Bryan's destiny

By Master Cseith -
published May 21, 2020
4663 words

Bryan’s greed is going to cost him more than his job


Bryan felt his jaw clenching, trying to speak but no sound was coming, his eyelids felt heavy and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t open them up. What had happened to him? His memories were like a broken mirror.

He had gone to work, right? Someone had asked him about the money… who was it? Of course he had said nothing about it, someone had being blamed for it, they would probably go the jail, he didn’t care. It was their problem for not noticing the strange paperwork, they would never find a single document linking Bryan and it was his now, 3 million dollars. It could have being the police but there hadn’t been a badge or uniform, had there?

The more time passed the more he could feel his body coming back, slowly a bright light grew behind his eyelids and he was finally able to open his eyes, the glare made him close them again thought, but it had being enough. He was in some kind of medical office or hospital, had he fainted at work? that could be why his memory was so fuzzy. He moved to touch his forehead with his hand but he noticed something hard and cold stopping him. Gasping he opened his eyes again and looked towards it, he couldn’t see it very well because of his position but there was a metal band holding not only his right hand but his left, his legs and it seemed his neck as well.

Again he closed his eyes and tried hard to remember what had happened. He went to the gym for an hour to work out and another hour to fuck the day’s whore, many wives and young girls were easy and stupid, and he used his charm to get in to their pussies.

He opened his eyes and looked around as much as the band permitted. While there was a light bulb lit on top of his gurney it only illuminated a circle and everything else laid in total darkness. Who had done this and why? the police wouldn’t, they would bring him for questioning, threaten him, but this situation felt calculated, it had a purpose. His body was covered by a thin hospital gown, he now noticed a tag, pushing it upwards with his fingers he read “subject 174”. He had an iv connected to his arm and 3 empty bags hanging aside, there were no labels to find what kind of drugs they had used. It made him wonder again if maybe he had being ill and trashed around, forcing the nurses to bind him for his own protection and the nurse’s. But surely the room would have a tv, a window, better lightening and they would definitely not bind him with metal.

The more he thought about it the more he could remember, but nothing gave a clue of how he ended up there or why. After the gym he had gone to work, the office had being alive with rumors on the embellishment case, and some other criminal actions that “someone” and commit inside the company. The police had interrogated many during the weekend, including him, they got nothing of course and he knew they didn’t suspect him. They had taken 3 people under custody and 1 had effectively being accused. He had picked the guy at random when he thought of the plan, he was a nobody who was easy to trap and had no guts to fight it, the 3 others were an unpredicted casualty. He didn’t even knew their names… did he?

Suddenly there was a sound, taps like steps in tile floor and a door was unlocked and opened. 2 more lights glared bright in a second and 2 men entered the room, jolting Bryan’s memory. “You!”

Closer to the door was a tall man with a heavy jacket, aviator glasses on his face and a fedora hat. His skin was dark and his hair was cropped short. He had presented himself as “inspector Brahms” and asked him if he knew the guy who had being taken under arrest, he had also asked him to have a cup of coffee with him to try and understand the suspect. It had seem a good move at that time, not only to show himself cooperating but also “insulted” by the criminal’s actions and ensure the guy’s incarceration. At his car though he had felt a prick on his neck and everything turned black.

“I see you finally woke up, I was starting to worry”. The second man was shorter but made of muscle, his chest and back were broad, his arms and legs thick under a basic “nurse” shirt and pants. His body had looked inconsequential with a dress shirt 2 sizes too big and a cheap suit. Thomas Crown was right now nothing close to the geek he had thought of when they escorted him to the police car.

Bryan wanted to scream, to demand and insult, but something stopped him.

“I imagine you have questions and while I don’t plan on answering all of them I will do, some.” Thomas waved to the inspector who positioned himself by the side of the door and walked closer to Bryan. “Do you want some water?”

“No…” there was some struggle to speak, his muscles constricting and cramping. Finally he breathed deep “release me”

“Mmm… no please?”

“You fuc…” suddenly he felt his throat closing, like his body resented the words and pulled them back on it’s own accord. “fuc… shit”

“that’s okay, you will learn with time”

Getting to his side Thomas pulled a square rolling table with many bottles and needles, he brought a new IV bag from under it and hooked it to his arm. Bryan turned to looked to the inspector multiple times, he had not moved from his spot, legs to his side, hands to his back in a waiting pose. Focusing he noted a leather choker on his neck with a metal tag glinting on the fluorescent light.

“He wont do anything till I say so” Thomas answered the unasked question. At hearing this Bryan turned to see him, casually injecting 3 substances to his iv, he expected pain but nothing happened, even when he injected another directly to his arm. He had wanted to jerk, he actually tried but his body felt heavy like lead, the only movement he could make was the rising and falling of his chest.

“what are you doing?”

“To you? revenge, it’s simple”. Thomas threw the used IV bags, syringes and latex gloves into a trash can somewhere away from his field of vision. “I have great knowledge of drugs and chemicals, I know how to access the mind and transform the body” Thomas explained calmly, moving to the foot of the bed and took off a chart clipped to it, scribbling something on it’s pages. “Coincidentally I also knew having a police insider was gonna be eventually helpful so I enlisted many including your inspector. Imagine my surprise when I was told last month about this crime investigation”

“I didn’t do anything”. Thomas narrowed his eyes at him, he knew it was impossible to deny his involvement, somehow he had done a deeper investigation, or gotten a document, something, but still he wanted to deny and cut this damn nightmare off. “I’m not the culprit, I…”

“Of course you did it” Bryan’s plead was immediately stopped, the chart clipped back at the foot of his bed “You have told us everything we needed to prove it”. Gasping for air Bryan thought for a moment Thomas was gonna bring him to justice, his luck was not as good thought. “Don’t worry, I have worked things out and the police department believes they have prosecuted someone and everyone is safe from your greed. Now we just have to work on your punishment”

“you cant…” again the chocking sensation interrupted his threat, Thomas had already done something to his body

“Oh I can, I have and I will” a slow and wicked grin appeared on the man’s face, eyes filled with sadistic satisfaction at the clear fear on Bryan’s face. “I’m gonna need for you to sleep now, when you wake up the second part of your punishment would have being finished.” As the words fell his body started to get numb, he remembered the injection and cursed in his mind, “Until then, sweet dreams”. All was darkness again.

The next time Bryan woke up the 3 lights were on and his head was clear, he was still bound, thought this time in a chair-like contraption, metal bands on his wrists, neck, torso, thighs and calves. There was a video camera in front of him, turned off.

“Right on time!” turning to his left Bryan saw on the corner of the room Thomas, but the inspector was nowhere to be found. His voice and presence made it impossible to deny what had happened before and the nightmares still ongoing.

“Please, you can take my money, all of it”

“Shhhh, that’s not the kind of pleading I’m searching for” Like the time before Thomas pulled the square table close, now with a prepared set of tubes, syringes and vials. “You should actually be thanking me now for the beautiful master piece I have transform you in”. when he didn’t respond Thomas walked to the wall in front of him and flipped on a switch; a rectangle panel almost as tall and wide as the wall lit up reflecting the room and Bryan’s body on the chair. He focused, trying to understand what Thomas was talking about but he couldn’t. Looking to Thomas and back again to his reflection he felt anxious, he had always being handsome, what was he talking about?

Thomas walked back to him turning on the camera on his way, then he pushed a pedal and his legs separated, opening his crutch, showing off his dick, or at least where his dick should have been. In shock and desperation he tried to fight, chocked screams were the only noises while he struggle to believe what he was seeing was not true. The dick he saw was a 2 inch round and rosy nub, his testicles were non existent now. The only reason the miserable knob could be seen was because his whole body had being shaved.

“What a nice clit, don’t you think?, perfect for your new life”

“You fucking bastard! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!!” Bryan exploded, his body vibrating with shear horror and hate, his voice was coarse and it burned but the pain helped to fuel his anger.

Thomas only smiled back, “you must be really strong to fight the first conditioning… or it could just be your fury and shock. Still, you’re a perfect subject”. He moved his hands and there was a sting of pain making Bryan look down and notice his pecks. While he had always worked out he only wanted to have the necessary muscle on his chest but now, he had 2 small pillows, large pink areolas crowned with pencil long nipples adorned with heavy ring piercings. Again Thomas twisted and pulled his nipple causing pain and an electric pleasure to course through his body. “There’s some other changes I have done but you wont be able to notice them immediately, you will eventually, for now I need you to relax and enjoy”. Thomas took some cords and connected them to the back of his chair, plucking the end to crystal tubes, which he placed on his right nipple. Surrounding the nub it immediately sucked the air out and effectively his elongated tit as well, causing more pain and more pleasure. He repeated the action to his left nipple and to his small dick, making him tremble and tighten his jaw to avoid moaning.

“I will leave you know, enjoy” Thomas opened the IV again, liquid he probably prepared while Bryan was asleep and left the room. The moment the door closed a series of noises came through unknown speakers, they felt like words but slowed down to the point he couldn’t understand what they were saying. A scary thought grew on his mind, what if he was trying to brain-wash him? would he become his toy? the adjustments he had done to his body suggested the guy was either gay or pretended to sell him to some faggot… would he be able to resist?. He looked around for the 50th time since he woke and couldn’t figure out a way of escape, how could he? locked to a chair in a locked room. Even if his body now didn’t feel as heavy he still couldn’t unstrap himself from the fucking chair or silence the noises. He could only try and focus on his own mind, trying to block out as many words as possible. Trying to fight off the pleasure on his nipples and cock.

But suddenly a jolt of electricity passed through his nipples, it made him gasp, when nothing else happened he dismissed it and tried to concentrate again but the moment his mind tuned off the recording the jolt came back, strong yet shortly lived. Again nothing happened after and he tried to focus but as soon as the tune faded from his mind the jolt returned, this time longer, gaining a loud moan to rip from his throat. And before he could recover from it another came, and another and another, between long enough gaps for him to breath, still sensitive to the electricity. By the 10th shock he was moaning every time the jolt came, unable to prepare for them, in vain he tried to focus through the next jolt but it was suddenly accompanied by another one to his dick, making him not only gasp but throw his body forward, shivering with pleasure. Now the gaps were longer but with 3 jolts attacking his nipples and dick he could barely think, they kept coming and coming till he was waiting for them, he wanted them to increase, to go deeper, stay longer.

“more…” he couldn’t recognize his voice, a part of him knew it was wrong but his whole body thrilled on the pleasure, “now” he said to himself tightening his muscles to receive the jolts and let them inside him, feeling his tiny dicklet tremble. He was close, just another one and he could… but the next jolt didn’t come, he waited and waited and there was nothing. And while he felt annoyed, the foggy side of his mind started to clear and he felt shame and rage. He was going to focus on his rage, it had allowed him to fight the control Thomas had on his vocal chords before so it should help him fight now this onslaught on his body.

The moment the thought formed a string of jolts, focused only on his dick, came nonstop. He tried to fight them, but they were giving him not even a minute between each jolt, unforgiving yet still not strong enough to make him cum. His hips thrust against the air, his nipples ached, he wanted the pain, the pleasure, he wanted to cum.

“I wanna cum, I wanna cum!” he thrust his dick as hard as he could but the jolt did not stop nor strengthen. “Let me cum, please!!” Immediately as he pleaded a bolt passed through his nipples towards his dick and claimed his orgasm, Bryan came trashing in his binds, eyes closed, mouth agape in a long moan. The sucking tube slurping all his cum, and then he blacked out.

“… ngh”

“wake up pet, it’s time for the 3rd part of your transformation”

Bryan thought for a second to keep his eyes close, the memory of his orgasm assaulted his brain and his miserable dick throbbed. He wanted to cum again, he wanted to feel it all and for that reason he also wanted to keep his eyes close and deny what had happened.

“open your eyes slut” Bryan opened his eyes in fear, Thomas was by his side now, his wicked smiled a contrast to his annoyed order. “I’m enjoying your fighting spirit but my patience has a limit” the moment he said this and turned his back to him Bryan looked at his own body, shocked again to see the transformation was still in place, thou this time his body was not strapped to a chair. Heavy chains connected to his wrists and ankles with leather straps went up to the ceiling, making him pose like an offering. “I thought for a moment to take my time with you but I have to travel soon, I want to withdraw my money from your account” Bryan felt a tingling in his mind, like a thought was trapped inside, a word was at the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t word it out, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t disrespect Thomas anymore.

“Please take the money, I won’t”

“I told you didn’t I? you can keep those kind of pleadings to yourself, this toy here will help teach you what I really want from you” Thomas touched a panel on the wall again and the chains pulled his arms and legs higher, separating his legs as well like shaping a “V”. A clicking sound marked a lock had being placed on the chains so his body’s weight or movement wouldn’t budge the chains out of place. He walked behind the contraption and Bryan, coming back after a minute with a dildo-like apparatus, but the thing was somehow different, it was a mechanical tube with a piston and a connection to a battery and a computer, the girth of it was bigger than a human penis.

“Look at you, your clit is already salivating for this” Bryan wanted to deny it but he could feel his clit, no! his dick throbbing, a liquid, possibly pre-cum, running down towards his ass. “This is a horse dick if you’re wondering, I made it specially for you” This time rage did not come to his rescue, but fear caused his body to twitch and turn, trying to pull away from the chains, to escape his torturer. He tried to conjure anger, wrath, but nothing came, his body felt only desire and fear.

Thomas took no note of his battle, he meticulously placed the tip of the machine at his entrance, typing later on the computer. “I don’t plan on killing you or making it impossible for me to use you after, so don’t freight too much. I do want you to suffer first, that can’t be avoided”. The engine rumbled and the tip vibrated against his anus, a shiver run through his body and the desire started to overpower his fear. “Stop moving” Thomas order and Bryan’s body obeyed without him even thinking and the tip breached him in one thrust, a silent scream taking his breath, white hot burning pain shooting from his back and his dick was cumming, spewing cum all over his stomach.

“I’ll leave you with your new toy, enjoy” Thomas typed something more on the computer thou Bryan was no longer noticing, he was drowning in pain, he couldn’t even see when Thomas closed the door, he could only feel his skin ripping, the dildo moving deeper, half an inch at a time, purposely slow, it’s girth opening him wide. Then something cool filled him, with a numbing effect covering the abused walls of his rectum. The deeper the dildo entered the more the gel substance spread lessening the pain till it was not only bearable, but enjoyable.

“No… no…” Bryan watched in horror, now that he could breath how his dick trembled and engorged, his nipples becoming hard as well, red and puffy. “inviting” he thought before he could chase the thought away and it’s then, when he looked down and saw the whole dick disappearing inside his body that he heard the soft murmur of the programming voices. “No, sto…” but he couldn’t finish his plea, the machine now fully inside went back, taking half the dildo out and pushed back in, filling his ass to the brim, pushing his guts and spreading the gel even more. Bryan loss his mind, the gel is no longer just numbing his ass, it makes it tingle and burn, he needs the dildo back, he moans every time it moves away, screaming when it impales him.

“you ready to cum?” the voice no longer a murmur speaks to him. The dildo picks up speed making his dick explode again. “you can cum again, you can cum as many times as you like” the voice says while the dildo abuses his hole. “when you cum again the dildo will lodge in your rectum and dose you with an adulterate substance, it will change your insides forever”

“no, please, I can’t, please stop!” gasping Bryan can barely speak, the dildo’s speed is breaking his resolve, his whole body shakes with every thrust, the chains clashing with the force of it, the bed squeaking against it. “Please…” the dildo changes pace yet again this time shaking as well “Let me cum!!!” One deep powerful thrust lifts Bryan’s body from the bed, his dick cumming yet again in deliciously painful ropes while the tip of the dildo swells to the point he can see his stomach distending.

When it’s done the dildo pulls back some, without diminishing it’s swollen girth ripping another orgasm from him “My clit is cumming, my clit, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!” Again his mind shuts down, his body drowning now in pleasure, his ass open, but no liquid coming out, no, he’s absorbing all of it.

When he opens his eyes again Bryan is unstrapped and unchained, his body clean yet still sporting the transformation, the nipple piercings first proof of it.

“Come!” A voice calls to him, making his face look from his breasts to the man in front of him, standing beside another mechanic contraption. “it’s time to finish with this” Bryan immediately stands up and walks towards him, looking now at the machine he sees it’s connected to the wall, like a tunnel or opening. A few taps on buttons on the side panel and the machine comes to life, a longer dildo unsheathing from it’s inside, a full sized dick, bigger than a humans yet not as big as a horse’s. But this one is surrounded by nubs and ridges. He feels his ass twitching, his dick is erect again, dripping pre-cum, every order he follows now gives him pleasure.

“Stay still” There’s nothing Bryan can do and he knows it, he’s body no longer obeys him, only his mind still belongs to him. Thomas put a cap like device on top of his penis and 2 patches on top of his nipples, wide enough to cover the large tits and piercings. Another tap on the panel and the 3 devices start vibrating making him shake and almost fall to the floor. Not even a minute and he can’t hold himself anymore, “I wanna cum, I wanna cum, please let me cum, ahhhgg PLEASE!” but the usual orgasm that follows his plea doesn’t come. “Please let me cum!”

“Sorry, I can’t. The only way you’ll ever cum again is with a dick in your ass, you need to feel the cum soaking your inside to be able to cum”

“ahhh ahhhh I cant… aahhhh please, please!” He gyrates and thrusts in the air trying to get some relieve, he thinks he should be able to masturbate but his hands don’t move, then the comment clicks in his mind. “The only way…” he groans in desperation, now the vibrations doubling on his dick. “Pleaaaaseee”

“Fine, you can cum” Thomas smiles turning to the panel again to tap down, the dildo machine lengthening even more somehow. “But you’ll have to do it on your own, thrust yourself into it… just so you know, the moment you do, you will never change back again, you will become my property and you’ll only think of getting fuck. you’ll be nothing more than a fuck hole, even your mind will be mine”

Bryan looked at the machine, desperate, his dick was almost purple, only Thomas order was keeping his body standing up. “please, I can’t think… I don’t want to”

“That’s all fine, it’s your choice” But the vibration doesn’t stop, a jolt of electricity joining in, sending his body forward in wild thrusts, his ass leaking a substance he can’t start to understand. “Do you want to cum?”

“Yeeesss!” a deeper jolt rubs his dick raw and he feels like cumming, but nothing comes out, the pleasure only increases with the dry orgasm. So he walks to the machine.

“On your knees slut”

Bryan moans in response while going down on his hands and knees, turning to position his ass against the dildo’s tip, rubbing it to spread the gel like substance oozing from his pussy, his hungry pussy.

Then Thomas presses another button and the tip starts rotating. Becoming too much he impales himself, screaming in orgasmic pain and bliss. The dildo goes deeper, shooting a hot liquid inside of him that he knows is changing him, the thought only making him thrust harder. “Cum… cum.. cum… give me cum!!” he chants, saliva drooling down his neck and to the floor. “fuck my pussy, fuck my ass pussy!” The pleasure reaching a crescendo with the combined pounding and electric jolts.

“Ready to be my slave?”

“Yes! Yes! pleaaseeee let me cum” He’s thrusting as hard as he can against the machine, he doesn’t care if he’s hurting himself, pussies are for fucking, he’s hole must be fucked and filled. “Please, Master!”

“Well done my slut, you can cum now”

And he did, over and over and over again, a massive collection of orgasms, not only whitening his mind but all his life with it.

When Bryan woke up again he was in a room, on a bed with soft sheets covering his body. Looking at the window he can tell is late but not by much, maybe around 10, so he can still make it to the gym. He stands up and walks to the bathroom, following his routine he takes a piss and then a shower. After drying himself he puts on some clothes and goes back to the bathroom to brush his teeth when a strange sensation makes him stop. Looking back at the mirror he feels something is wrong, had he had a nightmare? for a moment a blurred thought of it passes his mind, a distant memory he couldn’t start to remember. His head throbbed so he shook it. Something felt so definitely wrong, he looked again at the mirror, he’s reflection looking back. He was as handsome as always, his large tits pushed up by a pink see-through brazier, gold o’rings pressing his sensitive nipples. His clit was caged in a women’s chastity device and he was wearing a pink thong that matched his brazier. Looking up he noticed his neck was adorned by a heavy pink leather choker with rhinestones, his name in a gold plate. Something was indeed wrong, he felt terribly empty and that was wrong, his pussy needed to filled.

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