The Eden Virus [Part 9]

By M. Greene published February 12, 2018
A state visit...

Chapter 23: Year 2, Day 155

It was high summer and four months since Tyrese Diamond became Lord High Master and State Governor. Much had been accomplished in that short time. The Governor’s warehouse headquarters had been transformed into the State Palace, the storage of weapons and contraband as well as most of the crew accommodation having been moved to Fort Heritage. Diamond used the extra space to have new reception rooms, recreation areas and a gymnasium constructed. State business now revolved around the Lord High Master and cabinet ‘meetings’ took place wherever the only important person in the state happened to be…

Right now, Tyrese lay face up on the padded bench of his exercise machine, pumping sixteen pound weights with his powerful arms. His three body-slave bitches were in attendance as always; Shanghai standing to his left holding his water bottle, Rio to his right ready with a towel to mop up any sweat that formed on his brow. London was kneeling at the end of the bench energetically gobbling on his long, brown dick. All was right with the world…

Ranged on their knees in a semi-circle a few feet away were the members of his inner cabinet. Naked except for stout leather and steel collars engraved with their Lord Master’s initials, they all knelt with their heads bowed and their eyes respectfully lowered, as was appropriate for slaves in the presence of their earthly god…

Tyrese had briefly considered freeing Derrick Rose, now Deputy State Governor and Minister for Security, as a reward for all his faithful friend had done to help him. Somewhat to his surprise, Derrick had not wanted freedom. So, like the others, he also knelt before his Master with a slave collar around his thick neck. Tyrese respected his Deputy’s decision and agreed with him that Derrick’s exact legal status was of little importance; everyone in the state was a slave of the Governor now…

There was never any real discussion at cabinet ‘meetings’ nowadays; they were not really meetings in that sense at all. The ministers would each make a daily report in turn, answer any questions their Lord Master might ask and then receive their next set of orders and instructions. Presently, it was the turn of Asshole, previously Miles Hillier, the Science Minister…

“The solar panels and off-shore wind turbines are now online, Lord Master, providing enough energy for Fort Heritage and about half the city…”

Tyrese stopped pumping iron for a moment and fixed Asshole with one of his steely glares. “Only half the city? What about the rest?”

Asshole’s hands trembled slightly and his voice began to quaver. He really did not want another beating… “Lord Master, as your humble and worthless slave explained yesterday, it will take some weeks to construct enough solar panels to bring power to the northern sector.” He swallowed hard. “The factory is working flat out to maximise production, Lord Master…”

Tyrese nodded. “Is dat it, Asshole? Anything else?”

Asshole shook his head. “Your slave has nothing else to report, Lord Master.”

“Okay; you’re dismissed then. Fuck off and get on with it…”

Asshole prostrated himself and then backed out of the gymnasium in an awkward crouching shuffle, bowing the whole way until he was through the double doors.

“Next…” Tyrese resumed his exercise regime.

Pussy, formally Andrew Hillier, the Minister for Health, cleared his throat. “A further twenty soldiers have received steroid injections, Lord Master, bringing the numbers in your new elite regiment to two hundred.”

Tyrese smiled. “Dat’s excellent news, Pussy; good job…”

Pussy blushed with sheer pleasure at this praise. He felt fortunate that his project was a particular favourite of the Lord Master’s. The new enhanced soldiers were a great deal faster, stronger and more enduring than the rest of the state troops.

“Anything else?”

“No, Lord Master…”

“Make sure they’re all kitted out and sent for training like the others and choose another twenty to treat tomorrow. I want the regiment’s numbers up to five hundred within the month, you get me?”

Pussy bowed. “Of course, Lord Master…”

“Okay; dismissed. Next!”

In turn, the remaining ministers made their reports and were sent away. Ex-Lieutenant Chad Harris, now ‘Cakes’, the Minister for Provisions and Supplies, detailed how he was arranging for food tribute to be efficiently transported from outlying farms to the capitol. ‘Bubble-Butt’, the Employment Minister, formally General Stephen Sykes, had arranged for the delivery of a further hundred slaves to work in the newly functioning factories as well as on the land.

Finally, Derrick reported on security. “Dat Howie bastard is still raiding from the next state, Boss,” he said. “It high time we took dat motherfucker out…”

Tyrese nodded. “Agreed. Take some of the enhanced elite troops with you. See to it today…” He let out a low gasp; London’s expert sucking was bringing him very close to busting his nut… “Waste the rest, but make sure you bring Howie back alive. Anything else?”

“We sent two of the crew wid your letter to dat nigga Lamar out west,” Derrick continued. “We should get a reply in the next days.” He prostrated himself to signal that his report was at an end.

“Okay; good job. You can go now, Derrick…”

As the door closed behind the last of his ministers, Tyrese surrendered to the orgasm and began filling London’s pretty mouth with wad after wad of creamy thick cum.

Chapter 24: Year 2, Day 157

Axel and Sven were playing chess together in Axel and Neville’s new apartment close to the Royal Palace.

“Check,” Axel announced, moving one of his knights into position.

Sven sighed. “You’re too fucking good at this,” he said glumly.

Neville approached with their coffees and carefully placed the cups on the table next to them. “You need anything else before I go, Sir?” he asked Axel.

Axel took hold of Neville’s right hand and kissed it. “No thanks, love,” he said.

“Where are you off to, Neville?” Sven asked.

“The King wants me to wash and braid his hair,” Neville replied. He grinned. “He says nobody does it as good as me…”

Sven nodded. “Well, I’d watch out today, if I were you; His Majesty is not in the best of moods…”

“How so?” Axel asked, surprised. The King was usually a very cheerful and upbeat person.

Staring down at the chessboard, Sven moved his other king out of harm’s way. “He’s just had a letter from the new State Governor,” he explained. “Some guy who goes by the name of ‘Diamond’…”

Neville giggled. “Diamond? He sounds like some kind of rapper or maybe a wrestler…”

Sven shook his head. “His musk was all over the two couriers he sent with the letter…” He sighed. “It’s powerful musk, way stronger than the King’s…”

“Damn…” Axel whistled. “No wonder Lamar’s pissed…”

“It’s not just that,” Sven continued. “This Diamond dude claims to have over fifty thousand troops, which means that he can come up here and fuck us all up if he feels like it…”

“Diamond…” Axel said, moving his queen across the board. “Didn’t that big guy we met on one of the farms last spring mention a ‘Diamond’? It’s an unusual name.” He looked up at Sven. “I’m afraid that’s ‘checkmate’, by the way…”

Sven stared at the board. “Shit…”

Neville leant down and kissed Axel’s forehead. “If the King’s vexed, I’d better not make him any worse by being late,” he said. “I’ll be back in time to fix dinner, Sir. See you both later…”

“You’re very lucky to have him,” Sven remarked, once Neville had left the room. “He’s totally devoted to you…”

Axel nodded. “Even Marjorie, my late wife, never loved and respected me as much as Neville does,” he agreed.

“The way he calls you ‘Sir’ all the time…”

Axel blushed slightly. “I’ve tried to get him to stop that, but he says he’s always wanted to love and serve a white guy, so…” He shrugged. “He likes it this way and I guess I’ve just gotten used to it…”

Sven grinned. “You’re a lucky bastard, so don’t knock it…” He began setting the chess pieces back into place. “Now it’s time for my revenge…”

King Lamar read the letter carefully for the fifth time…

Lamar! Peace!

Sup Bro? As you probably heard on the grapevine, I’m your State Governor now and I owe you bigtime for helping to organise the west counties for me. Kudos to you!

We gotta meet, my brother, so you welcome to come see me here in the capitol by the end of August at the latest.

I hear you got a few hundred soldiers up there in the mountains wid you. It good to have back-up, ain’t it? I dunno where I be without my 50,000 men…

Yeah… 50 K… Think on dat, Bro…

So, come visit and we can smoke some trees whiles we work out where we go from here. From one brother to another, a lil’ respect and some tribute goes a long way…

Until we meet…

Your Lord High Master and State Governor, Tyrese Diamond

P.S. [Hint] My favourite drink is Courvoisier…

The King handed the letter to Neville and began pacing up and down his throne room.

Neville finished reading and shook his head. “It’s a weird mixture of friendliness and threats,” he said.

“It a serious vexation!” King Lamar cried. “Fella say him got fifty thousand men dat can crush I and I like a bug…”

“What are we going to do, Your Majesty?” Neville asked.

“We got no choice,” Lamar admitted. “We got to meet dis mon halfway, so me have go to fi him yard…”

Neville bit his lip. The King was seriously rattled. Whenever he became stressed, he always lapsed into thick Jamaican patois. “Do we have any Courvoisier?” he asked.

King Lamar walked over to his throne and sat down. “Yeah, we got a few crates,” he said, in a depressed tone. “Man, come fix up me hair so me look good for da trip…”

Chapter 25: Year 2, Day 160

Three days later, the royal party set off from the palace at dawn in two of King Lamar’s most robust and reliable vehicles. Lamar took Sven and Neville with him along with five of his most trusted guards, leaving Axel behind to act as regent in his absence. The trunk of Lamar’s car and the back of the accompanying truck were packed with extra gasoline, crates of alcohol, cartons of cigarettes, some home-grown marijuana and one box of Courvoisier brandy. Hopefully, these gifts would serve to mollify the self-styled ‘State Governor’.

As they travelled, Neville sat in the back of the royal car helping to prepare King Lamar for his audience. The main reason he had been brought along was that nobody groomed the King as well as Neville… As they sped along the highway, Neville found it quite challenging to paint the King’s fingernails and toenails, but he managed somehow.

The capitol was almost six hundred miles away, but the roads were empty and, travelling at an average speed of eighty miles an hour, they reached the outskirts of the city just before one o’clock in the afternoon. The Governor’s courier, who had delivered the letter, had also provided them with directions to the State Palace. This was in the docklands area on the Atlantic seaboard. As they drove down the wide city streets, they saw armed troops marching along the sidewalks or standing to attention at intersections, but no civilians. They passed through several military checkpoints, but as soon as they informed the soldiers who they were, their cars were waved through, which they took as a good omen for the success of their mission.

Rather less heartening was the sight that awaited them at the entrance to the grounds of Tyrese Diamond’s warehouse mansion. The bodies of two men had been nailed up, one on either side of the gates. The cadavers were naked and covered in bruises and dried blood. Each corpse had a crudely drawn cardboard sign strung around their necks, which read, ‘Howie’ and ‘Howie’s bitch’ respectively.

Neville cried out in alarm when he saw one of the dead men turn his head towards their car as they passed, his mouth slowly opening and closing… “Oh my God! They’re still alive!”

Sven frowned. “Barbaric!”

“Why would he be so cruel?” Neville asked, horrified by the sight.

“It a clear message,” King Lamar remarked grimly. “Don’t fuck wid Tyrese Diamond…”

They were warmly greeted at the main entrance of the mansion by the State Governor himself, flanked by several servants and guards. King Lamar hesitated for a moment at the bottom of the steps. The man’s musk was way more powerful than his own; there was nothing he could do but submit… He advanced up the short flight of stairs and held out his right hand in greeting. Tyrese Diamond returned the hand shake and the two leaders eyed each other suspiciously for a moment. Then, Diamond grinned, wrapped his arms around Lamar in an affectionate hug and kissed him on both cheeks. The assembled courtiers and retainers all spontaneously applauded. Within minutes, the two main men were sitting side by side on one of the huge leather sofas in Diamond’s majestic reception chamber, drinking iced brandy, smoking blunts and chatting away cheerfully like old friends.

Sven helped himself to a couple of chicken wings from the lavish buffet spread and stood admiring the large and beautifully furnished room.

“Exquisite, isn’t it? Our Lord Master has such superb taste, does he not?”

Sven turned and looked at the man standing next to him. Although his body was quite hairy, his head was shaved bald and he was naked apart from the thick leather-lined steel collar locked around his neck. It looked as though he had once had two horns, but these appeared to have been sawn off, so that only flat stumps now protruded slightly from his skull. A vivid purple scar ran down the left side of his face, from hairline to chin. His eyebrows had been shaved away and, where the right one would have been, the word ‘ASSHOLE’ had been tattooed in small black letters. To Sven’s surprise, when they introduced themselves to each other, this turned out to be the man’s actual name…

“Have you always been known as ‘Asshole’?” Sven asked. “It’s quite unusual…”

Asshole nodded and grinned. “Oh yes, I’m sure I have,” he confided. “At least, I can’t remember having had any other name…” He looked over adoringly towards where the State Governor was lounging. “If I had ever been called anything else, the Lord High Master would surely have told me…”

“Certainly,” Sven replied, politely. Another cruel and unusual punishment, he suspected; this Diamond dude was obviously completely ruthless… The Governor’s musk was certainly a force to be reckoned with, he thought, following Asshole’s loving gaze. It was definitely stronger than that of their King… It was lucky that he and the rest of Lamar’s retinue were freshly marked with their own Master’s scent. At least for a few days, it would afford them some slight protection from Diamond…

On the other side of the room, Neville was chatting with Derrick, the Deputy State Governor. To their mutual amazement, they had discovered that they were in fact second cousins, sharing the same grandmother. Although before the pandemic they had, in fact, looked somewhat similar, the two relatives had mutated in completely opposite ways. Derrick looked like a gorilla with orc tusks and the horns of a bull, while Neville had no horns, normal teeth and was completely hairless from the neck down.

“You’re real smooth and sexy…” Derrick confided, gently fingering one of Neville’s gold nipple rings.

Neville slugged down another mouthful of white wine and moved his chest away from Derrick’s wandering hand. “Do you remember Auntie Thelma?” he asked, desperate to change the subject.

Derrick thought for a moment. “Real fat lady who lived near the meat factory with over ten kids?”

Neville nodded. “Yeah, that was her…” He looked across the room and caught the State Governor’s eye for at least the fourth time. Damn… He looked down again at the beautiful Persian rugs that were strewn over the floor. He could smell Diamond’s musk from here and it was almost irresistible…

That evening, a lavish banquet was laid on in the state dining room, with live music provided by a rap band and two extremely feminine looking erotic dancers writhing around poles. A seven-course dinner was served, which everyone in King Lamar’s party felt was the best meal any of them had enjoyed since before the pandemic. Tyrese Diamond and King Lamar sat together at the head of the table, talking and laughing intimately throughout the occasion. They seemed to have hit it off together extremely well…

The party went on for hours and it was not until the small hours of the morning that Neville was able to escape to the privacy of his guest bedroom. He lay down on the silken sheets, feeling totally exhausted by the long drive and the huge amounts of food and alcohol he had consumed since they arrived. He wondered how Axel was doing back at home. This was the first night they had spent apart since they became lovers. Still, they would see each other tomorrow when they got back. Neville smiled at the thought of their reunion, closed his eyes and almost immediately fell asleep.

The next thing Neville was conscious of were the olive-green eyes staring into his own. They were so very beautiful… The voice that seemed to come from those eyes was beautiful too, like hot melted chocolate…

“You’re mine now, little one… That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want to be mine, don’t you?”

Neville nodded. Oh yes… His nostrils quivered as the delicious musk surrounded him. He felt as though he was drowning in it…

The green eyes twinkled. “Say that’s what you want, baby…”

“I want to be yours…”

“…Master Daddy…”

Neville smiled. “I want to be yours, Master Daddy…” He felt soft lips touching his own in a gentle kiss.

“Well done, my pretty baby… My sexy boo…” The green eyes intensified their stare. “You are mine now and you will always love me and obey me…”

Neville nodded. He knew he would always obey Master Daddy… He loved Master Daddy…

Master Daddy grinned. “I think I will call you ‘Lagos’… Do you like that name?”

Lagos smiled. It was a beautiful name…

Tyrese Diamond and Lamar Kingston made a joint public statement after breakfast the following morning. Tyrese formally welcomed the Western Counties back into the State, under the deputy governorship of his dearest brother Lamar, who was henceforth to be known as ‘Duke’ rather than ‘King’. From this great day onwards, the men of the west would enjoy all the safety and security that this great state could provide, being under the protection of their magnificent Governor. Duke Lamar then formally swore undying loyalty to his great Lord Master and, kneeling before him, ceremoniously licked some man-gel from the head of Diamond’s mighty dick. Everyone in the crowded reception room clapped enthusiastically.

“Good job,” Sven remarked to ‘Duke’ Lamar as they finally climbed into their car for the return journey. He looked back towards where Diamond and his courtiers were waving them off. “I guess semi-independence is better than no independence at all…”

Lamar nodded as he waved and smiled back at his host. “It was worth a lick on him dick and a crate of brandy…” he confided out of the corner of his mouth. He tapped their driver on the shoulder as a signal to move off.

“Wait a minute,” Sven said. “Where’s Neville?”

The Duke sighed and shook his head sadly. “Oh yeah, me was gone fi talk ‘bout dat…”

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