Josh - Part I

By wiki published May 16, 2012

A homophobic young man learns what it is like when his worst nightmare comes true.

“Out of the way faggot,” said Josh as he pushed me into the bench in the locker room. I couldn’t stand him. He was always messing with me. I was gay but I never bothered him or anyone else. Hell, I was a nice guy, good looking too, but he just couldn’t stand that I’d come out earlier that year.

I’d put up with his shit for long enough and something had to give. It was time. Josh was very attractive himself. He was 6’2" and 185 pounds with a very defined build, nice abs and chest. He had a movie star smile, beautiful green eyes, and dark brown hair. He kept a nice golden tan during the year as well. Too bad he was such an asshole, cause otherwise he’d be boyfriend material. We were both 18 and had known each other for years. But since I’d come out, Josh had done whatever he could to ostracize and humiliate me especially at school and around his friends.

The thing Josh and no one else knew was that I, Jack Worthington, was a warlock or witch whichever you prefer. My family had maintained the arts for thousands of years. There are hardly any left. We do our best to not draw attention to our powers so we rarely use them. But Josh deserved what was coming to him.

He was busy stripping off his shirt and still had his jeans on. We were getting ready for PE class. Josh was talking to his buddies Mike and Ryan. They were already standing in their underwear while Josh was getting ready to pull off his pants. Time for Josh to experience some humiliation of his own.

Josh pulled his pants down and noticed weird looks from his friends.

“What?” he said.

“What the fuck are you wearing dude???” said Mike pointing down at Josh’s underwear.

In place of his normal tighty whiteys was a tiny, mostly sheer, white thong. His pubes were gone and his crotch was totally smooth. As low as the pouch was sitting, it was obvious to everyone that Josh had shaved. You could see the full outline of his cock.

“What the….” said Josh his face burning red as he looked down at his crotch. Fuck, he was totally smooth from the neck down. Something was fucked up here.

“I, umm…Jessica got me these for Valentines Day,” he said as he quickly pulled off his jeans and the thong exposing his bare crotch to his buddies who were snickering at his new look.

“Nice pubes there man. Did Jessica do that too?” laughed Mike as others in the locker room joined in.

“Shut the fuck up, I get more pussy than all you guys put together,” boasted Josh as he pulled on his jock. How the fuck did he get that stupid thong on? Add to this, he had no idea how he’d lost all his pubic hair.

His legs were as smooth as silk, a detail that Mike had noticed too. “Oh I see you shaved your legs too. Nice man, real nice,” he said as Josh’s face burned red. He punched Mike hard in the shoulder.

“Women like it smooth,” was Josh’s weak comeback, trying to figure a way to explain what had happened.

“No problem man,” said Ryan still giggling to himself.

I thoroughly enjoyed that, and there was going to be much more to come for Josh.

After an hour of basketball we went back into the locker room to shower. Josh had gotten over his earlier shock, but he was still uneasy as he tried to play things off like nothing had happened.

He had a look of concern as he pulled off his shorts and tank top. He knew he had to shower so he let out a big sigh, pulled off his jock, grabbed his towel and was going to wrap it around his waist like he always did, but I entered his mind.

Josh, instead, found himself walking towards the shower area with his towel over his shoulder and his crotch thrust forward as proud as a peacock. He never realized what he was doing and just headed for the shower.

He let the water run for a few minutes so the hot water could make its way through the pipes, adjusted the temperature, then entered the cubicle and started to lather up. He happily scrubbed away. What he didn’t realize was that the soap was bringing out his tan, making it darker, and, unfortunately for him, showing some new tanlines too. He wore board shorts to the beach so the area from his knees to his waist was almost ivory white. It never got any sun.

As he lathered, the soap had an intoxicating smell - kinda like the beach, and the football field, and the locker room. He spent a lot of time lathering his cock and balls, his ass, and his legs. He had a new appreciation for their sensitivity. He rinsed off the soap and stepped out of the shower. Josh felt clean and fresh, but was unaware that he now sported a look that clearly showed he had been sunbathing while wearing just a skimpy string-bikini - so revealing that that it barely covered his dick, balls and ass. The lack of a visible tanline against his thigh and the stark tanline at his ass crack were unmistakable signs that this was his preferred way of dressing when he was sunbathing in public.

He didn’t notice that his cock was semi-hard as he grabbed his towel and headed back into the locker room. His big dick looked obscene as it bounced with each step.

“Yo Mike, what you getting into tonight?” asked Josh drying his hair next to his buddy.

“Shit man back up. Your dong is almost touching me. And, ah, love the tan lines dude,” said Mike looking down at Josh’s half hard dick.

Josh was freaked out, he was half hard in front of his buds and he had some friggin’ gay tan lines now.

Eager to change the subject, Ryan piped up. “Hey man, you remember talkin’ about getting a tattoo? I thought we had all agreed on a big nautical star for our right shoulder. It would show off the muscles and look great when we are shooting hoops.”

“Remember? I have been saving up the money. I think I have about enough. Really looking forward to getting my first ink,” said Josh.

“Um, what are you sayin’ dude?” asked Mike. “I can clearly see you already got a tat. I am a little surprised you went for a tribal tramp stamp. It must have been weird getting a tat so close to your asscrack. Was the pink butterfly your idea or did Jessica suggest it?” Mike couldn’t help himself. Laughter just poured forth.

“Tramp stamp?” asked Josh. “Where?”

Suddenly there was a flash in the locker room as Ryan’s smartphone snapped a picture. “Here. Take a look for yourself. I didn’t think it was your style but I bet it looks smokin’ with your thong.”

Josh took one look and almost started to cry. What the hell was happening? It was like a bad episode of Punk’d. There was another flash in the locker room. Mike took his own picture of the tattoo.

“C’mon guys. Leave me alone,” pleaded Josh.

“Hey man, you’re the one riding guys for being ‘faggots’ and then you get a tat that almost screams gay. As we learned in Grade 11 English, that is called hypocrisy.” Mike’s head was bent over his smartphone. “There that should do it,” he said.

“Do what?” asked Josh.

“I just posted that photo to our class Facebook page. Hey, look, two people have already liked the post. And the captain of the football team wrote WTF!” Mike and Ryan were almost crying from laughing so hard. And the blood just drained from Josh’s face.

The two teens saw Josh’s look and stopped laughing. Mike took a seat on a nearby bench. Ryan put a hand on Josh’s shoulder and encouraged him to sit on another bench and then took a seat beside him. Ryan looked Josh in the eye. “Seriously dude, is there something you need to tell us? We were laughing but that isn’t right. The rate of gay teen suicide is too high. Josh, man, I’m here to tell you that, well, it gets better.”

Mike picked up from Ryan. “Yeah, bro, the signs are all there - you shaved your body hair and your pubes; you clearly love wearing sexy thongs, you have a tramp stamp. You don’t have to pretend around us any more. We are your friends no matter who you find attractive. And if it helps, we can go with you when you tell Jessica that you have been living a lie. True friends don’t tease, um, what’s the word, ah, ah, queer people; friends support them.”

Josh couldn’t believe his ears. He wasn’t gay. He couldn’t explain the changes to his body but he loved girls, and boobs, and pussy. “Guys. I appreciate your concern but I am not gay. I am completely into girls. Jessica and I make out all the time. If I was some simpering, limp-wristed, pansy-assed faggot, I’d never be this obvious. Those gay bois should just stay in the closet. I am the victim of a practical joke. Nothing more.”

“Damn,” I thought, “Josh hasn’t learned one thing from these last couple of hours. He is just as homophobic as ever.” I turned my attention back to the three teens. Ryan was talking.

“A practical joke, huh. A joke might be swapping a guys regular underwear for a thong but look at your tan lines - that would take weeks. And that tattoo. It’s not painted on - no color came off on your towel. And look at your body. I don’t see any stubble on your arms and legs. It’s like your hair was permanently removed by laser treatments. That would take months. Josh, man, it’s okay. We’re your friends. You can be honest with us. We’ll protect you from any bullies. Just admit the truth and you will feel better.”

“That’s right,” said Mike. “We have always been buddies. Nothing can stop that.”

Both boys burst out laughing, they had been fucking with him.

“You’d better not be turning queer on us Josh,” laughed Mike.

“Fuck you guys,” laughed Josh trying to play along. Thank God that little talk had been a joke, but something was going on and he couldn’t figure out how these things were happening to him.

I had realized from Josh’s little anti-gay outburst that he needed a little more humiliation. Maybe tonight, during his date with Jessica, he would see the error of his ways.

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