The Friendly Wager

By Willie Cici published February 2, 2018

The bond between and Daddy and his boy …

This is the last installment in this series. I’ve tied up the loose ends with some of the installments which shared a common thread and character link

Will stared at his friend, Drew Hollister. The sun shined behind his friend, who sat comfortably poised upon a white leather chair, wearing nothing but his tight white designer underwear. The glare from the windows that surrounded the condominium on the 18th floor cast a shimmery glow upon Drew’s naked torso, legs and thighs. (To see Drew, click here). “Why him?”, Will said, hoping to dissuade his friend from his devilish plot.

“Why him? Have you looked at him?”, Drew exclaimed.

“He’s another Miami hottie in cargo pants.”, Will replied. He leaned over, resting his head on his elbow. His open dress shirt hinted at his ripped physique and impressive tan. He smirked at his good friend, intensifying his sexy vibe and incredible machismo. (To see Will, click here).

Drew rose from his seat and grabbed his cocktail, sipping it ever so slowly. He placed the drink on the glass coffee table and walked to the windowed alcove. Drew waved his hands, motioning Will to come close to him. When Will stood near Drew, he pointed downwards and said, “Just another Miami hottie? Look at him.” Will cast his eye upon the Florida stud. His worn, military olive cargo pants clung to his incredible physique. His dark, cocoa-like tan offered an exotic lure to the muscled stud. Even from the distance, the eight-pack abs glistened from perspiration beading upon his chest. (To see the Miami hottie, click here). “By Monday morning, whoever beds the hottie gets … a million.”

Will laughed. “Why not make it two?” Will shook his head. “I would never bet you a million.”

“That’s because you know you would lose.”, Drew teased.

“No. That’s because …”, Will pointed to the Miami hottie. Drew looked at the stud and noticed a buxom brunette, wearing a tight, red, one-piece bathing suit, ala ‘Baywatch’, walking towards the stud and kissing the studly young man. Will and Drew stared at the stud as he fondled the buxom brunette and returned the kiss. “What made you think he was gay?”

“I know he’s not gay. That’s the fun. Fucking straight boys. And that boy has no problem fucking for money. Hell! He fucks the milfs in this building. And they pay for the privilege. Shit! I’d pay for the privilege. Wouldn’t be the first time.”, Drew confessed.

Will stared at his friend. “Are you that twisted that you would pay a straight guy to have sex? You? One of Miami’s most attractive eligible bachelors around.”

“Attractive when you are not around.”, Drew replied.

“Agreed.”, Will said, taking a bow at Drew’s back-handed compliment. “If I take your bet, you cannot offer the Miami hottie money to fuck you.”

“Well, that’s not fair.”, Drew whined.

“Exactly, because money will get what you want. You have to work for it.”, Will stated.

Drew pondered the situation. He hated the new parameters of the bet, but he hated even more Will getting the upper hand. “Okay, we’ll do it your way. Straight charm.”

“Good luck.”, Will said, laughing at his friend. “Poor Drew”, Will thought to himself as he lay in the guest room of Drew’s condo. Drew did not know Will’s secret.

Five years ago - - -

Beau, Antoine, Cayden, Rex and Will drove down the dusty country road near Couteau Holmes, deep in the heart of Cajun Country, Louisiana. The moonlight cast an eerie hue over the familiar Vincent Road. As Beau drove his pick-up truck down the road, the boys bragged about their experiences at ‘La Maison’, the area’s best kept secret brothel.

As the boys traveled down the Vincent Road, Antoine pointed towards the sky. “Looks like a shooting star.” The two boys, riding al fresco in the pick-up, stared at the flashing light travel through towards the atmosphere.

“That’s not a shooting star. It’s coming in too fast, too close.”, Will said.

As fast as the boys spoke, they observed a burst of light, flashing in a field, miles away. “What the fuck was that?”, Beau exclaimed. He sped up and drove his truck down the Vincent Road until he reached the abandoned Dupreux Farm, just near the Oday Road. As he turned onto the farm property, Beau said, “It looks like your shooting star landed on the property. Look a there.” Beau pointed towards a mound of white light in the corner of the farm’s terrain. Beau drove the truck on the farm’s back roads, until they came upon the source of the white light.

The boys hopped out of the truck and walked towards the white light. Will stayed back and said, “Boys! We don’t know what that is. It could be dangerous.”

“It’s only a light. What’s so dangerous about that?”, Antoine said. The boys inched closer and closer to the white light.

“That’s an asteroid.”, Will shouted. “Get back. They’re all kind of radioactivity.”

“How the fuck do you know so much?”, Beau shouted.

“I watch ‘Star Trek’.”, Will said. The boys laughed in his face.

“’Star Trek’. Really?”, Rex said, in disgust.

“Beam me up, Scotty.”, Cayden teased. “You are a loon, Will.”

Suddenly, the asteroid burst and cast a white powdery dust upon the boys. Their clothes became as brilliant as the white light. The boys feared for their lives, but could not speak or move. Suddenly, the white light became as hot as fire. As the white light engulfed and enveloped the boys, their clothes vaporized leaving the boys naked. Tentacles like snakes sprung from the asteroid and wrapped around the boys’ naked bodies. The tips of the tentacles slid into the boys’ buttocks, penetrating their holes. The boys screamed but made no sound as they endured the asteroidal penetration.

The next morning, the boys awoke and found themselves naked cast down upon the ground. As they rose to their feet, they looked at each other. “Are you okay?”, Beau asked. The boys nodded yes. “What the fuck happened to us?”

“I don’t know, but check this out.”, Cayden bragged. He grabbed his junk and wiggled it. “My cock is huge.”

Beau peeked at his junk and blushed. “So is mine.” He stared at Will, Rex and Antoine. “Sweetness, we’ve got porn star cocks.”

“I think we should go back to ‘La Maison’. They may pay us.”, Antoine exclaimed.

“How we gonna get home?”, Beau asked.

“We get in the truck, drive to your home, and grab some clothes.”, Will said.

“I ain’t got clothes to fit us. If you haven’t noticed, we are ripped, smokin’ hot. We got us some porn star cocks and porn star muscle stud bodies.”, Beau said.

“Well, we’ll do with what you have, but we can’t go around naked.”, Rex answered.

The boys hurried to the pick-up truck and pulled away, racing down the road. As they pulled on to the Vincent Road, Beau peeled rubber rushing to get to his house. As he drove away, Beau looked in his rear-view mirror and shook his head. “Son of a bitch! Fucking Sheriff.”

The flashing blue and red lights of the Sheriff’s car forced Beau to pull off to the side of the road. “Don’t say anything! Just be cool.”

The sheriff officer exited his vehicle and walked to the driver’s side door. “Morning, boys. You going to church?”

“Damn it, Dorian! Why you stopping us?”, Beau said, as he hopped out of his pick-up truck.

“You doing about 80 in a 40, Beau.”, the officer said. As Beau stood near the driver’s side door, the sheriff’s officer began to laugh. He peeked into the interior of the truck, and hooted. “What the hell is that all about? No, wait. Let me guess. You guys lost your clothes at ‘La Maison’.”

Beau thought quickly and answered, “Yeah, Dory. We got hoodwinked. Can you cut us break?”

“Yeah, boys. I’ll cut you break. If only for the stories I’ll be telling at the station house.”, Dorian said. He extended his hand to Beau and said, “You have a fine morning.”

Beau offered his hand and shook the sheriff’s hand. As Beau shook Dorian’s hand, Dorian’s facial expression drew blank. His body froze in place. His eyes changed color from its light brown to fluorescent orange. Dorian looked stunned. Beau tightened his grip on Dorian’s hands. Dorian’s eye color changed again, first to fiery red, then to dazzling blue, and then to its original color. Beau released his grip, and said “Dorian.” The sheriff officer did not answer. “Dorian. Can you hear me?”

“Yes.”, Dorian answered.

“Drop your pants.”, Beau ordered. Dorian unbuttoned his trousers and lowered them.

“Son of a bitch! What did you do to him?”, Will said.

“I didn’t do anything. I just shook his hand.”, Beau replied.

“He’s acting like some zombie.”, Antoine said.

Beau stared at Dorian and said, “Dorian, you gonna forget you saw us. You never stopped us. You never saw us naked. Nothing. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Dorian replied.

“Now, pick up your pants, get in the car, drive away and forget everything you saw.” Dorian dressed, walked to his squad car, and drove off.

Beau started the truck and drove off, down the Vincent Road, making sure he obeyed the speed limit. “What just happened?”, Antoine said.

“I don’t know, but whatever happened, we got to try this out on other people.”, Beau said.

Back to the present –

William Blanchard, the son of working class, 8th generation Cajun ancestors, stood in the shower of his friend’s penthouse condominium. He had long abandoned Couteau Holmes Parish and used his gift to accumulate a sizable fortune, not by malice but by exploiting the system. Slowly, but surely, Will befriended investment brokers in New Orleans. Armed with his gift, Will extracted insider information and made key investments using that information. With no paper trail, no connection to the investment brokers, no one suspected Will as violating a slew of insider trading laws.

The millionaire now had a dilemma. His acquaintance, Drew, a New York investment broker, who lived in Florida, wanted to exploit the young man who worked at the condominium as a dock attendant. Will wanted to protect the ‘Miami hottie’ as Drew called him. Will finished his shower, dressed in a pair of white cargo pants, a black t-shirt and a pair of Nike sandals, and walked down to the marina at the base of the condominium. He approached the ‘Miami hottie’, first to get his name, then to get him on board.

“Hi there! What’s your name?”, Will asked.

“Josh.”, the hottie said.

“I’m Will.”, Will said, as he extended his hand. Josh abandoned his task, wiped his hands on a rag, and extended his hand to shake Will’s hand. As Josh shook Will’s hand, Josh stared at Will. His body froze. His eyes changed color from mellow brown to fluorescent orange. The expression on his face went from relaxed to stunned. Will tightened the grip on Josh’s hands. Josh’s eyes blazed from fiery red, then to a dazzling icy blue, and finally, to their original hue. As Will released his handshake, he said, “Follow me upstairs.” Josh left his work, and followed Will into the foyer of the condominium and rode the elevator to Drew’s penthouse apartment. As Will and Josh entered the condo, they found Drew seated in the living room, wearing a white speedo and a cotton dress shirt. “Where you going?”

“Going for a swim. What’s he doing here?”, Drew asked.

“Did you forget our friendly wager?”, Will teased. Drew nodded no. “I’m giving you the chance to back out. I’ll pay the bet. Just leave Josh alone.”, Will said. Drew shook his head ‘no’. Will extended his hand. “Drew, I promise to pay the bet. Let it go.”

Drew smiled. Before he shook Will’s hand, Drew said, “The bet is on.” Drew extended his hand and shook hands with Will. Suddenly, he felt odd. Like all of his targets, Drew’s body and muscles froze in place. His eyes changed color. He looked dazed and confused. As Will tightened his grip, Drew’s eye color changed from fiery red, to dazzling blue, and back to original color. As Will released his grip, he said “Strip.” Drew removed his speedo and cotton shirt. (To see naked Drew, click here). “Get on your knees.”, Will ordered. Drew fell to his knees. “Now, suck Josh’s cock.” Will turned to Josh and said, “Go stand in front of Drew and let him suck your cock.” Josh walked over to the kneeling Drew, whipped out his power tool and slid it down Drew’s throat. Will said, “Deepthroat it, Drew. Just like you wanted him to suck your cock.” Drew swallowed Josh’s thick, long cock to the base of his shaft, held it for a ten count, and then released Josh’s cock. He licked the shaft and Josh’s mushroom head, getting his tongue into Josh’s piss slit. “Suck it, Drew. Faster. Suck it faster.”, Will ordered. “Suck it fast so you can eat Josh’s cum.” Drew sucked Josh’s cock, like a machine. In minutes, the young stud bust his nut down Drew ’s throat. “Lick it clean, asshole.”, Will demanded. Drew sucked Josh’s cock until he ate every drop of cum.

“Josh, go back to work. Forget everything that happened.” Will retrieved a small wad of cash from his pocket. “The money is a tip for helping me with an errand. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Josh answered.

“Go back to work.”, Will said. The young stud exited the condominium and headed for the elevator. Will watched Josh return to the dock and resume his work, as if nothing happened.

Will then returned to Drew, who remained on his knees. Will undressed and said, “Now, asshole, it’s my turn.” Will shoved his 10” cock down Drew’s throat. “Boy had a nice cock, but not like this. Suck it.” Drew did not reply. He bobbed on Will’s cock, like a machine, whose only function was to pleasure cock. “That’s it. Suck.”

Drew stared aimlessly into Will’s eyes. Will learned that he could regulate the level of the electroshock that pulsed through Drew’s nervous system. Given Drew’s arrogance, Will wanted to fry his brain, but not before he drained all the information he wanted out of Drew. As Will stood in the living, with Drew’s lips bobbing upon Will’s massive cock, he said, “Now, where do you keep the files on the corporate take-overs you’re working on?”

“On the flash drive in my bedroom.”, Drew mumbled.

“Good.”, Will said. Will walked backwards towards Drew’s bedroom. “Follow me and don’t take your mouth off my cock. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Drew replied.

“Yes, Daddy.”, Will insisted.

“Yes, Daddy.”, Drew answered. Will waddled backwards as Drew continued to suck Will’s cock. Will laughed at the ridiculous sight of Drew, crawling on his hands and knees, sucking Will’s cock, always keeping the tip and shaft of Will’s massive beast in his mouth.

As Will led Drew into the bedroom, he asked, “Where’s the flash drive?”

“In the jewelry case on the dresser.”, Drew mumbled. Will pulled his cock out of Drew’s mouth. He opened the wood-carved jewelry case on the dresser and found the 16gig flash drive. Will took the flash drive, walked into the hallway and into his near-by bedroom, and stored the flash drive in his laptop’s briefcase. When he returned to Drew’s bedroom, Will looked at his arrogant naked friend. He rethought his plan and decided to keep Drew on a leash, a source of information for his personal benefit. “You need to learn to obey Daddy. Say it: Daddy tells me what to do.”

“Daddy tells me what to do.”, Drew repeated.

Will smiled. He surveyed the spacious penthouse apartment. “I’m going to like living here. Suck my cock, little boy.” Drew, still on his knees, resumed his cock sucking with renewed speed and intensity. Will’s cock leaped with joy, his erection remaining potent. When Will fell close to climax, he said, “Get on the bed. On your knees.” Drew rose to his feet and leaned over the white leather couch. Will shoved his rock-hard cock into Drew’s virgin hole and fucked his new toy with vigor and power, pounding his bitch-boy’s ass. “Like that, don’t you, little boy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“That’s right. You love Daddy’s cock, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Drew shouted.

Will laughed sardonically. “I bet.”

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