Recruit #2-YOU

By Hypnocigarboy published January 12, 2018
After being pulled over for speeding, you're offered a very promising position in the police department.

The officer parked his car behind yours, walking out and over to your window. You had no idea why he could have possibly wanted to pull you over, but you had to comply, with all the stuff that was happening, its better not to complain.

The man’s gloved hand sat on your window, “Do you know why i pulled you over tonight?” You shook your head, turning to look at this man.

He was tall, covered head to toe in shiny black leather, gleaming in the light of the streetlights on the desolate road. His shiny gloved hand rested only inches from you.

“Get out of the car, i need to have a talk with you.” Your nerves got even worse, as you exited the vehicle. You stepped out of the car slowly, and followed the officer to his vehicle.

He leaned in, looking over his computer at your file. You hadn’t gotten in much trouble, maybe some underaged drinking that they caught you doing a year or so ago, but nothing too serious.

“This car has plenty of fines on it, and warrant out for payment.” He grabbed his cell phone and stepped out, “and if you arent able to pay, you could face jail time.”

He leaned against the car, flexing his muscles in the shiny black leather, “Of course, theres also other ways of dealing with this. Our precinct has a new ‘deputy’ program.”

You couldnt pay those tickets, and you also didnt have much free time left, but sacrifices had to be made. “I-I guess i’ll join.”

The poilce officer smiled darkly, “Execellent.” And held up his phone, showing a spiral, spinning quicker and quicker. You felt your body go limp as the officer pulled you over to his car, and put you in his passenger side, and drove off, leaving your own car.

At the police station, he dragged you back through hallway after hallway, your daze never faltering, until you were brought into a dark room, with only a chair, a few lockers, a table and a light.

The officer locked the door and sat you down in the chair, but not before ordering you to remove your clothing. Soon, you sat naked, ready for his next order.

He opened a flap of his jacket, removing a cigar from within, and lighting it, and walking behind you. You felt his strong hands slide down your body, rubbing over your chest, pinching your nipples, and getting closer and closer to your crotch.

You leaned back into him as he puffed his cigar, the smoke clouding your face as you coughed and coughed, but enjoyed the smell more and more. Soon his shiny gloved hand found your cock, wrapping around it tightly and squeezing.

You nearly fell out of the chair as he pumped away, “Dont worry kid, you’ll fell much better soon.” He said around the cigar, his other hand slipping over your body as you wriggled and moaned.

His rhythm became faster, as his hand slid quicker up and down the shaft, the soft leather stimulating you even quicker, and you moaned, and shifted, and rolled in the chair, until, witha final loud moan, you shot your load, splattering to the floor in front of you.

The officer smiled even darker as he stood you up, and leaned you onto the table, hearing him unzip his pants, you felt his hard cock probing around your ass, finally finding the entrance.

With one swift motion, he was into you, pumping his large cock in and out, as you moaned and lay there, as he continued to puff on his cigar, dominating you.

His cock filled you, as you felt his leather pants slam against your ass, his hands finding your chest again as he leaned down, and began to go faster and faster.

You couldnt stand it, as you again fired your load, and he stiffened, his thick load filling you. You stood up and leaned against him, moaning as he wrapped his arms around you. The sweet aroma from the cigar hypnotizing you deeper, as he sat you down and went to the locker.

He dressed you just as him, wearing tightly fit leather gloves, boots, jacket, pants, and even your own badge, you were officially recruited.

Both you and he left soon after, getting into the patrol car, as he turned to look to you, “Ready for your first night out deputy?” You looked to him, your eyes like pinwheels, nodding, as he passed the cigar to you.

You puffed on it as he smirked, and you drove off into the night, ready to bring in some new applicants for the “deputy” program.

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