaging my nipples as we kissed…except he used his nails sometimes, which hurt like hell, but I loved taking the pain for him.

“Alright, alright!”, he mockingly surrendered after we’d been at it for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. “You win! Go take a shower, then join me and your Dad in the living room.”

That took me by surprise. “Shower?”, I asked.

“You’re hot, but so was the weather today. You reek!”, he complained.

“You’re not exactly a bed of roses yourself, bud!”, I shot back, smiling to take the edge off of it. Casper gave me a conceding look, though it quickly turned into a devilish stare. Oh god, what perverse idea was he about to try on me?

“You sure about that?”, he asked, holding up an arm and baring his armpit. Even from this distance, there was a vaguely pleasant smell wafting from it. I hesitated, not really wanting to sniff another guy’s armpit. “Oh, come on! Don’t make me make you do that too. It’s not like we’re in public—I’m the only one who’s going to know.”

I gave him a slightly disgruntled look before giving in and leaning closer to sniff at his armpit. And then sniff it again, much deeper this time. A wave of relaxation washed over me as I inhaled the pleasant floral scent. I breathed it in several times before managing to pull myself away from him. “Very funny!”, I groused, unable to stop myself from breaking into laughter. “Real roses never smelled that good!”, I pointed out.

“Yeah, but I’m a whole bed of roses, remember?”, he laughed. I smiled back, looking adoringly into his eyes before kissing him some more and inhaling the scent of his armpits deeply several times. Eventually, though, I disengaged and headed towards the stairs to do as he’d told me to.

“Oh, and Hunter?”, Casper called up to me just as I was about to close the bathroom door. I popped my head back around the top of the stairwell. “Feel free to enjoy your shower”, he suggested.

There was little doubt in my mind as to what he meant, though I wondered why he was letting me—it seemed like the sort of thing he’d want to watch me do. Then it finally hit me that I was even thinking about doing it. I hadn’t been able to think about doing that in months! Come to think of it, I was hard right now and it was sitting quite comfortably off to one side in my pants, where I’d repositioned it to after climbing the stairs. I remembered repositioning it earlier as well, and I’d never given it a second thought. “Thank you”, I called back to him warmly, almost purring, “maybe I will!”

Casper had been right about one thing: I stank to high heaven. He must’ve had the hots for me more than I’d ever realized to have put up with smelling me from that close up for the twenty minutes or so that I’d been sitting in his lap.

For the first time in months, I had a long, relaxing shower. Even just lathering myself up was enjoyable for what it was now that I wasn’t bothered by touching my cock. Quite the opposite, in fact, I touched it frequently! I stood under the hot water for a long time after I was finished my initial washing, occasionally giving my cock a tentative stroke, but mostly just enjoying the long-lost ability to truly relax and bask in the heat of the shower. I heard and felt the front door open while I was showering, and briefly wondered what that was about, but whatever it was could wait.

When I finally started getting serious with my cock, I was a bit puzzled at first to find that I wasn’t really getting into it all that much. I kept trying to fantasize about hot women, but that just wasn’t working for me. Every time I touched myself meaningfully, I thought of Casper using the pendant on me, and that seemed far hotter than any woman ever had. After a few tries, I gave up on trying to think of women at all, and focussed entirely on Casper and the pendant. Masturbating got much more interesting after that, but before I even got close, it occurred to me to wonder why I was fantasizing about it when I could go downstairs and get the real thing. My dick as hard as it had ever been, I hopped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, now eager to get back downstairs.

“Was that the door I heard?”, I asked as I walked into the living room stark naked, still towelling off. I felt strangely embarrassed and exhilarated at being naked in front of Casper. I loved letting him see me hard, but at the same time, I still knew I was naked in front of a gay guy. But I also wanted to entice him into using the pendant on me, and I was pretty sure the allure of seeing my hard cock then having it hidden by the towel briefly before seeing it again would turn Casper on in a major way.

Casper was sitting languidly on the couch with one foot propped up to spread his legs, allowing easy access to his groin. Perhaps not surprisingly, Dad was on his knees in front of Casper, a beatific look on his face, which was nuzzled into Casper’s pubic hair as he gently, lovingly kissed the base of Casper’s enormous cock. He reminded me of nothing so much as a puppy that was falling asleep nibbling on a bone.

I loved seeing Casper’s dick again—even more so now that there were no pants obstructing my view—but I started to go limp as I realized that my dad was doing something gay. And more importantly, that I’d probably be doing that very same thing in just a minute…right alongside my dad, if not with my dad. It wasn’t just that, either, it was how confusing it all was being turned off and turned on at the same time—hating seeing Dad sucking Casper’s cock, yet wanting to stare at Casper’s cock all night long; hating the idea of me sucking Casper’s cock, yet wanting Casper to use the pendant on me to make me hungry for it.

“Gah! You need to be more careful about doing shit like this, Casper! Can’t you just, like, make me be into all the crap you want me to be into and get it over with?” I begged, watching Casper’s face turn from excited to concerned. Despite how much it all disturbed me, I spent the next couple of minutes explaining the problem very calmly…and getting my erection back when I realized that I was that calm only because Casper had used the pendant to make me that calm. Given that we’d already been through this once before when I’d seen Dad naked the first time, it was clearly a standing order that I tell Casper immediately if I felt uncomfortable in any way, the same as it was for Dad. I smiled after I finished my explanation and I saw Casper bringing up the pendant.

“Since the very first time you saw me, Hunter, you’ve known you were attracted to me. You are attracted to me…more than any girl you’ve ever seen. I’m the one guy you’d ‘go gay’ for, and you love me with all your heart. Everything about my body turns you on, and the idea of having sex with me turns you on even more. No matter how turned on you get, though, you’ll never beg for sex, nor will you try to do anything against my will.

“As you stand there watching your Dad suck me off, you know he feels the same way you do. He loves having sex with me and doing what he’s told, and you love that he loves that. In fact, even though he isn’t the one you went gay for, you find your Dad pretty attractive too, and you love having sex with him because you know how much it turns me on. Even though you know it’s the pendant doing it, it all seems so natural and right that you’re attracted to both of us and that the three of us should have sex with each other.

“Also, in the future, if anything turns you off at first, you’ll remember that after you explain the problem to me, I’ll use the pendant on you. Just the idea of me using the pendant on you will make it easy to ignore whatever’s turning you off and focus only on how much of a turn-on it is that I’ll be using the pendant again.”

I stood there for a few seconds, waiting to see if Casper was going to use his pendant on me. It was seriously fucked up that because I was sure he hadn’t, he almost certainly had. My dick got a whole lot harder then, and I stepped closer, hoping Casper would help himself to it. I loved him so much, and I couldn’t believe I was the lucky guy who got to have this amazingly hot stud! I had a hard time imagining that I’d ever wanted to sleep with a woman. Why would I want to, when I could have him instead…or he could have me, most likely.

Casually, as if he owned it, Casper reached out and grabbed my cock. Of course, the reality was that he did own it, and I loved that we both knew that he did. Everything to do with the pendant turned me on now, but at this point, even if he hadn’t had it, I thought I’d be willing to do just about anything for him.

“Getting back to your question, yes, that was the door you heard while you were in the shower. Your father and I took a quick trip over to see your neighbours and explain to them that you and I were back together now, and that there was nothing to worry about”, Casper winked at me, his finger fondling the pendant.

“I suppose I don’t need to ask how that went”, I grinned, my cock bobbing as I imagined the possibilities.

“No, probably not”, Casper returned my grin. Grabbing Dad’s head by the hair and pulling him back, Casper angled his cock towards Dad’s face, a primal look entering his eyes as Dad gazed up at him adoringly. Settling back down, Dad started sucking Casper off contentedly once more, looking more like a dog with a bone in its mouth than ever. “Let’s just say that by the time I was done with your neighbour and his wife, the two of them watched me stroking your Dad’s cock to full size, telling me all the while how great it was that you and I were back together”, Casper grinned. “But enough about them. What do you think about joining your Dad now, Hunter? Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?”, Casper offered.

“Fuck yeah! I’ve missed your cock so much! I just wanna suck on it all fucking night!”, I enthused. “You have such an amazing body!”

Waving his other hand magnanimously towards his crotch, Casper let go of my cock so I could go down on him. Knowing Casper would find it hot, I put my hand on the back of Dad’s neck and pulled him off of Casper’s cock and towards me for a quick kiss, then wrapped my arm around him as we both went to town on Casper’s amazing dick.

It was quite veiny and there was a sharp curve to it that I’d always adored. I inhaled deeply, falling in love with his rosy scent all over again as I started tonguing each vein and figuring out where he liked to be licked the most. I hadn’t really done that much the first time, but this time, I wanted everything to be perfect for him. Dad obviously felt the same, and the two of us were in ecstasy making sure that Casper was in even greater ecstasy. We licked him, sucked him, and deep-throated him until I was sure he must be about to cum from how much stimulation we were giving him, yet he held off longer than I would’ve thought possible.

Dad got most of Casper’s load when he finally came, though he realized what was happening soon enough and pulled off just as I darted my own tongue in, in hopes of getting some. To my surprise, Dad’s face turned sour and he spit Casper’s cum onto the floor. I wasn’t too fond of the taste myself, now that I thought about it, but I almost came spontaneously when I realized what I had to do.

“Mr. C, look at me”, Casper commanded. Even in the midst of his retching, Dad’s eyes snapped towards the pendant and stayed there. Suddenly, nothing else mattered to him. Despite the increasingly slimy, horrid taste in my mouth, I waited patiently, gently stroking Casper’s cock, knowing that he’d fix my problems as soon as he was done with Dad, and getting turned on thinking about how he was going to do that. “Eating cum is just what a father does for his son’s boyfriend, Mr. C, and it’s something you really enjoy doing. Not only that, my cum tastes absolutely incredible! You can’t get enough of it, actually, and you love eating it and swallowing it.”

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!”, Dad apologized as soon as Casper was done with him. “I don’t know what came over me! Please, let me lick it up…I love your cum so much!”, Dad begged. I had to laugh, which was a bit awkward while trying to keep from swallowing the cum in my mouth. Dad looked at me in puzzlement, obviously having no clue what I thought was so funny.

“Just hold on, Mr. C. Same for you, I assume?”, Casper looked at me questioningly.

“Yeth”, I said, trying to talk around the cum and not let it spread any further around my mouth than I had to. “Ad cad oo lemme smell oo and not rotheth?”, I suggested, not at all sure if he’d understood me.

I assumed Casper must have given me the same kind of orders he gave Dad, because all of a sudden, I stopped worrying about not spreading his cum around my mouth. Quite the opposite, I swished it around, marvelling at the taste of it before joining Dad tonguing even more of Casper’s cum off the floor. The two of us looked up at Casper in deep satisfaction once we were done, each of us cuddling into one of his legs as he pet our heads like we were dogs. I noticed he didn’t smell like roses anymore, as I’d requested, which made it all the more clear that he’d used the pendant. Smelling his true, natural scent smelled even better than the roses had.

Tentatively, I started kissing Casper’s leg lightly as he rubbed my head, and Dad quickly followed suit. Looking up at Casper pleadingly, I slowly kissed my way up towards where his balls were resting in the crook of his legs, being sure to stop well short of actually licking them without permission.

Spreading his legs ever so slightly wider, Casper smiled down at us, which I took as implied permission to continue. Keeping my eyes locked on his, I continued towards his balls, letting my tongue tickle them gently before wrapping my mouth around one of them. This close up, the smell of Casper’s sweaty body rolled over me like a tidal wave, and I breathed in deeply, euphoric at smelling the real him instead of a bed of roses now. Dad, still following my lead, worked his way up to Casper’s other testicle and also took it into his mouth. Unlike me, he didn’t seem to get anything special out of Casper’s scent, instead simply nuzzling into Casper in much the same way he’d been when I’d first found them. Good! All the more scent for me, I found myself thinking irrationally. The two of us gently massaged Casper’s balls with our mouths while our hands massaged as much of his body as they could reach, letting him enjoy his afterglow. I continued inhaling Casper’s incredible scent repeatedly as I pleasured him, and only stopped when I started to feel light-headed.

The three of us stayed cuddled up for probably half an hour or more, Casper continuing to pet the two of us. Dad and I were more than happy to stay on our knees and let him. Casper went partly soft once the two of us stopped tonguing his balls, his thick, spongy cock falling against Dad’s face. I was jealous that Dad got Casper’s cock instead of me, but I just nestled deeper into Casper’s groin and enjoyed huffing him until Casper decided it was time for something else.

“You remember how much I love having sex with a guy in his own bedroom, don’t you, Mr. C?” Dad looked up at him in dreamy anticipation. “Since Hunter’s been sleeping on the couch, why don’t we all head up to your room”, Casper suggested pointedly.

“Do you want me to carry you again?”, I offered. “I’ll be more careful this time, I promise!”, I told him apologetically.

“No, I don’t think I want to try that again. Never mind the whole hitting my head thing, it was just plain awkward! Besides, this way, I get to watch both of your lovely asses as we walk up the stairs”, Casper grinned.

Dad led the way, with me in the middle, and Casper bringing up the rear…literally. I was only two steps up when I felt his hand on my ass, his thumb awkwardly driving up against the edge of my hole. I grinned and pushed back slightly, though we couldn’t really maintain the position as the two of us continued up the stairs. Still, he kept hold of my cheek, at least. There wasn’t much doubt what was on his mind.

“Oh, the Vaseline!”, Dad exclaimed half-way up, stopping our whole procession.

Casper turned as if to go get it, but then he stopped himself. “Why don’t you go get it, Mr. C? Go get the Vaseline I’m going to fuck you and your son with!”, he told Dad, the tone of command clear in his voice, even though he didn’t use the pendant.

“Anything for you, Casper”, Dad agreed, sliding past us and getting his cock groped briefly by Casper on his way down. Before Casper and I even reached Dad’s bedroom, Dad had bounded right back up the stairs behind us.

As the three of us eagerly headed into Dad’s bedroom, Casper grabbed both our cocks, his lips pressing hard against mine as his tongue demanded entry. Our tongues battled for only seconds before Casper switched to Dad, then back to me again, both of us eager to kiss him and pleasure him in any way he wanted.

“Get on the bed, Mr. C, on your stomach, but facing this side”, Casper ordered, pointing to the side with the most space. Dad complied with a boyish grin on his face, eager for whatever was coming. Positioning me at his side, Casper started fucking Dad’s mouth even as he fingered my ass and French kissed me. My tongue fought with Casper’s and I started to grind into the finger he was pressing against my hole, both eager and a bit nervous about what was to come.

“Relax your throat, Mr. C”, Casper ordered, holding the pendant where Dad could see it. “Relax and let me all the way in.” Sure enough, Dad’s body responded to the pendant, even if he probably couldn’t have done what Casper wanted voluntarily. One moment, he was gagging and only able to take Casper halfway down; the next, he was taking Casper’s entire length and girth without a problem. Once in a blue moon, he gagged when he ran out of air, but he and Casper quickly figured out a signal, Dad pushing against Casper’s hips ever so slightly whenever he needed to breathe, then diving right back onto Casper’s beautiful dick again as soon as he could.

For my part, I found myself lost in Casper’s tongue, even ignoring his finger as it pushed against my hole, though with no lubricant on it yet, he wasn’t able to get his finger in very far. “You need to loosen up a bit”, he told me at one point.

I assumed he was going to force my body to loosen up with the pendant, much like he’d done with Dad’s throat, but apparently, Casper had something else in mind. “Mr. C, why don’t you see what you can do to loosen up your son’s ass? You’d look great with your face planted in between his cheeks, loosening him up with your tongue!”

“Ewww! My son may be hot, and I love doing what I’m told, but I am not licking his ass, no way, no how!”, Dad asserted.

“On the contrary, Mr. C”, Casper grinned, showing him the pendant, “you love eating your son out and loosening up his hole with your fingers and tongue. The idea that you’re loosening him up for me to fuck turns you on like nothing else!”

“Holy fuck! I don’t know how you get me to want to obey you so badly, and love doing the things I told you I didn’t want to, but that is seriously hot, Casper. Hunter, get your ass over here”, Dad ordered me. “I so want to eat you out right now.”

Unlike Dad, I had no complaints at all at the idea of being eaten out, and gladly bent over in front of him, feeling his hands spreading my cheeks and his tongue start licking my hole with vigour. I was totally unprepared for the sensation, and my knees almost buckled at first, but I eventually got used to it, at least a little.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t expected to enjoy it as much as I was. “This is fucking amazing!”, Dad exclaimed after getting his first taste of my ass. “Why didn’t you tell me it would be this awesome? If I’d known his ass tasted this good, I would’ve been eating him out a long time ago!”, Dad raved. I knew how totally irrational that was, and that it was entirely the pendant’s doing, but Dad seemed completely oblivious to the idea. However distant it seemed now, I knew Dad and I would never have done this before tonight, yet right now, I really couldn’t have cared less. The fact that we were both pendant controlled was the hottest thing ever!

When Casper came over and stood in front of me after admiring what Dad was doing for a bit, it became a lot easier for me to concentrate on something other than Dad’s amazing tongue action. My throat relaxed just as easily as Dad’s had, and for the next while, I was consumed with having Casper’s cock sliding further down my throat than I would’ve thought possible and Dad’s tongue and fingers probing in and out of my ass.

“I think he’s ready for you now, Casper”, Dad said at one point, though he went right back to tonguing me as soon as he’d finished speaking. I wanted to go back to sucking Casper’s cock, but the minute Dad had said I was ready, Casper pulled out of my mouth.

“Suck my cock for a sec, Mr. C!”, Casper ordered as he stepped behind me and put his hand on my shoulder to pull me upright. Dad was only too eager to do so, and I felt his tongue leave my ass immediately. “How are you doing, Hunter? Are you ready for this?”, Casper whispered into my ear, pulling my body into his so he was half-hugging me as Dad started sucking him off.

“Honestly, I’m kind of nervous”, I told him. “I want to have sex with you so bad, but the only time I’ve ever been fucked before was…well…you know…and it really hurt! Especially that first time. And the Vaseline…it…like…tugs at my sphincter as you go in and out. It’s…I dunno if I’d call it painful, but even when you’re not ramming me as hard as you can, it’s definitely not fun.”

“Hunter”, Casper told me, holding up his pendant, “you’re ready for this, and looking forward to it. You love it rough, and you know it’s my absolute right to fuck you as long and as hard as I want, with whatever lube I want. You’ll tell me if it’s doing serious damage, of course, or if there’s something you just can’t handle, but otherwise, you totally love the way it feels when I fuck you, no matter how fast or slow I’m going.”

As always, I wasn’t consciously aware of Casper having used the pendant on me, but given how badly I wanted him inside me all of a sudden, I figured he must have. Hell, I wasn’t just looking forward to him being inside me, I couldn’t wait for him to drill my ass hard, no matter how much it hurt! Unfortunately, I had to, at least for a minute, as Casper spoke to Dad again.

“Hey, Mr. C, while I’m fucking Hunter, why don’t you lick my ass like you were licking his…at least as well as you can, given how much I’ll be moving around.”

I almost laughed when Dad told Casper how disgusting that was, and realized that Casper had only ever told Dad that he loved eating me out, not that he loved it in general. As soon as Casper had fixed that little problem, I felt his hands slide down my body to grasp my hips. At first, he only dry-humped my crack and kissed my neck, leaving what I assumed would be huge, obvious hickies, given how much he bit and sucked as he kissed. Then, for seemingly no reason, Casper groaned almost like he’d just had an orgasm.

“Holy fuck, Mr. C! I had no idea!” As eager as I was to have Casper inside me, I felt an irrational jealousy as he all but froze, enjoying Dad’s attentions instead of paying attention to me. Much like I had, he seemed to find getting rimmed to be intensely enjoyable, though I almost felt sorry for him that he’d never know what it was like to have Dad’s fingers in his ass while he got licked.

“Okay, enough. Maybe you’d better go suck your son’s cock. I think that’ll work out better.” Dad didn’t seem to need any pendant-related encouragement for that one, and neither did I. I loved having sex with Dad, all the more so once I discovered what a blowjob actually felt like! I was going to have to ask Casper to make sure Dad gave me these whenever I wanted. Blowjobs were awesome!

I was distracted from Dad’s attentions by the smell of cocoa butter, and I knew what was coming, of course. I let Casper guide my head as he turned me towards him and started forcefully French kissing me. His fingers fumbled a little, but I felt his right hand spreading my ass cheeks as he smeared Vaseline between my them. Once he’d gotten it spread around, he started pushing his finger into my hole, quickly adding a second as he handed me the tub with his other hand. I instinctively knew what he wanted me to do, not that it took a lot of imagination. In my eagerness, I took a huge dollop from the jar and slathered it up and down his massive shaft hurriedly. He couldn’t get back there fast enough for me! Even though I was sure it only took him a couple of seconds to position himself once I’d lubed him up, it felt like an eternity.

The instant I felt Casper’s head pushing up against my hole, I forgot about what Dad was doing entirely. Casper’s huge cock-head pushed its way past my sphincter, forcing it open a little wider, despite how much Dad had loosened me up already. I groaned in pain-pleasure as he got even deeper in, his thick shaft widening my hole even further as it wormed its way inside.

Once Casper was sure he was in and everything was okay, he started pulling out again, his shaft tugging at my hole. Just when I thought he was about to pull out completely, I felt his cock switch directions and start pushing into me once again. It felt so fucking fantastic! Casper’s next thrust was much faster and harder, and after only a few more, he was fucking me at top speed.

For some time—I neither knew nor cared how long—my entire body was on fire with the pain coming from my ass and the sublime bliss of letting Casper take me. I felt like I was on top of the world, and yet, at the same time, it was almost like I was lost in my own mind. The only thing I cared about was me, and how Casper was making me feel, but at the same time, because I cared so much about how Casper made me feel, I cared more than anything about him and his absolute, unquestioned right to bang my hole all night long. Letting him hurt me was the most intensely pleasurable experience I’d ever had—far beyond anything I’d ever imagined until tonight.

I was sure I must have cum in Dad’s mouth while Casper was fucking me—there was no way I could possibly have felt that much pleasure and not cum—yet I was so absorbed in the whole experience that I was completely unaware of cumming at all. I most certainly did know when Casper came, however, and I pushed my ass back up against him eagerly as his jizz filled me up and his cock forced my hole open just a fraction more before he stopped thrusting altogether.

The two of us were panting uncontrollably from our exertion, though for me, the level of pain I was in—both from my ass and the numerous bite marks around my neck and shoulders—added a lot to how exhausted I was. Once again, I became aware of Dad deep-throating me, but it paled in comparison to how Casper’s cock felt inside of me.

Casper force-kissed me for several more minutes, his cock thrusting very slowly into me, though it was nothing compared to how he’d fucked me before. It didn’t make much difference to me, because I knew he had every right to take me however he wanted—fast or slow, rough or gentle, my ass was his!

“That was just so much better than the first time!”, Casper announced. “You two are fucking amazing when you’re actually into it! Well, okay, Hunter is, anyway. Guess I’ll have to try you next, won’t I, Mr. C?” Dad pressed his cock firmly against my leg at the thought, though he kept sucking my dick, per Casper’s orders. “I think I need a bit of a break before I get started, though. That was exhausting! Fun, but exhausting.”

“What do you think about fucking your Dad, Hunter?”, Casper whispered in my ear after another minute of recovery.

“Me?”, I asked incredulously. “You want me to fuck Dad? Hell, yes! He’s not as hot as you, but if I’m being honest, he’s still sexy, and he gives great head! I can only imagine how good his ass is gonna feel”, I answered Casper. I was a little weirded out at the idea of fucking a guy, though, even as much as I wanted to have sex with my dad, but Casper took care of that in no time, just as he took care of Dad.

I wasn’t sure if Dad had even needed Casper to use the pendant on him, but he did anyway, either for fun or just to be safe. One way or the other, Dad lay face down on his bed, legs over the edge to make everything easily accessible, and then started lubing up his own ass. Unlike me, Casper didn’t bother warming him up. Once Dad had put on a bit of Vaseline, Casper used the pendant to tell him how much his ass was loosening up, and I could see it doing so visibly as I started to spread Vaseline on my cock, so I could fuck my father.

Somewhere deep down, I knew I only wanted to do all this because Casper had used the pendant to make me want to, but that just made it even hotter. Following Casper’s example, I briefly fingered Dad’s slightly furry, blond hole before doing anything else, but from the feel of it, I needn’t have bothered. I wasn’t sure what was normal, exactly, but thanks to the pendant’s influence on Dad’s ass, I was easily able to get more fingers into it than the equivalent of my dick size, so I gave up on that and went straight for the real thing.

Fucking Dad didn’t feel anywhere near as good as having Casper fuck me, but at the same time, I could sort of see the appeal. It was a very different feel from being in Dad’s mouth. There was a warm, comforting feeling of being in there instead of the more sensual, sexual feel of having Dad’s mouth on my cock.

I wasn’t rough with Dad like Casper had been with me, but instead went for a slow, rhythmic pulse, enjoying the feel of Dad’s sphincter tightening and loosening around my cock as I did. Dad obviously enjoyed my attentions, though he mostly just echoed what Casper had told him. For him, it was about letting his boys fuck him. It was the most natural, enjoyable thing to let either his son or his son’s boyfriend take him, and he was happy to service us any time we wanted, or so he parroted. In his mind, these were just the sorts of things you were supposed to do when your son’s boyfriend was naturally dominant.

Casper lay down on the bed sideways after giving Dad his marching orders, his head resting on Dad’s back. It couldn’t have been a terribly comfortable pillow, especially not the way it bounced around as I fucked. Casper really didn’t seem to care much, though. I could tell just by the look in his eyes that he was getting off on both the idea of me fucking my dad as well as the pure, physical arousal of watching my body as I thrust in and out of Dad’s hole.

Even as tired as he obviously was, Casper couldn’t help but look at me, and he sat up to admire me more closely after I’d been fucking Dad for only a few minutes. Soon, he was standing at my side, kissing me once again. He seemed to like kissing me quite a bit, not that I was complaining—I was sure I must love kissing him at least as much, if not more. He had a really talented, hot mouth that just needed to be kissed.

Apparently, his mouth wasn’t the only thing that needed attention right now. As I’d observed earlier, in a way I had my own power over Casper, and standing there with me, his cock once again rose to the occasion despite his apparent tiredness. “My turn”, he informed me, the two of us smiling at one another in amongst our kisses.

Not surprisingly, Casper was much rougher on Dad than I was, but Dad lay there through it all as though was simply relaxing in a beach chair. I wondered if I’d looked anything like he did, though I thought probably not. Dad wasn’t panting or exerting himself in any way. In fact, a few times, I wondered if he’d fallen asleep.

The two of us took turns on Dad’s ass until I’d cum twice and Casper had cum once more, each of the three loads filling Dad’s rectum and making him relax even further, as if his only purpose in life right now was to give us somewhere to cum. I hadn’t heard Casper tell him anything quite like that, but then again, I’d been a bit preoccupied with getting in Dad’s hole at the time.

Sadly, it seemed Casper had had about enough for now. The three of us lay together on Dad’s bed, still breathing deeply, though no longer panting. Or at least Casper and I were breathing deeply—Dad seemed to think he hadn’t done anything notable over the last hour or so and he was no more winded by our activity than if he’d spent the time reading.

I laughed when Dad wanted to kiss Casper. “Ewww, no, you’ve been eating ass!”, Casper complained.

“Wuss”, I accused him with a laugh, in amongst tenderly tonguing his nipple. “I’ll kiss him right now, and I don’t care where his tongue has been.” In point of fact, I found myself remembering the feel of his tongue in my ass rather fondly.

“Oh no you don’t. I want that mouth all for myself, not contaminated by the taste of ass”, Casper grinned. Taking his hint, I moved up to start kissing him on the lips again, opening my mouth obediently when I felt his tongue probing.

It didn’t last long, though, and the three of us fell asleep within minutes, each of us experiencing a slightly different kind of afterglow. I imagined Casper’s was fairly normal, all things considered, though he clearly had a look of possessiveness or ownership that I’d never seen before. Now, he knew we were his in a way he never had the first time. From what little Dad had said, I thought he was feeling a kind of peace from having “taken care of his boys”. That was sort of his thing now, it seemed, thanks to Casper and the pendant. And for me, it was about the pendant itself. I felt a rosy, happy horniness over having been so thoroughly controlled and dominated. I loved being Casper’s pendant bitch!

I wasn’t aware of much until I woke up the next morning, the small spoon in Casper’s lovingly dominant embrace. Nuzzling deeper into him, I felt Casper shift slightly and got a sleepy sort of squeeze out of him. Turning, I gave him a light peck on the cheek, and felt a throb of his cock against my ass crack in response. Reaching behind me, I started to massage him. He woke up pretty quickly after that. I had just suggested that he hand me the Vaseline when I heard Dad starting to move around on Casper’s other side.

“Hey, Mr. C”, Casper greeted him, though after what had happened back on prom night, I could tell he was very wary, and I felt his hand reach for the pendant just in case. “How are you, this morning?”, he asked.

“Mmmm…I’m good, Casper. How are— whoa! Whoa! What the fuck? Oh my god, I’m gonna be sick!”, Dad complained, his face turning a shade of green. He didn’t look like he was in any kind of condition to become as aggressive as he had the last time, but obviously something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, Mr. C?”, Casper asked uneasily. I could feel his dick starting to soften at record speed as Casper almost totally forgot about me in order to pay full attention to Dad. Repositioning himself, he flipped over to look directly at Dad, so I followed his movements, my hand straying down to Casper’s cock to keep him happy.

“What…what happened…oh shit. What happened last night…can never happen again!”, Dad told Casper.

“What do you mean, exactly?”, Casper probed.

“I mean…with Hunter….”, Dad clarified, at least a little.

“You mean the incest?”, Casper asked, a hint of a smile playing on his lips. I could feel him starting to firm up once again.

Dad didn’t even answer. He looked like he was going to heave.

“This may seem a bit of a strange question, Mr. C, but apart from that, how are you feeling right now? You’re not feeling angry or aggressive at all, are you? And how do you feel about being with me last night?”, Casper asked all three questions in quick succession.

“Mostly, I feel sick!”, Dad complained. “And no, I’m not feeling angry or aggressive. I could never feel that way towards you! I just…I know that whatever problems I’m having, I can come to you, so I wanted you to know. As for you and me, well, I have to say, I really enjoyed the parts where it was you and I alone. I know, Hunter’s your boyfriend, whereas I’m just his father, but it feels so natural to me to submit to you and do what you want. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with my son having a dominant boyfriend, the way I see it.”

Clearly, most of the commands Casper had given Dad had held—most importantly the one about staying calm and explaining any problems to Casper as soon as they came up must’ve still been in place. As soon as Dad had started explaining, his voice had lost its panicky, I’m-gonna-vomit edge. But the incest seemed to really be bothering him for some reason.

“Just stay calm, Mr. C”, Casper ordered. I didn’t even need to see the pendant to know Casper was using it on Dad now—his voice had an unmistakable tone of command to it. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little incest in private—or even a lot of incest. Having sex with your son is the best! You love everything about having sex with your son and me, most especially when I order you to do something with him. It’s the most natural thing in the world to let your son’s boyfriend boss you around, and it turns you on like nothing else.

“Even if you feel disgusted by it sometimes”, Casper told him, apparently adding another level of safeguard, “you’ll always remain completely calm, and you won’t ever feel physically ill from it again. From now on, if you ever feel turned off by it, you’ll come to me immediately, knowing that, somehow, in my dominance, I’ll fix the problem and have you and Hunter fucking again in no time. It’ll even turn you on how I can seem to change your mind and get you back with him again.”

As Casper lowered the pendant, I could see a boyish eagerness come into Dad’s eyes, and he looked over at me. I could feel Casper’s dick hardening enormously, and mine wasn’t doing too badly, either. Casper lay on his back, fondling the pendant in an odd, fond sort of way I’d never seen before, and he had a strange smile on his face.

“What about you?”, he asked before I was able to ask what that was about. “Any problems for you?”

“Yeah!”, I told him impishly, “we’re not all having sex yet. What’s with you, though? You look weird all of a sudden.”

“It’s…purring, I guess you could call it”, Casper explained, and I realized he meant the pendant. “It likes what just happened with your father.”

I wasn’t sure whether it was something to do with the purring pendant, or just Casper growing into his dominance as he became more confident in what he could do, but the sex that morning was even better than it had been the night before.

Dad and I both became Casper’s eager servants over the next few days, waiting on him hand and foot, and loving every minute of it. Dad still needed to be reminded that he liked having sex with me every morning, but Casper’s extra layer of protection seemed to work well, and Dad frequently approached Casper with an erection, apparently quite eager to get over his “momentary” aversion to incest.

Even that faded over time, though. One morning, Dad didn’t ask Casper to help him get over the incest thing right when we woke up. Casper seemed a bit shocked, but that certainly didn’t stop him, and as we often did, Casper and I took turns on Dad’s ass before breakfast. By the end of breakfast, Dad was turning green again and showing Casper his hard cock, asking very politely for Casper to dominate him into wanting me again. I got an extra blowjob that morning, which I certainly wasn’t complaining about. Dad gave the best head I’d ever had. Then again, he gave the only head I’d ever had. The interval at which Dad needed to be “refreshed” got longer and longer over time until it eventually stopped being necessary at all. According to Casper’s god-father, he thought it probably had to do with the human brain being able to get used to almost anything, with enough time.

While we really didn’t need to, Casper and I both returned to school later that year as mature students. Casper, of course, had never finished his year after he’d run away, and my grades had been barely passing. He probably could have ordered someone to give us diplomas or change my grades, but it wouldn’t have been the same. Besides, I liked learning things, and really wanted to go to college next year, if Casper would let me.

We were well past the time to sign up for the high school year, but a bit of judicious use of the pendant had anyone who mattered convinced that this had simply been a clerical error, and that both of us had been there since the beginning of the year. With my new, improved outlook on life, I did absolutely fantastic in school, passing all my courses with flying colours.

Casper, on the other hand, seemed to have a very different idea in mind for his return to school. For the first time ever, he wasn’t a social outcast. Quite the opposite, he was admired by more and more people every day, and he had a small group of high school jocks following him around, begging to help him out in whatever way he needed…carrying his books, buying him lunch, or skipping class to hang out with him. Even the younger teachers weren’t off-limits, and one of the student-teachers that year seemed particularly enamored with him. I wasn’t privy to the details, but I could guess, given my own history with Casper.

The rest of the staff were all very understanding about the sorts of things Casper enjoyed, and dutifully gave him and his new friends high grades, even if they were too busy doing other things to write an important test or hand in a major assignment.

Prom night that year was a vastly different experience than what it had been the year before. Casper was the life of the party, with jocks lining up to see him, their prom dates more than understanding when Casper showed up with an erection and wanted to dance with their boyfriends. There probably had never been a more sexually charged prom in all of high school history…which is saying a lot, when you think about it.

Casper and I were named Prom Kings that year in a suspiciously unanimous vote. Privately, though, I knew I was the Prom Queen, and that Casper was, in every way that mattered, my king.

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