Reality He Wrote 3

By Ollie369
published March 29, 2012

Librarian George finally gets attractive men to pay close attention to his writing

George cut a swath through the University campus, his tall statuesque figure causing quite a stir amongst the ladies, but of course it wasn’t them that he was interested in. Despite all the secret glances and girlish giggling, his reality machine had done its work again, because none of the crowd consciously realised that George was walking about naked and hard. There was something so powerful about being at a constant state of peak sexual arousal, thought George admiring his eleven inch dick in the reflection of a metal dustbin. He had the Reality Computer now: he could have flown to work or landed his mansion like a spaceship on top of the Library without anyone thinking anything was amiss. But no it was a beautiful August day (Earlier this morning it had been February but George didn’t want to be walking around naked in mid winter!) Changing the season hadn’t been the only big change George had made to reality that morning: in fact he had spent twenty minutes writing several large and descriptive paragraphs: outlining some new and exciting changes for the university. Some of these shocking alterations were already evident to George but largely ignored by the world at large. His eyes scanned the milling groups of students as they criss-crossed in front of him. The girls dressed the same as they had the day before but the boys…The Square was now filled with scantily dressed male students, clad only in rather provocative underwear and nothing else!. George could only smirk as he passed a large group of tough looking jocks, performing their usual exaggerated displays of male machismo. One of them, a barrel-chested youth with a prominent jaw even gave George an evil glare as the librarian unashamedly ogled them. If the boy hadn’t actively decided to wear nothing but a black PVC thong that morning to school, then George might have been put out.

“What you looking at fag?” shouted the thong clad student. The rest of his group, their brawny chest’s puffed out, faces set into a sneers, watched on with satisfaction. They loved it when their leader showed a faggot his rightful place in the pecking order!

“Oh Good Morning boys!” said George stopping in front of them and began leisurely stroking himself.

The ugly sneers were immediately wiped off their faces. As much as they hated fags; they knew that the only traditional response to a greeting from another male was a ten second blowjob. The boys’ heads were suddenly filled with dozens of incidences where they had to do the same for their teachers, their priests, rabbis and any other male public figure worthy of their respect. Ignoring the social niceties would be rude! So rather unwillingly, like lazy boys dragged to church on a Sunday when they would rather be snoozing in bed: the jocks formed an irregular line of hard naked bodies and then took it in turn to skilfully blow the tip of George’s dick for ten seconds each. George acknowledged each boy with a paternal nod: as they blew him, one after the other.

“Good Morning sir!” said a Latino wearing black wet look briefs as he fell uneasily to his knees.

“Good Morning sir!” said a dark haired student wearing polka dot lace up trunks as he opened wide for daddy

“Good Morning sir!” said a shaven headed boy with a PVC cock ring throng as he experimentally licked the end before sucking, as if divining a new taste and texture

“Gooughd Mornughing siughr!” said a blond boy in pink spandex briefs, the wet tip of a eleven inch cock already in his mouth, his cherry lips working away

“Good Morning sir” said the jock who called George a fag as he stood up from a kneeling position. George’s juices glistening heavily on his upper lip and chin; more noticeable the ever because of the strong mid day sun.

The group muttered mutinously before they each took their turn. Once they finished paying their respect: they went back to where they had been previously standing with an air of defeat. They all knew that sucking off George was the only appropriate way to greet a man of his status but gee they didn’t have to like it! Once the last student had shown his respect and deference to him, George moved on. He had a busy morning ahead and really didn’t have the time to be distracted by a group of ignorant jocks, but maybe he would find one or two of them later…

“George, George, I’m so glad you’re here” said the Library Director, as George walked into his boss’s cramped office.

Dr Anton Papakostas was dressed in his usual short sleeved flannel shirt and charcoal grey trousers. George had a twinge of regret as he recalled setting the Reality Computer to only make men over the age of seventeen but under forty, wear nothing but kinky underwear. Anton was forty four but there was something rather appealing about imagining the diminutive Greek in crotchless underwear! For years, George had been developing a burgeoning jealousy and it had led him to utterly loathing this passionless man. Anton might be suavely handsome but he had the mind and mundane fixations of a boring pencil pusher. He was always more concerned with the annual budget rather than literature itself! It wasn’t fair that Anton had got all the breaks: he wasn’t any smarter, more organised or competent than George. Anton needed to be shown who the real boss was now.

“Anton take off your trousers and underwear please”

Anton obeyed still discussing some trifling matter that George had not caught the beginning of. George licked his lips as he caught a glimpse of manly legs and a hairy pubic area

“Bend over”

“Right okay George….yes so where was I. So I think from now we will be colour coding the short demand using…”

Anton was bent rigidly over the table but he had turned his head so he could speak to George.

“Feel that cock touching your arsehole?”

Anton nodded impatiently.

“Yes, yes: of course I can! Anyway I‘ve spoken to Lydia on Level 5 and she think that we could…”

“I’m going to put my meat deep inside you…”

“Well get a move on George! I’ll never finish if you keep interrupting me and I have an appointment with the board in half an hour!”

George grabbed his boss’s olive thighs and thrust into him with his all his new strength and stamina…

"I know I should feel ashamed about what we did last night but I just can’t! It was too incredible!

Dave rested a well muscled arm around his younger brother’s wide shoulders as they lay naked together in Grant’s bed. Already this morning, they had baptised the faded Spiderman sheets with copious quantities of their mingled semen…they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Of course Dave had slept on the floor last night, just in case either of their parents woke up early. It was important to keep their special relationship a secret: their parents were old fashioned, they just wouldn’t understand. Earlier this morning: Grant had popped round to George’s house to deliver last night’s sex vid with their underwear. Ten minutes ago, their parents had left for work and Dave craftily crawled under his brother’s covers searching for a nice hard dick to suck. Now until 5pm, Grant and Dave were free to spend all day together: fucking and snuggling to their heart’s content.

“How can our feelings be wrong?” agreed Grant thoughtfully caressing Dave’s smooth chest. “When this feels sooooo right!”

“You were eleven when I left for college, just a little boy. It’s not even like we really grew up together, not really. To be honest Grant before last night, I never even thought about you much. You were just my little brother; I couldn’t see what a big man you’d turned out to be”

As he uttered the words “big man”, he delved a hand beneath the duvet and grabbed his brother’s dick and balls.

"Same here, sighed Grant. “I only saw you at Christmas and stuff. I guess I’ve been having so much meaningless sex with the sluts at school, because I couldn’t have what I really desired…”

“Aww that’s sweet bro” said Dave still gently stroking Grants dick and watching as the sheets rose with their two gorgeously stiff erections.

“What…what you goin to say to Jess” gasped Grant as Dave’s grip increased in speed and intensity.

“Just that it’s over, no big drama. I’ll say I want to move back home to be nearer my family and me and you can get a flat together and…”


Dave savoured his brother’s now familiar reactions to his body’s eminent orgasm while they sped quickly through him. In his mind, Dave observed and cherished each little impulse: as if he was experiencing them along with Grant. First there was the stiffening of his little bro’s muscular form as the pleasure spasms started building deep within him. Then his hands and feet did all that cute twitching: like an invisible puppeteer was carefully manipulating his body. Finally Dave felt Grant abs ripple and contract as he splattered his load against the sheets, filling the space between them with musky semen.

“So” said Dave as he finished licking Grant’s tool clean. "What do you fancy doing today?

“Duh hanging with you of course!”

“Well yeah but we can’t stay in bed all day!”

Grant pouted petulantly and Dave was rather forcibly reminded of the cute as a button eleven year that would never take no for an answer. Well at least something’s never change! Dave was about to suggest they spend the day looking for flats together: when Grant suddenly remembered an idea he’d had when he went to deliver the sex tape to George’s house

“Hey bro I know what we could do. We could go for a swim! You know George our neighbour across the street: he has an awesome Olympic sized pool. I doubt he’d mind if we used it for a little while”

Dave frowned as he tried picturing George’s home and garden in his head. A swimming pool? Was that right, surely there wasn’t space for a pool by that small bungalow. Suddenly the fully realised image of George’s ten acre estate penetrated his mind. Yes of course George had a pool, why had he thought otherwise? Shaking his dishevelled head, Dave laughed and brushed dark brown strands of hair off his forehead. All this sex he was getting was obviously going to his head! He tenderly kissed his brother softly on the lips

“Yeah let’s go for a swim after breakfast. Last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg!”

He jumped off the bed, with Grant closely following behind. It was an old family game that Dave used to always win. Both naked boys pushed and shoved each down the stairs as they both tried to be the first one to arrive at the kitchen. Grant won!

Just as he had imagined while writing it: a large new office made of glass and chrome had appeared where the new coffee shop had been. George examined the massive space: he was particularly happy with the glass partition that let him watch the scrum of half naked young men as they paraded outside on level 2. He sat down at his desk and watched them float by like visions of fuckablity. Every now and then, a boy or man would pass that was just so incredibly sexy, that he just needed to finger, blow or if he was REALLY hot: fuck him! So for the next couple of hours, steady streams of boys entered the office individually and were given hot beef injections in their mouths or up their bums. George was insatiable: it was even a little scary how little time elapsed after a sex session, before he needed another man to fuck. Mere minutes after fucking Anton: he had shoved an adorably confused boy against a filing cabinet on level 3 and compelled them to make noisy passionate love together. Looking at the clock: George realised it was half twelve, this was the time he had chosen earlier, to revisit one of his first conquests: Charlie. Prompt as ever, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in”

Charlie entered and sat down on the other side of the desk. He didn’t look happy to be in George’s presence again. He was clad in a tight Lycra string thong that hid only his dick and nothing else: while stray wisps of light coloured pubic hair escaped at the sides. His body was evenly tanned in a buttery brown glow and his unexaggerated musculature was exquisite!

"What the hell do you want? He said moodily, forgetting that he had been the one to come to George‘s office. George noted the heavy circles underneath the boy’s pretty eyes and his slightly peaky colouring. He guessed after last night Charlie must not have got much sleep.

“Charlie I think you’ve been having sexual thoughts about me for a while now. After all isn’t that why you took out the book yesterday, in order to have a reason to look at me”

Charlie looked down suddenly ashamed. He had been fantasying about George, there was no point in denying it now. George knew his deepest darkest secret. There was something so captivating about the middle aged Librarian; he was different from the average brainless girl.

“How…how did you know? I‘m not gay or anything: there‘s just something about you that I…?”

“I understand. There’s just something about my naked body that arouses you. That fills your mind completely and makes you lose control of your thoughts. Other guys don’t really do it for you but I’m different aren’t I? In fact, isn’t it the case that the more you stare at me the less you can control yourself?”

"What…you talkin about "said Charlie licking his lips nervously. His eyes that had been trained on George’s face strayed to his dick. He became more and more absorbed in watching it sway and twitch and before long his own cock began rapidly inflating, appearing swollen and abnormal large as it popped out the top of the thong.

"You alright Charlie? Asked George evilly as the boy appeared to lose a little more of his concentration every second.

“Yeah…I’m fine. I just…your body…I”

“You want my body?”

“Erm yeah…God I think I really need it”

“What do you like about my body Charlie?”

“Erm you cock! I like your cock…and your arse. It’s real pretty and…”

“That’s enough Charlie; I don’t think you deserve my body yet. You haven’t earned it”

To say Charlie’s face fell would be a huge understatement. He looked gutted and moments from tears. His lips quivered as he tried to speak.

“Please sir, I really need to. I think I’ll die if you won’t let me touch you”

“I will let you blow me…”

“Oh thank you!”

Charlie fell to his haunches in relief and reached out to touch…

“No I never finished Charlie. I will let you blow me but first you must have anal sex with five hundred guys. Only then can you blow me…”

Charlie looked a little shocked as he considered the proposal. He had no sexual interest in men except for George so it would be tough and very disgusting but if he did 500 guys then he could touch George! Charlie knew there was no real choice: he just simply HAD to blow George.

“Yes anything! I’ll do it!”

George dismissed him with a wave of his hand; while Charlie began feverishly formulating plans and strategies in his mind. If he fucked three queers a day: then after 31 days: he would have done 180 guys. Then all he had do was keep going like that for two and a half months and he would soon complete his quest. Charlie skipped his afternoon lectures, to rush home and research a list of the cities gay clubs and popular public toilets.

“We shouldn’t be in here Dave. We’ll get in trouble!”

Dave had sneaked through the unlocked patio doors and into the enormous library, Grant was trailing behind him. Both boys were wearing swimming shorts and were dripping wet from the pool. Dave didn’t really understand why he was breaking into a neighbour house but while they had been playing and lovemaking in the pool: he had heard something call out to him from inside. Something just out of sight was taunting him: tormenting him like you would a lowly insect. He stopped in front of the computer: water dripping down his front and back and soaking the carpet. Grant saw what he was transfixed by and shook his head unenthusiastically

“That’s just an old computer that George is messing about with. No big deal, he showed it to me yesterday”

“But can’t you hear it?”

Grant strained his ears but couldn’t hear anything. He tugged at his brother’s hand.

“Why don’t we go back home yeah bro? You can fuck me: maybe we could pick up some dildos and a movie or something…”


Dave put his head against the hard drive and listened.

“There’s something in there…Don’t you hear it whispering to you?”

Grant put his own head toward the hard drive, a few seconds later he emerged. He looked nonplussed.


Dave scrolled up the screen. George looked like he was writing some sort of novel or script. He started quietly reading: his breathing growing more and more erratic as he progressed. This document described everything that had gone on between him and Grant. A dark doubt spread across Dave’s soul as realisation began to flow through him. It was like his eyes had been opened: the house WAS different! Yesterday it had been a tiny bungalow and now…Dave glanced at Grant snoozing on the chaise longue. Was everything he felt for Grant a lie? After all their whole sexual relationship was written down here. Could George manufacture real love and desire the same way he created 15th century Venetian Tapestries and swimming pools?! The more Dave thought about the more strange it was that two straights brothers would turn out to be lovers maybe…NO he loved Grant, he wouldn’t even entertain the idea that it was all a lie. He began furiously pressing the delete button: trying to eliminate the evidence but the key didn’t work. In fact none of the keys responded to his touch. The hard drive whirled and crackled angrily: Dave back off and tapped Grant on the shoulder.

“Mate we need to go home”

“Finally! I was getting so bored”

Grant leant in to kiss his brother but Dave hesitated, his dark eyes fearful.

“Dave, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, let’s go home”

It had just gone five and George was worn out. He sat down in front of the Reality Computer like a zombie. He had the powerful urge to write more changes: bigger changes! He stroked the monitor lovingly, what would he do without this beautiful creature! He wasn’t even alarmed when the Reality Computer finally spoke to him: it seemed like the natural progression of their relationship. After all hadn’t it been whispering to him since the beginning: helping him; telling him what he had to do. Over the course of the last day that whisper had got louder…


“What do you want?” asked George


“Any in particular?”


George cast his mind back to the vast back catalogue of men he had fundamentally altered using the Reality Computer. He made his decision quickly. The Reality Computer deserved young nubile flesh as it’s first course. He typed a single sentence on the keyboard.


The Reality Computer’s hard drive began to whirl and shake as it processed the last command. A small plume of grey smoke escaped the casing.


“Hello darling” said Mrs Harrison as her son entered the living room. What a sensible young man he was: with a good job and beautiful smart fiancée. He had done so well.

For the last couple of hours, Dave had been driving in his car: debating how he truly felt about his brother. It couldn’t be fake! But the seed of doubt had been planted and it was starting to germinate…

"Mum, have you seen Grant?

“Who?” said Mr Harrison his spectacles popping up above the top of his newspaper.

“Ha-ha very funny. Is he in his room?”

Dave bounded up the stairs, leaving behind his bemused parents. Mrs Harrison shook her wearily: admittedly their 25 year old son had definitely gotten a little odder since returned home. She had assumed it was pre wedding jitters, maybe she should sit him down and talk about it.

Dave knew before he opened the door, that something was very wrong (Where was that faded Spiderman sticker that Grant had stuck on the door when he was five?) Dave gasped! The room had changed completely: it was now decorated in beige tones with a flowery bedspread and chintz armchair in the corner. This wasn’t Grant’s room; it looked like it belonged to a little old lady! Dave could feel the tears well up in his eyes: his brother the most beautiful man, the only man he had ever loved, had gone! On some fundamental level: he knew it to be true. On the landing wall outside: the embarrassing collection of school and family photos had all changed. Dave studied each and every one: hoping to catch a glimpse of his brother’s perfect smile grinning back at him but instead it was just Dave, Mum and Dad. An empty space in every photograph, an empty corner of his family’s heart.

Mrs Harrison caught a glimpse of her only son as he crashed down the stairs, his face screwed into a mask of misery.

“Son what’s wrong?!”

But he was already out the door and running across a street suffused with the fading summer twilight. Taking deep breaths and trying to properly compose himself: Dave prepared himself for a confrontation with George Brown and the computer. Just being close to that “thing”, Dave had briefly understood its power. He knew that somehow both George and that unsettling computer were behind all this!

George started guilty and looked around anxiously (a nervous reaction more suited to his old persona). Someone was banging and shouting at his front door. It couldn’t possibly be the police, come to arrest him… could it? The Reality Computer consumed Grant Harrison, not him! It wasn’t really murder… Reality would work itself around Grant and no one would ever remember that the boy had ever lived (except George). He just needed to stay calm and rational and find out what was going on. Plus he could easily assure his own safety. He quickly started a new sentence…


George heard his front door slam in the distance and the sound of heavy footsteps cross the entrance hall. A young man appeared at the door: tousled black hair and eyes red with crying: why it was David Harrison!

“What have you done to my brother you bastard?!”

That certainly wiped the grin off George’s face. How could Dave possibly be aware of his reality alterations???

“How do you…?”

"Look that thing (he pointed at the computer) has done something to my brother! Don’t deny it, I can hear it…singing in my head. It’s laughing at both of us! You too!! The truth is you don’t have a clue what that evil thing really is or what stratum of hell it spawned from! You can’t trust it!

George stood up and unfurled his strong supple body like a lion rousing from a long satisfying slumber. Wasn’t this carcass worth it? Who really cared where the Reality Computer originally came from?

“The computer has worked for me so far. It hasn’t failed me or put me in any danger. I‘ve been able to change everything I‘ve never liked about myself: I’ve had more men then…”

“Its’ EVIL! Look what it did to Grant!”

“Oh so what! One daft teenager is a price I’m more than willing to pay”

"SHUT UP!! Don’t you dare speak about him like that… like he doesn’t matter. He was everything to me!

"Hahahahahahaha PRICELESS! You really think that your love is OH SO SPECIAL AND REAL?! I MADE you lust after each other and then fall in love. Your deep and eternal love came about on a whim: because I found it hot to imagine two straight brothers fucking each other silly. It’s nothing more!

“I don’t care what you say! What Grant and I have is real! Maybe your machine made it happen quicker but we would have always fallen in love! We are soul mates, not that you‘d understand!”

George impatiently slapped a palm across his forehead. He was growing weary of arguing with this tiresome boy.

“The Reality Computer has really done a number on you son! Believe what you want, it doesn’t matter. You won’t be leaving this house ever again, you’re too dangerous…”

Dave tried to keep the fear from showing on his face but inside he was terrified. In a low voice he tried one last time to reason with his insane neighbour…

"That thing has intentions of its own Mr Brown. I’ve heard them! Doesn’t it whisper to you in the dark? It has a plan… and I know its hiding something BIG! Destroy it now.

The two men stared across the room at each other: it would be the last time they would truly be equals. George could feel a fury build up inside him: such intense anger and self hatred that he had never experienced before.

"HA destroy it, are you insane! I’ll never go back to being boring old George Brown. That pathetic loser with his FUCKING CARDIGANS and USELESS LUMPY BODY! I will never be that man again; just the thought of it makes me SICK! What would you know about being me? Look at you, you’re perfect! But you belong to me now: and I can make you think/feel/do anything I want! I’ve always wanted a pet: how would you like to be my dog?

“A dog? No wait please don’t!”

George started typing, the beautiful face that wasn’t his: set into hard unforgiving lines

Dave fells to his hand and knees and a big dumb ole grin appeared on his face. He barked excitedly as George helped him out of all those clothes. Why on earth would a dog be wearing clothes?!

“Woof woof!”

Dave the Dog shook his cheeky ass like he was wagging an invisible tail. He just wanted to play! He mewed in delight as George rubbed and slapped his little belly and gave his cock a couple of quick tugs. What a horny little dog he was, thought George watching as his pet’s cock lengthened immodestly. Well! He would need to find him a playmate immediately. George sat back down at his desk and finished off the little scenario for the time being. There was a scratching noise at his patio doors. George let the other dog in, why it was Joe from next door. Joe bounded in excitedly and started sniffing Dave’s butt. The other dog reciprocated and the two boys formed a circle, as they buried their noses in sweaty ass cracks. George created two collars for his new pets and tried with difficulty to put them around their necks. Dave wouldn’t stop licking him while Joe was scampering around the room like an over excited puppy.

“Come on boys, I’ll show you your bed baskets”

Joe whimpered as George walked away. He had been hoping to have his belly scratched.

“No Joe not now! I’m going to show you where your beds are and then I’ll let you decide between yourselves, which of you is the gonna be the bitch”

As George led his animals upstairs, a single word flashed onscreen in the familiar green typeface


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