Unexpected Turn

By Nomlet
published January 12, 2006
3612 words

His friend wants him to try gay sex…

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 18:16:15 -0800 (PST) From: nomlet (wustl98@yahoo.com) Subject: Unexpected Turn

My friend Trey desperately wanted to get it on with a girl, in fact he had gone through our yearbook pointing to each girl in turn and saying which ones he would fuck and which he wouldn’t. The list of girls he wouldn’t oblige was short. Having given up on getting any pussy, at least in the short term, he turned at some point to talking me into having sex with him. He went through a series of arguments that fucking a guy in the ass would be a lot like fucking a girl. That only went so far since once he convinced me of that, there was the problem that we didn’t have a guy who was willing to be on the receiving end of a butt-fucking. That stumped him for fucking, so he turned to sucking. A guy sucking you would be exactly like a girl. Same problem, I said. No guys willing to suck that I knew. But he came back saying that he would be willing. I wouldn’t have believed him except that I knew he had been desperately horny ever since about the age of 13.

“You would really suck my dick?” I asked; more than a little incredulous.

“If you would suck me, yeah,” he said slowly, like he was carefully considering the consequences of the words.

“No way,” I said. This was too weird.

“Why not?” he demanded.

“I don’t believe you’d really do it,” I told him.

“I would,” he assured me. “If you would promise to do me. And promise to not cum in my mouth,” he added quickly.

I just stared at him, not quite believing we were having this conversation. I just shook my head, “You are way too horny, dude.”

“No shit,” he said. “And you’re not? You can’t tell me you don’t want a blowjob.”

“From a girl, yeah,” I said automatically.

“What’s the difference?” he shot back. “A mouth’s a mouth.”

Well, I wasn’t sure about that. I mean, I wouldn’t want some old, fat chick blowing me, even if she gave the best head on the planet. Probably not anyway.

“Maybe,” I conceded I might take a blowjob from a guy, “but not when it’s my mouth.”

He paused, as if realizing that this was the tough part of the sell.

“It’s just skin,” he offered.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “skin on your dick.”

“Well, I’m willing to do it,” he offered. “Why don’t you just try it?” he coaxed, sounding like he always did when he was tired of me arguing and just wanted us to do something.

When I didn’t say no right away, he knew he had a good chance.

“If you don’t like it, we won’t do it again,” he reasoned. “You can forget it ever happened. I sure won’t mention it. Unless you run for president or something and I can make some serious cash.”

I couldn’t supress a little smile at that. “You wouldn’t live long enough to spend it.”

Trey pushed on before I could consider further. I was sitting on his bed and he got up from his desk to stand in front of me, a few feet away.

“C’mon, dude,” he said. “Whip it out.”

If the ice had been broken with the joking a moment before, the tension was back again now as the reality set in. I was going to take out my dick, and then Trey was going to actually put it in his mouth. I wasn’t even thinking about after that. Trey had seen me naked before, briefly, while changing, but this was different. My cock was rock hard. My heart was pounding and my cock strained in my pants. I didn’t look at Trey. I got up off the bed and unbuttoned my jeans. The bulge of my cock was visible already, and became even more obvious as I unzipped to reveal my white jockeys. I lowered my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. When I straightened up, I became acutely aware of the wetness where precum had soaked through my underwear at the place where the tip of my cock pushed against the confining elastic. There was no hiding my arousal.

I knew Trey was waiting, so I lowered my underwear, my cock immediately snapping to attention. My dick was not just erect, it was swollen like it was trying to get even harder. A fat drop of precum formed at the head and I wiped it away self-consciously. There I was, standing in front of my best friend in just a t-shirt and socks, as horned up as I had ever been in my life. I finally raised my eyes to Trey and felt my cock twitching and jumping in anticipation.

Our eyes met just for a moment, and then Trey turned his attention to my cock and took a deliberate step forward and kneeled in front of me. My dick went tense and forced out more precum at the sight of a head at mouth level. Trey wiped away the precum pooling at my tip, but that just caused my cock to jerk and spill more fluid. Tentatively, he grasped my shaft and my whole body tensed at the contact. With his free hand, he wiped away the precum as it leaked out. Slowly, almost imperceptively, Trey leaned forward until I could feel his breath on my cock. He paused there like he was waiting for some signal in his brain to take the next step. Unconsiously, I held my breath, staring down in agonized anticipation. My cock strained in his hand.

Then, finally, he moistened his dry lips and leaned in that last little bit and I felt the tentative touch of his lips and then tongue on my cock. My knees almost buckled. He held my cock at the base and went right to work, slowly bobbing his head and sucking on my cock. I was in heaven. I tried to hold back my orgasm, but his slow sucking rythem was insistent and I reached the edge all too soon. It was all I could do to not cum in his mouth. I half pulled out and half pushed him off me and just had time to turn away before a volley of jism shot onto the floor. The release of orgasm was so intense. Cum just pumped out of my cock and onto the carpet.

Trey just sat back in a wide-eyed silence watching me in the grip of my orgasm. He stayed silent and let me come down to earth. There was no way I wanted to suck his dick now, but it had been unbelievable having him suck me, and I owed him. So, even though he asked if I still wanted to, I told him to go ahead and take out his cock. He didn’t ask again. His dick looked different from mine, mostly because it had an upward curve to it, I think. I did what he had done for me and it wasn’t so bad. Honestly, I actually got kind of a thrill making him buck and squirm as I worked on his cock. When he pulled out of my mouth at the last second to spray cum onto the floor, I marveled at the intensity of the whole experience, written so plainly on his face and so evident in his fountaining dick. I was a little embarrased that my dick had gotten hard again, so I pulled on my pants while Trey got his breath and heartrate back to normal. I don’t think he noticed.

We both agreed that the experience had been fucking unbelievable. I was glad he had talked me into it, and definitely was hoping we would do it again, though I wouldn’t tell him that.

I thought about it alot, but didn’t suggest we do it again, not wanting to appear too eager. But, a week later, when Trey hinted in a roundabout way that maybe he would be up for something, I jumped on board right away. I may have overplayed my reluctance before, so he offered to let me suck first, so I could be the last to cum. That was fine by me. I think he just wanted to be sure I was willing. I had been worried the first time that I wouldn’t be able to go through with sucking him after just cumming, but I didn’t know how to suck cock and was more afraid of not doing it right. So I just did what he did.

I guess it was just getting over the initial qualms, because after a couple of times, sucking was not really any big deal. Certainly well worth getting sucked back. When Trey realized I was with him, he suggested it was most fair to alternate who had to suck first, and I agreed. I didn’t have any trouble going down on Trey even after cumming. After a while, I didn’t try to hide the erections I got while sucking his dick, even though I noticed that he would be soft when he sucked me after being the first to cum. He never made any comment, but I’m sure he noticed. It bothered me some, but there was no question I got aroused seeing him get off and when I thought of it that way, it didn’t seem too strange.

I did notice that after a few times, Trey felt more comfortable giving me direction while I sucked. Telling me to go faster or clamp tighter or whatever. At first, we only gave the most vanilla blowjobs. Bobbing up and down, with a little tongue action. Trey made some suggestions, like twisting and playing with the balls with your hand and stuff. I just did whatever he said. When he said, “oh, yeah, that feels great, dude, lick my balls, ok?” I didn’t hesitate. It actually turned me on to do whatever it was that would make him whimper and moan and then jerk out a load in front of me. He would watch me stare in rapt attention at the cum spurting from his dick as he emptied his balls right in front of my face. If it wasn’t already, my cock would go rigid watching him cum. I think he knew I got off on it and made a deliberate show.

Though we experiemented with sucking different ways, I thought that was all we would ever do and never even considered fucking. In retrospect, I think Trey got the idea back in his head pretty early on when he saw how much I got into not just having my own cock sucked, but going down on him as well. He was subtle about it though, and I didn’t realize that he was manipulating things until after the fact and even now I can’t be sure.

When Trey knew that I liked to suck, he still blew me, partly because he knew that it would mean admitting that I liked to suck if he quit and that I wouldn’t do that. He just kind of did what ever it took to get me off quickly though. At a certain point, that changed and he really started to concentrate on making me buck and squirm and finding out what made me putty in his hands. At the time I thought he was just being a good bud and trying to give me the most pleasure. I even noticed that he would get hard sometimes while he worked me over, even if he had just cum. I just enjoyed it though and didn’t even consider that there was an ulterior motive. But there was.

He would get ideas of stuff to try from stories he read on the internet. One time, he had me lie down on my back while he sucked on my dick. I had my legs spread and he ran his fingers lightly over my legs and ass and noticed when I would whimper and curl my toes when hit some sensitive spot that just drove me wild. He would have me gasping and squirming on the bed as I got close and he would keep me there while he explored to see what I liked. I would really lose control and be twisting and writhing and “uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn,” over and over begging for him to bring me off, while he just said “yeah, you like that” and would eventually make me cum.

He found out that I loved to have my balls sucked and that it would drive me crazy, especially as I got close to my orgasm. So he would suck my balls and jack my cock. He brought out some lube to jack me. At least that’s all he used it for at first. Then once he had me squirming on the bed, with my knees bent and legs raised to give him access to my balls and pernium where he would lick me, and he brushed his finger over my asshole. It was so sensetive, I just moaned and jerked at the contact. He kept doing it and rubbed little circles on my asshole as he sucked my balls and brought me off, cumming all over my chest and even shooting onto my face. It was something that if he had done earlier, I would have been immediately turned off and he never would have gotten away with it, but by slowly moving from my cock to my balls and then lower and then getting me used to lying on my back with my legs in the air and my ass exposed and slowly moving in, I couldn’t deny that I liked it.

Then one day he was doing the same thing and lubed his finger and started with the circles on my asshole again, this time a little more insistently and I could tell he was trying to push in. He had me so aroused though, that I couldn’t resist the pleasure and let him work his finger in my ass. He got it all the way in and just knowing that he had a finger in my ass sent me over the edge to an intense orgasm. Though I didn’t consciously think about it, that put the seed in my head that would prepare me to be fucked.

I was always trying to do my best to get Trey off, so I usually tried whatever I liked on him. But, whereas I would just lie back and let him work on me, and never said anything except my whimpering and squirming when I liked something, Trey often told me what to do. He steered me away from his ass, by never lifting up his legs and by saying that he liked it when I just sucked him, though he did like for me to play with his balls with my hands while I sucked him.

He was good at getting me into whatever position he wanted when he sucked me though. He would say, “lie down” and I would, and he would give my leg a nudge and I would automatically lift it up and soon I would have my ass in the air, exposed for him. He prefered to sit or stand while I blew him and so his ass was never really exposed, which was just as well for me, because though I couldn’t help but admit that it felt awesome to have Trey play with my ass, it still seemed gross when I thought about it.

After a while, he would quickly get me on my back, legs spread, with a lubed finger up my ass. There was no denying I got off on it. Then he used two fingers and I just squirmed in ecstasy, eager for him to get me off. It was subtle. It was a finger on my hole, then a finger inside, then a finger fucking me, then two thrusting in. So it was that I found myself in horny delirium, Trey kneeling between my legs, sucking my cock and working two fingers in and out of my ass. He pulled off my cock and straighted up, but continued his finger fucking of my ass. He saw me looking down between my legs, past my throbing cock to his hand working my ass. He got up on his knees so I could see his cock, standing stiffly erect, framed between my legs. There was a glint in his eye. He was naked and the picture of teen horniness. I was on my back, legs raised and he knelt at my ass. He was no longer sucking me. I was already being fucked and I knew he wanted to replace his fingers with his cock. He didn’t say anything, but just let the twitching of his swollen cock say what he wanted. He kept condoms in the plastic bag with the bottle of lube and it was conveniently on the bed beside me. As my mind worked in its horny fog, I instinctively looked over at the bag. When I did, Trey reached over and took out a condom. My cock jumped and my ass tightened on his fingers. He pulled them out of my ass and I watched him wordless open the packet and unroll the condom onto his curved dick. Grabbing the bottle of lube, he squeezed some onto his cock and spread it around. He leaned over me and put the head of his cock to my hole. Looking me in the eye, he checked my reaction as he applied a gentle but insistent pressure. My ass was already slick with lube and open from his earlier finger-fucking so the head popped in with no trouble. I tensed at the entry, but opened fairly quickly and he slid in slowly, looking down to watch his cock invade the warmth of my virgin ass. He slid in until he met some resistence and then looked to check my reaction. I could see that he wanted this bad and tried to open for him. He slid back until just the head was in and then in again, reveling in the tight grip of my ass. He fucked me in slow, short strokes for a bit and then pushed in again. I felt the presure and relaxed and he inched in til I felt his balls on my ass. Then he lay on top of me, arched his back and started to fuck me. He made a long exploratory stroke and then picked up speed until he was whimpering in my ear and the bed was shaking. He grabbed at the sheets, and bucked his hips until he actually cried out and buried his spurting cock deep in my ass.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that he had worked up to that moment with the intention of fucking me all along for weeks. It kind of bothered me, mostly because he was so sure that I would let him, but also because it was such a calculated plan and that our roles were suddenly uneven now. He would get me worked up and then he would fuck me. If I didn’t cum from his banana dick on my prostate, he jerked me off with his dick still stuck up my butt. I couldn’t complain though. I would never have believed it when he first talked about sex, but I liked to get it up the ass.

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