Doctor Ru Fu’s Full-body Massage

By z119z -
published January 10, 2018
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The best cure for a sore muscle is a good massage.

“And how did you hear of the massage suit, Mr. Collins?”

“Luke Farris told me about it, Doctor.”

“How is Luke? I haven’t seen him for a while.” Doctor Ru spoke in a bored tone. Luke was one of his favorite “clients,” but the behemoth seated across from him on the opposite side of his desk didn’t need to know that. He busied himself looking at the computerized information sheet the man had filled out. He tried to project a professional demeanor. He reminded himself to keep his voice calm, his smile polite but formal. Just another day at the office, just another new “client” to be helped. But he would have to thank Luke later. Luke had exceeded expectations this time. Collins listed his height as 6-4 and his weight at 295. Usually those stats would indicate obesity, but to judge from the man’s appearance, Collins had devoted the last decade to working out. Those 295 pounds were distributed across a mammoth body. Collins was wearing a pair of sweat pants. On most men they would have hung loose, but Collins’s thighs and butt stretched the fabric taut. His white T-shirt fitted his torso so tightly that every shredded muscle was visible.

The massive man shrugged. “He’s fine. He said to say hi.”

“Please say hi for me the next time you see him. Always good to hear that my clients recommend me.” Doctor Ru typed briefly on his keyboard. “Now, Mr. Collins, what seems to the problem?”

“I was working on my shoulders, and I think I pulled a ligament or something. The trapezium on the left side, next to the spine, is sore.”

“I see. If you would just slip your shirt off, Mr. Collins, and let me have a look.” Doctor Ru pulled a pair of vinyl gloves over his hands. He snapped them into place and held his hands up. Best to reassure the patient that everything was hygienic. He looked up at Collins. “I think we’ll need to have you sit down again. You’re a bit taller than I am.”

Collins smiled, rather sheepishly. A good sign. The giant had a diffident side. Doctor Ru stepped behind Collins. For the next minute his fingers probed the man’s trapezium muscles. When he finished, he sat back down in his chair and stripped the gloves off his hands. “I see the problem. The muscles were subjected to some hypertension and that has resulted in over-extension of the anterior surface of the trapezium on the left side.” The doctor babbled on, throwing our medical jargon while he typed notes into Collins’s file. “I just need a bit more information and then we can take care of that. Have you ever experience claustrophobia?”

“No. Why?”

“It’s the suit. It fits rather closely around the entire body, including the head, and that makes some people uneasy. Now, any drug allergies?” The doctor ran through a list of questions, recording each of Collins’s answers on his computer. “I must stress that it’s important that you tell me if you are taking steroids now or have taken them in the past.”

Collins shook his head no. The bodybuilders always did, in Doctor Ru’s experience. It didn’t really matter, but the questions turned their attention away from the possibility of claustrophobia to health concerns. In truth, the suit was safe in terms of health issues. It was the mental reaction to it that could be a problem.

In the early days, there had been a few regrettable panic attacks when he had placed the client in the tank. He had learned from experience, and there hadn’t been a similar incident in years, but still it was best to weed out potential problems, even if it meant losing a promising candidate, especially given the discrepancy between Collins’s size and his own diminutive stature. He wouldn’t be able to control an alarmed man that large.

“Well, everything looks good, Mr. Collins. The treatment will take a couple of hours. We can start now if you have the time. If not, we can schedule an appointment for you to come in tomorrow or the next day.”

“Now would be great, doctor. I really want to get rid of this.”

“Excellent. Let’s go into Treatment Room 3.”

The treatment room featured a stainless steel tub three meters in length, two meters wide, and a meter deep.. It was filled with water. Wisps of steam escaped from the surface. The room was humid and smelled faintly of chlorine. The doctor bent over a gauge. “Did Luke explain the procedure to you?” He didn’t need to turn his head toward Collins. He knew the bodybuilder was staring openmouthed at the black body suits hanging from the row of pegs on the far wall. There were six suits, in varying sizes. Collins would need the biggest one.

“Yeah, he told me about the suit and the water tank.”

“Good.” The doctor had to stand on his tiptoes to lift the largest suit off its peg. He arranged it carefully on the table that was the only other item of furniture in the room. “If you’ll get undressed and put the suit on—it zips up the back. Don’t worry if you can’t close it completely. I can do that for you. You may find the suit a bit tight at first, but it will stretch to fit. I’ll be back to help you into the tank in about ten minutes. The bathroom’s through that door. You might want to use it before you put the suit on. Once the treatment starts, it’s best not to interrupt it.”

The doctor closed the hall door firmly behind him. He stepped into the next room and turned the cameras on. Collins appeared at various different angles on the six screens mounted on the walls. Collins had already stripped off his shirt and sweatpants and slipped out of his sandals. He folded the clothes and laid them on the table beside the suit. He used his feet to nudge the sandals under the table. He disappeared from the screens briefly while he went into the bathroom. The doctor heard the sound of a stream of piss hitting the water in the bowl and then the flushing of the toilet. Collins reappeared in the treatment room holding a bunched-up bit of red fabric. The bodybuilder favored skimpy thongs. Collins stuffed his underwear inside the sweatpants. He lifted first his right leg and then his left to pull off his socks. Those he placed on top of the sweatpants.

Collins had to perch his butt on the table while he pulled the suit up over his feet and legs. The suit’s inner lining and outermost layer were made of the same spandex-like material as a compression suit. Those layers were for show. The important elements of the suit were contained inside two waterproof rubber sheets sandwiched within the two visible layers. Between the rubber sheets ran a computer-controlled network of wires that could transmit stimulation to any area of the body the doctor selected.

Collins had to struggle a bit to fit his hands into the gloves attached to the ends of the arms of the suit. He must have put the fingers of his left hand into the wrong holes because he pulled his hand out and started over. He was successful the second time. He smoothed the suit across his chest and over his shoulders. He was able to zip the suit up in back only part way. He tried for a half-minute to close the zipper completely but then shrugged and gave up.

There was no mirror in the treatment room or the attached toilet. Collins lifted a leg and then an arm and examined them. The suit had molded itself to his body. Unfortunately, the crisp definition of his muscles and veins was no longer visible. The suit did nothing to hide his bulk, however.

The doctor let Collins wait for a few minutes. The lining of the suit was coated with two compounds. They worked quickly, but it was best to allow a bit of time for the muscle relaxant to penetrate the skin and into the muscles and for the euphoric to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. When he saw a hint of confusion briefly cross Collins’s face, the doctor knew that the drugs were working. Collins would be experiencing a slight giddiness. Over the next five minute or so, he would first begin to feel relaxed and then lethargic. The doctor picked up the helmet and quickly entered the examination room.

“Ah, I see you had a bit of trouble with the zipper. The suit’s not quite as pliable as I would like, and the gloves make it difficult to achieve fine motor control over your fingers. I’m working on that. I hope to get it fixed soon. There. Now you’re all zipped in. All that remains is to put the helmet on you and then get you into the tank. Don’t worry. Your body will float on the surface of the water, and, as you can see, the breathing tubes are quite long. When I get you into the tub, I’ll secure them to that overhead rod so that they don’t accidentally get pulled into the water. If you’ll just bend forward a bit so that I can put the helmet on.”

The doctor swiftly finished dressing Collins and settled him into the tank. “I’ll be monitoring your progress and be back periodically to check on you and make sure everything’s all right. The video show will start in a few seconds. Just relax. Most people fall asleep.” The doctor nodded reassuringly at Collins and switched on the whirlpool bath. The water began circulating around Collins’s body. Strictly speaking, the whirlpool wasn’t necessary, but the machinery was calibrated to emit a low throbbing sound. It was all part of the “treatment.” Collins gave him a final uncertain look before the eye screens glazed over. The video had begun. For the next fifteen minutes, Collins would view a succession of relaxing pictures—a flickering camp fire, rain dappling the surface of a pond, bees and butterflies flitting from flower to flower in a meadow, gentle waves foaming against a white sand beach, a canopy of leaves swaying in a gentle breeze—while monotonous “new age” music played in the background. The commands programmed into the suit would begin to relieve the pain in his shoulder muscles.

The doctor returned to the observation room. He allotted two hours to the initial treatment. Subsequent sessions required less time, but it paid to make sure that the initial treatment was successful. He flicked the switch that released the hypnotic gas into the treatment room. He used only a low concentration of the odorless gas. In conjunction with the chemicals in the suit that Collins was absorbing through his skin, the gas ensured a “receptive” state of mind for the second stage of the video.

Already beneath the music track a recording of the doctor’s voice was playing and saying over and over, “Relax. It feels so good to relax. Relax and float. You are safe and warm, content, happy.” As of yet, the voice was seeping into Collins’s mind only at subliminal levels. At about the ten-minute mark, the volume would begin to increase. When Collins exited the initial relaxation stage at the end of fifteen minutes, the voice would be audible. By that time, Collins would be totally receptive and ready to be reprogrammed. The images he was seeing, the instructions he was receiving, the sensations pleasuring his mind and body—all of them would retrain Collins into a compliant giant.

A succession of pictures of Doctor Ru would pass before his eyes as the suit stimulated his body concentrating on his groin, his nipples, the bottoms of his feet, his taint, and his anus—all the erogenous zones. Over and over, lessons of loyalty to the doctor would seep into his brain.

“You love to obey Doctor Ru. Nothing gives you more pleasure than obeying Doctor Ru. You want to make Doctor Ru happy. Pleasing Doctor Ru is your only goal.” Collins didn’t stand a chance. The drugs, the images, the commands flooding his brain would quickly turn him into an obedient puppet.

The doctor peeled the suit from Collins’s body. The mammoth body shone as if it had been oiled. “Kneel,” said the doctor.

Collins obediently knelt before the doctor. Because of the difference in their heights, Collin’s head was level with the doctor’s chest.

“Bounce your pecs for me.”

Collins began contracting and releasing the muscles that controlled his pecs. The mounds of flesh rose and fell. His large dark nipples almost rotated. The doctor placed a hand on each pec and savored the energy moving through the hard muscles. “Stop,” he commanded. The doctor pressed his groin against Collins’s chest so that his cock was centered in the groove over the breast bone. It was surrounded on both sides by Collins’s hot, sweaty flesh. “Resume.”

The pec bounces stroked the doctor’s cock. “Slowly. No need to rush.” The submissive giant obediently slowed his massaging of the doctor’s cock. Deep in his mind, he felt the need to please the doctor. He observed the doctor’s reactions to his efforts and quickly adjusted his movements to give the doctor the maximum amount of pleasure and prolong it as long as possible.

Collins’s efforts overpowered the doctor’s senses. They both were learning how to extract the most from their joint play—Collins in how best to serve the doctor, and the doctor in how best to use Collins for his pleasures. For the initial session, it was not a bad showing. The doctor held out for twelve minutes before he pulled away from Collins and shot his load all over Collins’s face. Collins opened his mouth. The doctor squeezed the last few drops of cum onto Collins’s tongue. The bodybuilder leaned forward and took the doctor’s cock in his mouth to suck it clean.

The doglike look of adoration on Collins’s upturned face told the doctor everything he needed to know. Another mind under his control. The muscleman glowed with the pleasure of submission. By the time Collins finished the course of treatments, his only thought would be to worship the doctor.

“Now, Mr. Collins. I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

The bodybuilder nodded in happy agreement. He felt much better. The pain in his shoulder was gone and he had been a “good boy.” The doctor was pleased with him. He bent over to pull on his socks and briefs

The doctor watched with pleasure. Collin’s legs and butt were magnificent. Usually he devoted the second day of “treatment” to teaching a new subject the joys of oral sex. The penis gag in the helmet and the indoctrination program created a raging desire in the client’s mind to suck the doctor’s cock.

But maybe he would vary the training regimen this time. Maybe tomorrow he would introduce Collins to a need for anal sex. Before he put the giant into the suit, he would insert an inflatable butt plug up his ass. As the training program ran, the plug would slowly inflate and deflate as it lengthened and penetrated deeper and deeper. Collins would beg the doctor to fuck him when he emerged from the massage suit.

Well, he didn’t have to choose right now. He would see what he was in the mood for tomorrow afternoon when Collins returned for his next lesson in the massage suit.

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