Josh - Part IV

By wiki published May 19, 2012

A homophobic young man learns what it is like when his worst nightmare comes true.

As he was about to lock the door, Josh saw car lights coming back up the driveway. He hoped Becca had changed her mind. He wanted to continue the great blowjob he had been receiving. Since it was a warm night, he wrapped a towel around the waist of his naked body and slipped on some flipflops. He rushed out to the driveway to keep apologizing to Becca. The car had come to a stop but the headlights were still on and they were aimed directly at the house. As he stepped outside, he heard the driver door open and close. He thought he could see someone standing at the front of the car but with the bright lights in his eyes, he couldn’t make out the features.

“Hey baby,” Joshie shouted, “I’m tho glad you came back. I wanted to apologize. For everything. I’ve had a tough day. Pleath, can’t we just jump into the hot tub and pretend like nothing odd happened. Pleath? You don’t have to give me a blow job. We could jutht kith and make out and thtuff. I jutht want to have you near me.” Damn. That tongue piercing was really making him lisp.

“All is forgiven sweetcheeks,” said someone. Joshie couldn’t be sure but it didn’t exactly sound like Becca’s voice. It was huskier, lower than he remembered it.

The figure started walking toward him. He was having a hard time seeing the person given the bright car headlights. Joshie put his hands to his eyes to try and block out the glare but it was no use. The figure moved to within three feet of him before he could make out the face. To his surprise it was a man.

“I knew you were having a hard time in the restaurant. Coming out is a difficult thing.” It was Bradley. “But isn’t it better now that you are true to yourself.”

Bradley reached out and pinched Joshie’s left nipple. After so much rejection, Joshie appreciated a little attention - even if it was from a guy. He looked down at the hand caressing his nipple. Just as quickly, another hand started caressing his right nipple. Little waves of pleasure flooded through Joshie. He closed his eyes and shuddered. Then, he felt Bradley kissing him. The feeling of Bradley’s lips was so warm and inviting. He responded by passionately kissing back. Bradley’s mouth was so heavenly.

When they broke for a second, Joshie asked “What are you doing here?”

“As I cleaned up your table, I discovered that you had left a credit card behind. The manager wanted someone to return it to you. I volunteered for the job hoping we could rekindle the moment we shared in the restaurant,” shared Bradley.

“But, but, but I’m not gay,” said Joshie.

“Oh really,” offered Bradley. “You’d be amazed what I can see with you only wearing a towel. Your voice may be saying you aren’t gay but your dick is rock hard. Let me show you.” And with that Bradley removed the towel from around Joshie’s waist. Joshie looked down to see his hairless dick harder than ever. Even though it was four inches long (hadn’t it been longer?), it was so hard that it almost hurt.

Bradley whistled at the naked Joshie. “I like what I see Joshie. What was that about a hot tub?” Bradley asked.

“Well, um, it’th inthide,” stuttered Joshie. He liked the sound of that nickname. It suited him. He batted his eyelashes like a twinky flirt. “Do you wanna thee it? I can grab a couple of beerth along the way.”

“Sure” agreed Bradley. “It sounds like fun. One thing though - I didn’t bring a bathing suit. I’ll have to go nude.”

“That’th okay by me.” Joshie grabbed Bradley’s hand and they ran back into the house. Joshie quickly showed Bradley the hot tub. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cold beers. When he got back to the hot tub, Bradley was naked and smiling at him. Joshie handed him a beer and then joined him amid the bubbles.

With some encouragement from the beer and the warm spa, the young men were soon relaxed and enjoying the feel of each other’s smooth bodies underwater. Joshie realized that, for the first time, he was yearning for another boy to kiss him. Joshie felt Bradley’s hands gently caressing his smooth tummy, working their way down to his hairless groin. He couldn’t take it any longer. He reached over to gently pet Bradley’s growing shaft and was promptly rewarded with a deep, sensual kiss. Which turned into another kiss and then another. The boys were soon locked in a passionate make-out session that was worthy of a porn video.

Joshie felt Bradley’s tongue wrestling with his own. He felt Bradley teasing his plump lips with little nibbles. This was the most fun he’d had all day. It felt so good to have someone lusting after him again. He felt a little guilty about enjoying all this boy-on-boy pleasure, but he quickly rationalized that any sex-starved stud would be super horny after what he went through today. Besides, he reasoned that it was only polite to show some gratitude, since Bradley had returned his credit card even after what he had said at the restaurant.

When they weren’t making out, Joshie assessed Bradley’s body. He couldn’t help noticing that Bradley looked good. Really good. Okay, it was more like amazing. His body was toned and tanned, looking like a model-perfect swimmer. Being a jock himself, Joshie had seen plenty of naked male bodies and their dicks. Bradley had a longer and thicker than normal cock and some nice balls. As he thought about that dick, he felt both a wave of lust and a wave of panic. H felt his ass start to tingle. He imagined what it would feel like to have a dick penetrate his virgin rosebud and he thought it would feel great. Did that make him gay?

Bradley saw the look on his new friend’s face. He mistook it as a look of confusion. He put his arm around Joshie’s shoulder and leaned in for another kiss. He never would have guessed that Joshie was such a good kisser and that got him to thinking about what other skills Joshie might have.

As Joshie moaned appreciatively, he felt Bradley take his hand and put it on his throbbing dick. Joshie couldn’t help squeezing the thick meaty cock as he felt Bradley nibbling at his sensitive nipples.

“Do you want to make me feel good, sweetcheeks?” Bradley asked.

“Mmmm yeah. I, like, totally wanna make you feel thooo good, thtud. Anything you want, Bradley!” Joshie’s head was telling him to run away, but the tingling in his nipples, his ass, and his own penis had his hormones in overdrive. Even his effeminate lisp was beginning to sound so sexy and so right to him. He tried to remember what his old voice had sounded like and found he couldn’t. Hadn’t he always had a bit of a lisp?

“Oh yeah, you’re my kinda boi!”, Bradley gushed as he lifted himself onto the hot tub seat to get out of the water. Sitting on the edge gave Joshie easy access to his dick. Bradley couldn’t believe his luck. He had expected to drop off the credit card and then get yelled at again. He was getting an extra bonus with this EMO boi. He suspected that Joshie was new at this and would be very submissive.

Bradley couldn’t contain a lustful moan as Joshie leaned in to lick his cockhead. Joshie’s head was telling him to run and hide, but he felt compelled to respect this confident stud. He was doing exactly what was expected of a … of a … queen! Bradley had his big juicy cock out, and Josh was showering it with kisses and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Bradley had never felt the ball of a tongue piercing on his dick before. Damn that Joshie just kept getting better and better. He was working on long division problems in his brain to keep from cumming too quickly.

Joshie felt Bradley’s fingers running through his hair as he worshipped the fine man meat with his eager mouth. He loved the appreciative moaning as he deep-throated Bradley’s hard pole. He was in ecstasy when Bradley reached around to fondle his super sensitive nipples.

As Bradley continued moaning and shuddering, Joshie knew he was doing everything right. Suddenly warm ropes of cum were gushing down his hungry throat. Joshie swallowed eagerly and felt a great sense of satisfaction.

“You have a natural talent for cock-sucking,” said Bradley. “Do you want to try something else?”

“I gueth tho,” said Joshie, still lisping from the tongue piercing. “What do you have in mind?”

Bradley knew that Joshie was eager to learn. Tonight was special and he didn’t want to miss this chance to take Joshie’s virgin ass.

“Stand up for a second, sweetcheeks,” suggested Bradley. “Now, lean over the steps and let me look at your ass.”

Joshie quickly complied. He felt Bradley massaging his asscheeks and this sent waves of pleasure through his body. Bradley’s finger first touched and then tickled his asshole. One girl had tried this before but it didn’t do anything for him. Tonight, it was a whole different experience. It felt so good having someone play with him down there.

Bradley could see the effect he was having on Joshie. He could see him close his eyes. His breathing grew deeper and slower. Bradley stood up. His dick was now hard again. He stopped tickling Joshie’s asshole with his fingers and replaced it with his dick. The helmet was throbbing as it touched Joshie’s hole. Bradley massaged the drops of precum that were oozing from the piss slit in Joshie’s ass. He rubbed more over his dickhead.

Having anointed the crown with its own juices, Bradley began to manoeuvre his stiff cock into Joshie’s cleft, pushing his asscheeks apart. Slowly but firmly he pushed against the quivering ass and broke the seal. Joshie groaned as the massive helmet pierced his asshole and began to work its way in. Joshie was conscious of every millimetre as the plum shaped glans forced its way into his ass until the moment when the pressure on his ass lips was reduced as they slipped over the thick ridge of the helmet.

Bradley held still for a moment, letting Joshie feel the pleasure of this great lump of hard flesh just inside his asshole. Then, suddenly, Bradley began to push forward, in an inch and back again, in two inches and back again. Joshie felt every penetration stretch his bowels as the thick cock drove further into him. As Bradley began to glide in and out against his new friend’s prostate gland, Joshie started to groan with both pleasure and pain as the enormous cock ploughed further into him. Bradley would not give up until the whole of his thick eight inches were into this EMO boi who feared that he would be split apart by the massive cock.

Joshie felt the heat of Bradley’s chest against his back when he held him tightly with his cock fully in his ass chute. Joshie breathed deeply savouring the fullness of the cock buried deep inside him. Pulling his cock out almost to the helmet, Bradley began to piston drive Joshie’s ass. There was no gentleness. With his hands holding Joshie firmly in place he drove his cock in and out until the EMO boi screamed for relief. Bradley responded by quickening his pace, ploughing his cock in up to the hilt, slapping Joshie’s buttocks with his own hairless groin. The more Joshie yelled, the harder Bradley pumped. He withdrew his cock from Joshie’s ass and then violently slammed his engorged helmet through the tight asshole to pump again. What had been Josh’s straightboy nightmare turned into Joshie’s gay boi fantasy.

At last Bradley began to slow down. Keeping a tight grip on Joshie’s hips, Bradley’s cock ploughed up and down Joshie’s ass chute, never pulling out completely but teasing the tight ass hole with just a partial withdrawing of the helmet which somehow pleasured Joshie as he felt the ridge of the helmet slip past his hole. It compensated for the pain he felt in his bowels.

Joshie’s screams turned to low groans now as he felt Bradley’s cock begin to throb inside his ass. Bradley quickened and then slowed, quickened and then slowed his pumping into the insatiable boi pussy and began to groan himself as he shot his load into Joshie. Never fully withdrawing his cock he slowly drove in and out as his balls emptied themselves into this Emo boi’s asshole. For what seemed like an eternity he continued to plough Joshie’s ass, reducing his strokes as his cock emptied and began to soften inside his new friend. Only then did he release his grip and in a show of tenderness wrap his arms around Joshie, lifting him upright while at last pulling himself out of his friend’s ass. Joshie turned himself around and pressed his body against Bradley to feel the heavy cock close to his groin and thighs as it dripped the last of its juice. Joshie held on to Bradley, almost wanting to cry on the boy’s shoulder both in relief and in thankfulness for the painful pleasures to which he had been submitted.

Joshie’s own cock was quite deflated. Sore and exhausted by his initiation into man sex, Joshie felt that moving to his bedroom was the best option at the moment. He asked Bradley to spend the night - to share his bed. After locking the front door, they went to Joshie’s bedroom - still naked. Joshie was so tired. A good night’s sleep should help him understand what was happening. It was different to fall asleep snuggling with another guy but it also felt right. Joshie was having a difficult time remembering what he ever enjoyed about having sex with women. His last thought was feeling Bradley developing a chubby. That brought a smile to Joshie’s face. “God, I am so queer”, he mused to himself.

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