The Eden Virus [Part 10]

By M. Greene published February 12, 2018
Tyrese Diamond tightens his grip...

Chapter 26: Year 2, Day 190

Post-pandemic men were almost indestructible. Their bodies had all rejuvenated to the point where their cells replicated and repaired themselves at the optimum efficiency of a nineteen or twenty year old. Not only did this mean they did not age, but small cuts and minor abrasions healed within minutes, more serious ones in merely a few hours. If they broke a bone, it knitted and healed itself in a matter of days. They were three times as strong as they had been before and so far, they had all proved to be completely resistant to any known bacterial or viral infections. It was therefore impossible for them to suffer any kind of illness or disease. They were superhuman and, short of brain trauma, critical blood loss or the destruction of a vital internal organ, such as the heart, practically immortal.

Such fantastic vitality was a marvellous blessing, but it could also become a curse, as Howie and his lover had discovered soon after their capture. Nailed and lashed to the wooden posts of the fence on either side of Diamond’s compound gates, they suffered agonising pain and torment, day after interminable day. They had baked in the blazing heat of the sun and shivered in freezing rain. Their voices hoarse from screaming, still they refused to die. On the third or fourth day, Diamond, correctly believing that they had much more of a deterrent effect alive than dead, had given orders that they must be given food and water each morning so that their torture could continue indefinitely. Now, four weeks later, such a macabre feature of his palace had the pair become that the twisted bastard would often shout cheerful greetings up to them as he was driven through the gates in his jeep…

“Evening motherfuckers!” Tyrese yelled out to his screaming sentinels as he returned home after a tour of the new mind-controlling facility deep below Fort Heritage. He chuckled to himself. The fate of Howie and his bitch spelt out in dramatic fashion the inevitable results of messing with the Lord High Master…

Once he stepped out of the car, Tyrese beckoned Derrick over and pointed up towards Howie and his lover. “It’s time they was both taken down,” he said. Have them delivered to the new facility to be made into zombie guards…”

“You sure, Boss?” Derrick asked. “I thought you liked seeing them stuck up there like that…”

Tyrese nodded. “I do; it sends out totally the right message, but it’s getting old now…” He shrugged. “Just replace them with the next two guys you catch raiding or stealing from our stores. Stick the same signs around their necks and no one will notice the difference…”

Derrick bowed. “Yes, Boss…”

They entered the main hallway, which was guarded by six mind-altered guards or ‘zombies’ as Tyrese commanded they be named. Mind-wiped and reprogrammed in his new facility, their massively muscled steroid-enhanced bodies were clad in black bulletproof helmets, uniforms and boots of a newly-developed metallic material. They were all heavily armed and stood to attention, alert to any danger or intrusion that might disturb the peace of their Master’s palace.

None of them had any memories or personalities any longer. They possessed no ambitions or desire to do anything except obey orders and protect their Lord High Master from harm. As he walked past them, Tyrese glanced up into their empty, staring eyes. Each one was numbered on both forehead and chest with a code beginning with the letter ‘Z’. Right now, Tyrese was looking at Z13. He seemed to remember that someplace, a record had been kept of the zombies’ former identities, but he was not totally sure. He guessed that it didn’t really matter now in any case…

Tyrese smiled up at the guard’s blank, expressionless face with satisfaction. It stood completely still and unmoving, just concentrating on protecting him. It was beautiful… Although they were all fully alert to potential danger, when semi-active like this, the zombies were actually refreshing their brains like they would if they were actually asleep. Due to this, none of them had any need for real rest and could stand guard twenty-four-seven if required to do so. Tyrese was gradually building an army of these things that would soon make him completely unassailable if Washington ever got its shit together enough to challenge him…

It was fitting that Howie and his bitch should become zombies, Tyrese thought as he walked towards his private pool to take a quick swim before dinner. They had spent months stealing his shit, so they could spend the rest of their lives guarding it…

Chapter 27: Year 2, Day 219

Bazz rode his horse over the brow of the hill and gasped in shock and astonishment. Three military vehicles were parked outside the entrance of the farm. His bowels clenching in fear, he spurred his mount onwards.

The farmyard was full of armed troopers. Great hulking brutes they were too; as big and tall as he was… They watched him ride past, all clutching their weapons and eyeing him suspiciously, but made no move to challenge him. As he dismounted, Bazz saw another group of soldiers come out of the back door of the farmhouse. Walking between them, his hands raised in the air, was Ed…

“Well if it ain’t da ole Boss…”

Bazz looked from his husband’s frightened face to the ape-like soldier who seemed to be in charge. “Derrick!”

Derrick smiled, displaying his long, gorilla fangs and teeth. “Yeah, but I serve Lord High Master Diamond now. Can’t you sense his mighty musk?”

Bazz sniffed and made a face. “Yeah… Reckon I can, and the stench makes shit smell sweet…” He nodded towards Ed. “What the fuck are you doing with my husband?”

“Taking him to the capitol,” Derrick answered. “The Boss wants to speak with him; dat’s all you need to know…”

Bazz clenched his fists and his eyes flashed red.

“No Bazz!” Ed shouted. He knew his partner well enough and could tell he was about to attack the soldiers’ black ringleader. “They’ll kill you!”

Bazz looked around at the twenty or so automatic weapons trained at his head. He hesitated…

Derrick grinned. “Chill out, my brother… Da Boss jus’ want a chat wid your man, dat’s all. Soon he be back home here wid you safe and sound…”

“He’d better be,” Bazz warned, grinding his teeth in angry frustration.

“I’ll be fine, Bazz,” Edward Creed said, climbing inside one of the waiting army trucks. “Don’t worry; I’m sure it’s all some kind of stupid mistake. Mr Diamond and I will soon sort everything out…” He fastened his seatbelt and looked back at Bazz through the open window. “Be sure and take good care of the place while I’m gone…”

Bazz nodded.

Derrick and the rest of the soldiers piled into their vehicles and the trucks were soon disappearing down the narrow, rutted track into the distance.

Leaning against the back door of the farmhouse, Bazz covered his face with his hands and wept.

Chapter 28: Year 2, Day 220

It was Lagos’ favourite hour of the day; Master Daddy’s bath-time. She minced towards his marble bathroom, her bubble-shaped ass cheeks wobbling sexily under her shiny tight gold corset. Gold was the colour Master Daddy had chosen for her as the shade so perfectly complemented her dark complexion. Her slave collar was gold, she wore gold lipstick, eyeshadow and nail-varnish along with golden fishnet stockings and stiletto boots to match. Golden rings pierced her ears, tits and eyebrows and she had a gold stud through her left nostril. Her butt and right pectoral had been tattooed with her name in a beautifully flowing and feminine script. Doctor Pussy, Master Daddy’s personal physician and Health Minister, had tightened up her vocal chords so that she now spoke with a much higher voice. Lagos loved the way she looked and sounded as these things pleased Master Daddy, which was all that mattered to her anymore…

Lagos was one of Master Daddy’s four body-slave bitches. Liking variety, Master Daddy had collected together his special, most intimate, slaves very carefully, selecting them from every major ethnic group in the world. London, his white bitch, had long blond hair and wore blue to match her eyes. Rio, his dark-haired Latino girl, was always clad in green and Shanghai, his beautiful Asian bitch, wore red, which Master Daddy said was a lucky colour in her culture.

Entering the bathroom, Lagos saw that Master Daddy was energetically fucking Rio over the side of his Jacuzzi. London knelt in the warm, bubbling water behind Master Daddy, sticking her tongue deep between his beautiful rounded ass cheeks. Feeling a slight pang of jealousy, Lagos set down the tumbler of iced brandy she was carrying within reach of Master’s Daddy’s right hand and knelt down next to Shanghai. Thinking only of their Master’s wants and needs, the two unutilised bitches watched their god carefully, ready to serve him immediately if they were required to do so…

Hmm… Master Daddy was being quite rough today… He had grabbed hold of Rio’s long dark hair and was thrusting his huge dick in and out of her mouth so fast that she was gagging and choking on it. Her big brown eyes were wide open and she was frowning slightly with the effort she was having to put into breathing. Her makeup had started to run and ropes of thick saliva were already pouring down her chin…

Master Daddy let out the primal roar which usually accompanied his orgasms. Rio got the first couple of wads down her thirsty throat, but then Master Daddy’s dick slipped out of her mouth and most of the precious juice pulsed over her nose, eyes and head. Both Lagos and Shanghai had the same simultaneous thought about how long it would take them to wash Master Daddy’s mess out of the Hispanic bitch’s hair… They did not mind too much; grooming each other to perfection was almost as pleasurable as serving Master Daddy himself…

After Master Daddy finished cumming, London got to lick the nectar from Rio’s face and then she and Rio were allowed to go clean themselves up. This left Shanghai and Lagos to serve Master Daddy with his post-coital cigarette and iced brandy. Lagos felt elated. Having missed out on the sex, she and Shanghai would get to help clean, dry and oil Master Daddy’s body, which was always so much fun. Also, Master Daddy was so virile that one of them might even get fucked afterwards, too…

Sure enough, once Master Daddy’s skin was completely anointed with cocoa butter, he took hold of Lagos’ ass cheeks with his big hands and forced them gently apart. Lagos moaned as she felt the big Daddy dick slide up inside her pussy. There was no friction or pain. Like all of her sisters, her love chute was always dripping wet with slippery man-gel; Master Daddy’s musk was always strong enough to ensure that…

“Ooh Master Daddy…” she breathed in her soft, high voice. “Ooh… That’s so good… You’re the King…”

Master Daddy liked it when his bitches expressed their enjoyment as he fucked them and all of them had been programmed to do this automatically. In what little remained of her mind, Lagos sincerely meant what she said, though. Master Daddy fucked like no other… He was her Alpha God…

Derrick, Master Daddy’s deputy, entered the bathroom during the fucking and began talking with Master Daddy about something. Lagos did not even attempt to listen. They were engaging in man-talk and it went way over the top of her empty little bimbo head. All she had to do was wiggle her hungry butt in time with Master Daddy’s thrusts and keep up the sexy responses: “Oh yes, Master Daddy… You’re the best… Ooh… Yeah… You’re the King, Master Daddy…”

Tyrese tightened his grip on the bitch’s shoulders and fucked her even more energetically. “So you got Creed, then?”

Derrick bowed. “Yeah, Boss. He’s down in the basement, safe and sound.”

“Uhh… Good…” Tyrese was very close to orgasm now. “Did Bazz cause you any problems?”

Derrick shook his head. “Not with twenty automatic pistols trained on his head, he didn’t…”

Tyrese gasped. “Good job… Oh fuck… I’m gonna bust my nut… Uhh!”

Derrick grinned. He liked to see the Boss so happy. Recruiting this fourth bitch to Tyrese’s stable had been his own idea and it had worked out real well. The smooth nigga had a cute ass and nice, thick, cock-sucking lips. If she wasn’t reserved exclusively for his Master’s pleasure he would have given her a good ride himself…

Tyrese slapped Lagos’ backside making her giggle and dart away towards the bitches’ own bathroom next door. Shanghai followed, hoping to get a taste of Master Daddy’s delicious cum by tonguing her sexy black sister’s crack…

“You did well, Derrick. Thank you…” Tyrese lit up another cigarette and stood watching as Derrick knelt and began gratefully licking the spunk from his cock. Yes, with Edward Creed held as his hostage, Bazz would now never dare to move against him. The one person he feared above all others had been effectively neutralised. He breathed out some smoke and looked down lovingly at his faithful deputy as he continued his thorough cleaning job. Yes, Derrick certainly deserved this most generous reward…

Chapter 29: Year 2, Day 222

Although the four slaves were all feeding energetically enough, Bazz merely picked at his own food. He glanced down again at the letter which had arrived that morning. The good news was that Ed was alive and in good health. The bad news was that Tyrese Diamond, that motherfucker from hell, wrote that his husband would only stay that way if Bazz did as he was told and did not cause any trouble…

Bazz shook his head in disbelief. Diamond was something else… This was obviously one crazy nigga they were dealing with… Until now, he had had no intention of ‘causing trouble’ as the motherfucker put it. What Diamond could not seem to understand was that he was perfectly happy living with Ed down here on this remote farm. They had a real good life together. Now this stupid gangster bastard had gone and fucked everything up. Diamond had taken Ed from him and pushed Bazz into ‘causing trouble’ even if he didn’t want to… It was as much of a challenge as slapping his face with a damned glove like those white dudes did to each other in historical movies he’d seen… He just could not live without Ed, here or anyplace else. With Ed gone, his happiness and even his life were both effectively over… Diamond was real dumb not to have realised that. Maybe that’s what the cunt wanted… He wanted Bazz to do something so that he had an excuse to kill him… Bazz frowned and threw down his fork in disgust. Okay, then; so fucking be it…

The slaves had all finished eating, so Bazz ordered them upstairs to piss, wash and get into their beds. He then instructed them to sleep soundly until dawn. Stomping downstairs, Bazz cleared up the remains of the meal and then went to bed himself. It was real lonely here without Ed. He just wanted to hold him and kiss him and make love to him again…

Without warning, a series of loud knocks suddenly resounded on the back door. Who the fuck could that be? It was past ten o’ clock at night! Swearing under his breath, Bazz padded into the kitchen, picked up Ed’s shotgun and opened the back door.

“Hi… Can I come in?”

Bazz smiled. It was that doctor guy who had set Red’s leg a few weeks back… “Sure… What brings you here, man?”

Axel stepped over the threshold and shook Bazz warmly by the hand. “I need urgent help and you’re the only person I can turn to. No one in my own community will assist me…”

“What’s your problem?”

Axel shook his head sadly. “It’s my husband; he’s been kidnapped by that cunt Diamond.”

Bazz’s smile broadened to a grin and he enveloped Axel in a friendly hug. “Snap, my brother… Fucking snap…”

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