I Am Not A Gay Porn Star

By Anonymous
published February 20, 2012

Connor volunteered for a Hypnotist’s Show but little does he know that a new career beckons…

“It was like you were under some kind of spell or something”, said Jenny, her wide blue eyes staring seriously into mine.

We had just left the auditorium and were making our way back to the car. It was the first chance we’d had to talk since the show ended. You could hardly hear yourself think in there, as everyone noisily discussed the show. The Hypnotist had navigated his way across the stage, returning the entranced volunteers to consciousness. When I woke up, I looked round nonplussed at the clapping gawking audience, One by one, the volunteers were roused from their trance. None of us remembered walking onto the brightly lit stage. It was the strangest thing, one minute I had been sitting near the back of the hall with my friends: the Hypnotist had started his routine. First I was paying attention to his words but as he droned on and on, I started to feel so very tired. Before I knew it, my head was nodding limply against my chest and…suddenly I was waking up on stage. I could hardly believe I’d been hypnotised for the past hour and a half, it felt like only minutes!

“Don‘t worry Jen, I wasn’t really hypnotised” I put a reassured arm across her shoulders. “I faked it for the show. After all, it’s not much of a show if no one plays along yeah”

"Liar, shouted Jim from behind us. We slowed down while he and his girlfriend Ashley caught up with us. “Man, you were completely out of it! I bet you can’t remember anything the hypnotist made you do?”

"It was so funny, giggled Ashley. “Do you remember humping that chair on stage?”

Jim roared with laughter.

“Come on, admit it. The hypnotists got you!”

“Shut up Jimbo”, I said swatting Jim playfully on the back. He loved to press my buttons.

“Loser, quipped Jim with a wide grin. You should have seen it Connor. You were a total zombie”

"Oooh stop it, said Jenny pressing her small frame into me. “It was scary. One minute you were sitting next to me and the next you were on your feet. I called you and tried to pull you back to your seat but it’s like I didn‘t even exist to you”

“Well I’m not going anywhere now”, I said tenderly kissing my her. "Okay and guys, I turned round to Jim and Ashley. “If either of you want a lift you’d better quit with the zombie crap”

That certainly shut them up.

“So shall we go to the pub, get some drinks in?” said Jim casually.

Before I even really thought about it properly I replied: “No better not man, I’m beat”

Jim looked a bit put out but I couldn’t help it. I hadn’t realised how tired I was, anyway maybe now me and Jenny could clock some sexy time tonight.

We reached the car and I proceeded to get into the drivers seat.

“Connor, do you think you should be driving? Is it safe after…”

I fixed her with a stern look.

Okay okay! she said quickly opening the passenger door. “Just making sure!”

Jim and Ashley piled in after us and immediately started making out. Typical, like they couldn’t wait until I’d dropped them off at Jim’s dorm. I glanced over at Jenny. She was looking great tonight. I should ask her now if she wants to come round mine and spend the night. I still lived at home, but my parents were both out of town tonight. Jenny and I had had sex twice, in the three months we’ve been going out. It was so hard finding the opportunity and the time. We were both third year law students and had massive work loads at this time of year. Tonight though, would be perfect. I dropped off Jim and Ashley at the dorm and headed for the other end of campus.

"You know Connor, Jenny started shyly. “That presentation doesn’t have to be in till next week. We could go back to yours tonight…and you know…snuggle”

"I wish I could, I said calmly my eyes following the road, “But my parents phoned today, they’re coming back early tomorrow instead”

"Oh, said Jenny her face reddening. “No that’s fine, but if you want to stay at mine or…”

When did my parents phone? I couldn’t remember. I knew there must be a reason why she couldn’t sleep over.

“I would, but I need to finish the family law case study. I’m still not happy with it”

Wait…I’m sure I completed that case study on Wednesday. Hadn’t I…I suddenly felt a bit light headed. Maybe driving wasn’t the best idea if you’ve spend the last hour in a trance.

"Right okay then, said Jenny curtly. She turned her body towards the window. She didn’t speak until we reached her dorm building.

“Night Connor”, she said, unfastening her seat belt.

I leaned in to peck her on the cheek but she was already jumping out the car. How could she believe, I’d really rather be doing college work on a Saturday night, then spending it in bed with her. I shook my head in exasperation. It wasn’t until I passed Jim’s dorm building again, that I wondered why I was going home this way. My house was on the other side of town. Well it was a nice night I reasoned, maybe I fancy a detour. It’s nice to drive about campus sometimes. Minutes later, I must have really been relaxing because I found myself parked in front of the empty auditorium. The lights were all off so I guess everyone had gone home. Maybe I left something here, my phone perhaps? I could check my coat pocket, no it must still be in the auditorium. Why else would I have come back. Instead of attempting to open the front door, I walked round the back until I found a fire exit. Someone had left the fire door open, light shone out the crack into the darkness.

I walked into the building and found myself in a long corridor. Brrr it wasn’t any warmer in here than it was out there. I needed to find a janitor or someone to help me. I ignored the vibrating in my left pocket, that wouldn’t be my phone. My phone was in here somewhere.

“Hello,” I said loudly. Anyone there?"

I started down the corridor, poking my head into all the little rooms and offices as I passed, until I found the blur of bodies behind frosted glass. I opened the door. There were four guys sitting at desks, all in the front row. Their attention was directed towards the empty whiteboard on the front wall. No one bothered to turn round as I came in. So I did the only sensible thing and took the last seat in same row and fixed my gaze at the whiteboard too. What were we supposed to be doing? I squinted sideways at the man to my left without once taking my eyes off the board. Wait I knew him! It was Antoine, the French guy in my sailing club. We had never spoken much, but I didn’t really like him. He was always boasting to anyone that would listen, about his family’s money and his expensive designer clothes. I wanted to say something to him now, but the asshole wasn’t even acknowledging my existence so why should I be the first to speak! Fine we’ll all just sit and stare at the empty whiteboard all night. I couldn’t really see the other guys without turning my head, which somehow I knew would be a horrible mistake. The guy beside Antoine I recognised as I walked in, it was Mark O’Reilly, captain of the Wrestling team. A Tight shirt with the sleeves rolled up, unbuttoned halfway down his chest was definitely his signature style. I go to the gym a lot myself and I’ve built up a good physique over the years. It’s something I’m proud of but I’m not arrogant about it like Mark. He’s always getting the girls to feel his biceps or ripping his shirt off any chance he gets. It suddenly occurred to me, weren’t both Antoine and Mark at the show tonight? I think they might have even been volunteers. YES I remembered Antoine expression when he found himself on stage. There was no worse punishment for the King of Snobs, than to find himself participating in something as juvenile as a Hypnotism show!

The door slammed behind us. I tried to turn and see who it was but I think I hurt my neck, I couldn’t really move it too good..

A man was walking up behind us. He stood in front of the whiteboard, still wearing his stage costume. It was the Hypnotist! Holy fuck, what was he doing here? He definetly looked older under the fluorescent light. I’d thought he must have been in his early thirties but he was definitely in his forties. Stage lighting I guess. He didn’t say anything but just stared at us in this appraising way. I waited for one of the other to speak, maybe they’d lost something too. I was just readying myself to speak to the him when his voice drove the thought entirely out of my mind.

“Thanks for coming guys, aren’t you all hot with all those clothes on?”

I hadn’t noticed before, but he was right. It was absolutely boiling in this room. I could see the other shifting uncomfortably in their seats too. I obviously wasn’t the only one feeling the stifling heat.

“Take off your tops, you’ll find it will help”

Mark ripped off his shirt almost the second the Hypnotist finished speaking and then he sunk back satisfied into his chair. I don’t usually like to follow a dickhead like Mark O’Reilly but it seemed ridiculous to wear heavy shirts in temperatures like these. I hurriedly unbuttoned my own shirt and dropped it on the floor. God, that‘s more like it! It felt like slipping into a cool swimming pool on a warm day. From my limited eye line, I noticed the other guys had followed Mark’s lead and were shirtless too. Antoine meanwhile looked like he was fighting it. He properly didn’t want to crumple his expensive suit, but practicality soon won out and his shirt jacket joined mine on the floor.

“Now the rest of it. That’s the only way you’ll possibly feel completely comfortable”

Well, that didn’t seem right. I mean I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable undressing in front of other guys. It’s a bit gay isn’t it? However Mark was already on his feet and stepping out of his trousers and underwear. It was just like the gym, guys got naked all the time. That’s all the rationalising I needed, I was already pulling my jeans down over my thighs. I had nothing to hide. My cotton boxers soon followed and I sat back down, savouring the deliciously cold seat against my bare buttocks

Everyone was naked now…except Antoine. He was still wearing his Giorgio Armani underwear. I could see by his expression it was uncomfortably hot for him too. Why didn’t he just take them off and cool down like the Hypnotist suggested. Why did he have to be so difficult?

“Antoine them off”

Antoine stood up straighter, his hand shaking as he gripped the fabric…and then he sat down again.

The Hypnotist leaned in and whispered something in Antoine’s ear. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I was close enough to smell the Hypnotists aftershave. I had the same one. The Hypnotist straightened up and nodded as Antoine pulled the last item of clothing off with not even the ghost of resistance this time

"Good, he said slapping his hands together. ""Let’s start with a few chores before the real work can begin. I’m going to get some equipment from the car, Bobby you’ll help me. Antoine I want you to close the blinds and curtains in this room. Connor, Envir and Dean you will clear the room of all the desk and tables except one desk and five chairs.

I stood up like I’d been sitting on a firework. We had to get this room ready, which would explain why we were needed. The hypnotist left the room , Bobby I guess on his heels. He was someone else I recognised from the show. He looked a lot older than the rest of us. He must be about 35 maybe younger. Anyway to the task at hand! We started moving. Envir and Dean were both my age. Strangely enough they’d been volunteers at the show too. We made light work of the furniture removal, fortunately we were all in good shape. I hardly broke a sweat. It did feel strange moving stuff in the nude but it didn’t seem to bother Envir or Dean so that’s properly me being too sensitive as usual. The only thing that really worried me was the possibility of getting my dick trapped between the desks on something! Oh It was embarrassing when entirely by accident I brushed dicks with Dean when we collided. He didn’t seem to notice though and I definitely didn’t say anything so I think my heterosexuality is intact! Meanwhile the Hypnotist and Bobby had returned carrying several large black cases and bizarrely enough a futon bed. When I finished my task, I froze waiting for another. Antoine, Envir and Dean were dotted around the empty room, also motionless. The Hypnotist and Bobby were setting lighting that focused on the futon at the centre of the room. Then they set up several cameras around it. It took about twenty minutes but I didn’t mind waiting.

“Guys, walk over to that wall and stay there”

We obeyed. Almost out of habit, we formed an orderly line against the wall. Our thighs almost touching.

“Well, lets go alphabetically, Antoine lie on the bed. The rest of you are going to sleep until I say you name. You will only awake to sound of your name. Nighty night”

I watched Antoine walk, straight backed and proud over to the futon. I yawned, I must be exhausted. My legs buckled beneath me and I staggered into Mark and clumsily gripped his powerful shoulder but we were both sinking. Our heads bounced together as we tried to use each other’s bodies to stay upright. Traitorous legs suddenly stupid and heavy. My left cheek was pressed against his right, my eyelids loosing their fight against gravity. I could dimly see Mark’s blue eyes disappear behind fluttering eyelashes. I hear he sound of a thump as Bobby collapsed to the floor. While Dean, already unconscious slid limply down the wall. Mark and I fell only seconds after him, our asses hitting the carpet together. With my arm still wrapped loosely around Mark’s neck and our faces nuzzled together: the enveloping darkness proved too seductive and with a heavy sigh I drifted off into a deep hypnotic sleep…


“Connor your turn”

My eyes were opening and I found myself squinting against the harsh light at the other end of the room. Dean walking back over to us, took the place on my right and fell asleep again, snoring heavily. Mark’s head was currently resting against my bare shoulder. I extradited myself from our jumble, causing Marks’s head to flop limply against his rising and falling chest. I stepped over Antoine who was out cold, his ass pointing towards the ceiling. The hypnotist’s hands were on my shoulders as it guided me into the circle of lights. I didn’t like him touching me like that when I was naked but I still felt sort of sluggish so I didn’t argue. I did as he told me and positioned myself on the futon, propped myself against the pillows and wall. There were odd damp patches on the bed and a powerful smell of sex. I couldn’t see the hypnotist, the lights surrounding me were so bright. There was only the glare of the lights and the two cameras. It was a few minutes while the hypnotist fiddled with the cameras. I felt a bit stupid sitting here naked but it seemed to be the proper thing to do.

“Action” said a voice out of the darkness.

My first thought was, what? He hadn’t told me what to do. Then I felt it. I could only watch, my arms at my sides, as my dick twitched once then twice, then to my amazement it started to grow thick and large. I’d never had such an unexpected erection in my life. In less than twenty seconds, I was as stiff as a rake and hard against my stomach. There was only one thing you could do with a throbbing boner like that. My left hand curled round it tightly and I began pumping the shaft the way I liked it. It felt awesome! I could pretty much forget the hypnotist and just enjoy the moment. It was no different than jerking myself under the covers at night. I started pinching my hard little nipples and I couldn’t help but let a moan escape my lips. Why had I never tried jerking in front of a camera before? I had only been going for a minute and my cock was dribbling an unholy amount of precum over my hand. I brushed away the beads of sweat that were developing on my hairline with my other hand, when I noticed the black plastic cock resting on the floor to my right. I suddenly realised that my own hand wasn’t nearly enough to make me cum. I needed that seven inch dildo deep inside me. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and picked it up, never slowing the stroking of my dick. I had never used a sex toy before. I put it underneath my nose and cautiously sniffed it. It smelt like it had already been in another guy’s ass, but that didn’t seem to matter. I was warming to the idea of using another man’s dildo. I excitedly got into a kneeling position and solemnly placed the black cock underneath me. Then I carefully lowered my ass onto it, grimacing as the hard plastic penetrated my sphincter. My dick got harder if that was possible, as I fought against the resistance, then suddenly it had entered me, rubbing my insides. I groaned as I pulled it out and repeated the motion, I kept doing it, each time the plastic slid in easier and pleasure was more exquisite. I was panting now , I never knew I could make myself feel like this with only my own hand and a sex toy. Oh God I was going to cum. In not time at all, my balls tightened and I felt the liquid course through my dick and spray hot semen across the bed spread. My eyes rolled up in ecstasy.

“uugh ugh ugh uuuugh ugh” I grunted as I shot several times in the space of only a few seconds. After I stopped my body collapsed onto the bed. The hypnotist was saying something but my mind was so blown, I couldn’t pay attention. My face was resting next to the sticky patch of my recent load. It smelt wonderful, like sex distilled. I lifted my head up and thrust my nose into the puddle. I’d need to taste it too. I licked the stain and shuddered with delight. I had never eaten my own cum before, but why hadn’t I? It tasted fantastic; I could not get enough of it. Once I had finished the puddles, I rubbed my hand against my thighs and dick, hoping to find yummier cum smears.

“Go back to the other wall and sleep” said the Hypnotist.

I jumped as his voice grabbed me from outside the light. I had almost forgotten he was there. As I walked away, embarrassed and a bit confused, I tried to rationalise what had happened, but before I could think I felt the already familiar debilitating wave of sleepiness wash over me.

“Envir stand up”

While Envir arose from his slumber, I was falling back into mine. I stumbled feebly to the ground. I grabbed Envir’s trim waist as he passed but he ignored me and kept walked undeterred towards the light. I found myself toppling against Antoine’s prone body. My head was so heavy, couldn’t keep it up. I rested it against Antoine’s soft ass cheeks. Surrendering to the inevitable, I sunk into my supple pillow and closed my eyes.


I wore up disorientated and confused, it was something I was starting to get used to now. I was sitting upright in a chair. The other volunteers were also seated in chairs. I looked down blearily, my dick was hard again. That’s normal when you first wake up, no reason to worry about that. However my pubic hair had been trimmed. I’d never had a massive bush or anything but someone had definitely tided up the area. Who? Did I do it?

“Envir you are Dean’s butt boy”

My attention was drawn back to the hypnotist, who was now naked, and lazily fingering his own hard dick with one hand and holding a camera with the other. Envir stood up: he had been shaved too! I had noticed earlier that his ass was hairier than most, but now it was as waxed and smooth as an underwear models‘. It looked like even the moderate amount of hair around every volunteer’s nipples and stomach had disappeared. Without any warning, I was shocked to see Envir (who I thought was a decent guy, hadn’t we made light work of the furniture?)Kneel at Dean’s feet and begin deep throating his twitching dick.

“Antoine butt boy Bobby and Mark butt boy Connor”

Both Antoine and Mark stood up and making identical movement emulated Envir submissive pose. Antoine knelt at Bobby’s feet while Mark attended to me. I thought being a typical jock, Mark would have been rough and greedy when it came to sex but his meaty hands and soft mouth were surprisingly sensitive. He started by spreading my thighs with tender hands and squatted himself as near as possible to my member. A single finger gently tickled the underside of the shaft. I suppose sometimes guys just need to get off. He started slobbering on my dick, his drool running down to my balls. My ass almost left the chair; I had never had such a great blow job before. Mark where had you been all my life! From the muffled groans of the kneeling boys to the twitching dicks of their partners, it was obvious that all of us were enjoying this and none of us were even gay! Mark not only worked his mouth like a pro, his hands seemed to be everywhere at once: my trembling legs, my stomach, my pecs, tickling my ball sac. The three seated boys came at once, three synchronised loads shooting into three kneeling boys and those grateful lads swallowed each salty load as it exploded into their gaping mouths. As Mark began to lick up the leftovers off my dick with his tongue. The Hypnotist gave us new orders. My dick which had been gradually softening as my orgasm faded got a second wind. Mark and I looked on in amazement as it straightened and stiffened less than a minute after my orgasm. If possible it was harder than it had been only moments ago. It was incredible not just my dick had returned to full arousal but I didn’t care anymore that he was a guy. I would have fucked anything with a hole. Mark stood up and naughtily spread his ass cheeks, revealing his hairless pink rosebud. I held my dick straight as wincing he lowered himself onto me. My saliva and cum lubed penis glided straight past his tight muscular ring and deep inside him. He reached around, grabbing my hands and placing them on his tits. As I thrust my crotch against his insides, I kept massaged his chest and teased his nipples. Mark loved me playing with his muscular chest, around me; the other boys were doing the same. Antoine’s dark eyes were shut and his handsome face had a look of wonder as he bounced earnestly on Bobby. Beads of sweat were running down my upper body and pooling doing at my crotch, my remaining pubic hair was damp with our lovemaking. At the hypnotist’s command we built up speed, Mark gasping as I thrust deeper into him. The world seemed to fade away. In the void all that existed were two beautiful bodies becoming one, my dick merging with a boy’s ass, where it belonged… More commands, more pleasure: still inside him I pushed Mark to the floor, He surrendered, squirming and yelping underneath me. Powered by uncontrolled lust and hunger, I pinned him to the ground with my relentless body. Out of the confines of the chair, all the top boys were able to give their partners asses the full extent of their desire as only athletically bodied men could. I gripped Mark’s waist and pushed myself deeper into him, resulting in his spasms and whimpers of gratification. Droplets had run down my face and into my eyes. I focussed on the back of my lover’s tousled head as I plunged. My attention focused solely on him, time seemed to slow down…every push felt like it was a drop of forever. Nothing could possibly exist outside of us. I drifted far above the scene playing out; I watched myself thrust like an efficient piece of clockwork, my face red and eyes as empty as an automaton. Then suddenly I was firing into Mark, his body convulsing like he’d been shot full of bullets not healthy boy sperm. I kept humping even after I’d cum and my softening dick slipped out Mark‘s well loosened hole with a squelch. I couldn’t help it; the rhythm I’d built up was too hard to break. I rested my damp body against his; I could feel his heart beat beneath my fingertips. I wanted to lie with him all day but the Hypnotist had other ideas. Envir, Bobby and I, calmly sat back down on our chairs, while our respective partners stood over us. Each of their dicks were almost purple with the pressure, I had cum twice. Mark hadn’t been allowed to even cum once. It took only three strokes of his hand for Mark to orgasm onto my calmly still figure. I luxuriated in Mark’s smell. He rubbed his essence over my inert body and face, coating every pore with its slippery residue. My body was a glistening temple to his orgasm, I felt light headed with gratitude.

“Right, that’s a wrap boys” said the Hypnotist switching off the camera; I had completely forgotten that he was filming us. “This is good stuff for my website. You can get dressed again and forget everything sexual that happened tonight until we meet again”

He then whispered instructions us individually. The minute he gave me mine, my mind wiped my conscious memory of them and I stood feeling stupid. Now fully clothed but still stinking of sex and sweat, we left the building one by one. Just as I was about to leave, I felt the Hypnotist’s hand on my shoulder.

“Wait Connor, I need a favour from you before you leave”

Several minutes later, I was kneeling on my knees blowing him through his denim fly. He patted me on the head while I proficiently swallowed his considerable load without letting a drop escape my busy lips.


I woke up with a start! Where was I? I looked around the familiar room with growing relief. I was in my bed at home, where else would I wake up. I collapsed back into the duvet with a sigh. Wow I stank I thought smelling my armpit and I bet my breath stank too. I had a weird taste in my mouth too, I really needed a shower. Ten minutes later after a warm shower and a vigorous teeth brushing session: I emerged with a towel around my waist and feeling much cleaner. Picking my phone up from my nightstand, I checked my messages. Wow I had several missed calls and texts. They were all from Jenny.

“Tom where are you?? I’ve phoned your house, you’re not answering. Have I done something wrong? Please call me. X”


I’d been in the house all night. I thought back to yesterday evening….my mind started to drift…I shook my head. I’d better phone her

“Hey Jenny, sorry about….”

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN CONNOR? Shouted my girlfriend sounding seriously pissed off. It took a while but I eventually managed to relay her fears somewhat and convince her I hadn’t spent the night ignoring her on purpose.

“You’re still coming tonight? Aren’t you?”

"Tonight? "…I racked my brain, what was she talking about…oh shit now I remember. “Oh yeah of course! I’m looking forward to meeting your parents. What time are we meeting at the restaurant again?”

“Seven o clock” said Jenny. “Please be on time, I want them to like you”

“No problem, I want them to like me too”


“So Connor, Jennifer tells me you are studying law too?”

Mr Green looked sternly over his spectacles at me as the waitress finished taking our food order.

“Yeah I mean yes, I’m hoping to be a criminal lawyer once I finish”

“Well how very impressive” said Mrs Green approvingly.

Jenny squeezed my hand. “Connor’s dad is a judge”

Mr Green looked impressed despite himself.

"Very good, he said gruffly.

“I hope I can ask, said Mrs Green beaming over at Jenny and me. I wouldn’t want to embarrass the young people but how long have you too been dating now?”

“Just three weeks”, I said

"Oh how lovely, cooed Mrs Green. “Well I hope you’re being safe and…”

“MUM!” exclaimed Jenny looking horrified.

Thankfully the starters came before Mrs Green could enquire further. The rest of the evening was going well. I think they liked me despite Mr Green reluctance. He had made it clear that no boy was good enough for his little princess. As I was tucking into my steak, I suddenly had the overpowering urge to look at my phone. I pulled it out my pocket and seeing the time was 19:50, I had the sudden urge to leave. I stood up abruptly. The table shook as I left my seat. The Greens and Jenny looked at me in surprise.

“Connor?” said Jenny uneasily. What’s wrong?"

Ignoring her, I grabbed my coat from the back of the chair and made for the door.

"Excuse me young man, barked Mr Green. “My daughter was asking you a question”

It wasn’t until I found myself sitting in my car, that I even questioned what I had just done. Before I could examine my state of mind further, I had started the car.


"Wear this, said the Hypnotist handing me a soccer kit.

I obeyed wordlessly, taking off my fancy evening clothes and replacing it with skin tight shorts and T-shirt. Bobby was standing near me holding a brush; I had watched him change into a janitor’s uniform earlier.

We were in the changing room after hours. Our director retreated and picked up his camera. He motioned for me to get behind him, I obeyed indifferently. He focused the camera on Bobby…


The spark of life that had been missing a few moments ago came back into the older man’s face. He began whistling and pretending to sweep the floor. I was still frozen, waiting for something. I studied the unfolding scene closely, waiting for my cue. Bobby rubbed his brawny arm against his forehead and popped several buttons of his overalls. His powerful chest rose and fell through the opening. Almost tentatively Bobby started stroking his beautiful tits, pinching the nipples tightly with his fingers. His throbbing cock was clearly outlined against the cheap fabric of his uniform. Suddenly it became clear, this was my moment. I felt a new personality take over my body. Connor faded away and someone new took his place. I sauntered to the lockers where the janitor stood touching himself. He stopped immediately when he spotted me and his face went extremely red. I enjoyed the fact that he was embarrassed, I was a jock. I might not be very smart but I knew I could have anyone I wanted. I was a fuck machine!

"I know you! He spluttered. You’re Dario Star: the captain of the school soccer team!

"Yeah, I drawled leaning again my locker, drawing attention to my crotch.

“I saw the game last week. You were amazing”

“You’re not so bad yourself, hot stuff”

I rubbed my hand against the tent in his pants. He gulped nervously and a few moments later returned the favour. My own bulge was quite a growing monster and the janitor’s hand could only make it stiffer.

He pulled my T-shirt up and moaned when he caught a glimpse of my sexy teenage muscle. In turn I pulled down his overalls, his dick springing against my own dick. Only a flimsy layer of material between them. We kissed; our tongues duelled like insane eels. We felt up every part of each other’s unfamiliar bodies, until the janitor broke off and carried me to the bench. Trembling with excitement, I lay on my back as the janitor positioned his cock above my eager mouth and his own face began suctioning on my own leaking dick. We 69ed blissfully until I had the sudden urge to bend over the bench and let him fuck me.

"Fuck me, I whispered, his manhood stretched my virgin ass. “Fill me up with dick”

“Don’t worry boy I will” he said through gritted teeth.

"Oh fuck, I groaned. “I’m a filthy football slut, a mindless himbo, fuck me sideways my God”

“Do you like it? Do you like to be fucked like a little slutty bitch?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes, more more more”


I hobbled out the gym, my ass was sore! I knew I should have warmed up before doing exercise. I was just desperate to get on the bikes and unwind after getting the bad news about my Aunt. Hopefully Jenny would understand why I had to leave the dinner early; I must have been in shock about it


The next few weeks were uneventful. Jenny and I had talk about my behaviour. I promised to be more communicative in future…

I’m a closeted young army recruit. My superior officer Major Brand discovers me masturbating in the shower. My punishment is to blow him and the other officers on the base. Colonel Grant has the biggest dick I‘ve ever seen, I can barely fit in my mouth….

and she said she’d be less neurotic about our relationship. We even managed to spend some nights…

I’m a senior in high school. My French teacher will only give me an A if I fuck him. I rim his ass and finger him before…

alone together. The college workload was easing up a bit thank goodness….

My friends and I are on holiday in a log cabin. We get drunk and I take two dicks in the mouth and one in the ass…

because I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate recently and I’m always tired…

I am SLAVE 109982, programmed to sexually service all young men that require it…


Jenny and I were on another date with Jim and Ashley. We were having drinks after a concert when a faggy looking guy approached our table.

“OMG, it’s you. Hey Chris look it’s that guy!”

He pulled a skinny emo guy from another table over.

“Oh God, you’re right. Hey man, you are so fucking hot. You single?”

My friends looked at me in bewilderment.

“Sorry, I replied curtly. I‘m not gay”

The faggy guy screwed his face up in confusion.

"You’re the porn star right? On WWW.BUTTBOYS.COM? Or are you strictly gay for pay?

I was getting angry now. Who the fuck were these guys to be accusing of me of being a GAY porn star of all things..

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m not a fucking porn star!”

“Dude, you saying that’s not you?”

He pushed a phone in my face. A video was playing, a guy dressed as a soldier, that admittedly resembled me a bit, was sucking a row of men

Jim leaned forward to look at the phone. He gasped and his mouth dropped open.

“Dude…that IS you!”

I looked closer, It wasn’t me. How could it be

There was an awkward silence as my friends’ stared open mouthed me. I looked around the table and laughed.

“Guys that‘s not me, TRUST ME, I don’t do porn!”

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