Josh - Part V - The Conclusion

By wiki published May 20, 2012
A homophobic young man learns what it is like when his worst nightmare comes true.
### Next morning - in Joshie's bedroom.

His alarm clock rang at 7:00 am as usual. Sunlight was streaming through his bedroom window. As he roused himself, he felt wonderfully refreshed. He wondered if his memory of yesterday was simply a bad dream. He turned to see Bradley's naked body and the intense sexual memories rushed back. It wasn't a bad dream - it was a great dream. He participated in the best sex of his life thanks to this stud. He wasn't sure if he was bisexual or gay but Josh, uh, Joshie realized that sex with men could be really intense.

Bradley stirred while Joshie was watching him. He sat up and kissed Joshie full on the lips. "Good morning Sweetcheeks. And good morning to Sweetcheeks Junior too!" Bradley bent down and kissed Joshie's cock which was rapidly become erect. Just to tease him, Bradley licked Joshie's cockhead and then slipped it into his mouth for a little sucking.

"Thtop that thtud. We've got to get ready for thchool." Joshie pulled him away from his dick and planted another wet kiss on his lips.

"You're right," said Bradley. "Promise me that we can meet up after school. My shift at the restaurant doesn't start until 4:30. That will give us an hour after school is done to talk or ..."

"Make out?" suggested Joshie. "I'd like that for sure. Do you mind meeting back here? I am sure I could uthe another dip in the hot tub."

"No problem man. And maybe this time, I can get a ride on Sweetcheeks Junior?" Bradley gave Joshie's cock another squeeze and then hopped out of bed. While he dressed, Joshie padded into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He had confirmation that his memory of yesterday had become his existence today. He stood in front of the mirror examining his appearance. With a sigh, he was afraid of what he would find. Earrings? Hmmm, same as last night. Fuschia waved fauxhawk? No change. Pierced tongue and belly button? Check. Smooth, hairless body? Thong tanlines? Tramp stamp and wing tattoo on his back? Yes - no change. Worst of all - 125 stick thin, muscleless body? Yuck - for sure.

But this inspection yielded no new changes to his appearance. Maybe his strange luck was turning. One problem - today was a school day and he would have to face his classmates - especially his best buds Ryan and Mike. He was not looking forward to the reception he was going to get at school.

Bradley interrupted Joshie's inspection. "Are you checking yourself out Sweetcheeks? I sure like what I see." Bradley leaned in for another kiss. "I'd better get going. No point in us both being late for school. I can show myself out. Thanks for last night, bro. I hope you realize there are benefits to coming out."

And with that Bradley disappeared. Joshie's first inclination was to run after him and drag Bradley back to bed but he realized there would be time enough for sex later. He needed to get to school and face his friends. He took a shower, grabbed a bowl of cereal and some juice, brushed his teeth, and fixed his hair (he really wasn't certain how to handle this new haircut) but found himself intrigued by the prospect of trying different hair styles. Walking back to his bedroom, it suddenly dawned on him that he would have nothing to wear - all of his clothes were purchased for the 185 pound Josh of the day before. Opening his underwear drawer, he discovered that one more change occured overnight - not to him but to his clothes. Rifling through the drawer he was not too surprised to find no underwear that he remembered. His boxer shorts and boxer briefs were all replaced by lycra, spandex, and cotton thongs in a rainbox of colors - not one of them white. He chose a black thong, size small. Sliding it into place, he noticed some sparkles that dusted the surface. Still this seemed the most basic thong he now owned.

Throwing open his closet, he was relieved to see a row of jeans in various shades of blue and black. He rapidly discovered that they were all of a super skinny cut emphasizing his now muscle-less frame. They were also all extremely low rise - any time he tried to bend over, his thong underwear would be exposed. As for tops, his dress shirts and button downs were gone replaced by pastel colored see-through or sheer shirts with lots of ruffles and lace. Additionally, he had a collection of colorful bow ties. "No problem," he thought. "Today will be a jeans and t-shirt day at school."

Opening drawers in his dresser, his heart sank again. All of his A&F, Hollister, and Aeropostale shirts were gone. Oh there were t-shirts but they were in pinks and baby blues, and they all had suggestive sayings like "Hot Stuff" or "Throw me Your Best Pitch" or "Scoring Opportunity." One shirt caught his eye - it was cotton, a faded orange color, and simply said "Club 69" in black. It was accompanied by two circles each with an arrow pointing up and to the right. That shirt seemed simple enough. As he dropped the size small shirt over his torso, he quickly noticed that it stopped about 1.5 inches from the belt line of his jeans - exposing a little of his stomach and his pierced belly button. This was going to have to do. He grabbed a couple of school books and his car keys. Locking the house behind him, he hopped into his car and drove to school.

He had wondered about trying to time his arrival almost perfectly with the start of school - that would avoid a lot of pre-class explanations. But he was resigned to his fate and felt he might as well get to school and get this over with. He pulled into the student parking lot and immediately spotted Ryan and Mike. They were with that gay kid. Jason? No Jack. Joshie remembered him from the Italian restaurant last night. It looked like his buddies were giving him a hard time.

"Okay gay boy, what did we tell you about where you should stand in the school yard?" shouted Ryan.

"Um, ah, I am supposed to stand at least 100 feet away from you," Jack said hesitantly.

"Away from you, what, fag?" replied Ryan.

"100 feet away from you Sir," Jack added.

"Very good, pansy. So why did you ignore our command?" Mike retorted. "If you know you are supposed to stay 100 feet away, why did you come so close to us?"

"Well, ah, Sir, I did not mean to be this close to you Sir. The bus just stopped and I got out Sir. I had no idea you were this close Sir," said Jack.

"That's no excuse," demanded Ryan. "You should have looked around the yard first and, if you saw us, you should have stayed on the bus until the coast was clear."

"Uh, yes Sir. I am sorry Sir. It won't happen again Sir," Jack offered.

"Well, that's not good enough faggot. You need to pay a penalty. D'you have any cash on you? I'm thinking ten bucks would be a good penalty for you to pay," Mike said while winking at Ryan.

As Jack fished for his wallet, Mike directed a comment to Ryan. "We got ourselves some lunch money. Too bad Josh wasn't here to see this. This is the first time we ever scored any money off this fag."

"Hey dudes. Thup," Joshie said as he approached the scene. He winced when he heard that he was still lisping. He knew other people with tongue piercings. He was going to have to learn how they could pronounce the ess sound so clearly.

"Whoa," said Ryan. "Do I know you? Or are you some pansy-ass friend of this faggot?"

"I know I have had a thtrange 24 hourth but don't you guyth recognize me? It'th Joshie."

"Josh? Joshie?" they both said simultaneously. "Man, what the hell happened to you? You have changed since yesterday bro. I thought we were just teasing yesterday but it looks like you have turned queer on us," said Mike.

"I can't explain what happened. It wath a weird day yethterday and every hour it jutht got weirder," Joshie shared.

"Well, that's one explanation," Ryan noted with one eyebrow cocked. "But I got text messages from both Jessica and Rebecca last night. They told me you came 'out' to them. They told me you had gone queer."

"My thexual orientation ith nobody'th buthineth but my own," announced Joshie.

"Whoa. Even your attitude is different. That's another example of the degree to which you have changed. While I thought it was weird that you had thong tanlines, a shaved body, and a little tramp stamp tattoo, a lot of models and actors do the same thing. I was teasing you about being gay but I didn't believe it. But today, things have gone way over the top - pink curly hair, blue fingernails, a bundle of piercings, that t-shirt. Calling yourself Joshie. If you aren't gay, you are doing a great job impersonating one," chimed Mike.

"I don't know how all of thothe changeth happened but it'th opened my eyeth to a whole new world. And ath thoon ath I can, I am going to change back," said Joshie half-heartedly. "OMG", he thought to himself, "do I really want to go back in the closet?"

"I'm not sure how you did these changes but I bet you don't weigh more than a buck and a quarter. You don't just regain muscle mass like that dude," noted Ryan. "Let me show you." And he gave Joshie a shove. Joshie wasn't prepared for that move and he stumbled into Mike.

"Hey don't get your gay cooties on me," Mike shouted. He shoved Joshie back in Ryan's direction.

"Well, I don't want them on me," Ryan added. "You know Joshie what we told Jack here - gay boys have to stay at least 100 feet away from us real men. Since you joined the other team, you need to obey that same rule."

"I got a text that you kissed that gay boy from the other high school," added Mike. "What's his name Ryan? Ah, Bob, uh, no, Bradley."

"And what if I did?" added Joshie.

"Kissing boys Joshie? You are definitely on the other team now. As Jack can tell you, we have instituted penalties for gay boys who forget the rules," Ryan stated.

"That's right," said Mike, "we need a ten dollar fine. Pay up and we won't hurt you. Jack has already paid his fine. Time for you to pay too."

And as he finished, he pushed Joshie toward Jack. He was stunned by the comment and the speed of the shove. He lost his footing and fell. Jack offered his hand and helped Joshie to his feet. One look told Joshie that Jack was scared to death. His friends had been bullying Jack and now they were bullying him.

"You all right?" asked Jack.

Dusting himself off, Joshie nodded. He leaned into Jack and whispered in his ear, "You know we can take them. We should teach them a lethon."

"Uh, I don't know. I'm not that strong," whispered Jack.

"It'th not that hard," Joshie said, "it'th all about leverage. Look follow my lead. If one of them goeth down, put your kneeth on hith shoulder and thit on hith chetht. Okay?"

Jack nodded.

Turning his attention to Ryan and Mike, Joshie spoke with a tone of submission in his voice. He almost seemed to be choking back tears. "I thought we were friendth, buddieth. I don't know how my appearanth changed but I am the thame guy underneath."

"I didn't say you could talk to your new masters, did I faggot? I did say you owed us a ten dollar fine. Get your wallet out and pay up." There was no smile on Mike's face.

"Uh, okay guyth. Just don't hurt me. I'll do what you athk." And with that Joshie pulled his wallet out from his back jeans pocket. He opened it and took a ten dollar bill from inside. He reached out to hand it to Mike but just as Mike tried to grab the bill, Joshie dropped it. A slight breeze took the bill about 25 feet away. Mike turned his back and chased after the cash. Ryan turned his head to watch the bill too. This gave Joshie the opening he needed. He drew back and hit Ryan with his fist. If not the force of it, the surprise of it knocked Ryan flat on his back.

"Now Jack. Kneeth on hith shoulderth and thit on hith chetht. I'll try to take care of Mike," shouted Josh.

Jack followed instructions and had Ryan pinned to the ground. By this time, Mike had turned back to the commotion caring little about the money. Seeing his friend on the ground, he turned and came running at Joshie. He was really going to give it to this faggot. A punch delivered at running speed should put out his lights.

As he got to Joshie to deliver the punch, Joshie simply ducked and the mighty blow missed. He stuck out his foot and tripped Mike. He went down hard with the wind knocked out of him. Joshie knew he did not have the strength to knock him out so he took the same advice he had given Jack - he pinned Mike's shoulders with his knees and sat on his chest.

"That was great, man. I never thought we could fight back," said Jack.

"That wath pretty good. And you were a lot of help there Jack. You know, you're alright. I've treated you pretty badly over the thchool year but when I needed you, you were right there for me." Joshie was breathing pretty hard. "I'm not thure what to do next. If we let them up, the fight will continue. I just wish they could experienth the world from your point of view Jack. Or should I thay our point of view."

"What do you mean?" asked Jack.

"I've learned a lot over the last day," said Joshie. "People treated me differently becauth of my appearanth. I wath a perthon detherving of rethpect and they couldn't thee it. Then latht night, I met a young man who touched me. I don't know how it happened but I had thex with him. And it wath wonderful. I know exactly how you feel Jack. I don't know if I am gay or bithexual - I'm pretty thure I'm not thtraight - but it doethn't make a differenth. Maybe I did have to walk in thomeone elthe'th shoeth to thee that. Maybe if these two could feel what it wath like for people to think they were gay, they'd develop a different attitude too."

"Really. Do you think so?" asked Jack. "Give me a second." And he closed his eyes. Joshie thought he could hear Jack murmuring something but it was too faint to be heard. Just as quick as he started, he opened his eyes and said "It is done."

"Uh, Earth to Jack. What ith done?" asked Joshie.

"Take a look at our attackers," suggested Jack.

Joshie looked down - first to Ryan and then Mike. They had stopped struggling and were acting like they were in a trance. As each second passed, their bodies were changing. Where they had been built like football running backs, the young men were becoming thinner. They seemed to be losing weight - a lot of weight. At almost one pound per second, it was as if they were melting away in front of Joshie's eyes.

After a minute, the two young men looked more like boys. They couldn't have weighed more than 130 pounds each. Their bodies had become super thin. Where they once had pecs and biceps, they now had flat scrawny chests and stick thin arms. Now something else was happening, Joshie couldn't be sure but their heads were changing.

The first thing he noticed was that their five o'clock shadow and scruffy beards had disappeared. As he watched, it was as if they had no facial hair at all. Where the young men had sported preppy hair cuts, their hair was growing thickly and turning into a mop. In front, they now had bangs which hung into their eyes. Mike's hair had turned a jet black color - almost like it had been dyed with shoe polish but there were bright white highlights running through it. Ryan's hair was definitely dyed - Joshie thought the color was called electric blue but, like Mike, bright white streaks broke up the color.

Their eyes were different too. To match his hair color, Ryan's eyes had turned a bright blue colour. He appeared to be wearing heavy black "guyliner" and had used mascara to lengthen his lashes. There was a hint of blue eye shadow which served to make his eyes seem bigger. The theme continued as he wore bright blue lipstick. Mike's eyes were a mass of smoky grey colouring. He appeared to be wearing contact lenses which gave his eyes a cat-like appearance. Heavy eyeliner, mascara, and dark grey eye shadow made his eyes seem sunken. While his lips were painted black, it was as if he had used some kind of white make-up on his face - his cheekbones had become more prominent while the rest of his face looked sunken.

Joshie wondered why he had not noticed before but both boys sported piercings. Mike had some form of piercing between the eyes - across the bridge of his nose. He had a pair of rings through his lower lip on either side of his mouth. His ears sported one inch plugs in stretched lobes. Ryan had little blue gemstones on each side of his nostril. He had two silver bars in his right eyebrow - each tipped with light blue spheres. He had a series of blue studs around his left ear and a one-half inch plug in his right ear lobe.

Rather than look baggy on their smaller frame, Joshie noticed that their clothes had shrunken and gotten tighter. On his arms Mike wore some kind of fishnet stocking/glove thing. He wore a black sleeveless t-shirt split at the sides. It ended two inches short of his low-slung black denim jeans. They were extra skinny hugging his legs almost like spandex. On his feet he had black Doc Marten boots - maybe 30 holes - rising almost to his knees. Ryan's clothes were somehow softer - more feminine. He also wore a sleeveless t-shirt but it was almost see-through. Powder blue in color it also had transparent images of clouds. His fingernails had been painted a bright blue. Using white nail polish, letters had been painted on each nail. They spelled - M-I-K-E-S B-I-T-C-H. He wore tight blue jeans which had been turned into cut-offs with the leg cuffed just over the knee. On his feet were heeled sandals which showed off his matching blue polished toe-nails and a blue anodized aluminum anklet.

Jack grabbed Joshie and made him stand. He was afraid they could be hurting the two transformed boys. They had become so small now that their weight could be bruising them.

As the changes ceased, Mikie and Ry-Ry stood up. Where these two had been angry, they were now feeling a sexual tingle. Their view of the world was different. Maybe that was because they were shorter and lighter and most of all massively "gayer". As they looked at each other, their cocks began to get hard. Mikie wanted to grab Ry-Ry and kiss him deeply. He was the gayest-looking man he'd ever seen. He wanted to ravage that sexy boy right in the schoolyard. For his part, Ry-Ry had a sudden tingling in his ass. He thought about all the hot men he'd ever fantasized over. He wanted to make-out with Mikie and he secretly hoped that Mikie would at long last want to fuck him.

They barely even noticed Jack and Joshie. They didn't care about school or sports or their friends. They only had thoughts about each other. Their sexual urges were definitely getting the better of them. "Let's get out of here," Mikie said in a voice so effeminate it made Joshie sound macho. And without thinking he grabbed Ry-Ry's hand and started pulling him away from the scene. It felt so right to hold hands in public with his "boyfriend." He continued holding it as they jogged away from the school looking for some place where he could free his ever-hardening cock.

"I don't quite know what happened there," said Joshie, "but I bet they end up having a different view of gay men."

"It took you about 24 hours but I am guessing that they will only need one hour to get to the same place," said Jack.

"I don't know what you did or how you did it. I do know you are alright and you have a friend in me - maybe, one day, a friend with benefitth," winked Joshie. "But right now, I have a hot guy in my life. We are meeting right after thcool. I thtill have a few more thingth to learn about thex with a man and Bradley ith going to teach me."

"It is too hard to explain what has occured here. But I do have a question - Are you okay with everything that's happened? You know, there is a way for you to go back to the way you were. I am glad to have a new friend but only if you are okay with it," said Jack as he reached out to shake Joshie's hand.

"I'm fine. I don't want to go back," said Joshie. "Thankth for offering to help. But there ith no way I'm giving up on Bradley. If I could change one thing, I'd like to get my old body back. I think Bradley would enjoy that too. And maybe I could be a little leth, 'fashion forward.' The hair, and clotheth are a little over the top."

"It will take a while but I am pretty sure you will be gaining your old muscle tone. I also suspect your fashion sense will be a little less fabulous going forward," said Jack. "You didn't mention anything about the piercings."

"I could lothe a few of thothe for thure," added Joshie "but I am kinda digging the new vibe. Bradley thinkth they're cool. I think make-up really helpth bring out my thexy eyeth and I love having thome hot waves and curls in my hair."

Jack slapped Joshie on the ass and the two young men laughed. This had turned out better than Jack had ever imagined.

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