Fusion - Epilogue

By rubbrsome published January 9, 2018

The aftermath of the Fused success at global domination.

The transformation of all the mature males into FUSED HARVERSTERS took a little more than a week to accomplish. The feat of transforming nearly three billion men into one unified and programmed consciousness was mindblowing. As they began to dominate the planet, they continued to spread themselves outward in an ever expanding grid. This expansion was the logical course for global domination. The HARVESTERS used their immense psychic powers to triangulate every mature man on the planet.

As their numbers grew, so did the speed of harvesting. After the first day, the HARVESTERS had achieved the next level of evolution. The HARVESTERS eyes blazed with energy. And suddenly before them, a rift in space appeared. The black rubberized men stepped through the rift and were instantly transported to the location of their male targets. Locating male hosts and acquiring these targets had become instantaneous.

There were rare occasions on when acquiring hosts became difficult or unique. Aboard the International Space Station, six male astronauts sat silent and worried. They had stopped talking hours ago. They were each well aware about the events happening back on Earth, and they had lost communication with Mission Control. The biggest concern on their mind was that without Mission Control, they had no idea on how they could get a return flight back to the surface.

Suddenly, there was a strange energy in the air around them. The atmosphere inside the module seemed to crackle, and each of them instantly thought the hull had been breached. But suddenly Captain Matthews pointed. Each of the six men turned to see that some kind of portal had appeared and a black figure was emerging from it.

For a split second, the six men made to flee. But then all of their bodies went limp as their minds emptied. In the Zero-G environment, the FUSED HARVESTER didn’t need to raise the astronauts into the air. He simply pulled the nearest male host to him. The Captain’s eyes were pure white as he floated towards his destiny.

In little more than a week, the entire matured male population was harvested. The grid of men, spread apart and standing as statues, covered the entire surface area of the planet. The HARVESTERS had long since been ready for their next step in evolution. At the same time, as each of them were of one unified mind, the FUSED HARVESTERS created a new type of portal before them. This time, the portal didn’t travel through space. Instead, it took the HARVESTER to an alternate reality. With no more men for them to harvest, they would need to find new and alternate Earths for them to conquer. There existed an infinite variation of alternate dimensions. And with that, that meant an infinite pool of men to harvest.

In a matter of a few seconds, all FUSED HARVESTERS were gone. The population of Earth had been terribly decimated. The female population outnumbered the males from tens of millions to one. The only males left behind were those that hadn’t reached full physical maturity, so that usually meant those under twenty-two years of age.

The only thing the HARVESTERS had left behind were billions of silver crystalized eggs. It was well known that each egg was the product of the HARVESTERS’ silver cum after immediate transformation. Nobody knew what the eggs were for. But it only took a few weeks after the disappearance of the HARVESTER before everyone it.

Jessie missed his father and brothers. He missed his friends. Everything was different and it wasn’t cool. His mind tried to grasp onto how everything had changed, and how it had changed so fast. Just a little more than a week ago, his entire life was normal. But now he was being assigned to have sex with several women on a daily basis.

At first, he thought it was pretty cool. A twenty year old guy getting to have sex all the time. But then he soon began to realize that they were just studding him out. He wasn’t a person to these women. He was only the means for them to have a baby, and repopulate the planet. And very quickly, he began to hate it.

Jessie found himself walking down the sidewalk. He had just left the house and wanted to get away. Standing in the doorway were one of his … what did he even call them. They weren’t a girlfriend. She wasn’t a whore. In fact, he felt that it was he that was the whore. He was the one that was being constantly pimped out.

Jessie walked. And suddenly, he saw one of the many silver eggs that had been left behind. He kicked it as one would kick a rock along the street. The egg bounced several feet along the asphalt. But as it came to a stop, the silver surface began to glow. Jessie stopped and stared at it.

The silver egg had sensed the approaching male. When the male was within its range, the egg scanned the male and determined that its body had now achieved full physical maturity. The male was now a viable host and ready for harvesting. The silver egg hatched.

Jessie continued to stare at the egg. The glow along the surface continue to grow in brightness and intensity. Suddenly it began to pulse with a brilliant light. As the pulsing energy grew, Jessie’s eyes whitened as if they were being bleached out. A soothing calm washed over him, and he felt himself rooted to the spot as if a statue. All independent thought drained out of him. The only thing Jessie felt was a pleasure that started to make his cock harden. Just standing there, images and thoughts had been implanted into Jessie that made his balls ache for release. Having no control over himself, Jessie felt himself orgasm and his cock spewing cum inside his pants. A dark stain appeared on his jeans.

Then the egg cracked and split apart. Laying on the ground, covered in a thick silver slime, was an alien symbiote. The wormlike creature slithered and leapt through the air towards the human host. It landed directly on cum stained crotch. The silver slime began to dissolve the fabric of the human’s clothes, and within seconds, it slithered through. The symbiote coiled its body around Jessie’s hardened cock. It tasted the wet cum. And following the cum to Jessie’s piss-hole, it slipped inside, down his cock and found the host’s balls.

Within seconds, Jessie’s body was being transformed. He began to swell and his body began to rubberize. His balls bulged and grew as the alien reached its full maturation and bonded with the human. Jessie’s mind received its full Fused Consciousness. The FUSED HARVERSTERS had stored their complete identity in the egg as if was a portable storage device. Everything that were the HARVESTERS was being downloaded and integrated into Jessie’s brain. As Jessie completed his transformation, his body lifted off the ground and hovered in the air. By now, his entire body was black and rubber. His toes had fused together to appear like socks. His fingers were three thick digits. And his face had lost all features except for two brightly lit eyes.

The FUSED HARVESTER floated in the air. Feeling the intense and massive wave of sexual climax, the HARVESTER arched its back and shot a massive load of silver cum. The liquid burst out of his cock like it was a cannon. And then suddenly, the liquid stopped in midflight, pulled itself inward and began to solidify itself into a silver sphere. Then, the sphere lowered gently to the ground where it crystalized into a newly formed HARVESTER EGG.

The new HARVESTER lowered slowly to the ground. His black socked feet touched the cement surface and then it stood rigid as if a statue. Its mind was the most efficient programmed computer. It followed its orders. First, it determined that it was fully functional and ready for harvesting. Then, it began to scan for potential male hosts. Its mind linked with all the HARVESTER EGGS, maximizing its search radius. With HARVESTER EGGS dotted along the entire planet, the HARVESTER could sense no mature male hosts to harvest. It sensed many males that would reach maturity within a few hours, but there was plenty of EGGS that could harvest them when maturity occurred.

The FUSED HARVERSTER eyes blazed as it created a portal. Within seconds, a rift appeared before the rubberized figure. With no males on this planet to harvest, it would find a new crop on another Earth. The FUSED HARVESTER stepped through and was gone.

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