The Apartment

By Willie Cici published February 11, 2018
Ben rents a new apartment near Venice Beach . . .

Ben slowly opened his eyes. The sun had invaded his bedroom, perched on the southern exposure of his apartment complex. He had gone to bed around midnight, but he felt so tired, as if he had only slept an hour. He rose from his bed, naked, his skin tingling from a morning chill. Ben walked into the bathroom, drank a glass of water, as he took his supplements and vitamins, and walked back into his bedroom. Before he could plop onto his bed and try to catch some z’s, Ben’s cell phone rang. He heard the ringtone that mimicked a 60s era house phone. Quickly, Ben hurried to his cell phone, resting on his nightstand, charging overnight, and answered the call.

“Yeah. Hi. Yeah. Kind of. Yes. Yes. Yes.” Ben stood near the window-paned door of his bedroom that faced the wrap-around balcony of his studio apartment. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Ben ended the call and walked towards his dresser. He searched for a multi-colored pair of socks and a designer pair of sneakers. He donned the socks and sneakers and walked towards the door, walking out of his studio apartment, naked. (To see Ben, click here).

Ben walked towards the apartment that faced his. He knocked on the glass-paned door and waited for someone to answer. Finally, a man, in his 40s, opened the door, and invited Ben to enter. Ben entered the apartment and stood in the middle of the studio apartment. The man in his 40s stared at his guest, shaking his head, in awe and glee.

“You can have the apartment. First month and security.”, the landlord said. Ben pulled out a wad of cash and counted out $2000. “You gonna pay me cash every month?”, the landlord asked. Ben nodded yes. “Let’s make it $900 a month.”, the landlord said, with a crooked smile.

“That’s good. I got the cash.” Ben took another $200, handed it to the landlord and said, “That’s good for the lights, right, Hank?” Hank nodded approvingly. “Anything I should know?”, Ben said. “About the neighbors?”

“Like what?”, Hank replied.

“Like – are they nosey?”, Ben asked.

“Pretty quiet. Why you ask?”, Hank pushed.

“Don’t need inquiring minds.”, Ben said. He leaned in and whispered. “I entertain for a living.”

“So long as you don’t do drugs in my apartment, you can do anything you want.”, Hank said, with a moralistic tone. “No one is going to bother you.”

“Drugs bad. Everything else good.”, Ben said, with an attitude. Hank walked Ben out of the unit. As they walked out of the studio apartment, the tenant across the way stepped out of his apartment to greet the landlord.

“Jack. This is Ben. He’s taking the apartment.”, Hank said.

Jack extended his hand. Ben returned the handshake. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jack.”

“Ben Attirant.”, he said, as he shook Jack’s hand “Lived here long?”

“Couple of years. I like the people.”, Jack said.

“I’m sure.”, Ben replied with a smirk. “See you around.” Ben and Hank walked down the wrap-around deck of the open-air apartment complex. Jack stared at the duo walking away. He re-entered his studio and walked towards his computer. He opened the app that controlled his private video security system. Once he captured Ben’s image, Jack commenced his research into the background of the new tenant. By hour’s end, Jack had assembled his dossier on the new tenant. From there, he would formulate his plan.

“Come in.”, Jack said. Ben entered the apartment. He stood still in the middle of the studio apartment as Jack ogled at his studly guest. Jack admired naked Ben, his smooth, beautifully-tanned, sculpted body bouncing to perfection. Ben was a stud when he moved into the apartment complex. In recent weeks, Jack made sure that Ben took extra special care of his physique. Ben’s ‘escort’ career required a certain look. Jack merely tweaked Ben’s enthusiasm for the gym.

As Jack walked around his naked visitor, he fondled those beautiful globes, and whispered into Ben’s ear. “Who’s your Daddy?”

“You my Daddy.”, Ben replied. The tone of his voice resembled a four-year old. His smile had the gaze of a child looking desperately for candy.

Jack stood in front of Ben. He guided Ben’s hand onto his throbbing member. Ben stroked Jack’s cock from the outer clothing of his surgical scrubs-like pajamas. Soon, Ben found himself on his knees, feasting upon Jack’s healthy rod. (To see Ben and Jack, click here).

Ben heard his cell phone sound as he walked up the stairs of the apartment complex. As he walked around the deck of the complex towards his apartment, Ben read the email he received. He laughed. He closed the email and entered his apartment. On the nightstand near his bed, Ben grabbed his laptop and checked his emails further. The last client he entertained, less than thirty minutes ago, sent an email with a video. “What could that be?” Ben opened the video. The young lady posed on her bed, naked and spoke to Ben.

“I wish you were still here. I can still smell you on me.” She took her hand and began to fondle herself. “I can still feel you in me.” For minutes, Ben watched his client play with herself, all the while making Ben hard. He could not help himself. He lowered his compression gear, grabbed his junk and stroked his cock. Ben could not take his eyes off the video. He stroked his cock, slowly, feeling his mojo getting harder and harder. He wanted to take his eyes away from the computer screen, but could not. He wanted to stroke his cock faster, but could not. Up and down, spittle keeping his cock lubed, Ben stroked, stroked and stroked.

Ben continued to watch the video. Suddenly, his hand glued to his rock-hard cock. His muscles tensed. Like a statue, Ben remained fixed, his eyes glued to the computer screen, watching the seamless video for hours.

When Ben awoke, he found himself astride his bed, cum splattered upon his groin and chest. He looked at the clock and jumped. He only twenty minutes to shower and ready for his next client due to arrive at his apartment.

Jack stood in front of Ben. Ben looked down and stared at Jack’s thickening member. In a flash, Ben fell to his knees and feasted upon Jack’s healthy rod. “You like my cock, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy. I wuv cock.”, Ben said. Jack smiled. Ben’s child-like enthusiasm pleased Jack. He tickled, he licked, he sucked Jack’s cock as long as Jack wanted, whenever Jack wanted. For now, Jack enjoyed Ben’s skillful mouth. As the cum churned in his balls, Jack knew he was close, but he wanted to savor Ben’s tight little hole.

“Jump on the bed, Ben.”, Jack said.

“Yes, Daddy.”, Ben shouted. He plopped himself on the bed, his legs up in the air, his ass exposed, ready for Jack to plow the 24-year-old ass. As Jack fucked Ben missionary style, Jack nibbled upon Ben’s nipples. “Ooh, Daddy.”, Ben cooed. Jack nibbled harder. “Oooh, Daddy.”, Ben repeated, his breathing becoming heavy and shallow. Jack could see Ben’s cock tense and firm. His cock had massaged Ben’s prostate for sure. Jack stroked Ben’s cock. “Ooooh, Daddy.”

As Jack climaxed in Ben’s ass, cum spilling from the tight crevice of Ben’s asshole, Jack finished stroking Ben’s cock, an eruption of cum spraying Ben’s chest and groin with ounces of creamy goo. “Go shower.”, Jack said. Ben took of his shoes and socks and headed for the bathroom.

As Ben showered, Jack grabbed his cell phone and placed a call. “Yeah. Come over at 9. Yeah. He’s tight. $200. Good.”

When Ben exited the shower, Jack said, “Daddy’s friends are coming to play.”

“Yeah.”, Ben shouted. Jack grabbed a rubber cock cage to lock up his boy. Ben frowned. “What’s that, Daddy?”, he said, as if asking why.

“It’s a toy. You like toys?”, Jack asked.

“I wuv toys.”, Ben replied, his child-like tone even more pronounced.

As Jack finished attaching the rubber cock cage, Jack said, “Are you my good little boy?”

“Yes. I’m your good little boy.”, Ben answered. Gone was the child’s voice. Now, Ben’s voice sounded devoid of intelligence. He sounded robotic, even dumb. Ben stood there wiggled his caged cock, unaware of the rubber cock cage. Jack employed the final trigger, leaving Ben a shell of himself. He was now a human sex toy, nothing more, nothing less.

Jack placed another call on his cell phone. “Ben makes four. We should be good. I told you, at least a $3000 a night. Okay. And, Hank, keep an eye on the other three. I’ll take care of Ben for tonight.” Jack ended the call to his business partner. He stared at the newest acquisition to the best kept secret in Venice Beach, ‘Gym Bunnies’. Jack lowered his shorts and wiggled his cock about Ben’s lips. “Are you my good little boy?”

“Yes. Good little boy.”, Ben answered. He locked his lips upon Jack’s cock and bobbed about slowly teasing Jack’s cock as it thickened and hardened.

“Who’s your Daddy now, slut boy?”, Jack thought to himself, as he watched his new boy render him service.

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