Bike Commuter (part 1)

By AgainstMyWill
published June 28, 2012

Jake starts biking to work in a new city, but he doesn’t yet know the rules…

[Everyone in this story is of age 18 or older. An idea I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while; let me know what you think.]

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jake.

Jake had grown up in the sticks, and attended college in another small town. After he’d graduated he’d spent four more years there, working in administration. He’d always dreamt of moving to the big city, and as of three weeks ago, he had.

Jake had a shiny new job, a shiny new apartment, and… well, a shiny, empty bank account. He knew he’d make it back, but for now that meant living a bit lean.

Step one: buying a used bike instead of a car and commuting the environmentally-friendly way.

At first Jake felt silly. He showed up to work sweaty and felt conspicuous. And then one day a coworker pointed out the showers. So Jake started biking to work and showering and changing when he got there. And over time he met the other bike commuters at his office, and saw the others on the road, and realized, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Maybe I don’t really need a car,” Jake finally thought, one day.

Which was awfully convenient, because he’d been turning a jealous eye to the nicer bikes of his commuting colleagues, and to the stretch spandex gear they wore that made them look like professional riders - and, Jake was sure, certainly made them faster, too. It looked so sleek!

And so one Saturday Jake emptied out the account he’d opened specifically to save up for a car, and bought himself a nice new road bike and a full set of gear. Lycra bibs and top, the shoes, an expensive lightweight helmet, the whole deal.

The next day he took it for a spin. Every pedal stroke felt like butter; it felt like he was gliding on silk. He was faster, there was no doubt! Amazing, what a difference it made. The new bike felt compliant and responsive under him, flexing in just the right ways and gripping the ground as he flew through the turns.

And the clothing! Jake had never realized how uncomfortable it was biking in regular clothes, not until now. The bibs didn’t bunch, he didn’t have to fumble with the pant legs to keep them from getting caught. The shirt didn’t ride up his back. And the chamois in the bibs felt like luxury to his poor sit-bones.

The next day Jake woke up and practically jumped into the bibs. He threw the rest of the gear on and took out his fancy new bike for his regular commute. Just like the day before, it all felt so effortless, he was flying on air when he pulled up to a stop sign on the bike path through the park. Another cyclist was next to him, a young man of about Jake’s age, smaller and lither, clad in team spandex, on a nice bike himself. They exchanged hellos and the other young man smiled.

“Race you to the other end of the park!” He cocked an eyebrow and smirked, daring Jake.

“You’ll wish you hadn’t,” Jake shot back, cocky in his new bike.

And off they both went like gunshots. The young man was fast, but Jake was fast, too. They pumped at the pedals, shifting gears and adjusting positions and sprinting. It was only a half mile across the park; a couple minutes and they were done. Out of breath, red-faced and panting, Jake crossed the line just a second later than the other young man.

“Aw, man, you beat me!” Jake laughed.

“Sure did. Now I get my reward!”

Jake laughed again. “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

At this the young man hesitated, for a moment. “You mean… wait, are you new here?”

Jake stopped laughing; the young man seemed serious.

“Yeah, I beat you, man. Local cycling rules - you gotta do what I say.”

“Uh, OK, man…” Jake laughed uneasily, now regretting engaging with the other guy at all. This was getting kind of awkward.

“Yeah, now I’m all boned up from that sprint. You’re gonna suck me off, dude.”

Jake’s eyes flew open. “Uh, what the fuck?” He hopped his bike a few steps away from the guy.

The young man looked startled and then shook his head, glaring at him. “Oh, no, no way, dude, you’re not backing out of this now. I beat you fair and square.”

“I don’t… that’s not my thing, man. I mean, no offense if you’re into that but I like girls, I’m not like that.”

Even as Jake stammered his way through those words, the other young man had unclipped his shoes and lunged off his bike directly at Jake. He caught him by surprise, and Jake, still clipped into his pedals, fell over backwards spectacularly, arms flailing around, landing flat on his back.

“WHAT THE F-” Jake went to yell, but the young man’s lycra-clad crotch smashed directly into his mouth. It tasted salty and musky, and smelled like ball sweat, like he hadn’t washed his shorts in a while.

Jake started struggling, still locked into his bike and really in no position to fight back. The young man shoved his shorts down and his thick, hard cock popped out and smacked Jake across his face. Then his big, hairy nutsack flopped out right into Jake’s mouth.

Jake tried to spit out his balls but the young man had grabbed both sides of Jake’s head with his hands and began shoving his nuts deeper into his mouth. Jake started salivating reflexively and the musky flavor of the other guy’s unwashed, sweaty balls began filling his mouth as Jake gagged, coughed and sputtered.

“Yeah, fucker,” the young man hissed at him, “Suck my fucking balls, you pathetic loser. That’s what you get for losing! I fucking beat you, I’m better than you, you worthless piece of shit.”

He drew back, pulling his dripping ballsack out of Jake’s mouth and then shoved his cock in its place. The angry purple swollen head of his cock was leaking precum steadily and slid into Jake’s mouth, forcing his jaw open wider. The shaft was slimy with sweat and residue from the unwashed bike shorts. Jake tried to scream but that just opened his throat up for the attacker’s cock to jam right down.

“Yeah, you little bitch,” he kept on, “Fuck yeah, this is the best part of biking.” With every following word the young man pulled his cock out and then thrust it, hard, down Jake’s throat. “Owning… fucking… pathetic… losers… like… YOU OH FUCK YES YES YES!!”" On the last thrust Jake felt the cock raping his throat swell up even more and start pulsing. As the young man screamed out his dominance he let his cock slip back out, so the first few blasts of spunk went straight down Jake’s throat into his belly, but the rest of it squirted right out into his mouth. Jake started choking on the hot, sticky spunk and began crying from the shock of it all as the young man slipped his cock all the way out and stood up.

“Damn, dude,” he said, completely nonchalant, “Was I your first? Awesome, I fucked a bike virgin!”

Jake was sobbing uncontrollably now, curled into the fetal position in shock at the rape as the young man stuffed his still-hard cock back into his shorts and hopped on his bike like nothing had happened.

“See you soon, loser!”

It took Jake a good thirty minutes to pull himself together enough to get up. He got on his bike but was too shaky to pedal. Worried he was going to fall, Jake got off and slowly walked his bike towards the nearest police station, but in just a few blocks he found a bike cop patrolling the path.

“Officer, I - I need to report a rape.”

The officer looked at him, at first with skepticism, but when he saw Jake’s ashen complexion his face grew serious.

“You got raped, son? What happened?”

“I was biking and this other guy, he raced me, and he won, and then he said that meant he got to… got to…” Jake broke down and started sobbing.

“It’s OK, son, it’s OK. Alright, follow me to the station. It’s gonna be OK, we’ll take care of you down there, I can’t help you out here on patrol. Are you OK to bike? It’s a mile or two from here.”

Jake steeled himself and nodded. He hopped on his bike and took a deep breath.

“Follow me, son. We’ll take it slow.”

When they got to the police station Jake already felt significantly better. The officer escorted him into a room with a bed, a fridge with some snacks in it, and plenty of Kleenex. “Just wait here a minute, son, I’ll be right back.”

Jake laid down on the bed and took some deep breaths. What a fucked-up day. Well, the day had been fine, really, just that psychopath. What was he thinking? And when Jake refused, he didn’t just look angry, he looked… confused. Remembering that look just froze Jake’s blood.

“OK, son, I need to have a few words with you for the report, if that’s OK.” The officer plopped himself down into a chair next to the bed. He had a burly build, a buzz cut and a light beard that did nothing to hide a couple chins. His gut fell heavily between his spread legs as he talked to Jake. It was a wonder the guy could bike at all, Jake thought, and then felt guilty for thinking it.

Jake told him the whole story. It was getting easier to tell. The cop nodded a few times, took some notes, and then cleared his throat.

“Son, I need you to stand up and just give me a full 360, just basic inspection here, this being a rape report and all, you understand.”

Jake nodded, stood up, and turned around. “Stop there for a minute,” the officer commanded. Jake stopped, facing the wall, the officer behind him. He felt the man grab one wrist. He felt something around it and heard a zipping noise. He felt it around the other wrist. The same zipping noise. His wrists tugged together behind him.

“Officer, what are you-”

“Son, I get that you’re new here, from your story, so I just wanted to get you down here to the station to sort some things out.”

“I can’t move my arms - officer, what’s going on?”

“Jake, when we rode back to the station, do you remember who was in front?”

“I was following you, officer.”

“That’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is that I beat you here, isn’t that right?”

Jake’s blood froze anew. “Wait, officer, what-”

“And now I’m just going to spell this out for you because the last thing I need from you is a rape report I gotta deal with every time you’re out on your bike riding all slow like a little bitch.”

“Wait, officer, what the fuck is going-”

“I’m just going to tell you this once, Jake, and then I’m going to show you. Like show and tell, get it? In this city, this is how it works. Not on the books, but in the streets. You ride, anyone can race you, and if they do, you must accept, and whoever wins, the loser has to do what they say.”

“No, please, no, let me go, I’m sorry I said I’m sorry I told you-” Jake panicked, his heart racing, the trauma flooding back.

“So you and I, we raced here, and now how that works,” and now the officer was right up against Jake, his hot, wet breath coming out in short bursts against Jake’s neck, “Is I get to do whatever I want to you. And now I’m going to show you.”

“NO!!” Jake started screaming, yelling, flailing around. The cop easily subdued him with one hand, pushing Jake forward against the bed, his arms restrained behind his back, Jake just fell face-first.

“This room is sound-proofed, son, so yell all you want.”

Jake felt the man’s large, uniformed gut as it pressed against his back, pushing him down into the cheap mattress. He felt the man yank his jersey up just enough to get his bibs down around his already-pinned arms, enough to slide the bibs off.

“Oh yeah, I can see why that last guy was so excited. You’re a prime piece of ass, Jake,” the officer hissed, hoarsely. Jake felt large, rough hands on his exposed ass cheeks, squeezing them like someone roughly checking bread at a grocery store. “Yeah, fuck, nice plump ass, Jake. You’re gonna make a good bike bitch around here. You’re gonna be real popular.”

Jake heard the jingle of the belt and the button pop and zipper of the pants as he sobbed and screamed, face down into the mattress. And then he heard the big man hock up a mouthful of saliva and spit it out. He heard the wet squelching noise of what he knew was the fat man stroking his spit-slicked cock, now, and closed his eyes just an instant before he felt the engorged head of the cop’s cock press against his puckered asshole.

“Hey, boy, look on the bright side - at least I got it wet for ya. Maybe not everyone’ll be so nice.”

And then the full weight of the cop came down on him. Jake felt the wind crushed out of him as the big man’s fat body settled against his, the man’s uniformed rolls settling around his body, subsuming him. The cop grabbed him in a full bear hug and squeezed, hard, and Jake tried with all his might to keep his asshole shut as the cop leveraged his large mass to impale Jake on his cock.

“Oh, fight all you want, boy, but it’s GOING… IN!!!”

He stabbed hard and timed with that shout of “IN!” his cock broke through Jake’s resistance and his cock popped, all at once, into Jake’s virgin rectum.

“OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Jake screamed, his vision blurry from the piercing pain of his second rape of the day.

“Oh yeah,” the cop panted into his ear, “Oh fuck yeah, you’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you? You’re gonna be real popular around here.” He started pistoning his cock in and out of Jake’s abused asshole. “Wanna know why I’m a cop, boy?” He didn’t wait for an answer from the screaming, incoherent Jake. “I love being a cop because I love telling people what to do. I pull you over? You do what I say or else. I knock on your door? You do what I say or I tase you. And you, Jake, nothing makes me feel more powerful than having you hog-tied right here in the police station, helpless while I fuck you in the ass like a bitch.”

A few more thrusts and the cop grunted and twitched, his huge belly jiggling against Jake as he came. Jake felt the warmth in his insides as the cop emptied a large load of jizz up his ass. Then the cop collapsed, panting, out of breath, sweaty and sticky against Jake, pinning him to the bed.

“Well, I’m still the one calling the shots, Jake, and after I have sex I like a little cuddle time, don’t you?”

“Please just get off of me,” Jake begged, with eerie calm. Something in the back of his head told him he was certainly in shock.

The cop didn’t respond, but Jake felt him start groping him, and then to his horror felt the big man’s wet, hot tongue start probing at his ear.

He sucked and licked at Jake’s ear for several minutes during which Jake just laid and tried to think of anything else, and then finally stopped.

“Know what else I like doing after sex, Jake?”

“I don’t know man just please…”

Jake stopped talking as he felt warmth again inside him, only this time it kept going.

“Yeah, you little cunt, that asshole of yours isn’t just a cump dump, Jake. It’s a urinal too, if that’s what I want. Ahhhhhhhhh, yeeeeeaaaaaaah.” The cop let out a slow moan as he emptied his bladder directly into Jake’s swelling colon.

And then he was done.

He slid his cock out and before Jake had time to react he yanked Jake’s bibs back up and pulled his jersey back down.

“Stand up, bitch.” He yanked on the ziptie binding Jake’s hands, pulling him to his feet. Jake struggled with the heavy feeling of all the piss in his guts but managed to hold it in.

“Now get the fuck out,” the cop said, and severed the ziptie with a pocket knife. He shoved Jake out of the building and slammed the door.

Jake only lived a few miles away and, still in shock, all he knew was his guts were full of the cop’s piss and cum and he had to get home before it all forced its way out. He hopped on his bike, now numb to everything happening in this surreal day, and started pedaling.

But four blocks in, waiting at a stoplight, he heard a couple bikes approach from behind.

“Hey, dude,” a younger voice said behind him. Jake turned, hoping against hope he could just go home and be done. He saw a pair of younger punks perched on BMX bikes wearing low-slung shorts and baggy tops. They looked dirty - probably street youth.

The blonde one smirked. “Race ya to the next light!”

Jake shook his head. “No, thanks.”

The brunette with the mohawk laughed, then sneered. “Wasn’t a question.”

The light turned green and Jake started pedaling with all his might. He took off like a shot, and had almost pulled away from the two kids on their cheap little bikes when he felt it.

One of the kids sideswiped him, hard. Jake managed to stay upright but lost almost all his momentum. The blonde kid sprinted ahead. Jake pushed hard and regained the lead but felt his bike slide out from under him as one of the kids lashed out, kicking his rear wheel hard to the side. Jake once again regained balance but the ride continued like this. He yelled at them. They laughed. Finally they reached the next stoplight, but moments before Jake could win the blonde kid shoved him so hard he almost fell again, and both kids skidded to a stop at the light before him.

Jake felt his temper rise up. “No way, you little pricks.” He was shaking with fear and anger and adrenaline and rather than stop he put the hammer down and sprinted off in the other direction. He saw the shocked faces of the kids as he pulled away, and then saw their looks turn to anger.

He could hear the crappy BMX bikes grinding as they chased him, but he was determined not to let up this time. The only problem was his rather compromised condition. All that grinding had his guts tied in knots and he was straining to hold his asshole shut and was pretty sure he could feel the hot liquid seeping out of his asshole and into the pad in his shorts. It was distracting, and it limited how hard he could push while still keeping control. And it was that limitation that finally cost him his escape.

“I don’t THINK so,” the brunette with the mohawk said as he caught up and shoved Jake off his bike.

“I was only GONNA make you suck me off, but now you’re in for it, you fucking bitch,” the blonde said as he stood over Jake.

“Come on, guys, I… it’s been a shitty day, I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me, please just let me go.”

The brunette laughed, and the blonde one spit on Jake and sneered.

“Rough day, huh? Lemme guess, because you’re a little BITCH and you keep getting beaten at the bike races? How many cocks you have to ride today, faggot, how many loads you take today just to make it home?”

“Hey, wearing all that homo shit I bet he likes it. Bet it’s not so rough… bet you’re just begging for it. ‘Oh, no, you beat me,’” the brunette lisped, mockingly, and then he turned around, slipped his pants down, and spread his hairy ass cheeks, winking his asshole in Jake’s face. “‘Pwease make sure to fuck me EXTRA HARD!’”

Both kids laughed as Jake struggled to get up, but just as he sat up the blonde kid grabbed him by the back of his helmet.

“Nice helmet, fag. Makes it easy to push your fag face around wherever we want.”

He held Jake’s face still and the brunette backed his hairy, spread ass cheeks up.

“You run away like a little faggot bitch, I’ll treat you like a little faggot bitch. Eat my dirty asshole, you fucking homo. Lick it clean.”

The kid’s spread ass eclipsed Jake’s vision, and the kid released his hands, letting his cheeks close around Jake’s face. Jake tried to breath but was choking on the ripe, stinking odor of the kid’s sweaty, hot ass. But his own ass was screaming at him that it couldn’t hold its contents from the last rape much longer. Jake winced as he opened his mouth, resigned to his fate. He tasted the kid’s dirty ass and gagged, but forced himself to continue.

“He’s DOING IT! HE’S ACTUALLY DOING IT!” The brunette shouted with sadistic delight. “He’s licking my ass!!!”

As Jake finished licking every square inch of the kid’s dirty ass, the kid pulled his ass away and turned, smirking widely down at Jake, a long skid mark streaked up his face from chin to forehead.

“Oh FUCK yes, my turn!” The blonde panted, furiously rubbing his huge boner through his shorts. The brunette grabbed Jake’s helmet and the blonde kid dropped his shorts and pressed his big, ripe bubble butt back against Jake’s face so the cleaning could continue. As he did, the brunette taunted Jake.

“You like it, don’t you? If you like it, nod your head yes.” Jake didn’t nod and the brunette spat on him. “NOD! I said NOD YOUR FUCKING HEAD!”

So Jake nodded. Both of them exploded in peals of laughter. “He fucking loves it! The faggot loves doing this shit! Licking an asshole? What kind of sick fuck likes that? You’re fucking sick, dude.”

The blonde kid finally pulled away and turned around. Jake’s face was a mess, stinking and dirty, ass-sweat and saliva dripping off his chin. Both kids were in heat, now, jerking their cocks over Jake’s glassy expression. They both exploded in unison, spraying Jake’s face down with huge loads of cum. And at that precise moment, Jake’s bowels finally failed him, but he couldn’t muster up the urge to even care as he felt a steaming hot flood of cum and urine from his own ass gush out into his bike shorts. The pad soaked a lot of it up but still a good quart of it ran down his legs and splashed against the ground, which caught the kids’ attention.

“WHOA! DUDE! Did you see that?!? I think he just shit out a big load of piss!”

“Hey! Faggot! Whose piss was that?”

Jake just looked blankly up at them through the cum and ass-juice streaking his face. “The cop I reported the rape to. He pissed up inside me.”

“FUCK, you tried to tell a cop about this?” Both kids exploded in laughter. “NICE WORK, IDIOT!”

“Well, you like piss so much, maybe we got something for you.”

“No, come on, please, just let me go, I don’t like piss.”

The blonde smiled cruelly. “I think you do. And I think you still gotta do what we say. So open your mouth and say ‘I love piss.’”

Jake started crying, but was too far gone to fight. “I love piss.”

“Now say ‘Please piss all over me.’”

“Please… please piss all over me.”

“Wow, that’s fucking sick dude, but if you say so! You sure? You really sure?”

“Yes… yes, please… please piss all over me.”

Jake didn’t actually get the last words out because two streams of dark yellow urine hit him right in the face as he was finishing. The two kids let out long, satisfied moans as they unleashed their bladders full of urine all over Jake, hosing down his hair, his face, all his bike clothes, soaking his arms and legs in it.

“Alright, fag, we’re done. You can go now. See you next time!”

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