The Making of PeteMuscle, Part Four.

By petercbb
published April 3, 2012

Pete does his competition and comes up against Ian who may just change his life…

The Making of PeteMuscle, Part Four.

I woke up early on the day of the contest and started packing the bag I was going to take to the conference centre where the show was being held. It was only 90 minutes drive to the show and Mikey and Eddie were both coming with me which was good as I had been de-hydrating for the last couple of days and I had a constant headache. The evening before, Eddie had taken me to his place and apart from giving me a good fucking, he also started work on my tanning as most venues weren’t keen on spray tan being used in their changing rooms. The plan was that Eddie would give me another coat of tan when we got there.

On arrival at the hall we found a spot near the back of the auditorium and set up camp. I went to find out the lay of the land as far as changing rooms etc. were concerned whilst the other two sat and eyed the talent. Eddie mentioned he was on the look out for new ‘boys’ who didn’t need so much muscle training so they could bring in cash straight away. This made both Mikey and me laugh as we couldn’t recall Eddie spending much money on either of us before he had us farmed out as muscle meat!

On finding the changing rooms I plonked myself down on a bench and started to get prepped. I still needed to eat a little during the day to keep the glycogen in my muscles so they looked ‘full’. Water was a different matter and I had to watch every drop I put in my system to avoid looking water-logged when on stage. Eddie was going to come in and help with the tan, but in the meantime, I just rested on the floor until the time I needed to do the pre-judging came.

“Eh, you, move over, I need to put my stuff down.” I quickly woke up from my nap to see a huge man standing above me. He was only 5’ 9" or so but he was almost as wide as well. He was wearing Otomix boxing style boots, grey muscle pants and a muscle top. It showed off his mass brilliantly. He was enormous and black. I tried to move as quickly as I could and made some room for him to put his gym bag down next to mine.

“What class are you in?” I enquired. “Super heavies, and you?” “The same” I replied. This meant we would be up against each other and this guy was going to give me a run for my money. I’d been able to maintain my weight at around 240lbs whilst losing some fat. This was no doubt down to the drug regime Eddie had me on. I was doing about 1,500 mg of gear a week as well as 4iu of growth hormone per day. But this guy must have been about 260 lbs and he was slightly shorter than me.

“I’m Ian, Ian Weston” he said. “Peter Farlow, please to meet you. So we’ll be going up against each other then? Best of luck” I said. “Cheers mate, see ya later, I’m going to rest before the line up”.

I looked over at Ian and felt my cock start to straighten and lengthen in my pants. God, I wanted to be fucked by him. But first I had to get the show over with.

The pre-judging was fine and I felt I had done pretty well against Ian. Looking at the other guys, it was only me and Ian that stood any chance of winning at all. He was bigger than me but I had better condition and symmetry. It was going to be close. I went back to the prep room and Eddie was waiting for me. Ian was there too and I introduced Eddie to him. Eddie shook hands with Ian and put his left hand on Ian’s right shoulder. “Good to meet you Ian, I hope it won’t be the last time” Eddie had locked eyes and Ian seemed like a rabbit in the headlights. The handshake went on for just a few seconds longer than seemed comfortable for Ian. They broke the link and Ian said “Err, yea, would be good to catch up some time.” Eddie followed with “do you live here in Birmingham or down in London?” “I-I-I live in London”. It was weird seeing Ian so unsure of himself as when I had met him, he’d certainly been the dominant one. But Eddie had this way of entering your mind; he’d certainly done it with me and Mike and now with Ian, or so it seemed.

It was going to be a few hours before the evening show when the final decision would be made. Me and Ian decided to go for a walk outside to get some fresh air. He asked me “so how does it work with Eddie and you then? You seem to have a close relationship”. I agreed with him. I didn’t want to go in to too much detail so I just said “I work at his gym and he helps me out with my training. I help him out in other ways when I can too.” That last remark just hung in the air and Ian didn’t say anything for a while.

“He’s your pimp isn’t he?”

I was speechless, I just didn’t know what to say. How had he managed to work that out? We hadn’t talked about sex at all and I didn’t think I’d been looking at Ian in any sort of lustful way. In the end I owned up.

“Yes, it’s true. But he didn’t force me to. I do it because I like it and it let’s me spend time on training and I earn a lot more now than I did in my previous job”.

I was making excuses and now and it seemed like I was trying to justify my existence. The truth was that I was doing this because of the control that Eddie had over me and although I loved man sex, I wouldn’t be doing this unless Eddie was controlling my mind. The people I’d had sex with weren’t the types I’d choose on my own. I loved rough sex with big bodybuilder guys who could wrestle me to submission, not the various businessman types with pot bellies that I usually ended up with.

“Listen” said Ian. “What d’you say we go back to my hotel room and relax together before the evening show? I got some great skunk which will relax us and we can have a bit of a play. It’ll also be with someone you find attractive rather than the trolls I reckon Eddie puts you with”

Within a second, I’d agreed and we were on the way to the hotel which thankfully was next door to the theatre where the bodybuilding show was being held. We raced to the room and I was half out of my rag top and baggies before the door had closed. Once naked we grabbed at each others bodies and Ian had his tongue down my throat and started exploring. He was aggressive and pushed me onto the bed and despite the fact that we were both equally strong, he held me down and again pressed his tongue into my mouth.

I wrapped my trunk thighs around his waist inviting him to give me a good fucking. He raise himself from me and I could survey his chiselled black features and huge puffy nipples. I grabbed them and he groaned. They soon turned into tight bullets and I continued to dial in on his radio buttons. His cock was getting harder and harder and he soon grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. A quick spit on to my arse and he manoeuvred his cock towards my hole. I knew this was going to be painful as there wasn’t much lube and sure enough, as he lunged forward I gasped and shouted “Oh, my fucking God!”

As he started to pump into me, my own ass juices got going and helped to keep me lubed up and the pain subsided and that special tingling in my prostate took over. Soon, I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and as he did so, the beads of sweat on his forehead began to trickle down into his eyes and then on to my stomach and chest. After about 10 minutes of cock ramming into my arse he finally started to get to climax and with three hard pushes he exhaled and let out a sound of triumph and release. I could feel the cum fill me up and as he slowly started to withdraw from me, I reached down to my hole and fingered it to get some of his cum. I caught his gaze and licked my fingers clean of his sperm.

Whilst he was still kneeling on the bed, I hitched myself up on to my hands and knees and start devouring his cum covered cock. My arse was pretty clean but I could still smell and taste the musky smell of my own arse as I cleaned him up.

“Wow, that was fucking fantastic” he said. “I haven’t had man sex like that for a while, if ever”

“Yes, and my hole has never been so full of cum. How about a return match back in London?” I replied.

“After the competition. Remember, we’ve still got the evening show and I’m going to whip your ass!”

“We’ll see about that” I said.

For the next couple of hours we stayed in his bedroom and played computer games on his PSP and smoked some of the skunk he had until it was time to go back to the theatre for the evening show.

We got into the prep room and helped each other with oil and tanning. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever done. He was in the skimpiest of posing briefs and I had the good fortune to be getting posing oil and rubbing it into his ebony skin. His body was so massive and lathering the oil on to his back was amazing. He was so expansive and his lats were U-shaped rather than forming a V. I always had a thing for a man’s thighs and his certainly didn’t let me down. Real tree trunks with veins on the inner thigh going up into his groin; and calves to die for, for a black guy they were abnormally large and bigger than some of the greats like Dorian Yates.

After he’d finished prepping me, we waited for our turn on stage. We’d been pretty evenly balanced after the prejudging so this evening was where we could gain the edge, one over the other. Next we heard our call and me, Ian and the other super heavyweights all trooped out on stage with that familiar bodybuilder walk, where the legs splay out because the thighs are too big!

To be honest, standing on stage, I had a sense of contentment after our afternoon session together and felt I could win or lose and be happy with either outcome. I somehow felt that there was a connection between me and Ian which I hadn’t felt with either Eddie or Mike. Eddie because he was effectively my employer, not only in the gym but also for pimping me out to his clients. And Mikey, although he was my training partner and we got on well because of our common ambitions for our bodies, he was fundamentally straight. He only did the man sex because of the hold that Eddie had over him and who knows how long that would last.

No, the more I thought about it, the more I saw Ian as having a large part to play in my future. Not only in bodybuilding, but also as a partner. I just hoped he felt the same. I snapped out of my daydreaming as the MC started to announce the results. He did sixth place first, then fifth, fourth and neither me or Ian had been mentioned. I closed my eyes wishing that Ian and me would be the top two.

The MC continued “And third place goes to…” the hesitation was killing me. “Dan Roberts!” I didn’t care what happened now as me and Ian were top of the tree and whoever won we would both be happy. As it turned out, I got second place and Ian came in first. I suppose the judges went for size over condition this time, either way, when the result was declared, me and Ian gave each other a big hug on stage and then walked off with arms around each other shoulders trying to hide our growing tumescence.

I glanced over to the judges as we made our way off stage and grinned as I recognised a couple of them as recent clients. Eddie had obviously tried to ‘knobble the jury’ in my favour by letting them have a piece of my ass before the show. To my surprise, it seemed that bodybuilding contest judges were quite incorruptible!

Eddie and Mike congratulated Ian and told me better luck next time. I just thought I’d had plenty of luck meeting Ian this time! The evening show had finished around 10:30 and we needed to get back to London. As it turned out, Ian didn’t live that far from Eddie’s gym even though he didn’t train there. We decided to change the travel arrangements a little, so Mike and Eddie went back in one car and me and Ian took his car and went together. Ian seemed just as keen on this arrangement as me so I guessed he may be having similar thoughts to me as far as getting to know one another was concerned.

On the way back, Ian started asking me about myself, where I was from, where I worked, why I had jacked my job in, what my ambitions as far as bodybuilding were concerned and finally why I was selling my arse to anyone Eddie chose to send me to. This last one was tricky for me to answer; in my previous life I wouldn’t have dreamed of whoring myself out to a load of ugly, fat businessmen. But in my new life, it seemed perfectly normal and natural that a huge bodybuilder like me would make use of their special talents by spreading them around a little bit.

Ian asked about Eddie and particularly the strange sensation he’d felt when he had first been introduced.

“Oh, the look” I said. “That’s how Eddie controls people. But it’s not only the look, when we go around his place, he gives us these delicious protein drinks and they kind of make you more compliant. It lets him bend our will to his, so we do as we’re told, I guess”

“Can you hear yourself saying this!” Ian said. “You’ve just admitted that Eddie is basically controlling you with hypnosis and drugs and you seem completely happy about it. Don’t you see it doesn’t have to be like this?”

“But what about my training? My bodybuilding? How would I do all of that without Eddie’s help?” I whined.

“Look mate, I’ve just won the super heavyweight and overall at that contest and I’m bent I going on to win the overall British title and I didn’t have Eddie to help me. So stop being such a wimp and realise you can do it on your own!”

“Do you think Eddie will let me go? I mean, I earn a lot of more for him, over three grand a week most of the time. He’s not going to let that kind of money just walk out of the door.” I seemed to be coming up with problem after problem for Ian to solve for me.

“Leave it to me” Ian said. “I think I have a way of getting you out of this situation you’ve got yourself into, but it will need a bit of planning. Take my mobile number, but don’t put it on your phone. I don’t want Eddie to know we’re staying in contact. Go back to your place and act as if nothing has changed. I’ll be back in touch in a week or two and after that your life, no, our lives will have changed for the better.”

The last hour of the journey went by in silence. Ian dropped me off at the gym before making his own way home. Mike was already in the small room we shared and was fast asleep. My mind was racing and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep for a while, so I decided to relax on my bed and have a wank, all the time thinking of Ian and his beautiful, sexy, muscular black body.

To be continued…

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