A most unusual curse, part one.

By BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com published February 11, 2018
Jackson damages an ancient artefact, and is cursed to become a living version of it...

The lead up to current events was, in actual fact, rather bland and uninteresting considering. Jackson had been on vacation in Bangkok, which turned out to be highly ironic. He and a couple of friends had spent several nights partying and hitting up local bars, and women of course, and the days sleeping and recovering, with hopes of drinking and fucking more come nightfall. Had they stuck to that plan, then this would not have happened. If Jackson had not managed to convince his friends to go sight seeing, he would be perfectly fine, with several new notches on his bed post. But no, they had all agreed to it, to spend the day taking in some culture and bettering themselves.

As it happened, Jackson was rather high up on the attractive scale. standing at 6ft1, with a slender, but toned body, some chest and stomach hair, and an impressive cock which hung at 6 inches soft, and stood at a respectable 8 inches hard, and fairly thick. His face was cute, with a little ruggedness to his features, his dark brown hair pushed back in a modern style.

They had arrived at the temple late afternoon. Most of the tourists had left, and those remaining were hanging around the gift shop, or taking photos with people dressed as characters at the gates. Jackson and his two friends had the temple to themselves. It had been an awful idea, utterly stupid, they had only come here for the laughs. The Tuptim Penis Shrine. A place dedicated to cocks, all shapes and sizes, types and colours. So, what was a young man, 20 to be exact, to do? Jackson, thinking it clever and hilarious, climbed atop the base of one statue, a monstrous 10 foot shaft. That act alone would have been bad enough. To mock and make light of an important cultural artefact, but no, it got far worse. His friends were laughing, and as he began climbing down, there was a loud crack. The entire statue split in two. Five foot of stone cock came crashing down, turning to rubble and dust.

Quite how they escaped without being caught was unknown. The three spent the night at the Airport, their bags packed in a rush, and once they were airborne, did they finally manage to relax.

There had been no reports in the news or papers, or even online of what had happened. Perhaps it was a replica, and the temple had plenty more replacements? Either way Jackson had pushed the terrible memory away, though was sure it would come back in the form of a hilarious incident in the future.

That was four weeks ago now, memories of their adventures were fading a little, his friends had returned to their Colleges, and he to his own. He shared a dorm with one other guy. Kaleb was a nice enough guy, fairly quiet and studious, but attractive and muscular as well, spending a good amount of time in the Gym. Classes did not start until next week, so Jackson still had the Dorm to himself, and was currently laid on the couch, Some terrible 80’s horror movie on. He decided that a shower and early night would be good, all day he had been feeling hot and irritable.

The young man stood and stretched, reaching for the remote when a sudden pain shot through his entire body, sending him onto his knees in the middle of the dorm. He gasped loudly, hands resting on the floor to steady himself. The pain had gone, leaving him feeling hot and shaky. “What..the fuck was that?” he gasped, pushing himself into a kneeling position. A cramp perhaps? He had been laying on the couch for some time…yea, that made sense. Trembling a little, Jackson pushed himself to his feet, only to fall back to his knees, crying out in agony once more. The pain lasted a little longer this time, but faded to a dull ache, remaining in the background of his senses. Panting heavily now, The young brunette was on all fours, his arms trembling. He felt sick, his stomach churning. He coughed a few times and vomited. Thick, white slime poured from his mouth, pooling on the carpet beneath him. He groaned, eyes wide, staring at the pearly white substance on the floor.

He gagged, and again the thick white liquid dribbled from his lips onto the floor. It had a strong, salty taste to it, and looked extremely familiar. He managed to push himself backwards and sat down, shaking all over. Using the back of his hand, he wiped his mouth and looked at the strange fluid. It was thick, sticky, and pearly white….that was impossible…it looked exactly like…

He cried out in pain once more, falling backwards, writhing and clawing at his Tshirt, pulling it over his head. Sweat was beading all over his body as his temperature rose. He needed to get rid of his clothing, he was burning up. Fumbling with his belt, he soon had his jeans, socks and underwear off. Jackson lay there, fully nude, trembling in the middle of his Dorm, his chest rising and falling quickly with his breathing.

What was happening?! He felt…well, he had no idea how he felt. Hot, sick, in agony. Another cry of pain as every muscle in his legs cramped and tightened. He managed to sit up, though was unable to move his legs at all. Was he paralysed?! He looked down and froze, eyes wide in horror and confusion.

His legs looked wrong, very wrong. Gone were the slender, perfectly toned legs he knew. They now looked soft, and thick and…wrinkled?! He reached out and pushed at his thigh, the skin puckered and creased. He panicked and tried to stand, his legs twitched and juddered, but he couldn’t stand, or move them much at all.

As he sat there, breathing heavily, he could see them changing. The skin darkening, the hairs on his legs curling, becoming darker as well. After a while, his legs were flat, as though only made of skin, with no muscle or bone at all, just two hairy, wrinkled sacks. This was a nightmare…that was it, there was no other explanation… He slapped himself, several times, each one harder and more desperate than the last.

There was a new sensation now, a heavy, dull ache filling what once was his legs.“Fuck..fuck fuck, no…whats…oh fuck” he whimpered, too terrified to look, but managed to force himself to. The skin sacks had gotten larger, the gap between his legs had sealed almost right down to what were once his feet. But now they did not look empty or flat, it seemed there were two softballs inside each, which were swelling and growing.

He knew what was happening. It was impossible…but here it was, right before him. More and more the orbs inflated and grew. He only just noticed that his cock and balls had merged into the wrinkled skin as well. Jackson pushed himself back against the couch, tears streaming down his cheeks. Above his waist he was himself, but below the waist, his legs, his feet, his cock and his ass..they were…they had become Balls. A thick, hairy, huge sack, with two beach ball sized balls.

His fear and horror were overwhelming, every month, for three days, he would be this?! No…looking down, he saw it, the beginning of the next stage. His Bellybutton had faded away, his flat stomach looked more rounded.

The young man stared, eyes wide, mouth open in disbelief. Occasionally he would cough, spluttering cum down his chest and stomach. He knew, somehow, that this was because he broke that totem statue. Something inside of him knew of his curse now. He was cursed, every month, to become a..cock. He was a Werecock….

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