For the Empire

By Tkhon published January 26, 2018
A long way away, in the far off past, a man ends up in over his head when he tries to take out a leader of the Galactic Empire.

Kobi gritted his teeth. Just a few feet away from him stood General Leo Squallard, one of the most important members of the Empire. He tightened his grip on his blaster. If he could take him down, he could end this war right now. But he waited in the bushes for the right time to strike. Kobi took a deep breath, trying to be patient, as the training of the ancient Seti Paladins instructed. He had only recently begun his training, and General Leo was allegedly a master of the dark Jidh arts. So Kobi waited, trying to empty his mind, while also keeping an eye out for the right moment. He wasn’t exactly sure how to do both at the same time, but he didn’t have a choice but to try.

General Leo disengaged his communicator and began to move. Kobi’s eyes widened. In a few steps the General would reach an angle where he could see him. He couldn’t take that risk, he had to act now! He leapt forward, grabbing his Seti Radiance Saber and activating its glowing white blade. His feet never touched the ground. General Leo turned his head slightly to look at Kobi, his hand outstretched, cloak flapping in the wind. He smirked.

“You have much to learn, boy, if you thought I couldn’t sense a presence as loud as yours,” he accentuated his remark with a flip of his wrist, Kobi’s Radiance Saber was wrested from his hand, floating alongside him.

“Shit,” Kobi cursed. The rumours must be true. All of them. He glanced down, his feet several inches off the ground. This man was really levitating him with the power of his mind!

“It is truly tragic what passes for a Seti Paladin these days,” General Leo laughed, turning to face Kobi. With a slight flex Kobi’s Radiance Saber flew into his hand, he examined it dismissively, “still, don’t feel too bad, I’m sure the Empire will find some use for you.”

He clenched his hand into a fist and everything went black.

Kobi awoke to find himself in a wildly different setting. He was lying on synthetic floor. He saw a window and quickly determined he was in space. Orange and pink light spilled into the room from a nearby astral body, contrasting hardly with the bluish lights of the vessel he was now trapped on. As he regained his senses he realized he was in what appeared to be someone’s quarters. General Leo’s he realized as his memory returned. No doubt he was preparing for a personal interrogation.

Kobi sensed noise and movement at his peripheral and turned to see General Leo exiting what appeared to be his personal bathroom. He saw Kobi and raised his eyebrows.

“Up already? I’m afraid you’ve found me quite indisposed,” he rumbled not breaking strike.

Kobi soon figured out what he meant by that, the General was completely naked. Prosthetic hand exposed, as well as… other parts of him. Kobi retched and turned away.

“No need for preamble then, you have important information on the rebellion, and I have every intention of leaving this room with that information.” With that he sat down on a nearby chair, his dick flopping openly, apparently not fazing the man in the slightest.

Kobi did his best to sound brave, “if you’re looking to interrogate me, you’re out of luck, but the least you could do is put some pants on. Talk about unprofessional.”

General Leo looked down, as if only now noticing his own nudity. “Oh this?” he said casually, “no I think you quite like seeing me this way.”

Kobi found himself nodding in agreement. He glanced up at the man, who had been gesturing lightly at him moments ago, taking in his broad shoulders, his muscular body, his hairy barrel chest. The big man had a commanding presence, and a commanding dick to go with it.

“At least if I’m going to be held here I’ve got something nice to look at,” Kobi mused.

“Now then, be a good boy,” Leo rumbled, “and talk.”

“Talk? Sure, about what? Politics? Religion? Flower arrangement? Anything in particular, Leo? Can I call you Leo?” Kobi tried to talk fast and hoped the General didn’t notice his hands shaking.

“General Leo, I think,” the man replied. Kobi paused for a moment.

“Right, well… General Leo… I don’t know anything, and I won’t be telling someone like you!” Kobi shouted defiantly.

“Is that so? But aren’t I exactly your type? You seem like you’d be in to older gentlemen such as myself.” The General said with a soft smile.

“Wha-? No…” Kobi was taken aback by this turn of events. Was this man, this fearsome leader of the imperial navy… into guys? And he thought he was too? Sure he liked seeing this guy in the buff and all, but…

“You are gay, and attracted to older men,” General Leo repeated, firmly this time. He waved his hand gently through the air.

“I am gay, and attracted to older men,” Kobi repeated. His eyes fell upon the General again. He looked the same, yet different. Where before Kobi had appreciated his appearance before, he now felt hunger. He looked at his muscles and imagined them glistening with sweat, he looked at his masculine, domineering frame, he wondered what his treasure trail felt like, what his dick would look like hard, how it would feel, it already looked great hanging lazily between his legs, surrounded by hair and muscle. Perfect hair, a nice mix of salt and pepper, just the way Kobi liked it. Older, experienced, but not over the hill.

“Now…” the General began to lazily stroke his dick. Kobi couldn’t take his eyes off of the display, “would you consider helping me out, and sharing some information?”

Kobi looked at the raw, sexual man masturbating before him and cursed his luck. Of course the rebellion never got any cool old guys like this, unless you were into aliens. His thoughts wandered briefly to that hairy creature that smuggler always had with him, he’d probably be good, but Kobi was no space furry.

“Absolutely not,” Kobi replied, somewhat sadly. Here he was, presented with a perfect specimen of a man, but he was on the wrong side. Of all the luck.

“I see.” The older man narrowed his eyes, “get on the bed, if you would.”

Kobi obeyed, in fact getting on the bed suddenly became the most important thing he could do. He was so focused on the fact that he had to do it that he couldn’t think of why he would or what could happen next. He stood up and made his way towards the General’s luxurious bed. He sat there, dazed, unsure what to do next.

“Strip. On all fours, boy,” the General demanded. Kobi quickly complied, still unaware of where this was leading.

The General slicked up his fingers and began rubbing Kobi’s ass cheeks slowly.

“Hey! What the fuck do you think you-re doi-“ Kobi was cut off quickly.

“You don’t want to resist anything being put inside your ass. You want to relax and accept it no matter what.” General Leo told him.

“I don’t want to resist anything being put inside my ass. I want to relax and accept it no matter what,” Kobi echoed. He couldn’t help but let out a contented sigh as he felt the man resume poking and prodding at his ass with his fingers. Whatever his other feelings, his biggest desire now was to relax and let the General slide whatever he wanted into his willing ass. That was his priority.

As more and more fingers slid in an out of his hole Kobi found it increasingly difficult to focus as each thrust took his relaxation deeper than before. He awoke slightly when he felt something cold enter his passage. He glanced behind to see the General was sliding Kobi’s own Radiance Saber in and out of his ass. Kobi didn’t mind. It didn’t matter what, if someone was putting it in his ass, it belonged there. Because of this, Kobi wasn’t remotely surprised when General Leo began aligning his thick cock with his hole. It didn’t matter. He may hate the guy, and the Empire he served, but that didn’t mean his dick didn’t belong in his ass.

If he wasn’t in such a relaxed state the big thing probably wouldn’t have fit, but despite having no prior experience he was taking it like a champ. Kobi was vaguely aware that the General was using his powers to help the process along, which was good, because even if it hadn’t fit, his dick belonged there, buried deep inside him. He ddn’t want to imagine this scenario without the General’s help. As his thoughts swirled around in his head he thought about how General Leo couldn’t be all that bad, if he was helping him in this way. Right?

Kobi was vaguely aware of a hand appearing at the corner of his vision, almost seeming to glow.

“While you’re stuffed full of my dick, you WILL answer my questions to the absolute best of your ability, with complete honesty.” General Leo instructed.

Kobi understood. He nodded.

“Excellent. Let’s begin. Where is the rebel base located?”

“Zalberon!” Kobi managed to say. He had no reservations. He didn’t want to say it, but he had to, the General’s dick was in his ass.

“Good boy!” The General laughed, “and what systems are allied with them?”

Kobi began to list anybody he could think of. The questioning continued in this fashion for some time, with the General rhythmically thrusting in and out of them the whole time. Finally the questions came to an end.

“It is a great honour to be allowed to carry such a large imperial cock,” General Leo rumbled, “But only a truly loyal imperial is worthy of taking a load up the ass.”

Kobi was horrified. The idea of not making the General cum terrified him. He felt ashamed that he was a rebel, it was the worst choice he’d ever made.

The General noticed his dismay, “Worry not, boy. Simply declare your loyalty to me, my Empire, right now. It will mean betraying everyone you know and love, but in return you will be rewarded,” he gestured towards his beautiful dick and smiled.

Kobi didn’t have to think twice. Anything for the Empire.

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