BroPacker Tours - A Honeymoon Story - Chapter 1

By Scotty.The.Body
published January 5, 2018
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A newlywed couple in their late-thirties and early-forties explore the best of what the Highlands have to offer with the help of their rugged tour guide, Mark.

Even though he had finished with his work hours ago, Matthew was still hunched over his laptop in his home office. But now he was engaged in a labour of love. He had never pictured himself getting married, but now, at the age of thirty-nine, the big day was only two months away. He didn’t expect to spend a week, let alone ten years or the rest of his life, with Josh when they hooked up all those years ago, but sometimes fortune smiles down on you, things click, and the rest is history. The fact that both Josh’s beard and hairy muscles thickened with age are merely the sexy cherry on top. Matthew was determined to plan the perfect honeymoon to show his beau just how much he appreciated everything Josh was and would ever be.

The destination: the Scottish highlands. Josh was a big whisky fan and could trace his family’s roots back to the Jacobites, and had always expressed an interest in exploring his roots a bit. Matthew had insisted on planning the trip in secret and surprising Josh with the details when they got to the airport. The first class tickets from Seattle to Edinburgh didn’t come cheap, but they decided to have a minimalist wedding so that no expense would be spared on their trip. The destination had the added benefit of being full of men with Scottish accents and wild, unkempt beards - a prospect that sent Matthew’s imagination running wild. While their relationship was not wide open, the pair had occasionally brought a third or fourth back to their place from a night on the town. Matthew expected that honeymoon-Josh would be in a playful mood. This was the part of the trip he was researching tonight.

Matthew Googled “gay honeymoon Scottish highlands” and came upon a bunch of old forum posts. Most of them were almost a decade out of date, listing cruising locations that have probably been hollowed out by the apps. Still, Matthew persevered and came across a post titled “BroPacker Tours - Deluxe Daddies Package”. He clicked, hoping that any information would still be useful. “This is THE ULTIMATE package for older gay couples looking to see the sights of Scotland and the Highlands over the course of the most sexually fulfilling two weeks of your lives. You won’t find anything about this on the BroPacker website, you’ll need to call Mark at the head office to arrange the package. Well worth the money.” Matthew was intrigued by the post - he hadn’t seen anything like it anywhere else, but it had dozens of replies endorsing the package, although nobody seemed to reveal any further details. He was a bit put off by the idea of self-identifying as an “older gay couple” (sure, Josh was 43, but he wasn’t even over the hump yet!), but figured it was worth a try. It was late, and nine hours later in Edinburgh, so he decided to put off the call to Mark until morning.

Matthew turned off the lights in his office, and made his way to the bedroom, where Josh - with his salt-and-pepper beard, plentiful chest hair, and powerful arms - was waiting for him, reading in a pair of criminally-tight boxer-briefs. Matthew took a moment to eye his prize, and then enthusiastically tore off his suit and tie, eager to fuck his fiancé’s brains out.

James couldn’t wait to get away. He decided he was going to to take a gap year to figure out what he wanted to do. He was twenty-three and had the rest of his life to work, but only had a limited amount of time to live life to the fullest in his athletic, youthful body. He had a few goals in mind for his time off: get out of Texas, see the world, and get laid a couple hundred times in the process. He had received a sizeable cheque from his parents as a present for graduation, so resources wouldn’t be an issue. He didn’t have any problems getting girls in Austin, but was eager to try something new. In a far off land, his drawl would probably be a sought-after feature, and he planned to exploit it as much as possible.

James should have been studying for finals, but instead was eager to plan his trip. He had a couple buds who were living in London, so that seemed like a good place to start, and while he was there, he wanted to make his way up to Scotland. James had always been a big hiker, and heard that the Highlands were one of the best places in the UK to see some vistas from up high.

Eventually, James stumbled upon the website for BroPacker Tours and it seemed like a perfect fit. The company offered several bus tours throughout the Highlands, but one thing set BroPacker apart: there was an intense vetting process that only the best “bros” would make it through. The tours guaranteed that the guys would get laid, so it made sense that the group needed to be attractive and confident - one weirdo and the whole operation could fall apart. For those who made it through, though, the website promised that their guide would help them get women “from Inverness to Oban, and everywhere in between”. James was confident that he would make the cut so he filled out the application, uploaded a shirtless photo as instructed, and filled out the ‘Cognitive Suitability Test (CST)’ that was emailed to him. The CST was a bit odd - lots of spirals and optical illusions and shit - but he was assured by a message on-screen that it was necessary to ensuring participants met the exclusive requirements of the BroPacker method.

After finishing the test, he forwarded the link to his friend, Amir, who was working for an oil company’s office in London. Of all his friends, he figured Amir would be the best bet to meet BroPacker’s standards. They had played on the UT volleyball team together, and Amir’s body rivalled his own in terms of ability to make the ladies swoon. Being Arab - and having the body hair that comes with it - he had an easier time getting laid in London than in Texas, so he took the transfer when he had the chance. A sexual romp through Scotland would be the perfect reunion for the once inseparable bros. James stretched his arms out in a dramatic yawn and didn’t bother putting his shirt back on for his walk to his bedroom, where he fell asleep in eager anticipation of BroPacker’s response.

After Josh left for work, Matthew decided he would get the call to BroPackers out of the way early. With the time difference, he didn’t want to miss his chance.

The phone rang a couple seconds. A deep voice with a stereotypical Scottish accent picked up. “BroPacker Tours, what can I do for ya?”

Matthew got a bit nervous, worried some sort of trick was being played on him. “Uh, hi - I’m calling to ask about the - uh - well, is Mark there?”

A brief pause on the other end. “Yeah, I can transfer you. Hold on.”

Another ring, and a voice which exuded raw sexual energy spoke. “Mark here, who am I speaking with?”

“Uh, hi. My name’s Matthew - I was browsing online and saw that… well… do you guys still do the Deluxe Daddies Package?”

“That depends… do you have a couple of Deluxe Daddies who are interested?”

“Yeah, well, I guess. I’m organizing my honeymoon for me and my husband, Josh. I’m 39, he’s 43. Do we qualify?” Matthew felt flushed, almost like he was trying to bed the tour guide on the other end of the phone.

“Sure thing. I mean, as long as the photos don’t disappoint. We’ve got a reputation to uphold, y’know?”

Matthew was a bit confused, but he trusted Mark wasn’t trying to screw him over in some way. He emailed a photo of Josh and himself from a beach trip last summer, and Mark promptly got back on the line. “Yeah, there won’t be any problems on that front. Woof. So, how much do you know about our tours?”

“Um, not much, beyond the fact that they come highly recommended.”

“Well, you’re in for a treat. The basic model is this. We do minibus trips through the Highlands with eight guys on the bus total - me, you and your Mr. Wolf. See the sights, do some hikes, the whole shebang. What we offer as a premium, though, is five other guys on the bus who are… what would you Americans say… ‘eager to please’.”

Matthew was a bit confused. “So, like prostitutes?”

“No, no. We do a careful curation of our applicants to find a group of guys who will meet your needs and satisfy your preferences. We’ll work with you to make sure we’ve got all the bases covered before we, ahem, pull the trigger. And then we send out the invites. Spots on our bus are highly coveted, and satisfaction is guaranteed.”

“So, are they other couples? Other ‘daddies’?” Matthew couldn’t decide if he found the d-word depressing or sexy yet, and he was having a lot of trouble understanding what exactly was going on. That being said, he was getting a hard-on through his sweatpants imagining the possibilities.

“No, no. Most are just young bucks wanting to have a good time on vacation. But other ‘daddies’ could be arranged, with a bit more time. Our waiting pool right now skews towards the mid-twenties. But trust me - when you set foot in Edinburgh, everyone on the bus will want to be there and will be excited to see you. Oh, and of course, part of my services is documenting the highlights of your trip, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“That sounds… comprehensive. Do you have like a pamphlet or something I can take, to mull things over?”

“Not really, no, but I can send along some pictures if you like, so you can see what other daddies got out of the trip, if you like. My husband and I did the inaugural trip ourselves. But our business model depends on confidentiality, so its going to be a password-protected temporary link I send you, and it needs to be kept private. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Matthew replied. He wasn’t sure where that came from. “One more thing, I haven’t heard anything about the price.”

“Ah, yes. It’s quite steep, I’m afraid. In American it’ll run you about thirteen thousand for two weeks, with four thousand due upon applying. Is that going to be an issue?”

Matthew thought for a moment. It was quite a bit over budget, but it sounded like they were going to get more than just a typical vacation. Plus, really, they had the money and what else were they gonna spend it on? “No, not a problem, sir.”

“Great. I’ll send you that link with the additional information, and then on your go-ahead, I’ll start the selection process. Thanks for calling, Matthew. I look forward to being of service to you and Josh.”

Matthew was a bit taken aback by this last part, but struggled to get out a goodbye before Mark hung up. Within thirty seconds, he got an email from Mark, and clicked the link inside. The album opened with a photo of Mark himself - he looked about six feet tall, was bald but had a long thick belt, and was wearing a kilt that only made his beefy, hairy calves more tantalizing. He scrolled down to see what looked like a normal group photo in front of some hill somewhere, with Mark, his husband, and six youthful, muscular guys in their late twenties to early thirties. They looked thrilled to be there, like they were having the time of their lives.

Mark clicked through to the next page, and was surprised at what he saw next. The eight men from the previous photo were arranged in a variety of positions in what looked like professionally-shot porn. Matthew’s eight-inch member jumped to life as he scrolled through the dozens of photos, mouth wide open and hands rubbing his cock through his sweatpants. The cocks and asses on all the young guys were ridiculously perfect. Mark and his husband seemed to definitely be in charge, which was even more titillating. It seemed like he was going to be able to deliver on his sales pitch.

The next page contained a survey about preferences and special requests. Matthew knew Josh would be disappointed if he handcrafted a sex tour without a hot Middle Eastern stud in the middle of it, so he made sure to check that box along with several others. They weren’t getting younger, and this might turn out to be their last hurrah, orgy-wise, so they might as well make the most of it. He was also given the option to request any of the ‘trekkers’ from the photoshoot. One guy in particular had caught his eye - a tall ginger jock with a tight, hairy ass so big that you could balance a beer can on it - so he requested “Ian” and left it at that. He clicked through to the final page, which opened into a video chat with a shirtless-but-kilted Mark.

“So, Matthew, have we decided? Are you going to be booking your honeymoon with us?”

Matthew stared directly into Mark’s eyes on the screen, still a bit mesmerized from the photo album and still with his hand down his pants, gently teasing his twitching cock. “Yes, sir. You’ve made your sale.”

“Happy to hear it, Matt. I’m gonna switch this off now and leave you to watch our orientation video. Then, once I get the deposit, I’ll start assembling our team to meet your criteria. I will call you back in a few weeks when I’ve done my work on this end, and we’ll put the final touches on everything. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds great, sir. I can’t wait.” Matthew was beaming, giddy with excitement, and his cock was right there with him. He just needed to decide how much to tell Josh - he was tempted for the whole thing to be a surprise.

Mark disconnected his video, but another immediately started playing. Matthew was instructed to put on headphones, and he readily obeyed. The video was a repeating abstract pattern which made Matthew a bit dizzy, but Mark’s voice playing over some weird electronic music provided him with the comfort he needed to enjoy the experience: “Thank you for choosing BroPacker Tours. This initial trance is to ensure suitability for our program. As I count down from five, you will relax your body entirely until the only sensation you are aware of is your leaking cock, begging for release. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.” Matthew ripped off his sweatpants, desperately aware of his need to cum immediately. The voiceover continued: “You will resist the urge to cum until your mind has fully accepted Master Mark’s demand to be obeyed.” Matthew was furiously stroking his cock at this point, pre-cum oozing out, but nothing more. Gradually, over a few minutes, his resolve became weaker and weaker until, finally, he exclaimed “I must obey Master Mark!” and shot rope after rope of cum across his chest and stomach, easily the biggest and thickest load he’d shot in years.

He cleaned himself up in the shower, in awe and bliss after his call with Mark. “This is going to be the best honeymoon ever,” he thought as he rinsed off his tone, furry body. He resolved, then and there, that he would not reveal a single detail to Josh until they were face-to-face with Mark in Edinburgh. Matthew desperately wanted Mark to be there in person when Josh completed his orientation.

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