Josh - Part III

By wiki published May 18, 2012

a homophobic young man learns what it is like when his worst nightmare comes true.

“Like I’d call that fag Bradley,” Josh huffed in a voice that ironically sounded stereotypically gayer than ever. He got into his car and started driving. He’d show that bitch Jessica there were plenty of girls who’d jump at the chance to spend the evening in the hot tub with him.

He pulled out his iPhone and dialed Rebecca. She was always hot for his bod.

“Yo Becca,” he said.

“Hey Josh, what’s up?” she asked.

“My parents are out of town. Wanna come over and hang. I’ve got the hot tub fired up. Got some drinks too.” He was regaining some of his confidence after this fucked up day he was having.

“Cool. See ya in 30 minutes.”

Shutting off the phone, he turned from the main road, up the driveway, and made his way into the garage. He had just enough time to wash this make-up shit off his face, remove the nail polish and get ready for Rebecca to be there.

He went straight to his bathroom and pulled off the ridiculous clothes, earrings and bracelets. He couldn’t hide his shaved body and tanlines but if he was right, Becca would be too busy to notice them. He surveyed the makeup. Damn it was really bad. His lips were much plumper than before; like he’d had collagen injected into them. His mother had makeup remover that could take off most of the stuff. He realized he did not have time to remove all of the nail polish but he was able to scrape the little flowers from his fingernails. He’d have to get his hair fixed tomorrow. Maybe it was time for the old, reliable buzzcut. He grabbed his Axe body wash and jumped into the shower. He scrubbed everywhere and especially his face. He thought he did a pretty good job repairing the damage as he rinsed off.

To try and do something with his hair, Josh went to the mirror. Damn, his eyebrows looked really bad - there was hardly any hair there. His lips weren’t so bad - at least without the gloss. He pulled on a pair of knee-length board trunks and a sleeveless t-shirt - want to show the guns, he thought. As he started walking downstairs, he heard the doorbell ring. Becca was here and his night was about to get a whole lot better.

When he opened the door, Rebecca was smiling from ear to ear. “Oh Baby. I love it. Jessica called to tell me that you had come ‘out of the closet’ but I knew that could not be true. You are a red-blooded, straight boy if I ever saw one. I came over because I wondered if you were trying a new look. And I love what I see. I get weak in the knees for pretty EMO bois. Looking at you, I am positively getting moist.”

Josh was in heaven. He didn’t know why he put up with Jessica. She was always ordering him around. Becca knew Prime Grade A beef when she saw it. Tonight was going to be so much fun he thought.

“Jessica told me about some of the changes to your appearance,” said Rebecca, “but she left a lot of things out sugar. I’m glad you met me at the door shirtless. I like to see some tanned skin.”

“Shirtless,” he thought. He was sure he had put on a sleeveless tee but if Becca like it, who cared.

She ran a finger along his arm. “Oh, so smooth. I love a boi with no hair on his body. I bet you even shaved your pubes. Love it baby.”

Josh was a little surprised that his hairlessness was such a turn-on but he might as well go with it.

“And your hair. Jessica told me about the faux-hawk but she never told me that you had dyed your hair. I love the color. What do you call it - fuchsia?”

“Fuchsia,” he thought. That must be another word for platinum blond.

“I love the earrings baby,” cooed Rebecca. “Jessica told me about the triangle studs, the diamonds, and the rook. But she never told me about the ring of ten hoops around your right ear. Along with the two diamond studs in your nose, very sexy, pretty boi.”

“Wait a minute,” thought Josh - that didn’t sound right. He had removed all that jewelry earlier. He casually reached a hand to his ear and discovered that the jewelry had returned.

“Do a little spin for me, will ya baby?” Rebecca asked in her most sexy voice.

Josh turned slowly. As she saw his back, she let out a wolf whistle. “Fantastic baby. I love the tattoo work you have had done. That Facebook posting did not do you justice. Your little tramp stamp with the butterflies, birds and unicorn just screams EMO but even better are the tribal wings on your shoulder. I never would have thought to have them tattooed in baby blue and orange.”

Josh’s heart sank. That description did not sound right. He only had a small tramp stamp earlier. How did he get more tattoos in the last thirty minutes? He then felt someone touch his ass.

“I love the thong too, Joshie. It is such a pretty shade of robin’s egg blue and it sets off your cute little butt so well.” As Becca pulled on the waistband she exclaimed “Oh what sexy thong tanlines, Joshie. You should have called me. We could have been tanning together. I would have loved to rub suntan lotion on your hairless ass. You are so cute. I could just eat you up.”

“Thong,” thought Josh. He had taken that off earlier and put on board shorts hadn’t he. Well, no matter, if Rebecca liked what she saw, he would be getting laid tonight.

As he finished the spin, Rebecca was grinning like a cheshire cat. “My, my, this isn’t the Joshie I saw at school today but I like it. When did you learn to do make-up? It’s a little too Pete Wentz for me but all of that dark mascara and eye shadow matches well with your pretty blue nail polish and matching blue lipstick. And you have plumped your lips? Let me see.”

And with that, Rebecca grabbed him in an embrace and kissed him full on the mouth. While he wasn’t expecting such an enthusiastic response, he much preferred this kiss to the one he had received earlier from Bradley.

“Yum. I have never kissed a boi wearing lipstick before but I really liked the feeling. Are we ever going to have fun in your hot tub.”

As Josh shifted positions, he unconsciously put one hand on his hip. That’s when he felt all those hemp bracelets slide down his arm. Hadn’t he removed those earlier too?

“You look incredible Joshie. I can call you Joshie can’t I? You are just too pretty for a name like Josh or Joshua. From the top of your fauxhawk to the cute anklet and matching gold toe-rings, you make one fine EMO boi. I do have one question though, how did you lose all the weight? I swear earlier today you looked bigger, more muscular. I would have guessed 180 to 190 pounds. But I guess what I thought was bulk was simply layers of clothing. You don’t need to hide your slenderness. I like 125 pound skinny bois. Your arms and legs are so deliciously thin - almost girlie. And your chest is so flat and thin. I bet your waist is only 26 inches around. You know, if you like, we could try swapping clothes. I have some kicky spandex leggings and spaghetti strap tanks that would look great on your body.”

Her words sent shock waves through Joshie. Up to now, the changes had been fairly superficial but he had worked hard on his physique. He liked being big and muscular. He felt more manly. The shape Rebecca was describing was his worst nightmare - a thin, girly-boi.

“Excuse me for a second Becca,” Joshie blurted out. He quickly walked down the hall to the powder room. Without realizing it, his walk had changed. He now wiggled his ass and swished with the best of them as he put one foot in front of the other. Becca smiled at his now girly walk.

He turned on the light and stared in the mirror. “Oh my God,” he mouthed. What had happened to him? He was so thin. And his hair was now bright pink! Is that what fuchsia meant? And it was so wavy, almost curly-how did that happen? Although, he had to admit it did look kind of hot. Hadn’t he secretly always fantasized about getting his hair permed? He was wearing enough make-up to be a circus clown. But he liked the look. Kinda like that cute Brandon Flowers from The Killers. He was so dreamy. How was this happening? Why was this happening? As he stood there looking and turning from side to side, he saw the reflection of Rebecca joining him in the mirror.

“Just like a typical EMO boi. Always checking yourself in the mirror to see if your look is perfect,” cooed Rebecca in his ear. She ran a finger down his chest, along his stomach, past his belly button ring (when did that happen?), and stopped at the waistband to his thong. “Let me have a little look.” And she pulled the waistband away from his body. “Yup. Just as I thought. Smooth as silk. I want to get a better look at that. Come with me.”

As Rebecca had visited Joshie’s house before, she knew exactly where the hot tub was located. She was practically dragging Joshie along with her. Had she always been so strong or had he become that weak? As she got closer to the hot tub, she began shucking items of clothing. Her shoes went one way; her jeans another. She pulled off her top. She was breathtaking. She wore an amazing two-piece bikini. There was just enough fabric to hold back her D-cup breasts and cover her pubic area. Joshie thought this style was known as a string bikini. He had only ever seen them in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and on that poster of the cute Brazilian girl he had hung in his locker at school.

They climbed into the hot tub and Rebecca was all over him. He had never felt so sexy before. Every touch on his smooth skin sent shivers down his spine. It was like he was hyper-sensitive everywhere her fingers connected with his skin. Within seconds, he was hard and the front of his thong was tenting outward.

“Ooh. It looks like someone is glad to see me,” Becca said. She just pressed herself closer and dove for his mouth. Their tongues wrestled and both of them were moaning.

“Baby you go all out when adopting a new look don’t you?” whispered Becca. “I love the feeling of your tongue piercing when we kiss.”

“Tongue piercing,” he thought. What else can happen to him? He cautiously rubbed a nipple and was happy to discover that, at least, it wasn’t pierced. But if girls were this hot for a tongue piercing, maybe he should have gotten one a long time ago.

“Give me some more of that sugar,” purred Becca. She was french kissing him for all she was worth. It was clear that something special was going to happen shortly as her hand dropped down and started to massage his cock. “Baby. Sit on the edge of the hot tub. I want to see your hairless dicky up close.”

Joshie did not have to be asked twice. He slipped the thong off and climbed onto the edge of the tub.

“I don’t know if it is the lack of hair but your very suckable little dicky looks so much nicer than the last time I saw it,” announced Becca. The two of them were part of a group of ten who went skinny dipping in the middle of the night six months earlier. While it was great fun being naked together, no one had gotten a very good look at everyone else. Still Joshie was pleased with the compliment. He still had his manhood.

Becca took one of her manicured fingernails and ran it lightly along the edge of Joshie’s dick. It hardened instantly. If it was any harder, he could have driven nails with it. She ran the fingernail across his dickhead. Josh shivered from the sensation. Becca then ran her tongue along his piss slit. A little rope of pre-cum dangled from her lips and chin. He knew what was going to happen next.

Becca opened her mouth and inhaled Joshie’s cock. Jessica never liked to give him a blowjob. This was great. Becca was able to suck the whole thing - without gagging, which was easy seeing his max size was only about four inches now. As she bobbed her head up and down the shaft, every nerve in his body was tingling.

“Ooh that’th great, baby.” The tongue piercing was making it hard for him to pronounce the “ess” sound. It was coming out like a lisp. “Jeth never made me feel like that,” squealed Joshie. “Don’t thtop baby! Ooh Bradley. That feelth so good, Bradley. Don’t thtop thucking me Bradley.”

He could feel the blowjob stop. What was wrong? He looked down to see Becca with anger developing in her eyes.

“Bradley. Who the fuck is Bradley?” she screamed. “I am giving you the best blow job of your life and all you can think about is a guy. And just who is this Bradley? Jessica was right, wasn’t she? He is your boyfriend. This isn’t just some EMO thing - you are queer. How could you lead me on like this? You could have said something sooner. Maybe we can be friends in the future Joshie, ya know, share some make-up tips, talk about hot boys, maybe even do some above the sweater stuff but, for now, I want out of this place. You fucking fag. You god-damned pathetic fag. Get me a towel. I am going home.”

Naked, Joshie jumped from the hot tub and ran to the nearest linen closet. He grabbed two towels and quickly returned. Rebecca was wringing water from her hair and grabbed the towel that he offered. He was stumbling over his words, apologizing for an innocent error, begging her not to leave, repeating that he was not gay, imploring her for another chance.

With her body mostly dry, Rebecca slid into her jeans and boots. Before donning her top, she turned to face the still babbling Joshie. “I just don’t understand you Joshie. You always seemed like such a normal guy. And I told you I liked this new EMO phase. I thought we were going to have fun in your hot tub. I thought you would love my boobies.” And with that she undid her bikini top and let it fall to the floor.

Joshie stood there and stared. His mouth went a little dry as he stopped talking and stared.

“Well, now I know you are gay,” shared Rebecca. “Just look at your tiny little shrivelled dinky. Every other guy who has seen me topless has sprouted instant wood. You have to be gay, you pathetic worm, if anything your cock is shrinking.”

Joshie couldn’t explain it. Her breasts were perfect and she was so sexy. He should be sporting wood. He had sported wood just a few moments ago. It had to be the crazy day he was having.

Fully dressed, Rebecca stormed out of the house taking the remains of her bikini with her. As he watched her drive away, Joshie was crestfallen. The only redeeming thing about this day was that he did not have to face his parents to explain all of the features of his new appearance.

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