The Eden Virus [Part 5]

By M. Greene published February 1, 2018
Six months after the pandemic...

Chapter 13: Year 1, Day 140.

Carlton Frost signed the contract, stood up and shook him warmly by the hand. “Mr Diamond, I just can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with you. With your help, we will be able to supply food to every man in this state!”

Tyrese grinned, exposing his impressive new wolf-like teeth. He was particularly proud of this third set, which had all just about finished pushing their way out through his gums. He remembered how he had fucked up his old teeth by getting gold veneers which had caused them all to rot. Never again; he was going to make a point of looking after these ones… “It’s okay, Mr Frost; Diamond Manpower and Security is here to look after your needs and those of the rest of our great farming community.”

Carlton Frost bowed his head. “If only everyone recognised the importance of agriculture the way you do, Mr Diamond, this new world of ours would be a much better place…”

Tyrese shrugged. “The dollar is dead and food is king.” This was certainly true, he thought. The word from Washington the previous week had been that the President was dead and his Emergency Executive Committee dissolved. Some random army officer had apparently taken over at the White House, but information was sketchy and men’s stories varied. Most people living along the Atlantic seaboard took the news to mean that, henceforth, they were on their own. The United States of America appeared to have died along with the old President…

Carlton Frost was one of the biggest landowners in the state, whose many farms now required an army of men to tend animals, pick fruit and harvest crops. With electricity limited to those who possessed private generators and a rapidly dwindling oil and gas supply, mechanisation and technology was, at least temporarily, eclipsed by good, old-fashioned, human labour. Not only that, but, with food becoming the most precious commodity on earth, farms were now a major target for thieves and vagabonds.

Seeing a lucrative niche in the market, Tyrese had stepped in. Not only did he provide slaves to work the land, he also trained security guards to police it. Back in the city, the food raids had more or less ended. There were simply no more stores, factories or warehouses left to plunder. Tyrese had no need of tranquiliser guns anymore; the starving punks were lining up to work for him. So long as they could go to bed with a full belly, they would do more or less anything…

In return for food security and a warm bed, the desperate city scavengers willingly submitted to becoming indentured labourers in service to Tyrese. Rendered docile and obedient by his olive green eyes, they were catalogued, assigned a serial number and then tattooed with this across the back of their shaved heads. The most intelligent became trained guards, but the vast majority were allocated to back-breaking work on the land. Serfdom was back!

Tyrese was Mr Diamond now. He had always disliked the surname ‘Wilkes’ as it was associated with a father he had never met who had done absolutely nothing for him except provide his mom with half a teaspoon of drunken sperm. Since the pandemic, computer records, bank accounts, driving licences, passports and identity cards had all become obsolete, so Tyrese simply changed his name. He chose ‘Diamond’ because it was classy-sounding and matched the large studs he now wore in his earlobes. His old life was over and the future was golden…

Driving back from Frost’s mansion to his warehouse headquarters in the city, Tyrese had the latest consignment of fresh food supplies taken from his truck to the secure storerooms. He then retreated to his private suite for some well-earned rest and relaxation…

He had two body slaves now, one European and one Hispanic, who he had renamed ‘London’ and ‘Rio’ respectively. Hearing his approach, they knelt near the door of his apartment with their foreheads pressed firmly to the floor. As Tyrese entered, the two slaves did not look up, but cried out in unison: “Welcome home, Master Daddy!”

“London, run my bath. Rio fix me a drink,” Tyrese ordered. He placed Frost’s signed contract in his personal safe, undressed and walked towards the bathroom. Clothes were irksome to him now; he only wore his suit when he was away on business, and it was a huge relief to be naked once more.

His large bathroom was warmed by under-floor heating and the steaming water in the sunken marble pool looked very inviting. Tyrese stepped into the bath and lay down. Ahh… That was better… London had scattered some rose petals onto the surface which floated around his body releasing their sweet smell. Rio entered, bowed low, and placed a tall tumbler of iced Courvoisier within his reach. “London, get me a cigarette…”

As Tyrese relaxed in the water, smoking and sipping at his drink, he ran his eyes over the two slaves who had prostrated themselves by the side of the bath awaiting their next instruction. On the whole, their appearance pleased him. There were no women anymore, so he therefore preferred his intimate body slaves to look as feminine as possible. From the masses of punks who queued up to serve him, he deliberately chose a pair who, unlike so many other men, had not changed into hairy, horned monsters. These two were something of a rarity, having mutated to become completely hairless and smooth, and, although they were quite muscular, with big dicks, they also had tight bubble-butts which stuck out behind them and were very pleasant to fuck. Their new names were tattooed on their right pectorals and left buttocks, but in a fancy, flowing script that did not look too masculine. Both wore only a thin leather collar, garter belts, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. A little eye makeup, lip gloss and the merest hint of blusher rendered their faces beautiful in his eyes and he had made them grow their head hair until it flowed down past their shoulders. London was blond with blue eyes and Rio was brunette with eyes of brown. They complemented each other very well and he decided he would keep them on for a while; at least until he became bored…

Rising from his bath, Tyrese clicked his fingers at Rio, who immediately got onto all fours on the warm tiles. Tyrese knelt behind the slave and pushed his hard dick into its tight, wet hole. No lubricant was required; the slave’s pussy was already dripping with the sex gel that the virus had created and Tyrese’s cock was coated with it too.
Tyrese clicked his fingers again, in London’s direction this time, and the slave knelt behind him and pushed its tongue deep inside his ass. Hmm… That felt good…

As he fucked, Tyrese looked at himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in front of him. Although his own mutations made him look more male than his two slaves, he hoped that he was not as ugly as some fuckers were these days… His hair was more like a mane now, as it refused to grow at the sides of his head anymore. Rio had teased his mane into short dreadlocks and it looked pretty fine. He still had his goatee moustache and beard, which was a link with the past, but his fingernails and toenails had turned black and had grown crazily long. They were sharp and far too tough to trim, so he had given up trying. His eyes remained olive, but they now looked like those of a cat, the irises having become vertical slits. It looked a little odd, but not unattractive, and he had found that he could now see almost perfectly in the dark. His nose had broadened and flattened out and his nostrils were more flared than before, but it did not look too disgusting. His teeth were bigger and sharper and his incisors were now visible even when his mouth was closed, but he had seen a lot worse. As for his body, he had a tad more hair now, but he had not changed into a semi-gorilla like poor old Derrick. His skin was still golden brown and the ugly, badly done prison tattoos had all faded away, which was a real plus. Perhaps the most freakish mutation were his two new horns, which rose out of his forehead and arched backwards over his skull. They were goatish in appearance and, while only two inches long at present, looked as though they would grow much longer as time went on.

He was going to come any second now… He gripped Rio’s chest more tightly and pumped more vigorously, loving the feeling of London’s tongue rimming his ass as he bucked his way towards orgasm. Life was so sweet…

Chapter 14: Year 1, Day 180.

It was getting pretty autumnal, Axel thought, as he plunged into the ice cold lake for his early morning swim. The leaves were starting to fall from the deciduous trees in the forest that lined the valley and he had been able to see his own breath just now when he left the cabin. His massive arms cut through the water with ease and he soon reached the little jetty on the island where he and his friends had sat together back in the summer. He pulled himself up and sat on the wooden planks for a while contemplating the beautiful view in front of him.

It had been almost exactly six months since the pandemic and the rangers were getting pretty used to living in a world without women. Almost all of them now indulged in gay sex, although only around half had regular partners like himself and Neville. The thought of his lover made Axel smile. Right now he knew that he would be snuggled up in their bed with his head buried under the quilt. Unlike Axel, Neville was not at all a morning person…

Although he was naked and wet and the air was chilly, Axel did not feel cold in the slightest. Over the past weeks his body hair had gotten longer and thicker and he found that it insulated him pretty well from the elements. Although his muscle mass had continued to increase since the virus struck, the growth rate had recently begun to slow down. He wondered if he would stop growing before he reached eight feet. Presently, he was seven foot two inches. His incisors also seemed to have stopped growing, which was just as well as they were now almost two inches long and stuck out over his lips. Axel simply could not get used to the sight of them in the mirror, but no one else seemed to give them a second glance. Everyone was mutating in different ways; it was the new ‘normal’. Neville thought his tusks were ‘sexy as hell’ of course, but he loved Axel unconditionally and thought everything about him was alluring. It was one of the reasons Axel loved him so much.

There were other more recent physical changes that Axel was still mentally adjusting to. He looked down at his right hand and extended his claws to their maximum length. Unlike his original fingernails, they were black, over an inch long and razor sharp. They might prove useful one day, he thought, and it was great that he could retract them when they were not needed.

The horns were something else, however. Raising his hands to his head, Axel felt the three hard bumps that now ran along each side of his skull. They had not quite broken through the skin yet, but it would not be long now. King’s horns had looked the same as this last week and now all four of his were visible. Several of the other men were also starting to grow horns, but King’s had been the first to sprout.

Sven had a theory that they were all slowly turning into animals, but Axel did not buy that. Intellectually, all of them seemed unchanged. They could all still talk intelligibly and read. If they were becoming beasts, surely they would lose their brains as well?

Conscious that he needed to eat soon, Axel dived back into the lake and headed back towards the cabin for his breakfast. His clothes, if you could call them that, were lying by the shore where he had left them, folded on top of his work boots. Axel had to admit that the guys who had made their new outfits had done an amazing job considering that they were all merely amateur tailors. Buckling the thick belt around his waist, he pulled the skin-tight leather leggings up over his thighs and used their attached straps to fasten them to the belt. While protecting his legs from splinters and thorns, these new leggings left his butt and genitals completely exposed. Not only was this much more comfortable, but it was far less messy, as, like himself, many of the men had started to excrete a weird jelly-like substance from their dicks and ass. It appeared to be some kind of natural lubricant and meant that he could fuck Neville without the need for artificial substitutes. Nature seemed to think of everything… A month back, when he had first started leaking the stuff, it had seemed like a real nuisance, but now he had gotten used to it and hardly noticed. He had discovered that if you didn’t wipe the gel away, the flow decreased, so it was not as annoying as he had first imagined it would be. Finally, Axel slipped on the sleeveless leather vest and bent down to lace up his work boots. The footwear was also new and extra-large. Miguel Suarez and his team of ‘explorers’ had found a massive consignment of outsize military boots in an army surplus store that should last them all for years…

As he walked back towards the cabins, Axel noticed that two men were energetically fucking on one of the log benches that now overlooked the lake. Moving closer, he saw that it was his friend Harry and King, the big Jamaican. Harry was practically drooling with pleasure as King pounded his ass with that huge black cock of his. Axel smiled. No one in their community really bothered about privacy any longer. Sex was seen the same way as eating; it was an appetite that needed to be satisfied. There was no need to be furtive about it…

Axel stood watching the pair fuck for a while and played with his own hard dick. Thanks to the sex-gel, hand-jobs were much more pleasurable… He noticed that Harry and King were dressed the same way as him. Another great thing about these new outfits was that you didn’t even need to get undressed to enjoy sex.

In common with a lot of the men, King’s brow ridge had gradually gotten a lot bigger, giving him an ape-like appearance. Like Axel himself and many other guys too, King’s nostrils had widened and flattened, making his nose look more like a snout. With the assistance of Neville, who had recently taken up piercing as a hobby, King’s brow, snout, ears and nipples were now decorated with thick steel rings. It was a sexy look and many of the other men had approached Neville to get piercings for themselves. Neville did not use any fancy equipment, of course, but his nurse’s training ensured that there was not too much pain or blood and the virus appeared to have made them all immune to septicaemia…

Axel saw that Sven, Tom and Mike were approaching.

“Morning,” Sven said, grinning broadly when he saw what Harry and King were doing. His new teeth were fully grown now and looked razor sharp, like those of a cat, but lacked the large fangs or tusks that Axel and a lot of the other men had. “You been for a swim?”

“Yeah,” Axel replied. He continued jacking himself while watching Harry and King; it was such a hot scene…

Mike walked round to the other side of Harry and stuck his dick straight into the gasping man’s open mouth. Noticing this, King grinned and quickened the pace of his fucking. Turned on by the sight of his father being assaulted at both ends, Tom grabbed hold of his own dick and began pulling at it.

Sven shook his head and tutted in mock annoyance. “Looks like the work shift’s gonna get off to a real late start today…” As he spoke, his right hand was already moving down to grasp his own stiff manhood.

Chapter 15: Year 1, Day 180.

“And so, as the new President of the United States, I, Thaddeus Owens, promise to uphold the constitution and I call upon my loyal American troops at Fort Heritage to support me in my bid to rebuild this country and make it great again…”

Having read the presidential letter out loud, General Sykes threw it contemptuously onto the table in front of him.

“Thaddeus Owens?” Miles queried. “Never heard of him…”

“He was ‘Colonel Thaddeus Owens’ before the pandemic,” Stephen Sykes said, his face a mask of distaste. “He was Head of Security at the White House. Word is that he personally shot the President in the Oval Office…”

“Disgraceful!” Lee Chong said, shaking his head.

“How can he say he’s upholding the constitution?” Andy Hillier asked rhetorically. “He’s merely an assassin.”

“Agreed,” Sykes said.

“What are we going to do then, Sir?” Lieutenant Chad Harris enquired. “He wants this facility; he says so in the letter…”

Stephen Sykes shrugged. “I propose that we do nothing, for now. Owens only has support around the Capitol in Washington. Rumour has it that his closest associates are already plotting against him. I suspect that his ‘term’ will not last anything close to four years…”

“The death of the late President is a terrible blow,” Miles commented. “I had hoped that, somehow, eventually, Washington would take back control and restore law and order, but it appears that my hopes were sadly misplaced…”

“We need to do something, General,” Lee Chong said. “Our food supplies are plentiful, but, at present ration levels, we will all be starving within a year…”

“We are going to do something,” General Sykes replied. “We’re going to declare independence and start rebuilding this state…”

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