The Greaser Initiation

By Hypnocigarboy published January 12, 2018
Richard gets initiated into the local greaser gang.

Wally flicked the lighter and held it up to his cigarette, lighting it, as he stood in the shade of the alleyway. He didnt like school that much anyway. He fixed his leather jacket and watched the people walk by, until he noticed a familiar face.

Richard was among the schools nerds. He wasnt too popular, or good at sports. He was somewhat good looking, for what it was worth, but for today, he was Wally’s target.

Wally reached a hand out and yanked him into the alley, pulling him away from anyone who may have noticed.

“What do you want, Wally?” Richard begged, feeling the greasers hand grip his shirt tighter. Richard was afraid of Wally and his ganh, they always messed with nerds, but he was careful, until today at least.

“Nothin man, just looking for some fun. Wanna come have some fun with me, huh Ricky?” Wally played with the boys hair, holding him still.

“I-I cant, i have stuff i need to work on at home.” Richard tried to fight against Wally’s grip, but it was futile.

“Nah, I think we’ll have some fun, you’ll really enjoy it.” Wally said darkly, smiling down at him, as he pulled him along, down the dark alley.

They arrived at a door, and Wally kicked it open, taking them both inside. It was cold and dark, and smelled even worse than it looked, like smoke and must.

Wally kicked the door shut behind them and travelled in further, Richard begging him to let him free. “Its ok man, I’m not gonna hurt you, im here to give you a hand.”

He brought him into a small room beside a stairwell upstairs, the room containing a table with pokerchips and cards laying on it, beercans and cigarette butts everywhere, and a tall closet.

Wally sat him down in a chair and locked the door, sitting beside Richard, who decided to stay seated while Wally lit another cigarette. “See, i’ve noticed you got a little problem. You’ve been hanging out with those geeks man. We’ve gotta get you into the cool crowd, understand?”

Richard nodded, faking understanding, as he felt Wally wrap an arm around him and pull him close, the soft leather of his jacket brushing against his neck. Wally held the cigarette in front of him, “Take a hit man, it’ll all help this go a lot smoother.”

He turned his head away as Wally tilted his face back, “Ah ah ah, like i said, this’ll be done a lot quicker if you just listen to me.” Richard tried to move away, say stop, but the cigarette touched his lips, and he forced himself to take a draw.

He coughed loudly while Wally laughed, and took a drag himself, holding it up again, “Keep it up, this ones yours.” Richard took another hit, this time easier, but still coughed. It tasted horrible.

“It gets easier, dont worry.” Wally smirked darkly again, and they kept at it until Richard had smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes on his own, as Wally stood up. Richard felt himself lean on the table in a daze.

Wally opened the closet and removed a jacket and gloves, putting a pair on himself too. He walked to Richard and pulled him up, handing him the jacket.

“This’ll make you look tough man, all the broads love a man in leather.” Richard complied, he didnt want to be forced to smoke again.

The soft leather jacket fit him perfectly, as Wally zipped it up halfway, and fixed his gloves onto his hands, and sat them back down. “Since you enjoyed cigarettes so much, lets try something a little…harder.”

Wally opened a small box on the table behind him, removing a cigar, and handed it to Richard, “You know what to do.” Richard lit it and puffed on it, the smooth smoke better than the bitter cigarettes, and he watched Wally open the door, as two new faces appeared.

“Vince, Greg, this is Ricky, he’s our new member.” They nodded and sat down, taking cigars for themselves and lighting them, as well as Wally.

Richard didnt know what was going on anymore, as he picked up the cards on the table, removing them and dealing them out as the boys fixed the poker chips. This wasnt as bad as he thought.

Rick smiled around his cigar as they played Poker all night, welcoming Ricky into their group, situated under the bar that Wally’s father owned. They drank and smoked to their hearts content, as Richard slowly turned away from those nerdy outcasts. These guys were so much cooler.

Soon all the boys got tired, finding their own resting places in the room, as dawn broke. Rick woke hours later, following a recently awoken Wally out into the alleyway.

Wally tossed him a packet of cigarettes, and both leaned against the wall, sharing a smoke as they watched the sun begin its ascent downward. “Welcome to the club Ricky.”

Ricky watched the people stroll past the alleyway, finding a familiar face in the crowd, reaching his arm out and grabbing the jock by the arm, time for their club to grow.

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