The Hypno Channel

By The Naked Ginger -
published May 20, 2020
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Friend tries to use a show to hypnotize his straight buddy. But if that fails he has a trick up his sleeve.

It was a long shot and a pretty stupid plan, but since it required such little setup I figured, ‘why not?’

I had Ben over for the Saturday game. Many beers and nachos later, our team won and we were both having a blast. The rest of the gang had been busy so the night was going to be just the two of us. We thought about going out but decided to stay in and maybe call it an early night.

As Ben went outside for a smoke (which I still don’t like), I brought up Netflix. We planned to just have something on in the background while we played cards so I pulled up the documentary on hypnosis. I had already watched it a few nights ago which triggered this idea. See, early on in the documentary a guy goes through the motions of hypnotizing the viewer. It didn’t work on me, but some of the reviews said it had for a few folks.

So, plan A would be Ben watches this with me and is one of the lucky minority. Plan B was going to take some acting…

I should probably mentioned a bit about Ben. He’s straight and one of my best friends. He’s thick in all the right ways without being fat, gorgeous face, full beard, and a personality of a fucking saint. If his body didn’t make me swoon, his heart would have. The ‘straight’ thing gets in the way of that though.

Many times he would tell me that, “If I were gay, I’d totally marry you.” Which is nice and awful. Also, strange as it is for how long we’ve been friends, I’d never even seen him naked unlike most of my other friends who’ve all stripped to some degree in the past. A few different occasions we’d play strip poker but Ben never lost.

Anyway, while I didn’t expect anything crazy to happen tonight, if there was even a chance it’d end with me finally being able to see what was under his pants that would suffice me for years of masturbation material.

Here’s to hoping.

I put on the video and started to watch it while I waited for Ben to finish. When he came back in he asked what I decided to put on while he shuffled some cards.

“It’s a documentary on hypnosis. Netflix recommended it and I figured it would be calm background noise.”

“Oh cool. Never heard of it.”

“It didn’t have great reviews.” I laugh a bit. “But, it does apparently have a hypnosis part in it where the narrator tries to put you under.”


“Yeah. Doesn’t seem like it works on most people though, so the reviews say at least.”

“Sounds like BS.” Ben said.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I might give it a try when it comes up though, just to see.”

“If it works I’m making you cluck like a chicken!” Ben imitated a rooster shriek.

“Haha. Fine. If it works on you I’m going to make you quit smoking!”

Ben raises his eyebrows at the thought. “I actually wouldn’t mind that.”

“You know, you could just quit without hypnosis.”

He scoffed, “yeah, addition is that easy to quit. That’s why no one’s addicted to anything.”

“Fine, fine. Well I’m kind of hoping it works then.”

“Me too…”

We watched the show for a few minutes but they were just talking about the history of hypnosis for now. I knew the part I wanted didn’t happen for at least 20 minutes. We decided to play a couple rounds of cards while it played.

I had actually been doing pretty good at poker and mentally wagered that if we had been playing Strip Poker Ben would have finally lost! Maybe another time…

The narrator starts to explain that he’s going to try to hypnotize you, the viewer. I didn’t want to seem too eager so I waited for Ben to catch notice of it, which thankfully, he did.

“Oh, hey. Here’s the hypnosis part.”

Ben put down his cards and grabbed his beer. I did the same and looked back to the screen.

The narrator began to explain things, “Now, you have a better understanding of how hypnosis works but I find it’s best to see first hand how it’s done. I’m going to describe a scene and I want you to visualize it as strongly as you can in your mind. Build every detail and make it a reality of your own imagination. If you focus hard enough on my words, you should be able to go into a very deep and suggestive state.”

“I’m nervous.” I say. Ben responds, “I’m actually kind of excited.”

The narrator continued. “Once your under, I’ll provide some generic suggestions to find better inner peace. Trying to be more organized in your life, letting go of the little things, et cetera. Let me be clear that I cannot make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do yourself if not for personal, arbitrary hurdles.”

“Ha!” I say. “No chicken noises from me!”

“Unless you secretly have always wanted to be a chicken!”

I roll my eyes, “Well we’ll see if you actually want to quit smoking or not, now won’t we.”

“I do, honest!” Ben, squints his eyes a bit when he thinks. “Actually, what happens if we both go under? Won’t he take us out of the trance before we can tell the other what to do?”

“Good point. I hadn’t thought of that…” Mainly because I knew that it wouldn’t work on me. “I guess if it does, we could rewatch it but one person covers their ears? I said it didn’t work on many people so I don’t think that’ll be an issue.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Oh, he’s starting!”

The narrator started to describe a beach scene, which I’d heard all before. Instead of visualizing the beach I tried to look at Ben with my peripheral vision. If the hypnosis worked on him, I’d have to pause the video after this part and try my hand at suggestion. If it didn’t, my plan was to make him think it worked on me. From there, who knows what would happen.

As the narrator continued with the scene, Ben was definitely concentrating. His eyes were squinting and he was staring at the TV, but I couldn’t tell if it was actually working or not.

Finally, when the scene was finished and the narrator started to give queues on how the viewer should start relaxing more, and saying thank you more, and enjoying life more, Ben spoke up.

“I guess it is bologna.”

Well shit. Okay, Plan B. I continued to stare at the TV and ignore Ben’s statement.

“Hey, you ‘there’?”

Still nothing from me. I wasn’t an actor by any means but sitting still and staring at a TV was a pretty easy role.

“I know you’re fucking with me.” Does he? Or is that just what anyone would say in this situation. I continued to ignore him. Ben got up from his chair but I couldn’t turn to watch what he was doing while staying in character. Suddenly the documentary was muted, close to the time where the guy was about to bring the viewer back to reality.

Ben came back and sat his chair in front of mine.

“Can you hear me?”

Okay, now the real acting begins. “Yes.” I tried to not sound like a zombie which I’ve seen some stereotypical hypnosis crap that goes too far with it. Instead I just acted calm and relaxed. Like I was getting a massage with his words.

“Are you hypnotized?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so.” Would I have been aware of my own hypnosis if I were?

“Hmm. Bark like a dog.”

Really, Ben? The narrator made it very clear that I wouldn’t do things I didn’t want to do. How do I steer him towards the right answer?

“I don’t want to.” I said back to him.

“Ugh. Are you fucking with me, man?”

“I don’t think so.” I say back.

I can see his wheels turning, trying to figure out how to see if I’m really hypnotized but coming up blank.

“How do you feel?” He finally asks.

Okay, I can work with this. Let’s see…

“Relaxed. A little warm.”

“Warm, huh?”

Come’on! Take the bait, Ben!

He mulls it over. We’re at my house, just us, so there’s really no risk here Ben.

“Take off your pants then.”

“Wha..” I catch myself. I honestly was expecting my shirt as the toe-in-the-water move but he skipped some steps and it caught me off guard. Quickly, I realize he’s testing me. My shirt might have been too easy. Although, still. You start here?

“You said you’re warm. Taking off your pants would help cool you down.”

I’m looking at him and he has a devilish grin. It’s totally a test. Well fuck you Ben. I’m going to win this game one way or another.

I stand up. “You’re right. It would.” I try to keep a calm in my voice even though I’m excited and nervous. Unbuckeling my belt was easy and I just as quick popped the four buttons on my jeans and shimmied them down my legs. I stepped out of them, kicked them to the side of the living room, and sit back down.

“Better?” Ben asks timidly.

“I think so.”

I can’t just answer yes or else where would he go with this. Sitting there in my boxer briefs and t-shirt probably would have made me a teeny chilly but my blood is pumping so fast. The heat from the moment is rising to my face and I can tell it’s about to run somewhere else if I don’t pull it together.

“Well you could always lose the shorts too.”

Here we go.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” I reply. I’m supposed to be more liberated and suggestable but not a zombie. I figured I can’t give my underwear up so easily.

“Why not?”

“Well, you’re here. I haven’t been naked in front of you before.”

“But you’ve thought about it, right?”

Shit, now we’re adding truths into these dares? Well, honesty’s the best policy.


“How often?” “How often have I thought about being naked in front of you?”

“Yeah. Do you think about that a lot?”

“Probably once a week or so,” I sheepishly reply.

Ben laughs. “Once a week?! I know you think I’m hot but we need to find you a boyfriend.”

I just sit there awkwardly. I’m not sure what I should do next.

“Well now’s your chance. I don’t mind. Get comfortable.”

“Are you sure?” I ask.

Ben sits back on the chair near me, reclines, and raises his hands behind his head. “Positive.”

Standing up again, I know I can’t hesitate. It’s like I’m standing at the edge of a cliff. I want to peer over, to second guess myself, but any hesitation may give up my act and I want to see where this ends.

With a quick, surgical motion I push my briefs down to the floor where they pool at my ankles. I fight the urge to cover myself as Ben stares at my cock. It’s barely hard, hanging limp at probably 4 inches.

Ben had never seen my penis before now. I’d seen his butt a couple times when he’s mooned the guys as a joke and caught most of his pubes one night when his shorts sagged too much, but he’s never seen anything on my that I can remember. And now here he is, staring at my exposed cock just a few feet from him.

I sit back down but keep my legs spread to reiterate how comfortable I am now. I decide to sigh to clear the silence and reaffirm that.

“Hmm. This feels good.” I say.

Ben clears his throat and looks up at me. I can tell he’s working out the odds. He’s wondering if I just showed him my cock as a joke, to try and catch him doing something he shouldn’t or if I really am under some sort of spell. Then again, if I was just trying to catch him doing something gay he already got me naked. I guess he could say he was just doing that to test my limits though.

Again, he just stares into my eyes, then to my cock, then to my eyes. “Are you fucking with me?” he finally asks.

“No, why?”

I can see his eyebrows furrow as he directs his eyes at my cock. I pretend to not pick up on the gesture and he leans his head back like he can’t believe this.

He finally stands up and walks over towards me. My heart’s going a mile a minute when he reaches out to me, and grabs the remote. He rewinds the documentary back to where the hypnotist starts attempting to put the audience under.

“Watch this.” He tells me.

I obey, and rewatch the segment. I’m not sure what he had in mind but I decided to assume he thought watching it again would put me deeper under or something. Hedging on that bet, I begin to act more lethargic and bit more zombie like. It’s actually easier to act that way then just calm believe it or not.

Once the hypnotist gets to the commands, Ben mutes it and makes up some of his own rules.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” I say, super monotone.

“You are hypnotized.” Kinda breaking the 4th wall there, Benny. “You are feeling very compliant and will do whatever people tell you to do, whether you want to or not.”

“I will.”

“Now bark.”

I bark.

“Take off your shirt.”

I do.

I’m sitting there now, completely naked, with Ben standing over me. I’ve since chubbed up a bit but still probably only 5 inches, not my full 7.

“Fuck this…” Ben says under his breath.

I can tell he’s really struggling with his decisions. It didn’t occur to me that he’s probably not weighing the chance that this is a rouse but instead the consequence of what he’s thinking of doing to me. If only I could tell him nothing was off limits.

“Unbutton my pants.”

My eyes definitely widened. I looked up to him but thank God he’s looking up at the ceiling, like he can’t look at me do what he just told me to do.

I don’t want him to retract it though so like the good little, naked zombie I am, I reach for his jeans. Ben’s not wearing a belt so I simply unbutton the first button. His jeans have a zipper and I decide to be literal with his command and stop. Sitting there obediently.

“Fuck. Take my jeans off.”

Thank you. I reach back for his zipper and pull it down slowly. His jeans are a bit baggy even though he’s more built than I am, so they fall to the floor. His boxer briefs are gray, and boring. Probably from a Hanes pack or something. However, they’re not baggy and I get my first good look at Ben’s bulge.

It’s huge, in my opinion. It’s hard to make out what’s cock and what’s balls but it’s hefty.

I instinctively lick my lips but Ben must have looked back down to me. “You want that, don’t you?”

“I do.”

“How bad?”

“More than anything.”

“Sniff it.”

Oh you kinky bitch. I lean in towards his package and take a whiff. He’s not super sweaty but the musk is undeniably incredible. In an instant I’m hard and my cock is bobbing between my legs. Ben notices.

“I guess you really do want it.”

I risk a bit but couldn’t help myself. When I take my next whiff I lightly press my nose against his cock bulge. My God I could cum right now.

“Do you want to see my dick?”

“Yes, Ben.”

“Take off my underwear.”

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