Cigar Cop

By Hypnocigarboy published January 12, 2018
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Jacob is arrested, and offered an interesting position to make up for his jail time.

“Do you know why i brought you in?”

The cop sat across from Jacob, his dark shades hiding any kind of emotion in his eyes. He wore a black leather policemans jacket, and gloves, as well as worn down jeans and boots. His thoughts and plans hidden completely behind the shades, drumming his fingers on the table. He gave off an intense feeling of intimidation and fear.

He smirked at Jacob, taking in the boys appearance. He looked like your typical teenager, baggy clothes, scruffy hair and beard, worried expression, telling him that he knew why he was brought in. Jacob shook his head, nervous.

“Tell me, how old are you kid?”

“I just turned 18 sir.”

The cop smirked, and reached into his pocket, removing a lighter and cigar, placing it on the table in front of him.

“Well congratulations. Unfortunately I cant let you off with a minors warning. We caught you spray-painting something obscene behind the grocery store.”

The cop stood and walked behind Jacob, leaning in to his ear, menacingly, “Empty your pockets kid.”

Jacob took out his car keys, a packet of gum, lint, his wallet, and a pack of cigarettes with a few missing.

The cop, returned to his seat and leaned over, “Smoking at your age? That’ll mess you up kid.” He took them and threw them in the trash.

“Here’s what I can do for you kid, since im so nice, I can put you in jail overnight, call your parents, and make you clean up that wall, or, you can come and join our deputy program.”

Jacob, not wanting to get in trouble with his parents, spoke quickly, “I’ll do that! Please, just dont tell them.”

The cop smiled, and leaned back, “Good, thats more fun too. Your gonna become my deputy, and ill show you how all this works.” He ushered to the police station. “But first, lets have a little celebration.”

He lit the cigar and walked over to the door, locking it, and stood behind Jacob, “You should try cigars instead son, they’re so much better.” He brought the cigar to Jacob’s mouth, and forced it in, holding him still.

Jacob fought, trying not to breathe in, but the cop held him there, for what felt like hours, as he began to breathe the cigar smoke into his lungs, blowing it out, over and over. He felt tired and confused, as the cop swiveled the chair to face him.

“Those clothes wont do either, i got something good for you.” He walked over to a small locker, opening it and removing a black leather jacket and gloves just like his, and Jacob sat back, puffing on the cigar, content.

He felt the cop slip the tight leather over his shoulders and up his arms, and place the gloves onto his hands.

The cop removed the cigar and sat across from him, glaring him down as he puffed on it, looking Jacob over again. “Now we oughta get you in the right mindset, you cant go around in a daze all day kid.”

He smirked around the cigar and stood up, walking again behind him, wrapping his arm around him, and bringing himself close to his ear, whispering in it as his hand travelled low, reaching into the boy’s pants.

He grabbed the young mans cock and slowly jerked it up and down, holding it tightly with a mans grip. The boy began breathing heavy as the officer kept whispering his orders to him around the cigar, and soon, the boy came hard, staring up at the cop with glazed over eyes, and a goofy smile.

The cop removed a pair of glasses for Jacob and put them on him, remaining in the office for another hour, both smoking cigars and chatting, until the door finally opened. Both men walked out, exuding power and masculinity.

The cop leaned over the desk to his fellow officer, “Im taking the new deputy out for a ride, gonna see if we cant find anymore recruits for our new deputy program.” He smirked, as they headed outside to the cruiser, lighting up cigars for the road.

“So deputy, how are you enjoying the program?” The cop draped his arm around Jacob’s shoulders, the leather gripping and squeaking as he pulled him closer.

Jacob turned to him, his eyes spinning like pinwheels, speaking around his cigar, “Never felt better sir.” He grinned, as their car disappeared in the distance, ready for a night of fun.

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Category: hypnosis   Tags: #cigar #daddy #leather
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