The Eden Virus [Part 11]

By M. Greene published February 13, 2018
The finale

Chapter 30: Year 2, Day 250

“This won’t hurt,” the doctor was saying, but Ed didn’t believe him. The shots had all hurt so far and this one would probably be no exception… He tried to concentrate on something outside this terrible gleaming white hellhole and thought about Bazz and the farm. Walking together through the apple orchard in the spring… Long, lazy, sensuous love-making on their bed… That time up at the high pasture when they had helped Molly deliver her two baby calves in the middle of a heavy summer rainstorm… He smiled. They had both gotten soaked, but neither of them had cared…

“There we go…”

The sharp pricking sensation in Ed’s upper arm brought him back to the horrific reality of his present situation. He was strapped down to a gurney in some kind of medical facility. There were no windows in the room, so it was impossible to determine the time of day. An armed guard stood by the door and Ed had given no consent to these injections or any of the other treatments he had received, so he knew that this was no ordinary hospital. What the fuck were they doing to him in here?

For the first few days after his arrest he had been treated quite well. They had locked him in the basement of Diamond’s palace, but it had been a comfortably furnished room with a working DVD player so that he was able to watch a whole load of movies he had not seen for years. He had been fed decent food and allowed out to exercise in the yard once a day. Diamond had visited him a couple of times, but Ed had not been able to get much sense out of him. For some reason he could not fathom, the Governor seemed angry with both him and Bazz. He kept pacing around going on about how he was better than Bazz and smarter too… The guy seemed fixated on his husband and came across as a bit crazy, if he was honest…

Then, one morning, he had woken up in this small medical room, with no memory of how he had gotten here. He suspected that they must have drugged his food or something… What he really wanted to know was what they were planning to do to him and when they were going to let him go home…

What the fuck? Now the doctor was covering his head with some kind of visor, blocking off all sight and sound. What the hell were they doing to him now? He struggled against the thick leather straps that bound him to the gurney, but in vain. There was no way he could get loose…

Light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes and he saw that his entire field of vision was filled by a bright screen. Words appeared… What did they say? Reprogramming? He immediately shut his eyes, but an urgent voice in his ears began repeatedly telling him to open them again. Unfortunately, he could not shut his ears off… He decided that he would just ignore the requests and keep his eyelids firmly closed… The voice was very insistent though… It just kept saying the same thing over and over: ‘open your eyes and watch the screen…’ Maybe he should… Perhaps if he did as he was told they would let him go home…

He opened his eyes and was immediately rewarded with a rush of endorphins that felt like an orgasm sweeping through his entire body. Damn, but that felt good… The voice was praising him too, telling him what a good slave he was… No! He didn’t want to be a slave! Stubbornly, he shut his eyes again and received a blast of stabbing, excruciating pain in what felt like every nerve ending he possessed. Fuck! He opened his eyes and the pain abruptly ceased. “Well done, slave…” the voice was saying again…

“How long does the process take?” Tyrese asked.

“It varies from subject to subject, Lord Master,” Doctor Pussy said, examining the data on the monitor screen carefully, “but now he’s obeyed the initial instruction to open his eyes and receive visual stimulation, it will probably be complete within twenty-four hours.”

Tyrese nodded. “Good.” He checked the notes at the foot of the gurney to which Creed was secured. “He will be guard Z32, I see.”

“Yes, Lord Master. Your army of totally obedient soldier slaves is gradually growing…”

“The steroid shots have massively increased his bulk. I’m impressed; you’ve done well, Pussy…”

Pussy beamed and bowed his shaved head in gratitude. “Thank you, Lord Master…”

Tyrese turned towards the door. Watching someone lying motionless on a gurney with a visor over their head was of limited interest and he was already bored. “Let me know when he’s ready for duty,” he said. “I’m going to go have some lunch…”

The voice was asking him more questions about his early childhood now. If he answered truthfully he was made to feel real good. If he lied or tried not to think of what it asked him about, he got zapped with pain. “Think about the first day at school…” Ed pictured walking across the playground. He was holding mom’s hand real tight… He felt the endorphins kicking in again and smiled. Then the memory was gone. The voice asked him to think again of the same memory, but he simply could not. Everything was now a total blank. He felt his dick stiffen as an even bigger wave of pleasure swept through him. “Year 5 data eradicated. It is rewarded…”

It was fried chicken and salad today, one of his favourite meals. Tyrese ate with relish and then, leaving the bitches to clear up, went to his study to smoke a cigarette in peace. To his irritation, the intercom on his desk buzzed after only a few seconds.


“A letter has arrived for you by courier from Duke Lamar, Boss.”

“Okay, Derrick; bring it in to me…”

The letter was handwritten on good quality notepaper and came with a bottle of Courvoisier. Tyrese chuckled as he placed the brandy in the bottom drawer of his desk. He liked Lamar; the brother knew how to pay proper tribute and respect. Lighting up another cigarette, he read the letter.

“He wants to return my hospitality and has invited me to pay him a state visit to his crib out west…”

Derrick bowed his head. “Word is dat the mountains is real beautiful, Boss…”

Tyrese nodded. “Yeah, why not? I could do with a break from the city, I guess.” He handed the letter to Derrick. “Have one of the clerks write back and say we’ll come over for one night in a few days.”

“Yes, Boss…”

“I think next Friday would be cool. Make sure they lay on enough accommodation for me, you and the bitches…”

“What about security, Boss?”

“I’ll take twenty of the new zombie guards; they don’t need beds.”

Derrick bowed low. “Yes, Boss…”

“Year 25 eradicated. It is rewarded.” That felt so great… “Now think about the first year of marriage…” He remembered making love to Maria for the first time on their honeymoon in St Louis. Folks didn’t go on fancy foreign honeymoons back before the war… They had returned to the farm after only three days to help Ma and Pa with the harvest. That had been the year Grandma died… “Year 26 eradicated. It is rewarded…” Shit… The feelings flowing through his body were so good… “Now think about the early years of marriage…”

Tyrese spent two hours working out in his private gymnasium, followed by some fun with the bitches in the pool. After the sex was over, he had the bitches wash him and then help him dress formally for dinner. His guest tonight was a visiting army officer from one of the Washington factions that hoped for his military support. The leader of the delegation was Colonel Oliver Redfern, a Caucasian with a smooth, muscled body who Tyrese would have found attractive were it not for the man’s huge tusks and long bull’s horns.

“You have a very impressive establishment here, Governor Diamond,” Redfern said, spooning the last morsel of strawberry mousse into his wide mouth.

Tyrese bowed his head gracefully and signalled to Shanghai to pour his visitor another glass of dessert wine. “I am fortunate that my state is both peaceful and well-defended…” It always paid to let rivals know how strong you were…

“All due to your incredible leadership qualities, so I have heard,” Redfern replied. Word of Diamond’s tyrannical rule had reached as far as Washington. In the short time he had been here, the colonel had seen enough evidence of the slavery, the brutality and the public crucifixions to know that the terrible rumours were all true. His orders were to get Diamond to back their side in the Civil War. With the support of his troops they would soon secure the White House and then they could sweep Diamond and his cruel regime away…

“Memories eradicated… The unit is rewarded… Rebooting…” The unit writhed in ecstasy on the gurney. It had given up the last part of its history and was a blank slate. It was presently being rewarded and would soon be ready for reformatting…

Tyrese sighed as he lay back on the silk sheets of his kingside bed and felt London and Lagos gently tugging off his tight leather leggings. The dinner had gone very well indeed. Redfern had been impressed by his power and had returned home with a full belly and a few vague promises of possible future military aid. Interestingly, it seemed that Washington had instituted a system of gold coinage as a way of reintroducing currency to replace crude barter as a means of exchange. Tyrese was seriously considering lending a small number of troops in return for some of their gold bullion reserves. If money did finally come back, he wanted to be the one in control of it…

“Shanghai, suck Master Daddy…”

Tyrese smiled. Her mouth felt so good around his junk; he could feel her long straight hair tickling his thighs. He would cum soon and then fall into a blissful sleep to be ready for his next exciting day as Lord High Master of this state. Life was so good…

“Unit Z32 programming is complete…”

Pussy removed the visor, disconnected the monitor wires and the drip feed and then undid the restraining straps. “Unit Z32 reboot…” he said to the new guard.

Z32’s eyes snapped open. “Unit Z32 is fully functional with zero damage. It will require nutrition in 2.4 hours. It will require hydration in 1.2 hours. It will require bowel evacuation in 3.1 hours. It will require bladder evacuation in 0.1 hours.” The stare was blank and the voice was a flat monotone with no expression whatsoever.

“Order code 2: unit Z32 must stand up…”

“Oder copied…” Z32 got to its feet and stood to attention, staring straight ahead.

“Order code 2: unit Z32 must proceed to the processing suite to evacuate its bladder and equip itself…”

“Orders copied…” The guard turned and marched out into the corridor. It knew exactly where it was going as a blueprint of the facility had been loaded into its memory banks along with various other imperatives and protocols.

Chapter 31: Year 2, Day 255

The Governor’s car was a stretched white limousine with plenty of room for his four bitches to entertain him in the back as well as a fridge and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. Derrick drove and enjoyed watching the Boss sipping on an iced brandy as one of his sexy whores sucked his dick. Their vehicle was accompanied by no less than twenty zombie guards, half of them in a military truck driving behind them and the rest on motorbikes as outriders all around.

They made good time, arriving at the small town the Duke used as his capitol just before three pm. Their convoy drew to a halt outside a large church in the centre of the main street which Lamar had converted into his palace. A large crowd of local men had gathered to greet them, and, to Derrick’s relief, very few of them carried any weapons.

Duke Lamar prostrated himself in homage as Tyrese stepped out of the limo onto the red carpet that ran right up to the main door of the palace.

“Welcome to the Western Counties, Lord High Master,” Lamar said, sitting up on his knees and ceremoniously licking a few drops of man-gel from the Governor’s erect manhood. The crowd cheered as Tyrese raised the Duke to his feet and gave him an affectionate kiss on the mouth.

“I’m very happy to be here, my brother,” Tyrese said. “Please lead the way…”

The Duke walked into his palace through the double doors, followed by the Governor and his four mincing bitches.

The two guards on either side of the door looked at each other, winked and quickly pulled the doors closed.

Derrick only just managed to avoid the doors slamming shut in his face. “What the meaning of dis?” he spluttered, turning to one of the sentries. “Let me in at once!”

Sven smiled. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible; the Duke wants some quality time alone with the Governor…”

Derrick opened his mouth to issue a command to the twenty guards behind him, but before he could do so he sank down onto his knees. He felt so fucking dizzy and weird…

Axel threw the used hypodermic needle into a nearby hedge and watched with satisfaction as Derrick crumpled face forwards onto the palace steps. “That should keep him out of our hair for a while…”

Sven nodded towards the motionless guards standing in the driveway. “Will they cause us any problems, do you reckon?”

Axel shook his head. “I shouldn’t think so; they’ve received no orders and they cannot see any threats to their Master.”

Sven chuckled. “It’s just as well they don’t have x-ray vision, isn’t it?”

Inside the palace, Tyrese was led by Duke Lamar across the lobby and through another set of double doors into what had once been the main part of the church. It was now a long throne room, with a red and gold carpet leading up the chancel steps to where the ornate seat of state stood. Tyrese was halfway towards the throne when he realised that it was actually occupied by someone. He glanced at Lamar walking beside him. If Lamar was here, then who…? He looked up at the throne again. Oh no… It was Bazz…

“Welcome to my palace, brother,” Bazz said, rising to his feet. “How good of you to pay a visit to your King…”

Tyrese gasped and tried to turn around, but his arm was gripped firmly by Lamar. Bazz bounded down the steps and grabbed hold of his horns. No! Not again! Behind him, his bitches screamed and he heard their high heels clattering away towards the exit. Where was Derrick? Where were the zombie guards?

Bazz grinned evilly as he held Tyrese suspended in the air about a foot from the ground. “Don’t worry, Bro - I ain’t gonna fuck your sorry ass again - but you and me is gonna have a serious chat about status; you get me?”

Tyrese gulped. The all-powerful musk was already pushing its aromatic tentacles into his nose and mouth. His dick shrivelled and he could feel man-gel pouring out of his ass like he was a total bitch. The sad truth was that he wanted to be fucked and was disappointed that Master had said this wasn’t going to happen…

Bazz licked Tyrese’s face a few times with his long tongue. “I was a fool to let you crawl away the last time, bitch, but I’ve learned my lesson. Now get on your knees while I mark you…” He let go of Tyrese’s horns and watched with satisfaction as the nigga punk immediately prostrated himself. He had deliberately saved up a bladder full of piss in readiness for this moment and now he let it all go. The powerful yellow stream hit Tyrese right smack in the middle of his forehead and then began soaking the cunt’s chest.

Tyrese gasped, momentarily blinded by the hot piss. It was like a steaming torrent, flowing all over him, covering and marking him as his Master’s total bitch and slave. The urine was dirty, but he knew that compared to his own filthy soul it was utterly pure and clean. He realised at that moment that more than anything, he needed to wash away all the evil and badness and that his Master’s piss was acting like a new baptism for him. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Tyrese moved his head closer to the source, wanting as much of himself as possible to be cleansed inside and out by his Master’s holy water. Oh yes… It was filling his mouth now and running down his chin. Weeping tears of gratitude, he swallowed it all and opened his lips to take even more…

Chapter 32: Year 3, Day 1

Colonel Redfern prostrated himself before the King and his magnificent court. Behind him, some of his men removed the cloth from the bars of gold bullion they had brought from Washington as payment for the loan of forty thousand troops.

King Bazz stood up from his throne and graciously helped the colonel to his feet. His musk was so strong that there was no real need for crude displays of servitude. Everyone knew that, soon, King Bazz would rule in Washington. Within months, once the rebel forces were defeated, all of the Atlantic seaboard states would surely submit to the peace of his wise rule and the civil war would finally come to an end. Then they could all start to build a bright future for themselves…

Edward Creed, the King’s Consort, also rose from the throne he occupied next to his husband’s and offered his own congratulations to the Colonel on their strong alliance. Behind him, Doctor Lee Chong watched anxiously. It had taken many weeks to retrieve the Consort’s memory and personality and, as their Majesties’ Royal Physician, it was vital that Lee kept a close eye on his health. So far, the Consort was doing very well, although they were still working on rebuilding his childhood memories and his knowledge of farming. Still, Lee was confident that all this would return, given time…

Standing together watching the alliance ceremony were Professor Miles and Doctor Andrew Hillier. They squeezed each other’s hands affectionately. Fully restored to their former dignity, they had been forgiven for the wrongs they had committed under the previous ruler; it was understood that they had acted under duress. Miles was continuing his important work in restoring power through renewable sources and Andy was tirelessly undoing the brainwashing he had carried out under the old regime. Both were valued members of the new King’s cabinet and looked forward to making many productive contributions to their new society.

Axel and Neville also stood nearby. A married couple now, they were surrounded by their western friends; Sven, Lamar, Harry, Tom and Miguel. They would all return home to their valley tomorrow, but it was good to see Bazz and Ed once again, especially on such an important occasion. Neville’s voice was almost back to normal now that his throat operation had been reversed by Dr Hillier, but he had insisted that the ‘Lagos’ tattoos remain for the time being. “Seeing them reminds me how lucky I am to be with you, Sir,” he had said to his husband. “I never want to stop counting my blessings…” Axel had known that the only possible response to that statement was a loving kiss on the lips…

Another pair of husbands also attended the ceremony; Tyrese and Derrick Rose. They were equal partners now and had taken Derrick’s surname as their married one. Although the sexual hierarchy of musk was a biological imperative which could not be resisted, civil slavery was not permitted under King Bazz’s new codex of laws. Tyrese was a totally changed man. For him now, diamonds represented selfishness and evil and were no longer forever. His ‘baptism’ in the western throne room had been an epiphany. Now, all he wished to do was to love his devoted husband and do his King’s bidding. Tyrese, Derrick, London and Rio now ran the Royal household together as equals, ensuring that everything ran smoothly in what had once been just a dilapidated warehouse…

Bazz slipped an arm around Ed’s shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. “Looks like we won’t be going back to the farm for a while,” he said. “By this time next year we might be standing together in the Oval Office…”

Ed nodded and returned the kiss. He did not remember much about the farm, but he knew that he loved his husband and, at the end of the day, love was all that really mattered…

Author’s note: Well that’s it, everybody - I hope you all enjoyed it. This story was inspired by a discussion I had in the community forum on this site about whether or not gay spiral stories should feature women / heterosexual sex. Soon after this, I had the idea to get rid of all women from the planet at the outset and so the ‘Eden Virus’ was born. There, I thought, now it’s just men and gay sex all the way. What is really weird is that, having got rid of the women, they kind of forced their way back into the story through the feminization of some of the characters, which has never been a feature in my stories before. As one person put it in his comment to part 10 - there’s been little else in recent episodes… This is kind of true, but was honestly unconscious on my part. I guess it just goes to show that even in a gay world, the feminine aspect is there and you can’t just dismiss half of humanity. I apologise if the antics of Tyrese and his bitches rained ice water on too many boners out there…

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