The Eden Virus [Part 8]

By M. Greene published February 9, 2018
A coup d'etat...

Chapter 21: Year 2, Day 30

It was now early spring and King Lamar sent out teams of his most loyal advisors to ensure that sowing was well underway in all the farms within his domain. These days, gasoline was in very short supply, so horses had come to replace motor vehicles in the Western Counties. Axel and Sven were almost fully mutated and required strong and heavy mounts to bear their muscular, seven-foot-six tall bodies. Neither of them had ridden on horseback since their teens, but they found that, like cycling, once you had done it, you never really forgot how.

Sven’s pale, Nordic skin was now totally smooth and he was completely devoid of facial, pubic or body hair. Lacking horns or tusks, he looked rather less masculine than most other men, a condition which was enhanced by his shoulder-length blond hair, which he wore tied back into a pony tail. These days, thanks to Neville, Sven was very heavily pierced; his ears multiple times, with a nose stud on one nostril, and other rings through his brow, dick and nipples. Apart from his enhanced muscles, long talons and over-sized genitals, it was only when Sven opened his mouth that the most bizarre effect of his mutation could be seen. His teeth were pointed and sharp like those of a cat.

Axel, on the other hand, was extremely hairy, with wiry brown fur covering his entire body except for his face, palms and the soles of his feet. Four large tusks protruded, orc-like, over his lips; two pointing up and two down. No less than six horns now stuck out from his head, three on each side. Over the past weeks these had reached three inches in length and they were still slowly growing. Finding shaving increasingly difficult, Axel had grown a full beard and moustache, which, like his long hair, Neville had woven into decorative plaits. Unlike Sven, who had to wear a jacket and riding jodhpurs to keep out the cold, Axel was completely naked apart from his slave collar. His thick fur kept him warm.

Axel tapped one of his long talons against the map. “It says here that this is Creed Farm,” he said to his companion. “I don’t think it’s one of ours; it’s not on the King’s list…”

Sven’s blue eyes twinkled. “All the more reason for us to pay them a visit,” he said. “We can invite them to join our happy realm…” He flicked the reins and began leading his horse down the slope towards the farmhouse.

Axel retracted his talons, replaced the map in the saddlebag and followed his friend.

Edward Creed was a mutated white man with grey eyes, four short, bull-like horns and a sprinkling of blond fuzz all over his body. Like Axel, he was naked, but this was so normal these days that they hardly noticed. “We don’t get many visitors around these parts,” he said, leading them towards the farmhouse after ensuring that their horses were safely stabled.

The farmhouse kitchen was a delightfully cosy room with a stone tiled floor, solid pine furniture and an old-fashioned iron range. Ed sat his guests down at the table and made them all a fresh pot of coffee. Although his supplies of coffee beans were almost exhausted, he felt it was important to be hospitable in these godless days…

A few minutes later, Sven was gratefully sipping the delicious coffee. “We represent His Majesty, King Lamar of the Western Counties,” he said, getting straight down to business. “Your farm presently lies just outside the eastern borders of our realm, but that could change if we arranged for you to become one of His Majesty’s loyal subjects…”

Ed’s grey eyes narrowed. He could smell this King Lamar’s musk on both these men; they had been marked by their monarch and it was obvious that he was indeed a powerful Alpha. “What would I get out of this ‘arrangement’?”

Sven bared his feline teeth in a broad smile. “In return for a small annual food tribute, you would become part of the King’s Peace and would be fully protected from raiders or other enemies.” He touched the leather slave collar around his neck the front of which was decorated by a steel crown embossed with the letter ‘L’. “In addition, His Majesty is fortunate enough to possess large stocks of dried foods which he is more than willing to barter with loyal subjects…”

Ed nodded. “Please thank your King Lamar for his kind offer, but I already have an arrangement with the state capitol,” he explained politely. “In return for protection and slaves, I pay my food taxes to the city…”

“I see,” Sven said. This was gravely disappointing. He shrugged. “Thanks for the coffee, anyway…”

At that moment, the back door burst open and the biggest man Sven and Axel had ever seen entered the room. He was so tall he almost had to bend double to get through the doorway. He was coal black, incredibly hairy and had four massive horns on his head. His musk was overpowering; even stronger than that of their King…

Completely ignoring the two strangers, the giant strode up to their host. “Ed – you need to come quickly – bring the first aid kit!”

The farmer jumped to his feet. “Bazz! What’s happened?”

Bazz was already heading back towards the door. “It’s Red – he’s had an accident – I think he’s hurt real bad…”

Axel stood up. “I’m a doctor,” he said. “Perhaps I can help?”

Ed handed him a white plastic box marked with a red cross. “That would be great…”

Together, all four men ran across the farmyard and were led by Bazz into one of the barns. Inside, Red lay groaning on a hastily improvised bed of straw.

“We were lifting some bags of fertiliser down from the hayloft,” Bazz explained, “and he fell…”

Axel knelt next to the man and, after staring into his eyes for a few seconds and speaking with him, gently felt his body all over. When he touched Red’s left leg, the slave screamed in agony. Axel nodded and looked up at Bazz and Ed. “The good news is that he’s conscious and shows no signs of concussion,” he told them. “The bad news is that his leg is broken. I can set it, but we’re going to need to bind the leg up with a splint to stop him moving it around and improvise a stretcher to get him someplace more comfortable…”

Later, once Red had been carried upstairs to bed and made as comfortable as possible, Axel and Sven took their leave of the two farmers.

“Thanks for what you did for Red,” Bazz said to Axel. “If we weren’t committed to trade with that fool Diamond and his city gang, Ed and me would definitely join your nation.” He grinned at them and, although the smile was friendly, Axel and Sven both decided that they had never seen such large and scary-looking teeth in their entire lives… “Maybe next year, if I can somehow get us out of the contract my dumb husband signed…”

Ed gave his partner a playful punch. “Less of the dumb, you big lunk,” he said.

Bazz laughed.

As he and Sven rode away down the country track, Axel looked back and saw that the two farmers were now locked in a passionate embrace. He smiled to himself. Their obvious love and devotion reminded him of the way he and Neville felt about each other…

Chapter 22: Year 2, Day 35

Shanghai, London and Rio were helping Master Daddy get ready for an important cabinet meeting.

As Shanghai teetered across the luxurious marble bathroom to fetch more cocoa butter, she felt some Daddy cream leak from her pussy and begin to trickle slowly down her upper thigh. Her glossy pink lips parted in a contented smile. Master Daddy had just fucked her in the bath and her pussy chute still tingled from that delightful experience. She felt so amazingly happy! Finding the skin lotion, she returned to the main bedroom where Master Daddy sat in an armchair being attended to by his other two body-slave bitches. Reverently, Shanghai knelt down, squeezed some cocoa butter into the palms of her manicured hands and began anointing Master Daddy’s muscular thighs. Shyly, she gazed up at her Alpha God as she gently massaged the lotion into his skin. Master Daddy looked even more sexy and magnificent than usual today…

Tyrese’s golden brown skin glowed with cleanliness and health and his goatee beard and moustache had been freshly trimmed and oiled. Rio had just finished re-plaiting his thick mane into a cascade of tiny dreadlocks. Jet black and glistening with hair gel, the locks extended from his forehead down to the nape of his neck. Thrusting out from just above his hairline were his two spiral horns, now over eight inches in length, which curved backwards over his head like those of a goat. Rows of tiny diamonds had been painstakingly cemented onto these black horns which matched the larger stones in Tyrese’s ears and glittered as they caught the light.

After brushing Master Daddy’s mouth with some clear lip gloss, Rio carefully applied thin lines of kohl around his olive green eyes to make them look even more beautiful, if that were possible, while London painted his long black talons with varnish to give them a lustrous shine.

Once these last touches had been added to his body, Tyrese rose from his chair so that the three bitches could help him dress. He had ordered a new leather outfit, made to fit him perfectly, in olive green to match his eyes. Today’s meeting was going to be a very special one indeed and he needed to look suitably impressive. He squeezed his calves and thighs into the skin-tight leggings, which were then secured with straps to the thick, diamond studded belt around his waist. A matching sleeveless vest and knee-length boots completed his attire. Like almost all guys nowadays, he left his genitals and buttocks exposed so that the flow of his man-gel would not be impeded or make a mess. As a final accent, he lifted a chunky gold and diamond bracelet from the jewellery case London was holding open for him and slipped it over his right wrist.

Tyrese looked at himself in the mirror and grinned broadly, exposing his long, white, wolf-like teeth. He looked a million dollars! It was amazing to remember how, just over a year before, he had been an ugly, old, washed-up convict, with no hope and no future. Now he was a superman! Despite this, until a day or so ago, it had been fucking hard, over the past few months, for him to even glance at his own reflection. That bastard Bazz had done something terrible to him. His self-confidence had been broken. If it had not been for Derrick, he would never have gotten this back. He owed his faithful deputy a huge debt of gratitude…

Derrick and a dozen leading members of his crew awaited him near the entrance to the warehouse. As Tyrese strode into the main hall, followed by his three high-heeled bitches, his men feel to their knees and prostrated themselves before him. As he had commanded, they were all heavily armed and wearing their thick slave collars and shiny black leather combat uniforms and boots. Tyrese nodded his approval and stood to attention while Derrick approached on his knees and respectfully licked some drops of man-gel from the head of his beautiful alpha cock. This was a great honour for the slave, but everyone present knew that Derrick deserved nothing less. With no further delay, Tyrese and his crew swept out to their waiting cars and climbed on board…

Although the arrival of Shanghai into his stable had done wonders to boost Tyrese’s self-esteem, he had only today felt equal to attending another cabinet meeting. Although he had resumed undertaking some duties as employment minister, this would be the first time he had met his fellow ministers together since the unfortunate incident with Bazz. Tyrese knew that some of his governmental ‘colleagues’ had been conspiring to kick him out of office. According to Derrick, who had been allowed to attend cabinet meetings as his silent and non-voting representative, Miles and Andy Hillier, that pair of whining faggots, had been particularly vociferous in their condemnation of him. As the convoy of cars sped towards Fort Heritage, Tyrese smiled. He would very much enjoy humbling those two… He thought again of Bazz, apparently content to live out his days on that isolated farm in the middle of nowhere. Despite his undoubted strength and authority, Bazz appeared to have little or no ambition. Surely this made him the lesser man? Yes… Bazz might have the mightiest body and the strongest musk, but when it came down to it, he, Tyrese, was the one who would ultimately rule…

Their four large vehicles drew up outside the army base and they all climbed out. As always, a platoon of soldiers was on guard near the gates. When the commanding officer saw Tyrese approaching with his armed crew in tow, he walked over, saluted them politely and spoke: “I’m sorry, Mr Diamond, but your ‘retinue’ will have to wait outside. This is a high security zone and no unauthorised personnel or weapons are allowed in the council chamber…”

Tyrese smiled and released the full power of his musk.

“That is… I…” The army sergeant hesitated for a moment, his nostrils twitching and a look of confusion crossing his face. Then, with a soft groan, he sank slowly to his knees. “I… I’m sorry Master…” He fell forward onto his hands and, man-gel already pouring from his asshole onto the dusty parade ground, began crawling towards his Alpha on all fours.

Tyrese watched the sergeant as he began to energetically lick the toes of his leather boots. All around him, one after another, the rest of the state troops were also dropping to their knees in rapt adoration…

Professor Miles Hillier drummed his fingers impatiently on the large table around which he and the other ministers all sat. “With respect, Stephen, this is totally absurd! Can we please begin business? We have all been waiting for well over half an hour…”

General Sykes shrugged his shoulders. “I feel that it is only right to wait for the employment minister to arrive before we make a start. This will be the first meeting he has attended for several months and it would be discourteous of us to discuss the agenda without him.”

Miles raised his eyes to the ceiling. “How do you know that he is actually coming? He has not bothered to show since last November; why should he turn up now?” He smacked the flat of his hand against the polished mahogany. “As I have repeatedly said, until I am blue in the face, Diamond should be dismissed and replaced with someone more hard-working and competent!”

Andrew Hillier stroked his husband’s arm. “Okay, Miles, calm down… Remember your blood pressure…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Miles retorted. He began gathering his papers together. “While you gentlemen may have nothing more useful to do with your time, I have important research to attend to…” Rising to his feet, he angrily stuffed the documents into his briefcase and began striding towards the exit.

At that moment, the large double doors to the cabinet room burst open. A dozen black-clad soldiers armed with automatic weapons marched in, led by Derrick Rose. Lining up on either side of the entrance, each one aimed his weapon carefully at a different minister’s head.

General Sykes stood up. “What is the meaning of this outrageous intrusion?”

Tyrese Diamond appeared in the doorway, his hulking form flanked by three smooth-skinned figures of questionable gender. Although they were muscular and possessed quite obvious male genitals, they also had very long hair, makeup on their faces and were dressed in tight corsets, fish-net tights and thigh-length high-heeled boots.

Tyrese grinned wolfishly and raised his muscular arms in benediction, the better to release his musk. “Good morning gentlemen,” he said cheerfully. “Sorry if I’m a tad late…”

Miles, who had halted midway between the table and the door, was closest to Tyrese Diamond and smelt the musk first. For the first few seconds after the interruption he had boiled with impotent rage, his attention fixed on the gun pointing at his head. Then the musk began its work and the professor’s anger was replaced with feelings of incredible submission and lust. Forgetting the weapon, he turned towards the source of the pheromone-laced aroma and saw Tyrese Diamond.

No. It was not Diamond… He had been wrong. He realised now who this was… It was his Master!

Miles’ eyes widened in complete adoration. He opened his mouth to say something, but he found that he had become inarticulate. His lips parted speechlessly and a thin stream of drool ran out of one corner down towards his chin. The case of papers he was carrying dropped unheeded to the floor. Slowly, he sank down to his knees. All he knew now was that he was in the presence of his earthy god…

Tyrese approached the kneeling scientist, lifted his head by the chin and slowly gouged a line down the man’s left cheek with one of his razor sharp talons. Drops of bright red blood splashed onto Hillier’s chest. Tyrese looked at the deep scar he had made and smiled. He longed to fuck the bastard up completely and do some serious harm to his body, but the professor’s skills and expertise were needed. He would just have to settle for total enslavement…

Tyrese stared around the cabinet room. All the ministers were kneeling before him now, their dicks hard and their assholes slick with man-gel. He walked to the head of the table where Stephen Sykes knelt and slipped his alpha cock into the general’s gaping mouth. “Cuff the rest and take them down to the cells,” he ordered his crew. “I’ll decide what to do with them later.”

As his men sprang into action to arrest the ministers, Tyrese looked almost lovingly down at the new slave slurping on his daddy dick. Stephen Sykes might not be State Governor or even a general anymore, but he sure knew how to suck a man’s cock…

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