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By z119z published May 13, 2012
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In The Game, you are pursued by the Controller. The Controller’s only goal is to make you his mindless slave, a robot whose only thought is to serve the Controller. The Controller will attack your mind and body with images, with words, with subliminals, with sounds, with the full force of his immense will. Will he overpower you? Will you succumb? With each level, as the Controller learns more and more about you, it will become harder and harder for you to resist the temptations he puts in your way. He will read your mind and use it against you. He will teach your body to respond in ways that increase his control over you. He will train you to long for the joy of his control. Soon, very soon, you will beg him to make you into his totally obedient, submissive slave.

The only way to avoid the Controller’s snares is to master yourself. Some become his total slave by Level 15. Some make it to Level 50. A few have held out until Level 100. The record is Level 132. In the end, the Controller has conquered every player. Will you be the first to defeat him? Are you strong enough to resist him? Play The Game and find out.

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By applying to join The Game, you agree that the Controller may check and verify all statements on your application.

You must be eighteen (twenty-one in some jurisdictions) or over to play and no more than thirty-five years of age when you begin The Game. The Controller will not accept applications from anyone outside this age range. The age of all applicants will be verified.

You must be in good health and physical condition. Preference will be given to healthy applicants with good physiques. At a minimum, you must be height and weight proportional. The Game requires good eyesight and hearing and excellent reflexes. The Game utilizes flashing lights (strobes) and rapid shifts in imagery. It should not be played by anyone susceptible to seizures or motion sickness. In submitting an application to join, you agree—

1. That the Controller may require medical examinations to determine that
you qualify to play The Game. The applicant is responsible for any
expenses associated with these examinations.

2. That the Controller bears no responsibility for any physical and/or
mental damage to a player of The Game.

You must have a webcam with a microphone. The Game will not run unless your webcam is operating.

You must wear earphones while playing The Game. High-quality, noise-cancelling earphones are recommended. You will get the best results if external noises are excluded. The Game will not run unless you are wearing earphones.

If the Controller accepts your application to join The Game, you will receive our unique handheld control device (described below). USB port required. The Game can be played only with this device. With the device, you will receive an activation code that will allow you to access The Game. You must play Level 1 of The Game within 24 hours of receiving the control device. The activation code will be cancelled if not used within 24 hours.

Privacy is necessary to play The Game. It is highly recommended that only those who live alone play The Game. A roommate or a partner will disqualify you unless you can demonstrate that you will be alone for the requisite amount of time each day. Levels 1-10 require a half-hour of uninterrupted privacy. Levels 11 and above need a full hour.

You will be allowed to play only one level per day, and, once you begin, you must play one level each day.

Failure to abide by all these rules will result in cancellation of your membership in The Game.

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Warning: Playing The Game will most likely result in your complete and total enslavement to the Controller. This is not a joke. By filling out the application and activating the control device, you agree that the Controller has the right to attempt to dominate you and use you for whatever purposes he desires.

These purposes may include but are not limited to—

1. Domination.

2. Control.

3. Conversion into a toy for the Controller’s amusement.

4. Conversion into a mindless automaton totally submissive to the
Controller’s will.

5. Enslavement (financial, sexual, and/or domestic).

6. Erasure of all memory of your pre-enslavement life.

By completing the application, you agree that, once you are enslaved, the Controller may lend, rent, lease, or sell you to others and that the Controller is not responsible for your subsequent treatment by the renter, the lessee, or the purchaser. Once you are enslaved, the Controller will confiscate for his own use not only your body and mind but also any and all property that you own at the time of your enslavement. The Controller will become the sole determinant of the disposal of your mind and body and of all property formerly owned by you.

Be warned. Once you start playing, your progress through The Game will inevitably and inexorably lead to your complete and total enslavement. No one who has played The Game has escaped the fate the Controller set for him. No one. You may succumb to the Controller quickly. You may succumb slowly. But you will succumb. The outcome is not in doubt. Only the amount of time you can successfully resist the Controller is unknown. By completing the application and activating the control device and beginning The Game, you agree that the Controller, once he has enslaved you, will own you without limits and that you will have no rights. Ultimately you will have no memory of your life previous to your enslavement and no ability to resist the Controller or act independently of his will. You will become a perfect, automatic, robotic slave.

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The Game uses a unique handheld control device. The Wireless Cock Sheath® is designed to fit snugly over your cock. To ensure a good fit, it is essential that you supply accurate measurements of your cock, both in its flaccid and its fully erect states, during the application process. The lubricating ointment supplied with the sheath not only allows easy and smooth insertion of the cock into the sheath but also sensitizes the nerves of the cock. It must be used to ensure an error-free connection between the sheath and your cock.

The sheath is made of sturdy, flexible, hypoallergenic BoPet (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate; commonly marketed under the trade names Mylar, Melinex, or Hostaphan). When used properly, the sheath is perfectly safe. With the sheath you will also receive a bottle of cleaner especially developed for use with the sheath. The sheath must be cleaned and properly dried and stored after each session.

A USB plug will also be supplied with the sheath. This wireless device will transmit data from your cock to The Game and allow you to manipulate your avatar’s progress through The Game. It will also receive instructions from the Controller during the session. Accurate and complete transmission of data is essential to the playing of The Game. You are responsible for maintaining the Wireless Cock Sheath® and all devices and products associated with it. The Controller is not liable for any damage that may result to your cock through improper usage, cleaning, storage, or maintenance of the sheath and the USB plug.

During The Game, the Controller will bombard your senses with images and sounds while monitoring your physical and mental responses through the Wireless Cock Sheath® and the webcam. As he does so, he gathers information about you that he will use to control you further in subsequent levels of The Game. This information is stored in a buffer awaiting the outcome of the session. You in turn will manipulate your cock with your hand to navigate your avatar’s way past the obstacles the Controller places in your way. Make it all the way to the end of the session without ejaculating, and you win that level. All information gathered about you during the session will be erased from the Controller’s buffer and he will have to start gathering information about you anew. But if you fail and ejaculate before the end of the session, the information the Controller has gathered during the session will be transferred from the buffer to the Controller’s permanent memory banks. The controller will then use this information to further ensnare your mind and body during the next session.

The sessions will continue until you are totally enslaved or until you vanquish the Controller by making it to Level 200. It’s that simple.

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Allow at least two days after completing the application form for the Controller to respond. If your application is approved, the Controller will send your Wireless Cock Sheath® and associated peripherals and products. As stated above, you must begin playing The Game within 24 hours of receiving the sheath.

Before opening the application form, turn on your webcam and microphone and put on earphones. Do not open the application form unless you are alone. Take off all your clothes and make sure that the lighting in your room is strong enough to transmit a clear image through your webcam. Your webcam transmissions will be recorded. All information will be held in strictest privacy. If your application is rejected, the recording and all information gathered about you during the application process will be destroyed. The application form and program are the properties of The Game.

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