Rush Recruitment

By Awkwardgaybro
published May 22, 2020
3041 words

Jack shows a hopeful pledge around the frathouse.

This is my first attempt at writing, appreciate any feedback!

Jack wasn’t really looking forward to spending his whole day with this Freshman, but his fraternity president, Kyle, told him getting this kid to pledge Theta was of the utmost importance. Apparently this kid’s dad is the head of some tech company and rakes in enough to make sure the Frat would be funded for decades of this kids donations alone. Of course, Kyle wasn’t the first person to come up with this idea so Jack wasn’t the only guy trying to court this kid. God, that’s what if felt like, too.

Jack had never had to put this much effort into getting a girl to want to be with him. And why would he? At a couple inches over six feet, broad shoulders and a nice swimmers build, Jack didn’t have to do the courting at all. Jack made sure to keep his deep red hair short, almost military length, and girls went crazy for his light coating of freckles, which was barely noticeable on his tanned skin. Jack made sure to be outside as much as possible. His way of staying in shape was from spending as much time running in the sun, preferably without the constraints of a shirt.

Jack had just finished typing up a report for his engineering class when he got the text from Kyle to come downstairs. He easily could have just walked up the stairs and grabbed him, but Kyle always liked to be the one in control. When Jack got downstairs it looked like the rest of the Frat had already made their way off to their beach day, Jack was hoping he could get this all over with as quickly as possible so he could join the gang.

Kyle was in the living room, he’d moved all the furniture around so that he could do planks in front of the tv. Where as Jack had focus on running and sports to get his body where it was, Kyle spent all his time sculpting every muscle. Kyle was doing a brief workout now, but there was no doubt that he would be hitting the gym before he hits the beach.

“Oh there are you, Jack,” Kyle said, a bead of sweat dripping from his sandy blond hair. “Tyler will be here in less than an hour for the tour of the house. It is your job to show him why he’s going to join our frat. Talk about the Sigma Kappa girls and how we’ve got them hanging on every word. Dude sounds like a nerd, so talk up all the sex he’ll finally be having.”

“I’m sure he’s doing fine Kyle, kid’s got money, and money talks,” Jack retorted. Kyle only ever thought with his dick and always assumed everyone else had the same problem.

“Yeah well show him how much better the pussy is gonna be once he is a brother.” Kyle’s phone buzzed twice. “Speak of the devil, looks like he’s here early. God, dude can’t even knock on a door, he’s gotta send a text for us to let him in. What a bitch.”

“It’s not a big deal, dude,” Jack said as he walked towards the front door. Standing there at the front door was a guy who was pretty much average in every way. Someone you definitely wouldn’t pick out of a crowd. Shaggy brown hair, light brown eyes. Jack noted how weird it was that this kid had so much money considering he was wearing a beat up shirt from some band and a slightly too big, slightly faded, red flannel. The only sign he was remotely wealthy was the smart watch around his wrist. Not one Jack was familiar with. Tyler was in decent shape but it’s obvious he’s never hit a gym before, that’d have to change if he was joining Theta.

“Hi, you must be Tyler.”

“Yeah, and you’re Jack, right?”

“Yep, I’m going to be showing you around the Frat today and hopefully I’ll get to be your big bro soon enough,” Jack said with almost too much energy, not realizing how disingenuous it comes off. “Come on in, man! I’m super excited to show you around.”

As Tyler and Jack entered the front hallway, Kyle started walking towards them with his gym bag. “Hey, Tyler, sorry I couldn’t stay to show you around myself, but I gotta hit the gym. Don’t worry, you are in great hands here with Jack.”

“Oh that sucks, I was really looking forward to you showing me the house. I actually brought some beer to thank you,” Tyler said, pulling a couple bottles out from his backpack.

“Ah there will be plenty of that later on,” Jack said, not wanting to drink with a freshmen if he might not be in the frat.

“Hey, if our newest brother to be wants a drink, let’s have a drink,” said Kyle, never one to say no to some day drinking. “Plus, we’re going to do what ever it takes to show Tyler here why he wants to join, isn’t that right, Jack?”

“Right,” said Jack, giving in.

With that Tyler cracked open three bottles handing the two with a red label to Jack and Kyle, and keeping the blue one to himself.

“I only have one of the stouts left, hope you guys like IPAs,” Tyler said quickly. And with that the three sat down for a drink. They talked for a moment about the best place to eat on campus and where the best parties were, other than Theta of course. Kyle downed his beer as fast as possible, wanting to spend as little time humoring the pledge as he could. There’s a reason he shoved this task on Jack.

“Well guys, wish I could stay and chat longer, but the gym beckons. Don’t wanna miss all the Sigma girls doing yoga, either. Remember, Jack, whatever it takes.”

“Yep,” said Jack begrudgingly.

After Kyle left the tour seemed to go just like any other. Jacked showed him the kitchen, stocked to the brim with munchies and booze. He showed him the game room, pool table, air hockey, and beer pong. But as they started walking up the stairs to take a look at the open rooms, Jack’s head started to feel light. Every step seemed to be a little more off than the last.

“Woah man, that beer must have been strong,” Jack chuckled, “I’ve never felt like a lightweight before.” Jack thought to himself, rich kid must be able to get some really nice shit if a simple beer was this strong.

“Really, you kind of look like a lightweight,” Tyler said oddly, at 6′2 Jack was a good three inches on this kid, and definitely 30lbs of muscle heavier. But as they reached the top of the stairs, Jack realized they were looking eye to eye. Huh, must not of realized how tall he was, Jack thought to himself.

“Now, Kyle would be pissed at me if I didn’t talk up the girls you’ll be getting to meet if you join Theta. Our sister sorority has the hottest girls on campus,” Jack said, trying to shrug off the fuzzy feeling that beer gave him.

“Oh I think I’ll do fine by myself,” Tyler replied, “But uh, what kind of girls?”

“All kinds of girls, man, whatever your type is, we’ve got you covered.”

“Yeah, but what’s your type of girl?” Tyler asked. “I wanna know.”

“I don’t know man, I like all girls. Girls in general are my type.” Jack said, not really caring to have this conversation.

“Well, do you like blondes, brunettes,”

“I really couldn’t care less about their hair color, to be honest with you, man. That’s not what I’m focused on,” Jack said.

“Oh okay, nice, I’m glad,” Tyler said weirdly, “You like short hair or long hair, or what?”

”Long hair I guess,” Jack said, brushing his bangs out of his eyes.

“Do you prefer a hottie or are you more looking for a cute girl?”

Jack was always trying to come off like a gentlemen, one of the good guys, so he quickly said, “I like a cute girl, nice smile, but honestly I care a lot more about her brain.” Tyler seemed to roll his eyes at that answer. Jack just smiled back at him, and continued to the next room, forgetting to even say anything about the room they were in.

As Tyler asked more and more questions Jack’s head started to feel a little fuzzier and fuzzier and his answers got a little more candid. “So tell me about her body, you look like you work out, you like a muscled girl, too?”

“Nah, don’t get me wrong, I want a girl who’s in shape, but I like a girl to be slim. I like them to be shorter than me, too,” Jack said, looking up to Tyler to make sure he was making eye contact.

“Are you an ass man or a breast man?”

“I guess I can’t lie, I love a nice ass. Really, the bigger the better,” as Jack said that, Tyler’s face really started to light up. Jack’s basket ball shorts had been pretty loose this morning, and had been feeling even looser as the tour went on, but now he was noticing how tight they suddenly felt around the waist. I wonder if nylon shrinks in the wash, Jack thought to himself. As Jack backed into the next room, he backed right into a lamp, knocking it over. I’m really off my balance today, he thought.

Tyler reached down and pulled the lamp back up, turning it on once it was upright. “This room looks nice, that’s a pretty big mirror, though,” he said, pointing at the mirror in the corner of the room. “You guys spend a lot of time looking at yourselves?”

“This is Kyle’s room, he likes to watch himself while he works out,” Jack said, his head still a little foggy.

“I wonder what else he likes,” Tyler said, staring into Jack’s eyes. As he did Jack started to notice how off things seemed in this room. That mirror didn’t use to be that big. It used to just be a little taller than him, but now there was plenty of room between the top of his head and the top of the mirror. Jack stared at his reflection, suddenly noticing everything that was wrong with it. His ginger hair that was usually short and combed was now falling wildly down past his ears. It looked like he had spent hours prepping it to look like he’d spent no time at all. His eyes were still blue, but they were somehow bluer, but more insane was that his eyelashes looked longer then any girl’s he’s seen. His lips were fuller, and rosy, almost like he had glossed them, and they stood out against his pale freckled face. Whereas he usually looked rugged, he looked almost, cute?

As he was staring into his own eyes, wondering where his tan and his masculinity had gone, Tyler started to walk up from behind him. As he was walking towards Jack, Tyler made eye contact with Jack through the mirror, and smiled. That’s when Jack realized how much taller Tyler had grown, or, he realized, how much smaller he had become. He kept thinking of himself as 6′2′’ but there’s no way he was more than 5′6′’ if that. “What the hell, it looks like all the fat and muscle on my body just disappeared!” Jack yelled, not breaking eye contact.

“Well that’s not completely true,” Tyler said, grabbing Jack by the waist and slowly turning him, still not breaking eye contact with his reflection. That’s when Jack saw why his basket ball shorts felt so tight. Though they were billowing at the bottom of his now thinner legs, the shorts looked like they would split down the middle if he moved too quickly. It looked like all the fat and muscle in his body had been relocated to the new shelf of an ass that was somehow defying gravity with how perky it was.

Tyler placed a palm on each one Jack’s giant cheeks and turned him around until they were facing each other. Tyler held Jack so close he could feel Tyler’s bulge hardening against his stomach. God how the fuck could he be so small this guy’s bulge was higher than his belly button. As Tyler continued to caress Jack’s supple globes, Jack looked up, brushing the hair out of his eyes, and softly said, “How?”

“Well my dad’s tech company has been working on some pretty cutting edge stuff and I wanted to test it out. And you guys said you’d do anything to get me in your frat.”

“But how did you,”

“The drinks I gave you guys had the tech in it, which is linked to my watch,” Tyler said while pulling Jack closer, “I programmed it to make you your perfect type. So while you described your new body, my watch listened. I’m so glad you said hair color didn’t matter, I love a red head.”

Tyler then lifted Jack’s lithe frame up by his massive rear and kissed his cherry lips. Jack thought to himself that he should be fighting this, that he shouldn’t want to punch this asshole, that he should be a man not some little bitch, but all he could do was fall into the kiss and feel so safe in Tyler’s arms. He was willing to do anything to get Tyler to join the frat.

A noise came from down stairs and they heard an unfamiliar voice, realizing someone had just come home. Tyler pulled away, Jack almost whimpering that the kiss was over, and said “You know, I had planned on doing this whole thing with Kyle, but I’m so glad that I got to spend all this time with you.”

That’s the first time Jack thought of anyone other than Tyler and himself since he realized what had happened. Holy shit, what is his meathead frat president going to do when he sees a giant assed little twink where his wingman used to be.

“Don’t worry though, I’ve been texting Kyle from my smart watch this whole time. He seemed to have a much more specific type then you.”

As they walked down stairs, Tyler’s arm draped around Jacks tiny waste, resting on his shelf, Jack saw an image that shocked him more than his own reflection.

While still undeniably him, Kyle looked nothing like the gym rat muscle jock that left the house earlier today. Standing even shorter than Jack and weighing even less was a cherubic faced blonde twink. His long golden locks fell in curls all around his face, his lips were so full he looked liked he was always pouting, and his eyelashes looked like they had a natural mascara as they fluttered lightly.

It was obvious Kyle had rifled through other people’s lockers, as the outfit he was wearing was one he never would have been caught dead in before, let alone fit in. But there he was, standing in a black tanktop, his midriff showing the serious lack of definition he now had, his arms slender, everywhere seemingly hairless.

His shorts proved what Jack already knew, that Kyle, too, was an ass man. The tiny pink booty shorts weren’t enough to hide his cheeks from sneaking out the bottom. His ass was almost as perfect as Jack’s.

As Kyle noticed Jack and Tyler, he squealed with excitement, and started to slowly walk towards them. His hips swaying hypnotically as he did.

“I am soooo glad to see you guys. I have like no idea what is going on, none of my clothes fit me after I showered at the gym, can you like unshrink something in the wash?” Kyle asked, glancing down at Tyler’s package as he did.

“I thought this might happen, he told me he doesn’t like a girl that is too brainy,” Tyler whispered into Jack’s ear. Jack didn’t really care what he’d just said, he just liked the feeling of Tyler’s lips on his ear. “He also told me she has to be a great and easy lay, though, so why don’t we three head up stairs?” Tyler said, grabbing Kyle by the cheek and pulling him in to his arms to walk side by side with him and Jack.

As they laid in bed spooning, Jack’s giant ass pressed hard against Tyler’s bulge, Jack asked, “So, are you going to join the frat, I’d love to have you as my little bro.” Tyler chuckled, “I’m pretty sure I’d be the big bro at this point, but I am definitely looking forward to being a theta. And don’t worry, I’ll share Kyle, but you are all mine.” With that he pulled Jack even closer, grinding into him, “Ready for round two?”

As the Theta brothers stumbled home drunk from a long day and night of drinking at the beach, they headed towards the living room and all collapsed on the couches. Kole asks his brothers who’s beer is sitting on the coffee table and find a note that reads, “So excited to join the Theta family, these beers are on me! -Tyler.”

“Looks like that nerdy rich kid joined already,” said Nate.

“Well, hopefully Kyle teaches him a thing or two about being a man, but if he’s giving out drinks I’m good,” said Hunter. And with that they each cracked open a beer.

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