The Eden Virus [Part 4]

By M. Greene published January 31, 2018
The physical changes take more of a hold...

Chapter 9: Year 1, Day 91.

‘Old Man Creed’ the neighbours had called him for the past thirty years or more. Despite the fact that he was presently standing over the graves of his wife, sister, daughter and granddaughter, Edward could not help smiling to himself at the thought. He was no ‘old man’ now. The virus that had ripped his whole family away had left him with an even better body than he had possessed when he was in his prime. His chest, stomach, arms and legs were now massively muscled and he felt fit and strong in a way he had not since the early nineteen-sixties. He might be over ninety years old, but he had the body of a Greek god. Even his dick was bigger and kept reminding him of its presence by hardening several times a day when he least expected it. It was a tragedy there were no women left in the world to use it with…

Bending down, Ed placed a small bunch of wild flowers on Maria’s grave. Similar posies already decorated the burial mounds of his other female relatives. It was all he could do for them now, apart from keeping the simple wooden crosses he had fashioned with their names and dates clean and upright…

Over the course of three dreadful days, they had burned with a terrible fever. Ed had been unable to summon any assistance; phones were down along with the power and all forms of normal life appeared to have come to an end. Half blind and stone deaf as he had been for years, he had shuffled outside and managed to get the old generator going, but it hadn’t done his womenfolk any good. While his strength and sight and hearing rapidly returned, they had all died, one by one.

Eventually, he had buried them all himself in the apple orchard, not too far from the house. It was a place they had all enjoyed sitting in together when the sun shone during the spring and summer months. Maria had been particularly fond of apple blossom…

In those first gut-wrenchingly lonely days after the pandemic, he had often contemplated killing himself and joining his beloved womenfolk, but the anger he nursed in his heart somehow kept him going. He had spent a full two weeks roaming around his unnaturally empty house, raving and cursing God, until, on the fifteenth day, he had woken up knowing that, somehow, there must be some kind of a purpose to his continuing existence…

That was the morning he had begun devoting himself to caring for his animals once more, so terribly neglected over the past fortnight and only cursorily fed or milked when their plaintive cries prompted him to remember to do so. As if awakening from some terrible nightmare, he realised that those poor dumb creatures had needs too and he began attending to them again as though they were his children. Although his farm was very isolated, miles from the nearest big town, it was situated in a fertile spot with a creek nearby where he could fish when the heavy demands of his work allowed it. His cellar was packed with his wife and sister’s preserves and there was enough seed and silage to keep the livestock going for quite a few months. When he needed to kill one of the chickens or a hog for food, he would. His newfound strength and vigour meant that he would be able to keep going and survive, at least for a good while…

It was just starting to get dark now, so Ed said a final prayer over the graves and headed back towards the house. He had grown so much bigger and taller over the past three months that none of his clothes fitted him properly anymore, so he simply stopped bothering to wear them. It was not as though there was anyone around to see him anymore, anyway… His felt his heavy balls patting against his thighs as he walked and saw his greatly enlarged dick, rock hard, as it usually was these days, thrusting itself out in front of him, leading the way, its veins pulsing.

Ed heard the sound of a distant car engine just as he was about to enter the back door into his kitchen. Pausing on the threshold, he listened carefully for a few moments and determined that the vehicle was definitely heading towards the farm…

He hurried inside and lifted his old overcoat off the hook on the back of the door. It was the only article of clothing he possessed that still just about fitted him, but, even so, it felt far too tight around his shoulders and upper arms… He picked up his hunting rifle, snapped it open and inserted two live cartridges. If the stranger or strangers were friendly, he would not need this, but, on the other hand, should they turn out to be hostile…

Ed moved quickly across the farmyard to stand on the rise in the road so that he could watch whoever it was approaching. Yep, it was a car alright, a small European jalopy by the looks of it… The engine sounded tinny and it was producing more exhaust fumes than a decent American model would… It was the kind of car a woman might drive. Could it possibly be that his visitor might miraculously be a female?

No. As the vehicle got closer, Ed could see that it was a man, and a negro at that. The stranger was a big guy too, so hunched up over the steering wheel that it seemed like a miracle he had managed to squeeze himself into such a tiny apology for a car at all. Ed hoisted his gun and braced himself for possible trouble; they very rarely ever got many coloured folks around these parts…

Bazz was totally lost. After seeing the way he looked, with a hairy body and four horns sticking out of his fucking head, he knew he could not possibly return to his crew as he had originally planned to do. They wouldn’t recognise him and would most likely open fire; he was nothing but a fucking freak now. Those twisted bastards at the army base had well and truly fucked him up. He was so appalled by his bestial appearance that he wept copious tears of anger and frustration as he drove aimlessly for miles and miles…

Eventually, he found himself driving along a single track road, which became narrower and bumpier the farther down it he travelled. He saw a farmhouse half hidden behind some trees and pressed harder on the gas pedal. Maybe there would be some food there. He suddenly realised that he was starving hungry…

A fit-looking young white guy was standing in the middle of the road with a weapon trained right at his head. Being very careful not to make any sudden movements, Bazz gently pulled the car over to the side of the road, switched off the engine and slowly opened the door. The automatic rifle he had stolen from the army camp guard was still lying on the back seat, but, knowing that the sight of a weapon would most likely earn him a bullet in the head, he made no attempt to retrieve it. He simply climbed out of the Fiat and walked towards the farmer with his hands held high in the air.

When he was about twenty feet away, he stopped. He knew that his appearance was pretty intimidating. He really did not want the young white dude to panic and blow his fucking brains out…

“Hey… I’m not here to cause trouble,” he began. Jesus, but his voice was so deep now. He could feel it resonating in his chest as he spoke… “As you can see, I’m butt naked and unarmed. I just need a bit of food and a place to sleep for the night. Can you help me, Sir?”

The weapon trained at his head was not lowered by even a fraction of an inch…

“Man… Listen… I know I must look like a fucking freak to you, but I was held by the army and they did some weird shit to me… Please… Please help me, man…” Bazz sank slowly down to his knees in the dusty road and held his hands out in supplication. “Please…”

The muzzle of the gun moved slightly so that it pointed a little more towards the ground. The white man spat a wad of phlegm onto the ground and spoke: “Why should I help you? What’s in it for me?”

Bazz thought for a moment. “I know I look like a freak, but I’m fucking strong. I’ll work for my food. Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it…”

Ed lowered his gun, but he kept his finger firmly on the trigger, just in case. The negro, although he spoke English well enough, looked like some kind of alien savage with all that black fur and those weird things sticking out of his forehead. Were they implants of some kind? Old as he was, he had heard of young folks in the cities having all kinds of ugly body modifications done to themselves. Christ almighty! The dude was big too; frighteningly big. He would have sworn that, before the bastard got down on his knees, he had appeared to be over eight feet tall…

“You done any farm work before?”

“No, Sir, but I can learn… You could teach me…”

Ed frowned. These city slickers were all smooth-talking bastards, but the minute you let your guard down they would soon be up to no good… Sure, he could do with some help on the farm, but he knew that if he hired the guy he would most likely wake up one morning with a knife stuck between his ribs. You only had to look at all those tatts snaking around the black fucker’s body to know that… This bastard was obviously some kind of criminal thug. With those horn things on his head and all that fur he looked like some kind of crazy animal. He stank to high heaven too… Christ, what a fucking powerful body odour these people always had… His smell was like a thousand billy-goats all penned up together. The musky stench he was giving off was so pungent that he could almost see it rising off his colossal black body and travelling through the air to slide up inside his nostrils. It was almost overwhelming…

Ed swallowed hard. His mouth felt dry all of a sudden, and, for some reason, he was feeling a bit weak… The smell of this ugly bastard was almost too much to bear… It was kinda sticking in his throat and almost choking him… He staggered slightly and glanced down at the ground. Was he going to faint?

When he looked up again, he saw that the hulking stranger had moved a tad closer, although he was still crouching down on his haunches. From out of the thick pubic hair that coated the black man’s loins Ed saw an enormous brown dick sticking up straight towards him. Almost the size of a baseball bat, the thing looked wet somehow and seemed to glisten in the fading light of the evening. Christ, that musky smell was even stronger now… For the first time, Ed felt a frisson of fear shiver through him, but, despite this, his own dick was rapidly becoming as stiff as an iron bar. It got so hard that it began poking right out of his open coat towards the stranger. Seeing it, the black man’s thick lips parted in an impossibly broad smile. Ed gasped at the sight of his horribly long fangs and pointed teeth. This was no man… It was a monster! Jesus… That smell… It was such a funky stink… He was vaguely aware that his rifle had slipped from his grasp and fallen onto the ground, but, somehow, he didn’t much care about that anymore…

“I’m hungry,” the beast was growling. “I need food…”

Ed nodded and pressed his trembling hands to the sides of his head. He felt defeated, somehow. He was so dizzy now that he was swaying slightly on his feet. “Yeah… Okay… Come into the house; there’s plenty in there for you to eat…”

The thing rose up to its full height then, totally dwarfing him. Blocking out what was left of the sunlight, it followed closely behind him as he turned and lurched back towards his home.

Chapter 10: Year 1, Day 102.

Tyrese spat on the ground in disgust, only narrowly missing one of the general’s highly polished boots. “What the fuck do you mean, you don’t want them?”

General Sykes frowned. “I think that my words are plain enough, Mr Wilkes, even for you to understand. We no longer require your procurement services. Our ‘arrangement’ is terminated.”

Tyrese swore again and pointed to the truck parked behind him, in the back of which lay five naked and unconscious men. “What am I supposed to do with these punks?”

The general smiled, but his tone was icy cold. “That’s really not our concern any longer, is it?” He turned to Lieutenant Harris and the platoon of armed soldiers standing to attention nearby. “If Mr Wilkes and his associate are still here in three minutes time, you have my permission to shoot both of them…” Then, without another word, he saluted his men and walked away towards his office.

Tyrese went and sat in the passenger seat of the truck and ordered Derrick to drive them back to the warehouse. As they pulled away, he leaned out of the window and shouted a stream of obscenities at the assembled troops.

“What we gonna do, Boss?” Derrick asked as they turned onto the main road that led back to the city. “The crew won’t like that we got an empty truck…”

Tyrese lit a cigarette. “We ain’t got an empty truck, though, have we?” He looked back at the five captives who lay behind with their wrists cuffed together. “I just had an idea how we can put these fuckers to another use…”

A little later, General Sykes and Lieutenant Harris took the elevator down to the research laboratories deep underground. After several more fatalities, Washington had finally agreed to shelve Project Venus for the time being. Professor Hillier had managed to categorically prove that, not only was the pandemic virus still present in the system of every man still alive on the planet, but that everyone’s viral load was steadily increasing, which was leading to quite remarkable physiological changes. The decision had been made at the highest level that Hillier and his team should concentrate on studying the virus to determine the exact nature of these changes.

“Ah, good morning, gentlemen!” Miles said in greeting when he saw the two soldiers enter his laboratory. “You’re just in time to join my daily round of our test subjects…”

The ‘test subjects’ were no longer kept in induced comas as their bodies had become resistant to the necessary medication. Now fully conscious, they were monitored and cared for in observation cells, with maximum security to avoid a repetition of last month’s unfortunate escape.

“This is Ewan,” Miles informed his visitors as they entered the test subject’s cell. “He has undergone the greatest viral load input and is our most developed specimen to date…”

General Sykes covered his nose with his hand. “What is that smell?” he asked. “It’s so strong!”

Miles grinned. “Ah yes, the musk. The subjects all produce this from their sweat glands. I have to confess that I’ve grown rather used to it over the past few weeks…”

Ewan, who had been lying on his bunk reading a paperback book, stood up the moment they came in. “When are you going to let me out of here?” As he moved his body, the powerful odour in the cell intensified.

“Come, come, my boy,” Miles said cheerfully. “You ask me that question every single day and my answer is always the same; you will be released as soon as our tests are fully completed.” He patted the man’s shoulder. “You cannot imagine how important a contribution you are making to humanity through your work with us…”

Ewan grunted. “It’s boring being stuck in here all day,” he complained. “There’s fuck all to do…”

General Sykes and Lieutenant Harris stood behind the professor with their mouths open in astonishment. They had read the reports, of course, but that was different from being confronted face to face with such incredible changes…

Ewan, originally five feet, ten inches in height, was, when last measured, just over eight foot tall. He was now a giant of a man in all respects. His enormous muscles bulged in all directions and, apart from his face, hands and feet, his body was covered in thick brown fur. The man’s testicles, now the size of small oranges, dangled between his colossal thighs. Above them stretched the biggest penis they had ever seen. Long and thick, it was fully erect and appeared to be secreting some kind of clear liquid which they could see leaking out through his urethra.

“Turn around, please Ewan,” Miles requested gently.

Ewan complied and stood unmoving as the professor, after donning a surgical glove, slid a finger deep inside his anus. He had been a ‘test subject’ for so many days now that he had resigned himself to being prodded and poked around. He also knew that if he was good and did not make a fuss, he would get nicer rations than usual at feeding time…

“The secretions appear to flow continuously both from the penis and the anal channel,” Miles said, holding up his forefinger, which was now covered with what looked like a thick, clear jelly. “Analysis shows that it is a natural lubricant, presumably manufactured in his body to facilitate copulation.”

“Fascinating…” Lieutenant Harris said. Something about the sight of that sex jelly and the musky smell in the cell was causing his own dick to push against the inside of his uniform pants as though it was trying to escape.

“Please sit down in your chair for a moment, Ewan,” Miles requested.

Once the man was seated, the professor began to point out the various changes in Ewan’s head and face. “Notice that this particular subject has two horns which are growing out horizontally from just above his temples. Presently they have reached a length of approximately three inches and appear to be curving upwards.”

“Like those of a bull or a cow,” General Sykes remarked.

Miles nodded. “Indeed, but our observations show that subjects can develop a varying number of horns, ranging from one up to eight. So far, a variety of configurations have been recorded and several different sizes, shapes and colours identified. In addition, some subjects do not appear to be developing any horns at all…” He shrugged. “To date, I cannot demonstrate the reason for this great variation, but my working hypothesis is that the virus has many more strains than the three I have already managed to isolate, which may, perhaps, account for it.”

“Amazing…” Lieutenant Harris breathed. His own cock had started leaking now and he could see that a damp patch had formed on his pants. It was lucky that, in these post-virus days, folks were less judgemental and embarrassed about such matters… He ran his finger along the gap between his neck and tight shirt collar; it was getting so hot and stuffy in here…

Miles pointed to Ewan’s face. “Other areas which are also exhibiting wide variation in our subjects are the nose and mouth. The nostrils of this particular individual have widened considerably and the nose itself has become wider and flatter. In other subjects, the skin around this area has also darkened significantly, but in this case, as you can see, the newly formed snout matches his original flesh tones.”

“How about his teeth?” General Sykes enquired. “He appears to me to have grown tusks of some kind…” He felt his own teeth with his tongue. Like everyone else at the camp, his were starting to loosen as new ones gradually emerged from inside his jaw.

“Open your mouth, please Ewan. That’s it, thank you…” Miles indicated the front ones with his finger. “The development of the tertiary teeth, as we have come to call them, is as you can see, very pronounced. Again, the exact nature of these varies widely from subject to subject. In this subject’s case, his tertiary teeth are similar to those he had before, except for the two lower incisors, which are thicker than before and have continued to grow…”

“Please, can we leave now, Sir?” Lieutenant Harris asked. It was all he could do to stop himself from ripping off his clothes and wrapping his mouth around that gorgeous, massive, dripping dick…

The general obviously felt the same way because he was already moving towards the door. “I would like a word in confidence with you, Hillier,” he said.

Once they were outside in the air-conditioned corridor, the effects of the musk wore off fairly quickly.

“As I told you before, gentlemen, I have become rather immune to the effects of the subjects’ body odour,” Miles said, smiling. Part of him had secretly hoped that the ‘stuffed shirts’, as he privately referred to them, would disgrace themselves in some amusing way. “You should have told me that you were feeling uncomfortable in there…”

“It’s alright,” Lieutenant Harris said, wiping the sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. “I think I’m okay now…”

General Sykes had recovered more quickly. “What Washington needs to know is how long it will be until the rest of us look like that thing in there and whether there is any way the progress of these mutations can be delayed, halted or even reversed.”

Miles nodded. “The answer your first question is two to three months, give or take a week or so. As for a cure, now that you have finally listened to me, seen sense and cancelled ‘Project Venus’, I am henceforth able to devote all my time and energy to it.” He smiled. “Now go tell that to the President…”

Chapter 11: Year 1, Day 118.

Axel was looking at his teeth again in the bathroom mirror. The fact that he had his own teeth at all was a miracle after having worn dentures for so many years, but certain things about this third set were starting to seriously disturb him. Although their gleaming white colour was pleasing – they were as dazzling and bright as those of his friend Neville – they were still continuing to grow. His four incisors in particular were now so long that it was getting difficult to keep them covered up with his lips. They resembled a vampire’s fangs, except that he had a pair both at the top and bottom of his mouth…

“I think they look real sexy…”

Axel smiled at Neville’s reflection in the mirror. His friend had come into the bathroom and was standing right behind him. “They’re getting a tad large for my liking,” he replied. “If they get much bigger than they are now, I’m gonna start looking like some kind of ugly orc out of ‘Lord of the Rings’ or something…”

Neville slipped his smooth and muscular brown arms around his chest and gave him a hug. “You could never look ugly in my eyes, Sir…”

Axel swivelled around and kissed Neville’s forehead. “Thanks! You’re very kind.” He stared down lovingly into the young nurse’s eyes. “Look… Now we’re ‘together’, I’m more than happy for you to use my first name… ‘Sir’ sounds so formal…”

Heterosexual for his entire life, Axel still found it quite difficult to articulate the fact that he was in a sexual relationship with another man. He guessed it was a generational thing; after all, he had been born in 1935…

“I guess so… Axel… Sir…” Neville smiled. He lifted himself up on his toes and kissed Axel’s lips.

They smooched for a couple of minutes, exploring one another’s mouths with their tongues and feeling each other’s muscular bodies with their hands. They had both grown bigger and taller over the past four months, but Neville was still a head shorter than Axel, as had been the case when they first met.

Perhaps surprisingly, it had been Axel, the ‘straight’ man who had seduced the gay staff nurse. Apart from rejuvenation and body growth, another side effect of the virus was a huge increase in everyone’s libido. Not only were most men’s dicks hard for much of the time, they all found themselves thinking about sex even more often than they had done as teenagers.

Axel’s relationship with Neville had turned physical soon after Sven Olsson and his small army of ‘Defence Rangers’ had come to their mountain valley. Although the four original inhabitants of the valley had initially viewed the rangers’ arrival with alarm and suspicion, they had quickly come to see it as a good thing. There was strength in numbers and the arrival of fifty or so armed and trained men gave them all much greater security. Not only that, Sven Olsson had proved to be an excellent leader. Within a couple of weeks he had organised the felling of enough trees to build an impressive barrier of logs across the entrance to the valley to protect their entire community from invasion. As soon as that was completed, they began on their second major project, the construction of what they all called ‘the bunk house’; a new timber building designed to provide comfortable accommodation for thirty men.

When the rangers first arrived, the other five vacation homes had been opened up to provide shelter for them. Each cabin had two bedrooms, which meant that they could accommodate four men comfortably, with another four or five sleeping on the living room floor as a temporary measure. Although everyone had a roof over their heads, the cabins were now badly overcrowded, so it became a major priority to build the bunk house.

Like Sven Olsson himself, Axel and Neville had envisaged that they would be working as the community’s doctor and nurse. As things turned out, their medical skills were very rarely required. The pandemic seemed to have given men immunity to most, if not all infections, making sickness a thing of the past. In the month the rangers had been there so far, Axel had only set one man’s broken arm and the closest to illness they ever came across was a particularly bad hangover.

So, instead, Axel and Neville joined the rangers in tree felling and construction, helping to build the entrance barrier and then the bunkhouse. With their enhanced strength and muscle power, they both enjoyed the hard physical labour more than they might have predicted before, and found that sleep quickly overcame them once they returned to the cabin room they shared each night.

Late one evening, lying in one of the two single beds in Harry’s spare bedroom, Axel had watched Neville undress. Always quite stocky, Neville’s body was now leaner and more muscular than it had been before. Unlike many of the men, who had recently become more hirsute, Neville was almost hairless and his smooth brown skin glowed in the dim light of their oil lamp. Axel’s dick, already hard as usual, stiffened even more under the bedsheets as he admired Neville’s shapely backside. His buttocks were so big, tight and rounded that they looked like two soccer balls wedged together in his shorts. For the first time, Axel realised that he really wanted to touch Neville and hold him and even fuck him…

Neville was just about to put the light out and climb into bed when he felt a pair of muscular arms slide around his waist. Warm breath tickled his right shoulder and soft lips touched his neck in a flurry of kisses.

“Doctor Bowman! Sir!” Neville gasped. He had often fantasised about this happening, but had never dared to hope that it actually would… His long, brown dick began to harden. He turned around in the white man’s arms and returned the embrace. Hungrily, they began passionately kissing each other’s mouths.

A few minutes later, crammed together on Neville’s narrow bed, they explored each other’s bodies. Neville ran his hand across the doctor’s chest, enjoying the feel of his thick, silky body hair. He gazed adoringly into the white man’s beautiful grey eyes and reached out one hand for the lube he kept in a drawer next to the bed. He knew that Doctor Bowman was a total novice when it came to gay sex, so he realised he would have to overcome his shyness and take charge, at least at first. He squeezed a glob of the cold gel over the gorgeous white shaft and lovingly ran his hand up and down its stiff length. Then, he faced away from his lover and bent over, holding his buttocks apart so that his hole was totally exposed.

Axel knelt between Neville’s legs and fondled his deliciously sweaty crack. The black man’s skin was so smooth and soft… His cock, harder than he could ever remember it being in all his long years of life, simply ached to fuck. Grabbing hold of his dick, he carefully inserted it into the beautiful, brown hole. Using his left hand to grasp Neville’s shoulders to give himself purchase, he eased himself gently inside, glorying in the way Neville’s tight chute seemed to fit over his dick like a glove. He heard Neville sigh with pleasure and began to slowly rock his hips back and forth…

“Oh yeah… Sir… Oh… Yeah…”

As soon as he was sure that he was delivering pleasure rather than pain to his new lover, Axel gradually picked up the pace. His dick was so long now that it did not pop out of Neville in the way it had sometimes done years ago with his wife and girlfriends…

Neville was in total heaven. It had been over six months since he had been properly fucked and he curved his back, wriggling and pushing his booty backwards and forwards in time with Axel’s urgent thrusts. Although the doctor was better endowed than any man he had ever bottomed for, somehow, his love chute was dealing with both the huge white dick’s length and girth. Even though, by now, he should be feeling like he was being split in two, there was absolutely no pain; just a singing prostate gland giving him waves of pleasure that made his own dick harder than it had ever been before.

After nearly ten minutes of energetic fucking, they both climaxed at the same time; Axel’s seed filling Neville’s ass and Neville’s own splattering over the headboard and pillow of his bed. Their loud moans of ecstasy brought a fusillade of knocks on their bedroom door.

“For Christ’s sake, can’t you two fuck more quietly? Some of us are trying to get some shuteye in here!”

Laughing and totally spent, Axel and Neville collapsed into one another’s arms and quickly fell into a deep and contented sleep.

Despite their intimacy and love for each other, it wasn’t at all easy for Neville to think of Doctor Bowman as ‘Axel’. This was due to a number of complicated and overlapping reasons that Neville was really only half aware of. Firstly, it was a professional thing. Almost since the beginning of modern medicine, nurses had been trained to respect and idolise doctors to the point that they were treated almost like gods on earth.

The second issue was race. Neville was African-American, had been brought up in a poor housing project and educated at a rundown school. Due to his sexuality, he had been the target of bullying and abuse from a very young age, mostly at the hands of other black kids like himself. During Neville’s childhood, the only people who supported him and showed him any love were his mom and his teachers, and most of his teachers were white.

In his late teens, unlike many youths from his part of the city, Neville rejected the ‘norms’ of urban culture; the rap music, the hustling and the gangs. He was too gentle and sweet natured for that. So, while his peers were riding around in fast cars, smoking weed and carrying weapons, Neville studied at night school and held down a trainee nursing job at the district hospital.

Like many black gay men, Neville discovered that, while he was lauded for his coolness and attractiveness by white females, who sympathised with his tastes and feelings, his own community remained almost universally hostile towards his sexuality. Religious brothers and sisters wanted to cure him or exorcise the evil spirit they claimed lurked within him. Black intellectuals told him he was a ‘sell-out’ and a disgrace to the African diaspora. Criminal brothers wanted to rob him or fuck him or both. After years of feeling safer and more comfortable around white folks than he did with his own community, it was perhaps inevitable that Neville should develop respect for the former and contempt for the latter.

For Neville, Doctor Axel Bowman was everything a perfect man should be; physically attractive, intelligent, well-educated, sophisticated, professional and white. Not only did he love him, he respected him deeply too. They may have pushed their single beds together to form a double in which they enjoyed passionate sex every night, but to Neville, Axel would always be his ‘Sir’.

Axel and Neville were not the only rangers now enjoying a sexual relationship. As the days went by, more and more of the men, deprived of female company for so long, began to pair off. Although the virus had improved their bodies and greatly increased their libido, their new-found desire for each other was not simply about raw sex, but their profound mutual need to hold and be held in this strange, post-pandemic world in which they found themselves.

Sven Olsson, who now shared his bed with Tom Burns, quickly adapted to having homosexual feelings. Although he had not touched another man’s dick since a drunken jack-off session during his high school years and had been known to use epithets such as ‘faggot’ when he was married, he embraced the fact that he was now ‘queer’ with his usual pragmatism. While he might once have recoiled at the idea of his ‘Defence Rangers’ transforming into some kind of gay community, the concept now represented a future without loneliness. During the small hours of the night, as he and Tom kissed and fondled each other, for the first time since Alison’s death, Sven began to realise that grief did have an end to it and that true happiness was still possible after all…

“The Spartans were the fiercest and most feared warriors in ancient times,” Sven remarked one evening as a group of them relaxed outside the cabins after a hard day building the bunk house. “They knew that it was best to fight as pairs of lovers. That way, each man could protect his partner’s back in the thick of battle.”

“That’s right,” Axel agreed, accepting the glass of scotch that Neville had fetched for him. “All we’re doing is adapting to the present situation. Let’s face it, none of us have any choice; there is only one gender now…”

Sven nodded towards the five-a-side football game going on a few yards away. Tom had just scored a goal and was having his back energetically slapped by his teammates. “After I lost Alison, I thought my life was over, but now, everything’s changed…”

“We’re still changing physically too,” Axel said, leaning forward and parting his lips so that Sven could see his teeth. “I was looking at these babies in the bathroom mirror this morning and they’re definitely growing longer.” He chuckled. “And to think that I didn’t have a single tooth in my mouth a few weeks back…”

“Quite a few of the younger men have been reporting that their teeth are getting loose because new ones are growing up underneath,” Sven said. He opened his mouth to reveal his own teeth. “I only had around half of mine left, but they’ve all fallen out and new ones are starting to come through…”

Axel and Neville both rose from their chairs so that they could peer into Sven’s mouth. Unlike Axel’s ‘fangs’, the Chief’s new teeth were all quite small but very pointed and sharp.

“Tom says I’m getting fish teeth,” Sven said, laughing.

“It’s strange that these changes don’t appear to be universal,” Axel said, sitting back down again. “Everyone seems to be mutating in different ways…”

“We all got bigger dicks though, Sir,” Neville said, looking down at his own, which, as usual, was sticking up like a flagpole. “All of us have got that…”

Sven and Axel murmured their agreement. The rangers were all now so well-endowed and perpetually hard that wearing normal trousers or pants was impossible; having their genitals restricted felt too awkward and uncomfortable. At first they had tried undoing their flies and even cutting the crotches of their pants out altogether, but as their muscles slowly expanded, all their existing clothes became too tight to wear in any case. They had all become used to walking around wearing nothing except their boots.

Right now it was high summer, so nudity was not a problem, but when the weather deteriorated, they would need some kind of clothing to keep themselves warm. Quite a few of the men were developing really thick body hair, which might serve to keep out the cold, but many of them were nowhere near as hirsute. Sven had recently given this matter a great deal of thought. While he did not object to nudity per se, it was impractical both in terms of work and combat. Bare skin, logging and carpentry did not go well together and, while Sven hoped that they would never have to defend their home from attack, he knew that they needed to be prepared for this eventuality.

Two weeks before, Sven had sent an armed squad of ex-soldiers and marines, led by Miguel Suarez, out in one of the jeeps to scour the surrounding countryside for a solution to the clothing problem. They returned after four days with news that they had discovered an abandoned furniture factory in an industrial zone about fifty miles away. Although it had been ransacked and partially wrecked, it still contained sewing equipment and a huge stock of thick, uncut leather that had been originally intended to make upholstered sofas and chairs. More armed men were dispatched in one of the large trucks and these supplies were now safely stored away ready to be crafted into made-to-measure top and bottom wear that would actually fit their developing bodies. The pants would have to be crotchless; there was no way any of them could bear to cover their genitals nowadays, but at least the rest of their bodies would be protected and warm. As soon as the bunkhouse was finished, the manufacture of these new garments would be their top priority…

Chapter 11: Year 1, Day 120.

Bazz fed the chickens and then rounded up the four goats for the night and made sure they were all safely back in their paddock. The fence was not all that high and the goats could easily jump over it, but, as Ed had explained, so long as they had plenty to eat, they tended not to do so. Having finished his tasks for the day, Bazz headed into the kitchen where Ed was busy fixing their evening meal.

“You fed the goats?” Ed asked, without turning his attention from the chicken legs he was frying.

“Yeah, all done,” Bazz said, flopping down onto a chair. “I noticed the stable door needs fixing. It’s dragging on the ground because one of the hinges is busted. I’ll see to it tomorrow…”

Ed transferred the meat to the oven and began peeling some potatoes. He was glad the frying was finished. One of the disadvantages of cooking in the nude was getting hot fat spat over your bare skin… “Thanks… Fix yourself a drink; I reckon you deserve it.”

“Yeah, okay…” Bazz got up and poured himself some homemade cider from the barrel. “You want one?”


Bazz poured out a second glass and carried it over to where Ed was standing. They clinked their glasses in a toast and drank the sweet but slightly sour liquor with relish.

“Maria always used to make the cider,” Ed said. “I know the recipe, so when the apples are ripe, we can make some more for next year.”

Bazz nodded and swallowed another mouthful of the delicious drink. He had been here for about a month now and had never felt happier or more content in his life. A city boy, raised in the projects, he had never even visited a farm before, let alone lived on one. Ed had thrown him in at the deep end, of course. One minute the closest he had come to a pig was eating a hotdog; the next he was cleaning out the sty and caring for ten of the creatures. To his amazement, he found that he loved working with the animals and enjoyed being outside in the fresh country air. He was so strong and full of energy now that the hard physical labour of farm work hardly affected him. Sure, he felt tired at night, once the day was done, but it was a good tiredness of aching muscles, not the stressful kind of brain tiredness you got from constant hustling in the city.

Ed dished up their meal and carried the plates over to the table. Although he had said grace before every meal for the past seventy years, he had not done so for several weeks and they fell to eating immediately. Since the pandemic, Ed no longer spoke to God…

“This is good,” Bazz said with his mouth full. “Food tastes better here than I ever ate before.”

Ed nodded. “It’s honest, wholesome food, is why. Not like that city muck you used to have…”

Bazz nodded. Leaving the city was the best thing he had ever done.

A little later, in their bedroom, which had once been the living room of the farmhouse, Bazz fucked Ed on the mattress they shared every night.

Lying on his back with his legs draped over Bazz’s burly shoulders, Ed stared up into his lover’s face as he felt the enormous black cock thrusting deep into his guts. His own dick was as hard as iron and already leaking pre-cum. Waves of pleasure coursed through him as he breathed in the musky scent of his lover’s hairy body. It was a very different kind of sex than that which he had enjoyed with Maria, even when they were first married and both young. He smiled at the thought of what she would probably say if she could see him lying here like this getting his ass fucked like a two-bit whore.

Out of respect for his late wife, Ed had decided that his new marriage would not be consummated in the room he and she had shared for sixty-five years. It was not even the same mattress that he and Maria had slept on and on which she had passed away. That would not have been appropriate. So, he and Bazz carried the one from the spare room downstairs to fuck and sleep on.

“Ahh…” Bazz’s cock was massaging his magic button now. Ed wasn’t sure what it was or even if it had a name, but it lay somewhere at the top of his ass and every time it was touched it was like he was in paradise. It always amazed Ed how his hole was able to take this level of punishment. He had never so much as poked his own finger up there before and yet, even that first time, there had been no pain at all. The feeling of fullness he had when they fucked was like nothing else he had ever experienced. It was a completeness somehow and, now, when Bazz withdrew from him, he felt empty…

Bazz leaned his head down and licked Ed’s face as he continued with his relentless fucking. Ed smiled. Although his man’s face was, to say the least, unusual with those tusks and ever-growing horns on his head, he loved him and found it sexy now. The other day he had fitted one of the thick rings he used to use on bulls’ snouts through Bazz’s nose and it really suited him. It had only taken a moment to solder the steel together and he knew Bazz was really proud of it. It was the closest thing he and Bazz had to an engagement ring. This thought made Ed laugh and he suddenly realised that, for the first time in several years, he was truly happy…

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