Party Time: Scene 4

By TickledPink published January 25, 2018

The guys have a friendly match, before discovering something that’s, well, just not cricket.

The wheelie bin had been set up and an all-on-all cricket match was in full swing. Jim was batting, hunched over and making eye contact with Rick. With a quick run up Rick bowled, the orange rubber ball bouncing off the ground when Jim hit it with a smack! Jim started running, but a leap from Neel saw him take the ball one handed! He shouted out in victory.

Jim sighed and handed over the bat. The other guys had come over to congratulate Neel, slaps on the bum that seemed to grip just a bit, and hugs that lasted a bit too long. Jim wandered out in to the yard, ready to field, stripping off his singlet as he did. His well-muscled chest covered in dark hair. Now clad in just his white shorts, he squatted slightly, and the shorts pulled taut over his cheeks.

Rick lined up for another bowl.

Gareth was busy. His actors were all in place and the final scene was underway. He’d decided to start things off with a truly original concept: he’d have them play a sport, like real straight guys, but it’d be a strip version. The only sports equipment he could find handy had been cricket gear, but he figured it’d do. He watched as Neel walloped the ball, sending it flying into the back fence with a crash. He realised he’d have to intervene a bit to ensure the match proceeded according to script. He didn’t count on some of the cast actually being able to play.

On the next bowl he adjusted camera angle. A neat trick of filming made the ball seem so much faster than it was, and this was enough for it to breeze past Neel, making a dull ‘thump!’ as it smacked into the bin. The guys cheered and ran over to congratulate Rick. The hugs and bum smacking continued, with a squeeze of the thigh for variety. As Neel handed over the bat he grabbed the waist of Ricks speedo, snapping it playfully.

Neel pulled off his shorts, complaining that he’d started at a disadvantage, not wearing a shirt. He wandered over to his spot in the field thongs slapping his feet as he went, and Ashley walked up to bowl. Neel leaned down hands resting on his legs. Gareth made sure to get a close up of Neel’s exposed arse, his grey and blue jockstrap showing it off nicely. He also grabbed reaction shots from Jim and Alan, who found their eyes drawn to it.

The lads played steadily into the afternoon. Each of them felt the strangest sensation. Like they were being watched. But when they turned around to check if someone was looking, all they saw was a small camera, its little red light steadily glowing.

They weren’t sure why, but for some reason today they seemed evenly matched. Ashley normally dominated, but he was hampered somewhat by the buttplug he had to occasionally push back, whenever it threatened to come out. This proved to be his undoing when, distracted by this task, he was bowled out by Rick.

Over time they lost the few clothes they had, their congratulations becoming more intimate with each time.

Rick, now with just his speedo and zinc-cream went over to congratulate Alan, who in turn had only his nautically themed jock-brief and his cap to protect his modesty.

“Nice work!” He said, grabbing Alan’s exposed arse. He traced his thumb down the middle before letting go, brushing at Alan’s bulge as he took his hand back. Jim, in a pair of red briefs put an arm around his shoulder, stroking at his stomach with his other hand as he did. Tracing through up through the fine dark har, he gave one of Alan’s nipples a congratulatory squeeze, before returning to his place in the field. Neel, who hadn’t managed to get another turn at bat since came up behind him, giving him a hug from behind. Alan could feel Neel’s bulge, slightly parting his cheeks as they pressed together.

Ashley came over, carrying the bat as an offering. And the guys watched with interest. He hesitated for a moment, hands pulling at the waistband of his jock. He pulled it down, discarding it to the side, his semi-hard cock bouncing, the first of the guys to lose all his clothes. As he went to his fielding position each of the guys seemed to take turns looking and reacting to the black base of the buttplug, peeking out between his cheeks.

A couple of runs by Alan later, he finally got bowled out by Neel. Alan handed the bat over to Neel, who tucked it under his arm. Alan went to remove his cap, but Neel held up a hand. Neel, grabbed Alan’s jock in each hand, and slowly pulled it down, freeing Alan’s cock. Alan, now naked aside from his snapback smiled and went back out into the field.

Jim took bowling position, and rubbed the ball on his package. Normally he’d rub it on his pants, but the red briefs were the only fabric on him at the moment. He considered that point for a moment. ‘You know, when you think about it…’ He thought, thinking about it. ‘Cricket is not a sport you want to be playing without protection, someone could get hurt or something.’ Then he thought, ‘best not to think about it.’ He ceased thinking about it and bowled.

The game went on, until the second last item of clothing was removed, leaving Alan’s cap as the sole piece of clothing any of the guys had on. The guys congratulated Alan and grabbed some beers, groping and gulping in equal measure. All the guys were now fully erect, their groping and fondling building on the lust they felt admiring their friends’ naked bodies.

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” Neel said, his arm around Ashley’s shoulders “So, master batter, how do you feel like celebrating?” He said, punctuating it with glance to Alan’s crotch.

“It was a good match you know,” Alan answered, as Rick’s hand moved from his thigh to slowly start stroking his cock. “I reckon we can think of a few ways.” With that he turned to face Rick and the two began to kiss, licking at each other’s tongues whenever they pulled away for air.

Neel and Ashley had started to make out, with Jim joining them. Jim pressed his chest into Ashley’s side, and the shorter man broke off the kiss with Neel to turn and make out with Jim. Swapping every few seconds the Neel and Jim seemed intent on competing for which one could more effectively dominate Ashley’s mouth. Reaching behind Ashley, Neel grasped firmly at the base of the buttplug, and began to move it. Ashley rolled his eyes up and sharply breathed in, sucking the air out of Jim’s mouth.

Alan walked Rick backwards slowly as they kissed. The lighting was better in their new location. Alan broke off the kiss and slowly lowered himself to his knees. He licked at Ricks stiff cock, tasting it, pulling back lightly on the foreskin as he wet it. He began to slowly suck, the cap on his head pushing up as the brim hit Rick’s stomach. Alan reached up with one hand, and turned the cap backwards, continuing his sucking. Rick gasped placing one hand on Alan’s head to steady himself. He let out a steady moan in time with Alan’s bobbing head. A finger slowly worked its way into his crack, tickling at his hole. He felt the colt tingle of lube tracing along, as the finger began working its way in.

Letting out a lusty “Unnnnh, yeah…” he let Alan probe further.

Ashley found himself laying back on a deck chair, legs held up in the air from behind. Neel was reaching over him, holding his legs in place by the knees, while he and Ashley continued to make out. Jim finished his beer and placed it out of frame. Kneeling down to Ashley’s upturned arse, he removed the buttplug. Ashley shivered as it came out. Delivering his left cheek a sharp slap, Jim rubbed at Ashley’s hole, three fingers stroking and poking in the hole. He leaned his face in and began licking at the pink hole in front of him. Ashley shivered again, from the sensation of Jim’s stubble and moustache around his hole.

Jim finished his rimming and delivered a playful slap to Ashley’s hole. He reached back off camera and grabbed his beer bottle. It wasn’t the same one he’d put down earlier. It was a cleaned and sterilised one prepared for the scene, and appropriately lubed up. But through the magic of editing it looked just like his. He carefully, very carefully inserted the bottle into Ashley, finding that it went in easily.

He maintained a careful grip on it: had to be careful with things like this. After all, they were professionals and this, were this reality outside of a controlled production set, would be a fairly dangerous thing to do. Something struck him as strange about that thought, but he couldn’t think about that now, busy as he was fucking Ashley with the beer bottle. Neel stood, bringing his crotch in front of Ashley’s face, who awkwardly, but enthusiastically began to suck, angling it down as he did. Neel leaned over Ashley, and he and Jim kissed roughly.

Rick and Alan lay on their sides, on a conveniently placed blanket on the grass. They each had the others cock in their mouths, 69ing as they vigorously fingered each other. Alan paused to gasp, Rick’s tongue having found a particularly sensitive point on his throbbing erection. Sensing weakness Rick repeated his technique faster, upping his assault on Alan’s hole. Alan felt his pleasure building, but, refusing to be outdone returned to Rick’s cock. He pushed forwards, taking the full 6 inches, making a muffled gagging noise as he did. Rick convulsed at this, and it was his turn to pause as Alan bobbed along his full length. His repeated cries of “nhhh, nhhh, nhhhh” egging Alan on.

Ashley was on all fours again. Having finished with the bottle, Jim was banging Ashley’s hole, who yelled encouragement in time with the noise of their bodies slapping together.

“Unh! Yes! Fuck! Fuck yes! Fuck that hole! That hole is- UNH – that hole is your fucking hole!” His dialogue continued like this. Variations on a theme.

Neel had his cock in hand, stroking rapidly as he licked at Jim’s chest. Jim hissed in pleasure as Neel gently nipped at a nipple. He reached a hand over, taking over Neel’s stroking.

Ashley looked up to see his camera pointing straight at him. He didn’t remember putting it there, but he must have at some point, so he figured he’d had a reason for it. He licked his lips at the camera, making his lips as circular as possible as he practiced his “oh, oh, oh!” exclamations. Alan’s face appeared in front of him, and neither hesitated, tongues wrestling from one mouth to the other. Rick had bent him over and had crouched down, alternating between tongue, spit and thumb as he played with his hole.

Rick straightened up and aligned the tip of his dick with Alan’s hole. The blue condom almost disappearing entirely as he slid in. To anyone who hadn’t seen the prep work done off camera it would seem like Alan was a truly capable bottom. Jim and Rick made eye contact as they fucked their friends, who continued sloppily making out.

Neel extracted himself from Jim’s hand, and moved in behind Rick. A green condom appearing almost by sleight of hand, Neel rubbed his dick along Rick’s crack, pushing himself against his back. Rubbing up against him a few times, he finally moved his hips back, before pushing into Rick’s hole. Again, appropriate preparation off camera meant he slid in, easily.

They moaned as they fucked, bodies glistening with sweat. Jim pulled out of Ashley, and spun him around, to lie on his back. He moved forwards, kneeling over Ashley’s face, feeling Ashley’s tongue probing his hole almost immediately. He pulled Alan up, delivering him a quick, rough kiss. Pushing Alan into kneeling position he ducked down, shuffling back slightly. He spat onto the tip of Alan’s cock, rubbing his saliva and Alan’s precum across its surface, before wrapping his mouth around it. He pumped his cock, savouring the feeling of Alan’s cock stretching his cheek, tickling his throat, and the sensation of Ashley’s lips and tongue on his hole.

The men began approaching their limits. Neel, Rick and Alan separated, and Jim stood up. Ashley, still lying on the ground looked up and smiled at his friends surrounding him. They stood in a circle, Neel, Rick, Alan, the camera on a stand, Jim. Each of the guys took their cock in hand and stroked, increasing speed as they went. Ashley was stroking his as well, looking up into the camera. Neel was the first to nut, cum spraying out and landing on Ashley. Jim and Alan followed soon after. Rick reached over and pulled Alan towards him, kissing him passionately and soon after had blown his load over Ashley also. Ashley stroked faster, and felt his friends kneel around him. Jim’s fingers prodded at his hole, pushing in easily. With three fingers Jim poked at his prostate, finger-fucking him. Neel moved Ashley’s hand away and began sucking on his rigid cock. Rick was kissing and licking at his chest, smearing their collected loads around with his tongue, while Alan and Ashley made out. The attention soon grew too much for Ashley, who convulsed with a cry, filling Neel’s mouth as he came. Neel held the load in his mouth, moving over. Alan allowed him access and Neel and Ashley kissed, passing Ashley’s load back and forth between them. After enough time for close ups, Ashley swallowed, licking his lips.

Exhausted, the guys collapsed to the ground, in a pile. They stayed like this for a while, lazily stroking at each other.

Gareth kept the guys busy for the rest of the weekend. They had finished their main scenes, but there was so much other stuff to do. Production shots, missing establishing shots, different angles of scenes, promo shooting, it just went on. They guys changed costumes, re-enacting scenes they’d done, posing in positions they’d been in and not been in, combinations that they’d done and hadn’t done. It didn’t matter that it wouldn’t be in the final cut, as long as it looked good for the promo. By the end of the long weekend each guy could say with absolute satisfaction they’d given it, and each other, their all.

After they’d finished their final shots on the last day, they chatted and laughed, lounging in the pool and watching the sun go down.

“Hey bum boy!” Ashley called out, sitting in a black speedo “bottom” written in silver just above the right cheek, “Grab us a beer, would ya?”

Alan sighed. “You know, based on this weekend, are you really going to keep calling me that?” He asked. Reaching behind him, as he stretched back his navy speedo pushed up out of the water, splashing Jim.



Rick interjected. “Yeah, but that was just acting. It was for the scenes.”

The guys agreed, it was for the scenes. The scenes. After a pause, Jim spoke up.

“What scenes?”

They sat in silence. Ashley glanced over at the table sitting next to the pool. There was no camera there. No red light.

“I gotta go.” Neel said hurriedly, pulling himself out of the water. “I guess, uh, I guess, Rick you need me to take you? Uh- I mean, take you home tonight. I mean… drop you off.” He stammered out. He stepped out of the pool, the dwindling light shining off his green speedo.

“Yep. Yep.” Rick said. Eyes wide. He pulled himself out of the pool too, but slipped, landing on top of Jim. As he righted himself he realised his hand was on Jim’s crotch, barely encased by the red square-cuts he was wearing. He snapped his hand back and practically leapt out of the water, the outline of his cock visible through the white speedo.

Jim left too stammering as he got out.

“It’s pretty late.” Ashley said, awkwardly, not looking at Alan.

“R- right” Alan managed. “I… yeah. I.” He couldn’t get any more than that out. He went to retrieve his bike.

‘WHAT THE FUCK!” The yell had come from inside.

Rushing inside Ashley found the guys standing in his living room. Alan came bolting in behind him, nearly slamming into him. The guys stood transfixed. They were staring at Ashley’s TV. None of them noticed the camera connected to it, blinking red, they were far too focussed on the images on the screen.

In glorious HD they watched as they sucked, fucked and-

“Oh god, we just…” Ashley trailed off, top stunned to finish his thought.

They’d. He and his mates. They’d….

The camera’s red light blinked. Gareth raised an invisible eyebrow.

They’d put on a show. They’d filmed their scenes. Like professionals.

But what sort of professionals do…

The camera continued to blink. But more zoomed in. Gareth drummed his fingers rhythmically on an imaginary table.

The kind of professionals who get hired again. Obviously.

Who the hell wants to be hired for…

The camera light blinked steadily. Really close shot this time. Gareth would have sighed had he lungs with which to do so.

Ashley stood up straight. Little Ashley did too. He nodded slightly to himself. The party had been a great success. They’d gotten some great scenes shot and they’d even gotten to know Tegan’s fiancé. The guys had stopped swearing at the TV, their expressions of shock and disgust now unabashed lust. Five hands, in unison, began rubbing at their speedos.

A few weeks later, at Alan’s place the guys were laughing, playing video games. But, because the scenario is nothing if not predictable, they were playing it as a strip version.

“Ha!” Alan yelled, and Jim’s character flew off screen, having been knocked out by a well sniped shot Alan had achieved while racing past in his kart. Jim sighed, and peeled off removed his left shoe. At Alan’s expression he rolled his eyes, before removing the right shoe as well.

Alan had been happier than he’d been since his break-up. Sure, they weren’t the guys he had expected to find himself with, but his friends were great guys. And he’d felt something that day. An itch he didn’t even realise needed scratching.


“Pizzaaa!” Yelled Ashley, who had already lost his shirt and shorts, sitting there in his hat, shoes and a black jock. Alan sprung up to get it, opening the door.

The delivery man stood there, his uniform tight over his surprisingly well-developed muscles, given he was a pizza boy. His dark hair cropped short under his cap. An attractive Asian face looked up at Alan.

“Pizza delivery? One meat lovers, one barbecue meat lovers, one supreme and two spice lovers with extra cheese?

“Yeah, that’s us.” Alan responded. The pizza guy handed him over the pizzas.

“Great, though you know, just between us…” he leaned in to whisper, though still loud enough for everyone to hear “they don’t really put enough toppings on if you ask me. So if you want I could…”

He reached down, cupping his bulge.

“Give you some extra sausage.”

The camera sat on a tripod next to Alan’s door. Its light glowing a steady red.

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