Palace Games

By M. Greene published February 16, 2018
Axel gets close to Neville

Palace Games The Imperial Palace, Diamond 2nd October, Year 10

The Emperor’s bed chamber was one of the largest and most luxurious rooms in the palace. Lazy by nature, Tyrese liked to lounge in comfort while listening to reports from ministers or issuing orders to His many slaves and servants. His bed alone was a work of art. Raised up on a dais and ten foot square to comfortably accommodate the Emperor’s tall figure, it had ornamental gold pillars at each corner, beautiful silken sheets and see-through gauze curtains hanging all around it. A few feet away from the bed was the Emperor’s sunken bath, which was kept constantly filled with oiled and perfumed warm water so that He did not have too far to go to bathe. Near this were several large leather couches and ornamental tables piled with snacks, drinks and various recreational drugs for the use of the Emperor and His intimates. Large windows lined the eastern side of the chamber, affording the Emperor a panoramic view of the harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. Between these, tall, gilded mirrors projected even more light into the room. The western side contained four large alcoves, each of which was big enough to accommodate a double bed. Two of these were where the Empress-Bitches slept when they had not been chosen to share their Master’s bed for the night. The third alcove was used as Tyrese’s dressing room and contained most of His extensive collection of expensive toiletries. The final alcove was fenced off with ornamental bars and was the cage where the Emperor’s pet ape slept.

On this particular October afternoon, Tyrese lounged on one of His comfortable leather couches feeding Ape pieces of fruit from a silver bowl by His side. Ape licked the Emperor’s hand gratefully every time a piece of orange or pineapple was popped into his mouth and stared up at his owner with adoring eyes. Ape’s dick had shrunk since his castration and never now got hard, so it was usually completely hidden by his curly black pubic hair. Tyrese had had Ape’s horns sawn off, but had allowed him to keep the steel ring in his snout that his husband had soldered into place nearly a decade before. Apart from this, the pet’s only clothing was a spiked collar with an attachment ring for his lead. In keeping with his name, Tyrese had ordered Ape to be conditioned to walk on all fours just like a gorilla and his speech was now confined to unintelligible monkey noises, which he usually made when he got excited.

Judging that His pet had consumed quite enough fruit for the time being, Tyrese picked up one of Ape’s toys and handed it to him. It was a large pink dildo, which, much to the Emperor’s amusement, Ape immediately rammed straight up his anal passage.

“Look at him,” Tyrese said to Asshole-boi, who knelt with his head bowed on the floor a few feet away. “He’s fucking himself wid it… Ha, ha, ha! Dat’s so funny…”

Asshole-boi glanced over towards Ape and shuddered to see the beast baring his teeth and chattering with excitement as he worked the dildo in and out of his dripping hole.

Tyrese chuckled and clapped His hands. “That’s it, Ape; do it harder, boy…”

Asshole-boi coughed politely. “The order, Your Imperial Highness…”

The Emperor reluctantly turned His attention away from Ape’s antics and looked at the document again. It was full of small print. “What the fuck’s dis about again?”

“It’s the order for the solar panel factory to manufacture another ten thousand units, Highness.”

Tyrese sighed and signed the document without bothering to read it. He threw it onto the floor in the professor’s general direction. “There you go; now get out wid your boring shit and don’t bother me again today…”

Asshole-boi bowed his head, picked up the order and scuttled backwards towards the exit. The feeling is mutual, he thought bitterly. He disliked attending the Emperor and only did so when he absolutely had to. Tyrese hated him so much that he felt lucky to have gotten away this time without being slapped, kicked or punched…

Ape was still energetically fucking himself with the dildo, but Tyrese felt bored by this now. He clipped the lead to his collar and led him over to where Z32 stood guarding the door which connected with the rest of the palace. Excited by the prospect of being taken for a walk and needing all four limbs to lumber along behind his Master, Ape let go of the dildo, which remained stuck halfway up his ass.

Tyrese handed the lead to Z32. “Take him for a long walk, Botty; he’s starting to get flabby and needs a lot of exercise. ‘Botty’, short for ‘Robot’ was Diamond’s pet name for Z32, who was His favourite of the Z-series guards.

“It copies,” Z32 said in its expressionless voice. It took the lead from the Emperor’s hand and led Ape out into the corridor.

“Detail another guard to replace you,” Tyrese shouted through the open door.

“It copies…”

Tyrese walked back over towards the lounge area and took a joint out of the polished wooden box on one of the antique occasional tables. He lit it and breathed a stream of smoke out through His nostrils. The bitches were out visiting the new downtown stores. He very rarely allowed all four of them to desert Him at the same time, but it was London’s birthday, apparently, and they had begged Him to allow this trip. He wished now that He had kept one of them behind, at least; right now, He fancied a fuck…

Deciding to wander around the palace for a while, Tyrese shrugged a bright yellow silk dressing gown over His muscular shoulders and headed for the door. It wasn’t that he particularly cared about being naked in public, but it was getting chilly and some of the corridors were very draughty…

The passage outside the Imperial Bedroom led to the rest of His private suite, which consisted of His gym, wardrobe, bathroom and the bitches’ day room where they kept all their clothes and cosmetics. The bitches spent a lot of time in there making themselves look sexy and beautiful for Him. Another door at the end of this corridor connected with the rest of the palace and was guarded by Z14 and Z78, or so their forehead tattoos read. With their visors and bullet-proof uniforms on, the guards all looked exactly the same to Him…

Tyrese reached the landing and looked over the ornate balustrade down into the huge entrance hall below. The main exterior doors were also guarded by Z-series men and, as He looked, He saw them being opened. A blast of cold air whistled up the elegant curving staircase and made Him pull the silk gown more tightly around His torso. Ah, here they were, all back safely from their trip… He watched the four stagger in on their high-heels, clutching shopping bags and giggling with each other over some shared joke. He smiled. He liked to see His bitches happy… They were making straight for the stairs, so He decided to greet them by flashing His hard dick at them from the top of the flight. Just as He was about to do this, a sudden furtive movement in the hall below caught His eye. A man was standing behind one of the huge ornamental potted palm trees, staring at his bitches! Tyrese followed the guy’s line of sight and realised that it was just one bitch in particular that he was watching intently; Lagos! As she teetered across the black and white marble tiles, her dark brown bubble-butt wobbling temptingly, the man followed her with his eyes, completely ignoring the other three. The Emperor looked more closely at the figure half-hidden by the palm fronds. It was Axel-boi, one of Derrick’s slaves. Wasn’t he the one Derrick told Him had been Lagos’ lover years ago?

Outside, in the ornamental rose garden, Z32 stood motionless waiting for Ape to finish defecating. The Ape was licking his own juices off the dildo as he squatted to shit in the flowerbed. Z32 stared into the distance without conscious thought. It had no memories, desires or emotions. Apart from scanning the area for possible threats, its brain was presently being used for nothing else except keeping its vital organs and nervous system functioning. It did not recognise the animal at its feet as its ex-husband and had no recollection of their relationship.

Ape too was oblivious to the original identity of the guard holding his lead. His IQ had been reduced to such a low level that he was incapable of human speech anymore and had no memory of the past. He was Ape, the Master’s monkey; that was all. Playfully, he stuck his paw under his furry crotch and enjoyed the sensation of the hot piss running over his fingers. His pea brain registered the fact that the warm urine felt real nice… His shit over, he re-plugged his ass with the dildo and headed off towards the kitchen area on all fours, dragging the guard behind him. He was dimly aware that the men who worked in there often fed him scraps if he performed monkey tricks to make them laugh…

Derrick jumped to his feet when the Emperor suddenly strode into his office. “Boss! I didn’t expect…”

Tyrese smiled. “It cool, man; relax…” He opened Derrick’s silver cigar box, took out one of the cheroots and stuck it between His thick lips.

Derrick quickly lit it for Him. “Can I help You, in any way, Boss?” he asked.

Tyrese slumped down into the chair opposite Derrick and motioned for His slave to sit down as well. “Yeah, I think you can… It about one of your slaves; name of Axel-boi…”

“He done something wrong, Boss? You want him punished?”

Tyrese shook His head. “Nah; I just wanna have him join My private staff is all…” He blew out a cloud of cigar smoke. “My bitches need a guy to do their hair and help dem wid their makeup and such…” He grinned. “I think your slave will be perfect for da job…”

Derrick nodded. “I’ll see to it at once, Boss.”

“Good boy…”

Axel-boi prostrated himself in front of the Emperor and kissed one of His feet.

“Good boy,” Tyrese said. “We gonna get on fine, I can see dat…”

Axel-boi shivered. He had no idea why he had been brought up to the Emperor’s private suite by his Master an hour before. He looked back along the floor towards his crotch. Master Derrick had put a new cage over his dick, much smaller than the last one. It was metal and fitted very tightly over his cock and balls. Although he could still piss, it was totally impossible now for him to get hard…

“Raise your head and look at Me, boy…”

Axel-boi looked up into the golden-brown face of the Emperor. He was extraordinarily handsome and the dark, rich scent of His musk was causing his dick to strain against the sides of the metal tube which enclosed it. If his butt plug had not been in place, he was sure he would be leaking all over the floor by now…

“Look into My eyes, boy…”

Axel-boi stared into the Emperor’s catlike olive green eyes. They were so beautiful…

“You losing the power of speech, boy… You can’t talk… You a mute… Silent… Dumb… You get me, boy?”

Axel-boi tried to reply, but found that he could not speak. He moved his lips and tried to articulate words, but no sound could he utter…

The Emperor was smiling down at him. “Just nod, boy… Do you unnerstand?”

Axel-boi nodded.

“Good!” The Emperor clapped His hands and Axel-boi heard the clatter of high-heeled boots hurrying across the highly polished wooden floor of the Imperial bedroom. “Yo, my bitches! Dis here your new body slave. He gonna be living up here wid U/us…”

“Ohh! Our own body-slave! Thank You so much Master Daddy!”

“Stand up, boy, so dem can look at you…”

Axel-boi got to his feet, but kept his head respectfully lowered. He could see the Empress-Bitches’ stiletto shoes and fish-net stockings, but not their faces. He knew that Neville was the one wearing gold though… He felt their manicured hands running over his body.

“Oh, Master-Daddy; he’s so smooth and muscular! He’s delightful!”

“I love his long brown hair…”

“He’s pretty…”

Axel-boi felt his tresses being tugged.

“I wanna fuck you tonight,” the Emperor said to Lagos. “Go get ready for Me…” He stroked Axel-boi’s cheek with one of His long, sharp talons. “Go help her, boy…”

“You can assist me in the shower,” Lagos said, unlacing her corset. “Untie my boots…”

Axel-boi knelt and began loosening the thin laces of Neville’s gold high-heels. Just being this near to him again and being able to touch him after all these years was so incredible. His voice sounded more high-pitched than it had before, but he was still the Neville he knew and loved…

Once Lagos was naked, she stepped into the shower and had the new slave sponge her back with perfumed soap.

Axel-boi was in heaven as he washed his lover’s naked body for the first time since he had been kidnapped. He longed to speak to Neville and ask how he felt, but when he opened his mouth no sound came out. He had been silenced… For now, he was just content to feel Neville’s smooth brown skin again and be close to him…

Once Lagos was completely clean, she got the slave to help pat her body dry with soft towels and then rub cocoa butter into her skin. Something about this boy was vaguely familiar to her, but she couldn’t remember when or where she had seen him before. He looked quite cute, but of course he was nothing compared with Master-Daddy…

Axel-boi followed the naked Neville back into the Imperial bed chamber.

“I’m ready, Master-Daddy,” Lagos said, holding out her arms towards her Emperor.

Tyrese embraced her and tenderly kissed her on the lips. He looked over her shoulder at Axel-boi and smiled. “I want you kneeling, right by My bed, watching, boy,” He commanded.

Axel-boi watched as the Emperor placed Neville on the bed face up and lifted his muscular legs over His shoulders. Soon, Tyrese was pushing his long, thick dick into Neville’s ass and sliding it all the way inside…

Lagos gasped. “I love you, Master-Daddy… You’re the King…”

The Emperor kissed her face and began pumping His dick in and out of her juicy hole.

Axel-boi wanted to cry out, but he could not make a sound. He knelt helplessly, tears running down his cheeks as Neville was soundly fucked for the next half an hour.

Eventually, after what seemed like an age, the Emperor let out a mighty bellow of triumph and filled Neville’s ass with His potent seed. Neville sighed, kissed Tyrese on the mouth and fell almost immediately asleep.

The Emperor gently disentangled His body from Lagos and swung His legs over the bed so that He was sitting facing Axel-boi. He picked up a cigarette from the carton on the table next to the bed and lit it. “Dis your punishment, boy, for looking at My bitch and daring to think you can still have her…” He laughed. “You just a pathetic cracker slave, boy and you gonna spend the rest of your sorry life watching Me fuck dat bitch whiles you know you can’t…” He pointed down to His dick, which was covered in spunk and traces of Neville’s shit. “Now come clean Me up, boy,” He said.

Unable to disobey and knowing that this was the closest he was now ever going to get to the love of his life, Axel-boi shuffled closer on his knees and began energetically licking the Emperor’s mighty cock…

Author’s note: Okay guys, that’s it for the post-Pandemic world for the time being as I want to do something new. I may return to this series at a later date if there’s enough interest. Hope you all enjoyed it…

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