The Kota Cock

By Kota
published March 2, 2012

Little did I know that once I saw the Kota Cock, it would be all I’d think about.

So my name is Dan but this story isn’t about me it’s about my friend Dakota. I’ve had a crush on him for years but never thought I had a chance until this one day I was at his house. I had been into hypnosis for years had always been a secret fetish of mine so after some careful research I thought that this would be my best opportunity to get with Dakota. So I went to his house with the pretense of helping him study and I made my move.

“So I found a way to really help you study Dakota”


“Yes, hypnosis, it’ll help you focus more and learn it easier”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that, do you think you could try and hypnotized me, Dan? I mean you’re not gonna turn me into some mindless zombie or something.”

“No, hypnosis can’t make you do anything you don’t want to” Little did he know that’s exactly what I have planned.

“Well I guess I’ll give it a shot then.”

“Sounds good, just get comfortable and we’ll start.”

“Okay just give me a minute.”

Dakota stepped out into his bathroom and I giddy with excitement starting getting ready. I could hear Dakota doing something in the bathroom, it almost sounded like he was getting undressed but there’s no way I’d be that lucky. I heard Dakota step back into the room and that’s when everything changed.

“Hey bud, I was wondering if you could take a look at this first before we start with the hypnosis”

“Sure Dakota, What is it—”

As I turned around I saw Dakota standing there in the doorway completely nude! I couldn’t believe it there he was and he was gorgeous. As I looked down I saw the object of my dreams and then everything froze. All I could do was stare at his cock, it was uncut about 6 inches soft and it was twitching just above the roundest, most beautiful set of balls I’d ever seen.

“That’s it Danny boy, you like it don’t you, of course you do just keeping looking at my cock and listen to my voice. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Yeaaa” it took everything I had to speak but I had to because the Voice had asked a question and I had to answer it. As I sat there and looked at this beautiful cock in front of me that was slowly expanding all I could think about is how I would do anything to please the Adonis in front of me.

“You know I’ve always known about your little crush on me, Danny boy, but it wasn’t until last month when I saw you with Kyle in the locker room that I realized just how much I wanted you on your knees in front of me like you were in front of him”

“You’re probably wondering why you’re so enthralled with my cock.” Not really, it was beautiful that’s why I was enthralled but I nodded anyway because I knew that’s what he wanted.

“Well it started junior year, one day I was in the locker room after football practice taking a shower and Coach Brad walked into the shower. I was so surprised I jumped and turned around because no one was supposed to be there, I always waited til everyone else had left to shower. Coach apparently had gotten a glimpse of little Kota here when I turned around and that’s all it took. I could see the glassy look in his eyes and I knew exactly what had happened because you’re not the only one with a hypnosis fetish. So I had Coach on his knees sucking me off like it was going out of style. After trying it on Cyndi, the head cheerleader I realized it only works on guys and if they swallow my load it makes them completely enthralled with me, well my cock but you get the point.”

“Anyway enough talking get on your hands and knees and crawl over here like the little bitch you are, Danny boy.” As I dropped down and started crawling I could feel just how hard and leaking my own cock was in my boxers. I wouldn’t be surprised if my entire crotch was soaked with pre-cum. As I reached Dakota I sat back on my legs and waited for him to give me my next order.

“God, I didn’t realized how fucking hot it would be to have you down there looking up at me, Danny boy. Well starting licking my balls, my little bitch.” Finally just what I’d been waiting for as I grabbed his sack and started rubbing his balls I realized just how much I wanted to savor this moment but apparently it wasn’t fast enough for Dakota. He grabbed his cock and slapped me across the face with it, I was so caught off guard that I fell.

“You stupid little Thrall, I said lick my balls not rub them, apparently you still have enough will left to resist my direct orders but I see you still want this even though you’re not completely mine yet.” He was right I wanted this so bad I could taste and hopefully soon I would do just that.

“Well I guess we’ll just have to skip to the point. Get up and start blowing me, little bitch” I jumped up and sucked down on his cock so fast I nearly knocked Dakota off his feet.

“Ohhh Damn!” he moaned “You really fucking love to suck cock. I knew it when I saw you sucking Kyle off in the locker room that you loved it. And I knew you’d be perfect for my harem, you love my cock Danny boy, you love me, I’m all you want all you desire, my cock is your world, I am your world. You will obey me in all things because my cock is your master, repeat that slave.”

I took my mouth off his wonderful cock and spoke the words that became my whole truth.

“Your cock is my master”

“Good, now repeat after me and as you speak the words know and remember them as the truth.” And as I knelt there with my hand slowly stroking his 8-inch cock to keep him hard, he spoke to me the words of my life. Instructing me, enthralling me, enslaving me to his every whim and desire and I realized that this was the happiest moment of my life and not just because he told me it was but because I’d get to have him all the time now.

“Now my little slave, repeat your new mantra back to me.”

"Obey The Kota Cock,

Love The Kota Cock,

Serve The Kota Cock,

The Kota Cock is my master and I will serve it,

The Kota Cock is my Master and I will obey its master,

Dakota is the Master of the Kota Cock and so He is my Master,

I will obey Dakota because he has the Kota Cock,

I worship the Kota cock,

Its pleasure is my purpose, its release my desire,

The Kota cock is my Master and I am its slave,

I serve it with my mouth and with my ass,

I serve the Kota cock and I obey its master."

“Very good, Danny boy now get back to serving the Kota cock and as you suck it repeat your mantra in your head and when I cum the words will be permanently engrained in your mind and you’ll be my permanent cock-thrall. You want that don’t you Danny boy?”

“Yes I do, Dakota”

“No, no from now on you will call me ‘master’ or ‘my lord’ because you serve my cock and I’m the master of the Kota Cock, understand?”

“Yes, master as you wish”

“Good slave now get back to sucking.”

I didn’t answer because I knew the answer was to suck and suck I did, I worshiped the Kota Cock and it’s master like the good slave I was. I sucked and sucked and I licked the balls of the Kota Cock and above me I heard the appreciative moans and grunts of my lord and master and I knew my worship was satisfying the Kota cock. At that moment I felt myself on the edge of cumming right there in my pants without a touch simply because I could hear the moans of my master and knew I was pleasing the Kota Cock but a cockslave does not cum before a cockmaster especially not before the Kota Cock.

“ugh ugh oohhh Danny boy that’s so fucking good, I’m almost ready to cum. Look up at me with those sexy green eyes of yours while you suck my cock and when I cum swallow it all and be mine forever”

I still can’t believe this worked, sure it worked on a couple of dumbass football jocks and an idiot coach but this was Dan, my best friend, and the closest thing I knew to a genius. And he fell for my plan I didn’t even need to study, I just wanted him here and I was just gonna whip my cock out at one point trance him, and have him suck me off and that would be that. But then he brings up hypnosis and inspiration struck why have a one-off with him when I could have him all the time. Of course I’ll have to feed him a lot of cum and he’ll have to see my cock quite often to keep up the conditioning but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Oh god and now there are those eyes looking up at me, oh god the worship in them is too much…..


As he told me to look at him I didn’t understand why he would want that but mine is not to reason why mine is simply to obey my guy. So I looked up at my lord and master, this gorgeous god with the magnificent cock and I realized how much this was always my fantasy, to hypnotize him to control me, dominate me, and make me his forever. I don’t know what he saw in my eyes, if he saw my worship for him or what but at that moment when he looked down and I was looking up and our eyes met it seemed that time stopped and we both realized how much we both really wanted exactly this. And then I felt the Kota Cock twitch and I knew it was time for my reward as I heard him scream I felt the first squirt and had the first taste of the delicious ambrosia of the Kota Cock. As the master cock continued to cum I continued to swallow its nectar and felt myself fall farther and farther into Dakota’s thrall and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My god that was the best blowjob of my life I never thought Dan would be that good of a cocksucker but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with the way Kyle was moaning in the locker room that day. Well now I can enjoy this gorgeous mouth whenever I want and now I can’t wait to try out his ass. Guess that might have to wait till next time, I think he might have sucked out every last drop of cum I have.

“So Danny boy did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, my lord it was better than I ever dreamed it would be”

“What do you mean ‘you dreamed it would be’?”

“I have always fantasized about you, master, about doing exactly this”

“Wait, explain that, what were you going to do when you hypnotized me?”

“I was going to hypnotized you to dominate me and make me your slave, as soon as I discovered what your fantasies were I was going to change them to fit my desires to have you be my master.”

“Well well so you were going to make me gay for you, make me want to order you around like a little bitch?”

“Yes master, but I couldn’t make you gay, but I was going to have you see me as who you found most desirable.”

“Huh well I can have fun with this then.”


Well it was all a bust I couldn’t get him under at all. And now I’ve been so fucking horny this whole week and for some reason I just can’t cum at all. And I keep having these dreams of someone controlling me like I’ve always wanted and it’s always the same damn dream. I see him somewhere and he grabs his crotch and I can see the outline of his dick and it’s so nice and things get fuzzy and it feels like I’m falling and I hear those words “Obey the Kota Cock” and then I wake up sweaty and covered in cum and it’s odd because it’s too much to be just mine and sometimes I’m not in bed when I wake up, a couple of times I wasn’t even at home. I guess I should find it weird but somehow I feel as if I just shouldn’t worry about it and just go along with the flow. Someone’s knocking at the door, hope they don’t notice how hard I am just thinking about this has got me so damn hot. Maybe I can try and get Dakota under again next time I see him, then I can finally get my rocks off.

“Hello who is it?”

“It’s Dakota, dude open up I got a new game for us to play”

“Cool Come in.” Yes this might be my chance. I opened the door and there was my best friend Dakota with a strange grin on his face.

“So what’s the game you got, Dakota?”

“Oh it’s called Bitch boy, as in you’re my bitch boy”

“What the fuck are you….” Dakota had started reaching for his crotch and undoing his fly and for some reason I couldn’t stop watching and couldn’t say anything to stop him. As I watched I could feel myself getting harder and harder all I could think is I’m finally going to be able to see his dick. I wonder if he’s cut or not, I can see his camouflage boxers now he’s reaching into them and now Oh My God I can’t believe he’s pulling his dick out now. And there it is the most beautiful dick I’ve ever seen, “no it’s not a dick” says a little voice in my head and the voice is right this isn’t a dick, it’s a cock, a beautiful cock.

“It’s time for you to remember now Danny boy”

Danny boy, Dakota knows I hate that nickname why’s he calling me that and remember what, what could I have forgotten? The more I sit there staring at his magnificent cock I can feel things slowing down like I’m drunk. Things are so fuzzy but I’m just able to get out

“Remember what, Dakota?”

“Remember to ‘Obey the Kota Cock”

And then it hit me and I was falling in mind and body and as I hit my knees I was finally able to look away from the beautiful Kota Cock and as I looked up I saw Dakota’s smiling face and as I looked into his eyes, the eyes of my lord and master, I remembered.

I remembered everything….

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