Gilded Vessel: Overseas Operation

By ChaoticDjinn
published February 28, 2018

The cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows just what Tom has done…but everyone seems oddly ok with it

Tom struggled to push the words past his frozen lips in the intimidating presence of the bronzed genie in front of him. Though he knew he should have been freaking out to a degree that his brain couldn’t fully comprehend, something in the back of his mind kept him from going over the edge at the sudden appearance of the impossible room and its equally impossible master. Everything’s fine. You’re safe here. Just speak your heart’s desire and it shall be yours.

“I- I love the way my uh, contract is going so far, but I have a concern I guess.” Began Tom, failing to force his eyes to meet Kazar’s. “I just… Marco seems so much happier this way, but I don’t know if its how he really feels or just part of my wish playing out. So, if it’s possible, I want him to be his regular self on the inside, with full knowledge that I did this for him.”

Tom forced his gaze up to properly face the djinn, catching the briefest trace of an arched eyebrow and a smile as they flickered over his face. Something about the smile tied Tom’s stomach up into knots, but the same voice from before whispered softly in his ear.

Everything’s fine. You’re safe here. Kazar will grant your every desire.

“That seems like such a trivial wish after your last one, which, I have to say, has been fun to watch unfold.” Replied the bronzed djinn, his hand pushing his blonde haired attendant down on his sizeable cock.

“I just…” Tom faltered, the words he had never dared say out loud catching in his throat.

Everything’s fine. You’re safe here. Tell Kazar what you want.

“I just want to know if Marco could love me for real, or if it’s just part of my wish.” Blurted Tom through flushed cheeks.

“Well now, that does sound like it could be interesting and I am, of course, here to serve you mortals. Consider it done.”

Kazar gave his thick hand a forceful wave through the air with such strange and unearthly power that it seemed to send the fractals of light and sound in the room swirling into a surging crescendo. Before he could even open his mouth to question the bizarre occurrence, Tom found himself standing in the middle of his apartment. He blinked forcibly in an attempt to clear the powerful wave of cloudiness that hung heavy in his brain like a fog. The power that moved him through the fabric had numbed him to the world around him, but like a hand frostbitten by the cold, sensation was slowly returning to his being.

“Amore, do you want to go out and buy me dinner tonight? I really don’t feel like cooking unless it’s just a bottle of wine and some fun between the sheets.”

Tom looked through his trans-dimensional haze over towards Marco. The ripped and formerly ultra-masculine Italian was in the kitchen, clad in nothing more than a sheer black thong. He stood with one hand on his hip and the other making vague, airy gestures while he spoke, betraying the masculine demeanor he usually wore.

“I think a night out could be…could….”

A wave of energy passed through the little apartment, setting the hairs on Tom’s body standing on end. With a sickening pull to the stomach, he realized that his wish was being granted. He watched Marco get up and storm out of the apartment in his mind’s eye. He watched Marco scream, yell and curse the day that Tom was born. He watched every horrible possibility flash brilliantly in his mind and braced himself for the worst. There was no way Marco would forgive him for what he had done. He was about to lose someone very dear to him.

“You did this to…for me?” Marco’s eyes fluttered around the room, taking in everything with a sense of flustered realization. His cheeks flushed crimson at the sight of his masculine body in its little black thong and his hands explored his perfectly smooth, hairless chest.

“I just wanted to. I mean i-”

The words Tom searched for just weren’t there. He knew in his heart that what he had done was indefensible. He had taken Marco’s life and free will, twisting it into something that suited his own perverse desires and ideas of what their relationship should be. Whatever Marco was going to do or say to him, Tom intended to let him. He deserved whatever was coming to him.

“You had the chance to have anything in the whole world,” Marco began, his eyes alternating between his own scantily clad body and Tom’s hulked out physique. ”And you chose to have me?”

The look on Marco’s face was not the one of writhing betrayal and hurt that Tom had expected. Rather, the stultified Italian looked as though he were mulling over a sip of rich and complex wine. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly with his lips pursed and hand still resting on his hip in a very un-Marco like fashion.

“I did. I just…whenever I was around you, it was torture. You’re so just, everything a man should be, but you just seemed so…trapped in your own masculinity. I just thought you would be happier if you let loose and…maybe you might be able to.”

Tom wasn’t able to finish his sentence before a glittering grin flashed over Marco’s face. Of all the scenarios Tom had played through is head, Marco had been smiling in exactly none of them. With no thought given to a reality where Marco was charmed by Tom’s warping of reality he simply stood with a dumb, slack-jawed expression.

“So, you could have had any man in the whole world, and you chose me?” Asked Marco, walking towards Tom with a hungry and predatory look on his face. Although he was still clad in his sheer black thong and his steps had an unquestionably feminine flair to them, Tom felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck. Marco had always been the kind of guy who loved attention, from whatever source he could get it. It fed into the large amount of importance he placed on masculinity. He had always been easy to read in the past. Man or woman, if they looked at him with a sense of awe, he was happy and would often increase his swagger and the subtle flexing of his impressive body. If no one paid him a second glance, he was sullen and forlorn and practically wilted in place. With his feminine movements and dominate, lust-filled gaze, Tom felt like a mouse cornered by a large jungle cat.

“Uh, yeah..I mean, you know. I’ve alway-”

“And you made yourself look like that, just to feel like more of a man around me?” Asked Marco, cutting Tom off before running his hand along Tom’s massively-wide chest.

“I did…I thought you would like me better if I looked more like this than my old self. More masculine” Said Tom with a nervous gulp.

“And even though you look like that, and I’m here in this little, girly thong, you still think I’m more of a man than you?” Asked Marco, flexing his arm while giving tom a piercing gaze.

Tom didn’t even have to think about his answer. Even though he himself had more muscle than Marco and was unquestionably more physically masculine looking than his Italian friend, it was at that very moment Marco, with his mind restored, was more of a man than he could ever hope to be.

“Yes.” Tom replied, his voice barely above a whisper.

Marco just smiled and grabbed Tom by the hand. By comparison, Marco’s average hands were practically feminine when compared to Tom’s wish enhanced gropers. Regardless of that fact, Tom’s hand’s felt almost small in Marco’s assured grip as the two of them walked into the bedroom. His heart pounded with each step they took. Tom knew just what they were about to do, for they had done it countless times since he mad his wish but he knew it would be different now that Marco’s memories had been restored.

“You know, it’s kind of weird looking at you and thinking about taking it instead of giving it.” Began Marco, shoving Tom’s hulking frame onto the bed. “But, what doesn’t feel weird is that I still feel like I’m in charge. After all, even with all your big muscles, I’m still the real man here, right?”

Tom let out a long, lusty moan and guided his own hand down to his throbbing cock. He couldn’t deny the truth. Even though his mannerisms and clothing had changed due to the djinn’s magic, even though he himself was at least twice the size of his lover, Marco was, without a question, the man in their relationship. Tom watched, from his prone position on the bed, Marco strutting his body and flexing his muscles. Even though his original wish for Marco to be more in touch with his feminine side was clearly evident in the way his body moved, it was clear that Marco, in his clear-headed state, had more machismo than any other guy Tom had met.

“So, I’m going to use that big dick and muscular body of yours to get off, how’s that sound?” Asked Marco with a confident grin.

“What do I get out of it?” Asked Tom with a playful tone.

“You get to watch me bounce.” Said Marco, straddling Tom and forcing his ass cheeks down around Tom’s throbbing cock.

Tom was instantly transported into ecstasy. He and Marco had fucked more times than he could count in the short time since his first wish. It had always been good, passionate and powerful, but nothing compared to the show he and Marco were putting on for one another now. Even though he was still assuming the role of the bottom, Marco was undeniably the one in control of the sex. It felt in a way as though he were more using Tom’s dick than actually making love with him.

“Tell me what you think of me, amore.” Asked Marco, a self assured grin on his perfectly bronzed face.

“You’re….just everything to me. Funny, charming, masculine, a real man…the only thing was I felt bad that you didn’t seem able to be ok with the feminine parts of you. Which is why I-”

Tom found his words cut off by the sudden presence of Marco’s lips pressed aggressively against his own. The kiss gave Tom the same impression of being aggressively used for pleasure rather than an act of amorous love. Tom felt a series of powerful bits on his neck, strong enough to make him whine out in a mixture of ecstasy and pain. Even though he was the top and doing very little, Tom couldn’t help but feel like the sub in the dynamic. While he whined, cried out and dripped sweat from his wide brow, Marco just grind cockily into him and continued his assault over Tom’s body.

“I hope you’ve got some coffee in the pantry, amore. Because you’re not going to be getting much sleep tonight.”

Tom let out a powerful grunt and shot his load, unable to withstand Marco’s attitude and relentless milking of his cock. Though Tom felt winded and spent from his orgasm, Marco didn’t let up for even a fraction of a second. Tom knew in his heart that Marco was right. Neither one of them would be getting much sleep that night.

“Oh fuck. If I knew your ass was this tight, I would have started fucking it years ago.”

Stefano winced inwardly at the thought of just how good his business partner’s cock felt sliding in and out of his not-so-long-ago virgin hole. When their memories had returned, he and Sandro had spent only a few short moments blinking in the sudden realization before descending on one another like animals. Deep down they had always felt the rivalry between the two of them. Even as friends and business partners, they always felt in competition with one another. With the knowledge of the new-world order provided to them from Tom’s last wish, all that tension and rivalry faded away. Each man knew where they stood in the new world order as a basic fact of their lives. In the back of their minds, both men knew they should have been losing it over their new awareness of the world as it stood. There were no women to be seen, every man fell into either flamboyant and feminine or masculine and roided. All of this felt perfectly natural, yet a voice whispered in the back of their minds that everything was ok.

Sandro picked his diminutive lover off of the table in the backroom of their shared gym and, without missing a single thrust, slammed him hard into closet wall before plugging his mouth onto the smaller man’s neck.

“Tell me how much of a man I am.” Cried Sandro, giving another playful, but still rather powerful, bite to his lover’s neck.

“You’re such a man. All those years, I always thought I was just as much of one as you, but now… After what Tom did to us, I’m just happy you picked me to be your bottom.”

Stefano realized with frightening clarity that all those years of competition with Sandro hadn’t been about trying to match or outshine Sandro. No. they had just been him trying to run and hide from the feminine qualities that laid deep inside him. Now that Sandro was masculine enough for the both of them, Stefano felt as though the floodgates of his more submissive nature had been opened. Everything about Sandro was the very picture of masculinity: from his still plentiful body hair to his near-overpowering odour, even the unfaltering look of sheer confidence that sat on his face at all times.

“Damn straight I am. Probably the manliest guy in the gym, even after Tom gave himself that huge body.” Sandro continued thrusting into his lover, their lovemaking echoing through the empty rooms of the Gilded Vessel. “Fuck, I can’t believe how good this feels. I just feel so, sure of myself, so masculine. You know what you are, and I know what I am/ There’s no questions about who goes where. I wish other guys could feel this too.”

Sandro had meant his words only for himself and his lover, not knowing that at the Gilded Vessel, there was always another set of ears listening. A nod was given and a ripple moved out through space and time, caressing everything in its path with glittering, gilded brilliance.

A resounding belch split through the quiet of the little apartment just a few blocks away from the gym and forced Tom awake with an unwelcome lurch. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep after his dick finally gave out and went shamefully soft after spurting its sixth load deep inside Marco’s insatiable ass. Though he had whined and told Marco that he was spent for the night after his fourth orgasm, the rippling Italian had simply smiled and continued to ride him.

“I told you, we’re not stopping until you’re totally out of cum. Is that a problem, American boy?”

Tom had only been able to smile and look back at Marco like a love-struck school boy. Even after all the changes that had been inflicted upon him, Marco was still Marco. Playful and confident, sexy as all get out, and someone who Tom desperately never wanted to disappoint.

“Ok, if that’s what you want.” Tom had said before forcing himself to hold out for as long as he could.

Two loads later, they had fallen down in bed beside one another, and for the first time ever, they cuddled as though they were a real couple. Of course they had cuddled when Marco was more or less brainwashed into a state of horny subservience, but last night had been different. It was Marco, fully aware of the world and all its changes, choosing to cuddle after the sex had ended. It was something that Tom knew he only felt comfortable doing because of how sure he was of his position in their dynamic.

“I think someone’s been making wishes again.”

Marco’s voice pulled Tom from the memories of the previous night and back to the reality of the apartment. Struggling through the haze of being woken up so abruptly, the first thing Tom noticed was the overwhelming aroma of unwashed man. The scent was powerful enough that it reminded Tom of the changing room down at the gym during a particularly crowded rush hour. He and Marco had been up for the better part of the night fucking and sweating, but it still didn’t account for the sheer magnitude of the musky man-smell that was assaulting Tom’s nose.

“Marco, what do you mean someone’s bee-”

Tom brought his meaty hand up to his throat in surprise at the high and wispy tenor that trembled out of it. His voice had ran the gamut from his wish-induced rumbling baritone and up past his original, masculine voice. He didn’t sound like a woman or anything quite so comical, but the voice was at least several octaves higher than what it had been only a few hours ago.

“I told you, amore, I think someone else has been making wishes.”

Marco stepped out from the other side of the door leading into the living room and caused Tom to let out his second gasp of the morning. His body was, in many ways, the same as it had been last night. Rich, olive skin and striking, black hair accompanied by impressive but not roid-fueled muscles; However, seeing any of those features was much harder than it had been only a few hours ago due to the sheer amount of coarse, black hair that whorled over his body. His muscles, while not massively different, did seem to have taken on a slightly more puffy appearance, his six pack abs pushing out just slightly.

“I’ve tried to shave it off so many times, Tom.. it just keeps growing back.”

Tom got out of bed and walked towards his lover, knowing how much he prided himself on his hairless and perfectly toned appearance. It only took a few steps for Tom to become aware that something was of with his gait. With an uneasy stumble and a spread of his legs, Tom bent against the nearby dresser and moaned.

“I think there’s something in my cunt”

“In your what?” Asked Marco, his eyes wide with laughter.

“I didn’t mean cunt, I meant cunt. Fuck. There’s something in my cunt.”

Tom’s head knew the word, a simple word he had used countless times. But, when he pictured just what he had on his rear, he just couldn’t bring himself to use the word. Men like Marco had asses, girls like him had cunts. A lightning bolt struck inside Tom’s head. He had just thought of the male gender and not counted himself among them. As much as he knew in the back of his head that he should have been a man, his heart knew the truth. He was nowhere near masculine enough to be a man, even with his hulking muscles, and if he wasn’t a man, then there was only one thing he could be…

“I’m a woman!” cried Tom, feeling his hand tug nervously at the wide dildo shoved up his cunt.

Marco stopped and stared at Tom with a thoughtful look on his face. He walked up and ran his hands along Tom’s seal-smooth skin and gave his nipples a tweak.

“Careful Marco, you know how sensitive my tits are.”

Tom’s face flushed full crimson again at the newest slip to escape his tongue. As much as it horrified him in some ways, he knew it was just a fact of life. His hairless and muscular tits couldn’t be called pecs like Marco’s could. No body hair, no real body odour, no strong sense of swaggering cocksuredness…there was nothing in him that was worthy of being called a man. Not like Marco, with his dense and thick body hair, powerful man-smell and endless supply of bravado and confidence.

Marco gave Tom a smile that made his hole throb around the thick dildo shoved deep inside it. It was a hungry, devious smile. It was nearly the same look that Marco had given him countless times since the world changed, but something was different as it hung on Marco’s densely stubbled face.

“I think I’m done wanting to bottom, amore. Seeing as how you’re officially a woman now, I should really be on top, don’t you think?” Marco’s tone was sultry and focused, lacking, for the first time, the tell tale hints of good-natured humor that so often defined him. Tom could tell, whatever part of him had been suppressed by his initial wish had awoken, and it was hungry.

“Yesssssssss. I want you on top of me. I just, I’m your woman, I think i’ve always wanted to be. Please, fuck my cunt.”

Marco smiled even wider and caressed the perfectly smooth globs of Tom’s ass before reaching between them and slowly, tortuously pulling the dildo from between his cheeks.

“Ohhh fuckkkk. Don’t tease me, please, just fuck my cunt.”

Tom’s heart was beating out of his chest with each and every thrust from the densely-haired stud on top of him. He knew someone else must have made a wish that altered the world and could only postulate that everyone retained their memories by force of his own wish for people to retain their memories when magic was involved. The sensation was utterly bizarre to him. Although his body was nearly as it was beforehand, with its bulging muscles and throbbing cock, in his heart of hearts, he just knew that he was less of a man than Marco. No, not less of a man. He knew that compared to someone like Marco, he wasn’t a man at all. The best anyone could call him in comparison to someone like Marco was a boi, but the more humiliating term of “woman” sprang to the forefront of his mind.

Tom got the sensation that Marco could take him home to his parent’s and introduce them as a couple without them so much as batting an eyelash. A man with no body hair or masculine odour like him wasn’t really a man, so their son wasn’t really gay. It would be as proper and traditional as any heterosexual union.

“I want you to cum lots babe. All over your fuckin’ tits.”

It wasn’t a request, but a direct order that Tom instantly had no desire to disobey. With a loud and lusty moan, he felt his cock let loose a torrent of cum. A big cummer to begin with, Tom was used to his cock shooting massive loads all over his chest, but at the behest of Marco’s orders, his cock went far past its usual production level. Six, seven, eight pulses, Tom’s cock began to ache with effort and conditioned orgasm, but showed no signs of stopping. Marco had given an order, and it was simply his place in the universe to follow it.

“Alright that’s enough, but make sure to rub it all over those tits.” Said Marco with a grunt, blowing his own load unceremoniously into Tom’s aching cunt.With another series of grunts and a few tweaks of his nipples, Marco heaved himself up off of Tom and gave his hairy ass a absent minded scratch. “I’m gonna watch some T.V , amore. Why don’t you bring me some snacks then get to work on cleaning up the apartment?”

Marco’s words once more hit Tom as an order rather than a casual request and Tom felt his body tingle at the prospect of following his every order. Obediently, Tom got to his feet and bent over with his butt cheeks clenched. He didn’t want to waste as single drop of Marco’s warm, hot cum, but he knew he wouldn’t get very far into housework without a his dildo shoved deep between his cheeks. With a satisfied groan, Tom slid his toy back inside him and made his way into the kitchen.

He knew that the first thing he had to do was to get Marco fed and watered. He needed to clean the house, but keeping Marco’s stomach full came first. He poured a large glass of wine and brought it into Marco with a smile. The furry Italian took the glass and drank it in a two quick gulps, placing it back in Tom’s waiting hands. Before Tom had time to turn and leave, he felt himself being pulled forward by Marco’s hands, his cum-slick tits bouncing into Marco’s eager, waiting tongue. With a few slurps and a few rapid shakes of his head, Marco slapped Tom on his ass and sent him on his way. Although the sex had ended, Tom felt even more erotically charged than he did with Marco’s cock in his ass. The act of being his obedient little maid, with his cum covered tits and fully nude body, was erotic in a way he couldn’t possibly begin to describe.

“Alright, get to scrubbing the floors now, amore.” Said Marco after receiving his tray of finger foods. The smile on his face was mischievous and told Tom clearly that as harsh as his orders sounded, he was still the same, good-natured Marco, just one that had embraced his role in the world and was having fun with it. With a dutiful nod, Tom went to the kitchen and fetched the mob bucket from under the sink. When he cleaned house in the past, he had always used a proper mop, but his mind told him that was wrong. He belonged on his hands and knees if he really wanted to impress Marco. A mop was just a shortcut, and if he wanted his lover to ever make an honest woman out of him, he had to give it his all.

Tom felt colour rush to his cheeks at the thought of standing under a quaint little arch, hand joined with Marco’s. He had lusted after the Italian stud from basically the moment they met, but he had never before considered the possibility of them being a fully actualized couple, let alone man and wife. Strange as the thought was, it caused a powerful surge of lust and longing to travel through the entirety of Tom’s being. As a woman, it was his fondest dream to find a strong, dominate, masculine man to take care of him and make sure he had no worries outside of being a good housekeeper.

Even with his back turned to Marco, Tom could feel his future husband’s eyes burning with desire at the sight of his naked form bent over and serving him. Part of him knew he should have been offended by the entire set up - at being a woman, at being considered less than because of it, at being good for nothing more than housework and pleasing his man. In spite of what he knew he should be feeling, he still found himself smiling at the idea of Marco being taken with him enough to pull his eyes from the football game playing on the television.

“You know, it doesn’t make much sense for you to clean the floors if my feet are dirty. I’ll just mess them all up again like this…” Marco said, a coy smile on his face.

Tom didn’t need any further provocation and slowly, sensually crawled his way over to Marco’s chair. With his hands behind his back, Tom leaned forward and ran his tongue over the sole of Marco’s left foot. There was no hesitation or holding back in what he did. Marco had insisted that he wanted his feet cleaned, and that was what Marco would get.

“Mmmm, that feels nice amore, but you know, how about you give them a nice massage first?” Asked Marco, his tone once again firmer than a question with more than one actual answer.

“Of course.” Chirped Tom happily, moving his hands from his back to rub Marco’s size thirteens.

“Is it really a massage without lube?” Asked Marco, a grin on his face.

Tom was halfway to his feet when Marco nodded downward and simply said: “cum”. The effect was immediate and dramatic. With a series of eye-rolling moans, Tom began to cum glob after glob of hot, slippery fluid over Marco’s hairy feet. After four spurts per foot, Marco let out a content sigh and nodded once more. Tom’s body caught on to Marco’s meaning without fail. His cock stopped spurting and his hands went to work on rubbing Marco’s sweaty and cum coated feet. The moans that came out of Marco’s mouth were deep and gravely, a mixture between carnal desire and the satisfaction that came from the relaxation brought on by a masterful massage.

“This is the life, amore. Can’t you see it? I go down to the gym and take care of my clients, make all the money we need. Then I come home to you. Dinner on the table, wine poured and ready, that tight, sweet cunt ready for my thick cock.”

Tom saw just what Marco was picturing in his own mind. Staying home and making sure the house was spotless, throwing on some flirty,clingy outfit before going shopping for everything the house needed that day. Maybe stopping by Marco’s work at lunch for a quick afternoon delight before heading back home to start on some elaborate, lavish dinner. The whole time his cunt aching for Marco’s sweet dick to push up firmly inside of and give him just what he needed.

He had to admit, he could think of nothing better.

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