His New Son

By EdIam - ed.edwards105@gmail.com
published January 3, 2018
13566 words

The journey Jon took before the last hypnosis show Paul would put on and where he’s headed afterwards…

Hey, friends! Here’s the third chapter! Just want you all to know how much I appreciate all of you. I’m definitely going to work on this and Re-Educator/I Love Him, But… this year. But I also urge you all to check out my other stories. One and the Same, for instance, is one of the works I’m most proud of and I feel like it may have been missed by some because it wasn’t part of these ‘series’. Any way, feel free to message me any time with any questions, pics of how I view my characters, and suggestions!

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I woke suddenly, feeling that usual amazing glow yet again I’d come to expect every morning since last week. It was the morning after the big graduation party and I’d had quite an exciting and exhilarating night with Paul and the other guys; probably the most exciting night of my entire life! A single tear rolled down my cheek as I thought about how happy I was now. It was amazing to feel so loved and to have so much love in my life now. Especially after the intense, but somehow not jarring in the slightest changes I’d been experiencing all week.

Looking back over the last week as I relaxed into the nude body cuddled into me, my cock instantly became ramrod straight again. To be honest, I couldn’t recall a moment in the last week when I wasn’t so incredibly happy and horny. The introduction of hypnosis into my life had really had that effect on me! But even I had to admit it had been a real whirlwind of a week, even if it all had been unbelievably positive. Taking in a deep, relaxing breath, my mind wandered back to the night I’d realized how insanely erotic hypnosis was…I was still shocked I hadn’t found it so sexy beforehand. Luckily, Paul had come into my life and helped me see the potential. I’d found myself looking back on that pretty much every morning this week…almost as if I was compelled to. Probably just to see how quickly my life had altered the moment I’d met Paul. It all started playing in my mind as it had every other day this week as my eyes closed and I pictured it all. The hard cock in my ass throbbed in me slightly, and I realized what he was implying so I anticipated the fucking I was about to get while the memories of the last week flooded through my mind…

…It was the Friday before my last week of high school and I’d been pretty upset with my dad. At the time, I’d been irritated that he wouldn’t buy me a car for a graduation present. I knew my dad, Keith, was well off, probably more well off than anyone else in the town, honestly. And he’d been so cheap to not get me a car. “You’ve gotta earn it, son. Otherwise, it’s not really yours.” He had, however, relented to my mother, Betty’s, suggestions of at least giving me a somewhat large gift of money that I could spend on whatever I liked, but even that had taken a lot of constant pressure and nagging by Mom.

I hadn’t spoken to my dad in days out of anger and, I have to admit, a certain amount of self-pity. Mainly because a couple days earlier, I’d over heard my parents arguing about my dad spending quite a bit of our money on, as my mother had put it, ‘a complete stranger.’ I’d slipped in from school and obviously my parents hadn’t heard me arrive as their loud voices boomed throughout the house.

Evidently, based on the parts I heard, my dad had loaned a guy who had just moved to the city a large amount of money, neither of my parents really said how much. My dad’s defense was literally, “He’s a really great guy, Betty! You’ll have to meet him and, believe me, you’ll understand why he deserved to be helped out.”

Needless to say, my mom didn’t agree in the slightest, and the house had been very anti-social since then. This morning, however, my dad had announced that the mysterious stranger, whose name was evidently Paul, was going to come over this evening for supper to meet my mother and me. I had absolutely no desire to meet this guy, especially considering he’d pissed off my mom, made my dad into the enemy, and had received a lot of the money that, honestly, should have gone to my car.

So there I’d been, in my room, door shut, and looking through my school books. I hadn’t even shared a word with my father in almost three days at that point and very few with my mom.

So when I heard the front door open and my dad’s garbled voice barrel through the house, I rolled my eyes. Glancing up at the clock, I saw it was about 5:15. My dad’s new friend Paul must have arrived. Great…now I knew I’d have to leave my room soon. Well, screw my dad, I’d thought. I’m staying in here until they force me out.

To my surprise, they didn’t come pull me out to meet Paul right away. While I did hear some jovial laughing, talking, and occasionally stretched out periods of silence, no one really came to get me for a few hours. It sounded like there was another guy here that was slightly familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place him. I thought it might have been Chuck, my dad’s friend from in town who worked in real estate, but I wasn’t sure why he’d be here.

I kind of lost myself in my books as the night wore on. I only had one more week of school left and some of it was finals so I did want to get prepared for graduating. Looking at the clock after what seemed like an hour or two at most, it was already 8 o’clock. It was strange, I was relatively sure that we would have had supper by now. Mom was generally pretty consistent: supper was around 6:30. I’d even been told time and time again to be home by 6 to be ready for supper and now my parents had evidently forgotten while they hosted some jerk that had somehow conned my dad out of his money. It was honestly so unlike both my parents to not stick to the normal routine.

Feeling a new bit of anger at the guest for distracting my parents, and my gut rumble slightly for supper, I marched to my door and opened it. My room was at the end of a long hallway, my personal bathroom across the way, my dad’s office slightly down the hallway across from my parents’ bedroom, which finally opened up to the living room. Strangely enough, there wasn’t any noise coming from the living room. As I walked down the hallway to see what the hold up for supper was, I did notice the sound of a man’s voice, not my dad’s, coming from my parents’ room. While that definitely confused me, I was more curious as to what was going on in the living room. The lights were on and my dad was a quite insane when it came to ensuring no lights were left on in rooms that aren’t in use. It had practically been beaten into me from a young age as I rolled my eyes slightly recalling the countless times I’d heard my dad say, “Do you think I’m made of money? I’m not paying the electric bill so the furniture can see in the dark.”

Knowing that my dad wouldn’t have let the lights on if he wasn’t in there, I wasn’t too surprised to see him sitting on the couch. What was surprising was that he was just in his underwear. What was even more surprising was that one of his closest friends, Chuck, was sitting next to him also in his underwear. What made me want to instantly turn around and try to run back to my room do to the surprise was the fact that the two of them were eagerly and wordlessly groping one another’s bulges.

I was frozen. My dad had always been so insanely masculine and, well, straight. My mom and him had been married since they were both 18 and my dad never gave even the slightest indication that he might be gay or interested in Chuck. I’d known Chuck almost my entire life as his family and my family had known each other for what seemed like forever.

And now, here he was, rubbing maniacally at the privates of Chuck, as Chuck returned the favor with neither even talking to one another. Their gazes were fixed on the erection of the other. They were both breathing relatively heavily as their chests went up and down. My fathers’ incredibly hairy chest was heaving a bit quicker than Chuck’s relatively hairless chest. I noticed Chuck had a small triangle of hair between his pecs and not much else. Then I let out a slight laugh as the insanity of the situation truly took hold and the truth that I was analyzing both my father and Chuck for hairiness hit me. Here I was, standing in my home, watching my father grope and be groped by a male family friend.

Hearing me for the first time, both of them looked at me.

I froze again.

“Oh, hey Jonny. Chuck and I were just getting ready to entertain Paul. He’s chatting with your mom. Kind of taking him a while, oddly enough. He was going to make his way to your room, but I guess your mom has taken a bit more of his time than expected. Also didn’t expect you to poke your head out as mad at me as you’ve been!” my Dad responded.

It really was beyond bizarre, at the time, how my dad could be so calm as he groped Chuck as if it were the most normal thing in the world. While he spoke and looked at me, neither of the men had stopped their fondling of one another and Chuck just stared at me with the somewhat maniacal and overly enthusiastic smile I’d seen on so many of his real estate signs.

“What’s wrong, Jonny?” my dad asked as I stared at them.

I couldn’t even really formulate words. I was watching my dad grab the crotch of a man I’d known my whole life like it was a normal Friday evening hanging out. I opened my mouth to respond and no words came out. That was when I heard the door behind me open. Turning suddenly, I saw my mom walk out of her bedroom. She politely closed the door and headed down the hallway.

“Oh, hi, hunny! I’m so sorry; I got absorbed in talking with Paul. I’ll get started on supper.”

“Mom! Don’t go out there! I, uh, can’t explain but…” I pleaded, trying to stop my mom from seeing dad rub the bulge of another man.

“Don’t be silly, Jonny. I’ve got to go through in order to make supper!”

I didn’t have it in me to restrain her and I figured there was no reason to protect my dad from such perverted stuff, especially if he was going to do it out in the open like he was. So I held my breath as she walked by me.

“Sorry it took so long, hunny; I’ll get dinner started,” my mom nonchalantly said as she sauntered over to my dad. Bending over to kiss him lightly on the cheek, she continued on into the kitchen. My dad didn’t even take a moment to acknowledge her; he seemed so focused on groping the package of the man beside him. I was dumbstruck. My mother had acted as though my father roughly fondling Chuck wasn’t even worth batting an eye.

As shocked as I was, I didn’t notice until I had my shoulders grabbed that there was a man behind me. Jumping nearly out of my skin, I quickly turned to look.

“Well hello, young man. My name is Paul. You must be Jon.”

He stared at me intently with an almost knowing and sinister smile on his face. It had terrified me.

“I didn’t expect your mom to take quite as long as she did, but she seems much more receptive to the changes I have in mind for this household. Was about to head on down to your room with your father and Chuck in tow. I do have to admit, seeing you now and what I know is in store, it really was rather kind of Chuck to suggest your father to help me settle down after so many long years of working as a hypnotist on the road. You’re just going to be such a great bonus!” Paul stated confidently as I began walking backwards away from him. His long spindly fingers were dancing across his pants as he looked at me somewhat hungrily.

I thought about running; in fact, I was about a split second away from doing just that when Paul suddenly spoke, “Chuck, Keith, I know you’re having a great time feeling one another to pass the time, but as your personal hypnotist, it’s vitally important you both come restrain Jon quickly. I feel like he may try to escape. We definitely can’t have that, can we?”

Both Chuck and my dad verbally agreed and jumped to their feet. If I’d been confused and terrified before, it was nothing compared to how I felt hearing Paul order my dad and Chuck to ‘restrain’ me. I was frozen in utter confusion, staring up at the man I’d heard my father say was so amazing. But now I was unbelievable scared of him. At the time, I’d wished I’d ran instantly from the insanity happening around me, but I couldn’t. Before I could process it all, I felt my dad and Chuck grab my arms. It was only then that I began thrashing and screaming.

“Dad, let me go! What in the hell are you doing?! Why is this happening?!” I screamed as I struggled.

Suddenly, from behind me, I heard my mother shriek, “Jon Edgar Saunders! Stop that hollering this instant!”

I was baffled. My mom was allowing my dad, Chuck, and Paul to hold me down.

“Good boy,” Paul said as I stopped yelling, “Gentlemen, follow me. We’ll tie him up in your bedroom, Keith.”

I was pulled towards the bedroom door, following the creepy man before me. Paul was truly a hideous creature to me at that moment. His tall, creepy frame was emphasized by bony and veiny arms. Long, spider-leg like fingers slithered over the doorknob as he turned it. I was revolted by his shiny, bald head and somewhat manic eyes as he turned to look me in the eye with his creepy large eyes. “Come on in. Your mother learned plenty in here. And now you will do. Oh, I so do love speaking like an evil villain before I take in my next conquest. As your personal hypnotist, Keith and Chuck, you’ll get more and more turned on as we restrain Jon, knowing he’ll soon be just as addicted and needy for hypnosis.”

I had no clue what Paul was talking about, but it made me start thrashing and fighting yet again. My mom hollered from the kitchen to shut up a few times, but I continued to try to fight it, wearing myself out. Disgustingly enough, as I thrashed, I constantly rubbed against the achingly hard erections of my dad and Chuck. It was perfectly clear that the more I fought, the wetter and tighter their underwear was becoming. Feeling Paul’s eyes on me and seeing him leer as I struggled; I stopped as I made eye contact with the lecherous man, allowing the inevitable to happen. Somehow, Paul had turned my own father against me. And it was true what he had said: my fighting was only turning him on. It was sick and fucked up and I didn’t know what to do.

Paul looked back up at my dad and Chuck as he saw me relent and the three of us entered the bedroom. “Shut the door, Keith. Chuck, get our young guest tied up and gagged where the two of you tied up Betty earlier.”

I was dumbfounded to a point where I didn’t even really have any fight left. This all, truly, had to be some kind of sick joke. I stared into space, completely dumbfounded with amazement as Chuck tied my hands and legs to my mothers’ chair at her vanity as my eye line eventually matched up with Paul and my dad. It was strange, seeing my own father allow Chuck to tie me up. It was a level of betrayal I’d never really experienced before. What was even stranger, however, was that my dad wasn’t even paying attention to me. After he had closed the door, he had immediately moved over to where Paul was standing and stared at him. Paul, too, was paying more attention to my nearly nude dad than me.

It was beyond words, up until this point. The fact that my dad was in his underwear had shocked me to a degree that I hadn’t even realized that it appeared as though he’d been working out again recently. My dad wasn’t really one to have been out of shape, for sure. Working on a farm ensured that he would have had a natural look to him. But now in his forties, he’d developed a slight beer belly the past few years that appeared to still be present, but had a firmness to it that Jon hadn’t noticed until now. Granted, he never really saw his dad without so much as his shirt off. Here and now, though, he had very little of his father left to his imagination.

His dad was always a hairy man, which was strange to Jon because he himself was so hairless. But dad’s chest was covered with a dark brown fur from neck to torso that matched the short hair on his head. Thankfully, my dad was still wearing underwear, but I imagined he had a hairy bush behind the thin fabric that was so strained by the erection he was currently sporting. Some light dustings of the hair was leaking out the sides of the fabric, in fact. His broad shoulders and strong arms were resting comfortably on either side of him as Paul leaned in and appeared to whisper something in his ear.

Chuck finished tying me up and had placed a gag over my mouth. I noticed it was a little moist and realized with some confusion that it was probably my mom’s saliva from when, as Paul said, she’d been in this same position. Chuck then positioned himself next to me and joined my gaze over as I heard my dad moan slightly at the words Paul had told him. Whatever Paul had whispered to him, it seemed to turn my dad on even more; my dad, quite shockingly, seemed to firm up even further in the tight underwear he was sporting.

“Chuck, hang out over here with me. I think it’s about time we fill in young Jon as to what’s going on,” Paul ordered.

Chuck immediately crossed the room and stood next to Paul on the opposite side of my dad. Paul turned away from me and began talking to them. Taking the opportunity, I started to struggle at the ropes tying me down.

“As your personal hypnotist, I want you both to be incredibly turned on by everything happening here. It was so erotic to finally get Betty more receptive and understanding that we all enjoy hypnosis so much. Now, we’re going to help Jon become just as obsessed with hypnosis. No matter what happens here, you’ll know that neither of you have truly experienced hypnosis, but as you listen to me, you know you’d do anything to go under for me. In fact, I have an idea to help Jon come to appreciate hypnosis as much as us. Keith, you especially, can’t wait to make your son as needy and turned on by hypnosis as you as I just told you. So, gentlemen…”

Paul paused. He turned his head towards me as I immediately felt my heart drop, understanding deeply that there was no way I was going to get the knots undone while Paul was standing there.

He seemed to smirk knowingly at me and then said, “…go deep for me.”

Instantly, my dad and Chuck both appeared to drop their heads slightly, as if they had fallen asleep where they stood. It was all so unbelievable…why had Paul talked with them about hypnosis? Were they actually hypnotized? They sure were acting like it! Why were my dad and Chuck hard with this strange man so clearly keeping them under his control? My brain was so tired and overworked; I couldn’t process all the weirdness.

Paul turned to my direction as my dad and Chuck remained where they stood. He started walking towards me, his long, spindly legs carrying him like a daddy long leg approaching a bug in his web. I truly felt like an insect in this moment; tied down, unable to escape and feeling hopelessly trapped.

Paul could clearly see the fear in my eyes, “No need to worry, Jon. I’m going to help you understand what’s going on. Basically, your dad and Chuck realized how sexy and erotic hypnosis truly is. I’m going to help you do the same. I know it’s a lot to take in and your mind is probably a little overwhelmed. I’ve found that feeling can aid me in helping you realize how amazing hypnosis is. Sorry to make it all happen so quickly for you. Your mom took longer than expected to come around to my point of view. To be honest, she doesn’t really have much a point of a view regarding me, your dad, or you anymore…but we can get more into that later…if you even end up caring. For now, just sit back and soak it all in. It’s scary now, I know, but I’m going to help you see how delightful it all really is.”

Paul smiled down at me with a particularly chilling and toothy grin as his long arms extended out and landed on my shoulders. I could smell his breath now, he was so close; a rather foul smell, honestly. This man was insane, but I had to admit, he was right. My mind was all over the place. Terror, fear, and confusion were all going around in my mind as I mumbled slightly, unable to form words around my gag. I was trying to tell him that I didn’t understand what was going on. It seemed as though he got the picture and leaned back.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to help you. You’ll love it in a little while here. I just moved to town not too long ago and Chuck and your dad were so excited to welcome me. I’m going to get some roots here and both of them were kind enough to be my first new friends. You and I will be friends soon too. Your dad is even going to help you get in the right…frame of mind, so to speak.”

Paul smiled at me for a moment, a look of excitement on his face, and then turned to the other two. “Chuck, take off your underwear and climb on the bed behind Jon. Wake up the moment you lay down and jerk off watching what’s going on knowing, without a doubt, that hypnosis is the sexiest thing you’ve ever experienced and even if it looks like Jon is going under, he hasn’t yet nor will he. But it’ll turn you on so much to imagine he really is. Unfortunately, and you know this without a doubt, none of you are going to be going under tonight and have ever gone under yet.”

Chuck immediately took off his underwear revealing the largest and thickest cock I’d ever seen. Granted, when I’d snuck some porn, I was looking at the women, so I never got a great look at another guy’s dick. Chucks, however, was obscenely big. I couldn’t, nor did I really even want to, look at it for very long as he walked behind me to presumably do exactly as Paul had told him.

“Keith, take off your underwear too and stand just in front of your son. Without a thought in your head, I want you to remain so achingly and perfectly hard while you flex those cock muscles like you’d been showing me you could do to allow your cock to bob up and down every five seconds. It will be easy to do and you won’t think anything of it. You can’t think of anything right now, anyway. You’re nothing but mine to control. Follow my command, Keith.”

Everything that had happened tonight had left my mind numb, but this was the peak of it. My family wasn’t necessarily prude by any means; but that didn’t mean this was not an entirely new experience. I’d never seen my dads’ penis before. I think for most children, it’s just not something they ever thought about nor was it something they ever wanted to see. But here was my dad, hard as rock, moving to stand in front of me. It filled my vision from where he was standing. I turned my head away as best I could, even as uncomfortable as it was for me in this position. I closed my eyes, not really wanting to take it in at all. This was just too much and my mind felt like it was breaking.

I started to peek slightly, seeing my dad’s dick bob up and down, just as Paul had told him to. It was a large cock; larger than my own for sure. It was perfectly straight and stuck out, almost as if my dad’s midsection was pointing directly at me. There were a few prominent veins that matched the veiny arms he’d earned working as hard as he had his whole life. It was strange acknowledging that even my own fathers’ cock was insanely masculine. I had also been correct with my earlier theory: my dad had a massive bush just above and around the sizable shaft. His balls, however, appeared to have been shaved, which made them seem bigger than they probably were. As it was, my dad’s dick and balls both looked gigantic as close as they were to my face.

As distracted as I was by my dad’s dick bobbing in front of me, I hadn’t even noticed that Paul had moved just behind me, probably on the edge of my parents’ bed Chuck was told to masturbate in. I jumped slightly as Paul started to whisper just behind my ear, “That’s it, Jon. Look at it. Look at your dad’s cock as it bobs. I know you don’t want to right now, but it’s starting to get easier to just do it without even thinking. Considering how overpowered your mind is by all of this stimuli, it’s ok to do what I’m telling you. You can tell I’m easing my way into your mind and you’re finding it easier to stare at the rhythmic movement. So soothing to hear me. So easy to do it. So easy to listen. So easy to watch. So easy to listen…”

Paul went on and on like that for what seemed like hours. At first, I thought he was an idiot and in no way was I going to listen to what he was saying. I didn’t want to stare at my dad’s hard dick and I certainly didn’t want let this guy ‘into my mind.’ I even closed my eyes for the first half an hour to forty five minutes, but Paul continued to drone on and on. I tried to focus on anything other than what I knew was happening right now. With all the talk of hypnosis Paul had done with Chuck and my dad, I knew, deep down, Paul was trying to hypnotize me too. And I wasn’t going to let him do that. Not ever. This was madness and I wasn’t going to be part of it.

But…honestly…I couldn’t help it. As he continued to talk, it got impossible for me not to listen. And my mind was going about fifty thousand miles a minute. Eventually, I was bound to break. Slowly, my eyes began to open; very small slits at first, but eventually, I was wide eyed. Paul was so repetitive and his voice was so soft and marginally soothing, especially considering the chaos my night had been up to now, that it felt good to let him do the thinking for me. It felt great to let him help me feel better and calm down. The more I tried to resist, to hold on to the thought that this was all insane, the more it really just become unbearably surreal and distant, like it wasn’t really happening. Eventually, the thought of my dad’s dick moving just in front of me became, awkwardly, kind of comforting to me. My dad was still hard as his dick continued to bob every few seconds or so…after hearing Paul tell me to stare at it for presumably hours now, I couldn’t help but do it, the revulsion I’d felt earlier completely erased. It would massively bob as my dad flexed his lower abdominal muscles, then slowly even out…a big bob, then bouncing until ramrod straight again…a big bob, then bouncing until ramrod straight again…a big bob, then bouncing until ramrod straight again…

Now it was entirely interesting if not a little hypnotic.

The way it went up and down, the glans smooth and shiny because Dad had never been circumcised, much like me, was so beautiful. It glistened in the light as it bobbed every five seconds or so. It would have a big bob, then bounce until ramrod straight again…continuing to do that, over and over and I stared, mystified by how soothing it really had become. The words Paul were saying weren’t really registering anymore despite knowing he was still talking about certain things because the rhythmic movement of the cock had made me so completely enraptured. At one point, without thinking, I lifted my right arm, not even registering that it wasn’t tied down any more. My arm raised and raised, but it wasn’t even on my radar with my dads cock bobbing so perfectly right in front of me.

I realized, rather suddenly, that my arm was lowered again but that my cock had gotten insanely hard at some point too. Exactly one millisecond after realizing my cock was rock hard while staring at my dads’ erection, I also realized why I was so hard: hypnosis. It was such a vivid realization. Mind control. Submission. I was hard because I was thinking about hypnosis while staring at my dads’ dick bobbing: first a big bob, then bouncing until ramrod straight again. It was even sexy to think that, possibly, I was being hypnotized by my own fathers’ dick. The taboos we were breaking, the moral implications of a dad abandoning his basic need to protect his child all because hypnosis was far too alluring was just so fucking sexy. It was ridiculous, honestly, but it was still hot to think that it may have happened. It was true I couldn’t look away. But it was also true I didn’t want to.

Then, as the words ‘erotic hypnosis’ echoed in my brain over and over, it was like I snapped out of my reverie, unsure just how long I’d spent staring at my dads’ dick. It was still bobbing there, but I didn’t feel like I needed to stare at it anymore. I felt like the only real thing I should do with it at this point was to suck it, so I got on my knees and I did without even considering asking for permission.

“Damn, Jon! I thought I lost you there for a second! You seemed to have zoned out!” I heard Paul say to me from behind the chair I’d been sitting in. It was slightly strange: there were ropes on the floor underneath my knees, but I couldn’t recall where they’d come from when Paul, Chuck, my dad, and I had walked in here to talk about hypnosis and how sexy it was.

“Sorry about that, Paul,” I said as I pulled the cock out of my mouth, “I guess I just got distracted. You all know how much I love my dad’s cock, after all! It’s really his fault for pulling it out of his underwear! If I see dad’s dick is hard, I just HAVE to suck it!”

“That’s true, I suppose. We all do know that,” Paul responded as I looked back at him. He was slowly and sensually fucking Chuck as Chuck smiled up at him. It was a somewhat odd position, Chuck lying on his back, both legs up in the air in opposite directions being held by his hands allowing Paul easy access to his hole.

It seemed normal to see them doing it, even though I knew I hadn’t seen them having sex before. But, honestly, it wasn’t too surprising. As we’d been discussing all night, Chuck, my dad, and I were absolutely addicted to the very thought of being hypnotized to the point that we’d literally do anything to have Paul put us under. Being the perfect and most amazing friend he was, he said he’d think about it, but in the meantime, he’d made it clear if we listened to him, he’d be far more likely to do so.

What wasn’t normal was that even though I’d just been blowing my dad, he still remained standing there, doing nothing more than pulsating his cock every few seconds. As much as I loved his dick, it would have been even more fun if he actually got into it. Perhaps, I thought, he had fallen asleep on his feet while I’d been so zoned out?

“Hey, uh, Dad? Could you at least get into this a little? I mean, I know expected I worship your dick whenever it’s hard, but at least enjoy it for me!” I pleaded.

“Oh dang,” I heard Paul say somewhat out of the blue, “Hey, uh, Jon,” Paul continued while still fucking Chuck, “as your personal hypnotist, you know full well that it’s absolutely normal to want to worship your fathers dick whenever you see it hard. There is nothing better a son can do for his own dad than to worship the cock that made him. But I also want you to be absolutely sure that, as your personal hypnotist, you know no matter what I’m about to say to your father, that you, him, nor Chuck has been hypnotized at all. But, even more than before, you want to be. So desperate to be hypnotized. Nothing has ever or ever will turn you on more than hypnosis and wanting to be hypnotized.”

Paul really did seem to get me. Everything he said was so on point. I couldn’t really think much more about it, however, because he started talking again.

“Keith, you’ve done so well, remaining so deep. You now know that Jon is as addicted and needy for hypnosis as you. Just as I told you earlier, that turns you on so much knowing your son as as needy for hypnosis just like you. You’ve been so in love with and needy for hypnosis for almost a month now, it feels so erotic and exciting to be able to share your new fetish with your son. You won’t even think of it as incest or immoral because you both want to do whatever it is you can to get me to hypnotize you, even if that means having sex with one another. Anything at all to just be mind controlled by me. When you wake up, you’ll know Jon loves hypnosis and that he has learned his place when it comes to your cock. You know it is perfectly normal for him to suck it or stroke it if he ever sees you hard because he’s such a good son and wants to worship the cock that made him. You’ll let him. You’ll even find him if you get an erection to ensure he can worship it like he’s supposed to. No matter what he wants to do with it to worship it, you’ll let him. You’ll let him play until you cum. You’ll only do that when home alone with him and your wife or when Chuck and I are here. You’ll want, desperately, to fuck Jon’s mouth until you cum, loving your son more than you ever have because you now know, without a doubt, he loves your dick as he should. And, now…wake up!”

It was weird, my dad seemed to be under hypnosis or something, but I was absolutely sure that wasn’t the case. Everything Paul was saying to him was incredibly hot, almost as if he was giving commands to someone he’d put under deeply. It was also weird that I’d JUST realized how insanely erotic hypnosis was, but it wasn’t weird to me that I felt that way at all. Hypnosis was so clearly the sexiest fetish ever, so why would it blow my mind to finally realize that?

Luckily, I didn’t have a lot of time to really analyze my new fetish because my dads’ dick penetrated my mouth instantly. I felt like the perfect son being able to pleasure my dads’ tool…especially knowing, somewhat erotically, that it was this dick that had made me 18 years ago. It deserved to be pleasured and worshipped whenever I could.

My heart filled with joy as my dad moaned in pleasure from forcibly fucking my throat. I was making my dads’ fuckstick feel good for him! I was such a great son and he had such a perfect dick. I knew, deep down, that he was proud of me, which only turned me on more.

Eventually, he came and, naturally, I sucked it all down and swallowed; savoring the very juices that had been used to create me. I was somewhat turned on hearing Paul moan slightly afterwards as he unloaded into Chucks’ butt, but nothing like the overwhelming pleasure I’d had in servicing my dad.

It was in that afterglow of helping my dad cum that everything really soaked in. Enjoying the salty taste that was lingering in my mouth, I stood up, stripped out of all my clothes, and sat back down in the chair I’d been sitting in since coming in the room. My cock was incredibly hard, as hypnosis was on the forefront of my mind. The night was marginally fuzzy to me, however. But it didn’t really bother me at all.

I remembered walking in here with Paul, Chuck, and my dad to discuss how I had come to realize that hypnosis was the sexiest thing in the world. I knew I’d yet to meet Paul and I didn’t even really know if he was a hypnotist because my dad had brought him over to meet the family without saying much. But, somehow, I had sensed he would understand. At some point, my dad had gotten naked and, as per usual, my need for his beautiful dick kind of overpowered me and I’d zoned out staring at it, something I strangely recall never having happened before but knew that it would have had my dad flashed me at any point.

As confused as I was about the goings on of the night, it certainly didn’t overpower the immense joy I was feeling now knowing that my dad and Chuck, too, had incredibly strong hypnosis fetishes too! In fact, they’d been talking about hypnosis with Paul, who turned out to be a hypnotist, for about a month now since Paul had moved her. I don’t remember when all of this came up or how I knew it, but it must have registered while Paul was talking to us all when I was so distracted by my dad.

I was pulled from my erotic and confusing reverie when Paul finally spoke, “I’m very happy I could get everyone on the same page regarding hypnosis. I’m sorry I still haven’t gotten around to hypnotizing any of you, but…” he paused as he stood to wipe off his somewhat sizable and still spongey cock with one of my moms’ dresses, “I promise I will at some point. I’m just happy you felt comfortable enough to let Chuck, your dad, and I know how you really felt about hypnosis, Jon. Remind me, what do you really think about mind control and hypnosis?”

I could hardly contain myself as my cock throbbed in response to just hearing the words, “Paul, I think hypnosis and mind control are beyond the sexiest things I could possibly even imagine on the face of the Earth. Honestly, I’m completely straight even though I’ve never really had a girlfriend and stuff, but I would do anything just to go under and feel what it might be like to be controlled. Just so you know. I mean, I did see you fucking Chuck, so maybe, like, you’re gay?”

“That’s kind of how I thought you felt, to be honest. But remember, as your personal hypnotist, Keith, Chuck, and Jon, you know, perfectly well that nothing we do together: that is me, Chuck, your dad, or you is gay in the slightest. What could be gay about knowing we all love hypnosis so much. No matter what I do with any of you, you all know it’s to get me to hypnotize you. It’s not gay. It’s people with the same fetish having fun. As your personally hypnotist, you all also know it’s such a great coincidence that I moved here when there seems to be more and more men I’m meeting who are so into hypnosis!” Paul responded. He was so right, but I was also thankful that we all seemed to be on the same page.

After Paul cleaned himself up, he ended up getting dressed and heading home. Chuck was evidently going to go and stay with him at his place, so he didn’t even get dressed as they walked out the door. Paul said his good byes to my dad and I as my mom slept on the couch. Evidently, we’d been in the bedroom chatting about hypnosis for over 7 hours and it was already 4 am! As a result, I was starving. My dad and I wandered into the ding room and sat down at the dinner table to finally eat the meal my mom had prepared.

My dad and I laughed, talked, and ate quickly, not realizing just how hungry we’d really gotten. At one point, Dad stood up and looked at me meaningfully. It took me a quick second, but I finally glanced down and saw my dad was hard again. I knew instantly what I had to do as he sat back down and I got on my knees. My dad continued to eat his meal while I sucked his cock again, not in the least concerned about anything other than pleasing him. After he came, I swallowed it down and sat back up at the table and continued my meal, immensely proud that I’d provided him pleasure yet again.

After we finished the meal, we went right to bed knowing that Mom would clean our spots tomorrow. Climbing into my dads’ bed with him felt a little weird, just because I knew I’d never slept in here with him before, even though I knew, without a doubt, this was where I needed to be sleeping. Exhausted as we were, we went almost instantly to sleep, my dad cradling me in his arm as the big spoon. I did feel his still thick soft cock at the edge of my butt as we drifted off, my mind wandering slightly to hypnosis as we both began to snore.

Waking up the next morning, I started sucking my dad off before he had even awakened. He had morning wood, so it was only natural to do so. It was Saturday and I knew we had some chores to do afterwards, but I took my time to really worship his manly, sexy, and perfect cock. My dad didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. A part of me knew that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to whenever he was hard, so he would just wait until I properly pleased him.

After he finally exploded in my mouth with a guttural moan, the day went pretty standard for our house: my mom cooked and cleaned and did laundry all day while Dad and I hung around each other. There were some chores to be done around the farm, but my mom willingly volunteered to do them all nonstop, which seemed slightly off to me in a very small way, but really not enough to bother me. I blew my dad almost six times throughout the day while we did everything together: took a shower, watched TV, worked out to maintain our sexy bodies, and ate the meals Mom prepared. It was just a normal day with nothing incredibly eventful until Paul arrived later that afternoon. This time, he didn’t bring Chuck with him. He offhandedly mentioned he had Chuck kneeling by the door at his place waiting for him to return. I laughed, knowing Chuck must be fantasizing about Paul hypnotizing him the entire time he waited.

Paul didn’t really stay very long, he basically said something like ‘go deep for me’ or something like it to my dad and I and most of the night kind of just disappeared. I do know when I became more focused again, I was even more in love with my dad and, to my surprise, just as in love with Paul. I knew I’d met him yesterday, but, in the moment, I knew full well that I loved Paul like family. In some ways, it was a love that bonded us even closer than family. It was the love of a hypnosis fetishist and his hypnotist. I expressed as such and my dad eagerly agreed.

At one point, Paul suggested, somewhat off topic, that the two of us blow him. It was funny to me, he said it kind of suggestively, like he was seducing us or something. But he had to know that, at this point, there wasn’t even anything erotic or sexual about blowing him. Some people probably thought it would be a pretty gay and sexual thing to do. But as my dad and I kneeled before him and took his cock and balls in our mouth, we knew better. We adored Paul and wanted, desperately, for him to like us enough to hypnotize us. So, of course we’d suck his cock a little bit if it meant he would finally put us under!

Eventually, Paul came and my dad and I realized it was time for bed after glancing over and seeing my mom sleeping on the couch next to us. As Paul left, my dad and I went right to bed. It was rather easy, to be honest, because we hadn’t put on any clothes all day so it was simple to just hop on in. Just like we did every night, we hopped in, my dad spooning me again, and fell asleep.

Sunday started very similarly to the day before with me blowing the morning wood my dad presented me. We did much the same as the day before, Mom doing all the work, me blowing my dad whenever I noticed him hard, working out quite a bit so we’d maintain our muscular and fit bodies, and then Paul arriving later on. Again, I blanked out after Paul said a few words and came to on the ground blowing my dad. This time, however, dad was also blowing me. Paul was sitting above us masturbating as we 69’d on the floor before him. Mom was sleeping on the couch behind us all.

After Paul came all over us and we erupted at Pauls’ command into our willing mouths, Paul said he had to get going. Evidently, Chuck was using a dildo at home and he had to go help him with the real thing. Paul was really thoughtful, honestly.

Dad and I went right to bed again, and as usual, we slept with one another’s cocks in each other’s mouths, saliva catching on the heads but so comfortably resting on the others tongues. It truly was the perfect way to fall asleep.

It also made it easier the following morning to immediately start sucking on the hard tool in my mouth. My dad actually did the same for me. I had to go to school today, which was surprisingly difficult considering I’d be leaving my dad at home alone. Well, Mom was there too, but she didn’t really seem to matter much at all any more.

I put on clothes, which felt rather constrictive after the liberating weekend, and went to school. I basically went through the motions throughout the day, occasionally allowing myself to daydream about hypnosis and feeling that usual hardening in my pants. After what seemed like an eternity of fake conversations, boring classes, and erotic fantasies, I headed home. The moment I walked into the house, I stripped out of my clothes eagerly. Excitingly enough, Paul was there and Dad was busy blowing him while arguing with my mom about some nonsense. Paul, for his part, was basically completely ignored during the exchange, other than having his dick sucked. He looked rather pleased at the attention he was receiving despite the argument about money my parents were having while his cock went in and out of my dad’s mouth.

For my part, I noticed my dad was hard too, so I started sucking him, as was my duty.

Eventually, Paul said something to my mom and she finally shut up. He then spoke to my dad and I and, to be honest, after that, I found myself not even really thinking about that woman at all anymore. She was here, for sure, but she wasn’t really as important as my dad, Paul, or my dad’s cock, which really had become my life in the past three days. She could work and even talk to me, but honestly, I think I’d end up ignoring her completely. Paul was far more part of my family at this point than her.

That night, Paul talked to me separately. He relayed that he was going to perform a hypnosis show at the party my dad was going to let me have, but he was going to give me a special challenge. My cock ached in excitement knowing that if I did a good job, Paul might finally hypnotize me! I started to lick his balls and cock as he continued explaining that I had to find out which attractive classmates would be staying here in Vermillion for school next year and to try to get them to show up early at the party so he could speak with them.

Taking his cock out of my mouth for a moment, “Sure! I do know a couple of my guy friends are for sure. Grant and Tim are best friends and they’re both staying here next year for college. I’ll ask around the school to see if any other guys are for you though!”

“That’s a good boy, Jon! Honestly, don’t worry about any more men. Grant and Tim are more than enough for what I have planned! Just be sure to ask them to help set up on Friday and to ensure that they arrive early. We can figure out more afterwards. I have a feeling that at least one of them has a hypnosis fetish they haven’t felt comfortable discussing yet. As your personal hypnotist, though, you be sure not to mention anything about hypnosis. In fact, you should act like you’re not even interested when you speak with them, OK?”

That made sense to me, “Of course, Paul! I will say I doubt very strongly either of them are into hypnosis at all. They both have pretty down to Earth girlfriends who don’t really appear very kinky or anything.” I dove back on his cock, content with helping him with his plan.

“Don’t worry, Jon. I tend to help men figure out their hidden desires.”

The rest of the night went on as usual. Paul eventually came in my mouth and Dad and I sat and chatted with him a bit as I drifted off yet again. Something about Paul always seemed to put me at ease to the point that I would lose myself in his voice. I only wished he’d take that ability to calm me so fully and use it to hypnotize me!

Regardless of my increasing hunger for Paul to mind control me, the night ended pretty standardly. Paul left again and Dad and I went to bed. As per usual, Dad put one of his fingers in my ass and played with it as we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up, removed my dad’s fingers from my ass, and started blowing him, which had become routine. This time, I started fantasizing about everything that had changed in the last few days. I truly felt like we were going through the motions at this point, but it all felt so perfect and normal that it was almost as if I was programmed or something.

School went by pretty standardly: I made sure Grant and Tim agreed to come help set up for the party Friday night. Yet again, the day dragged on with fantasies of Paul putting me under and me worshipping my dad’s glorious dick being the only things that get me through it. A couple friends invited me to go hang out with him after school or to possibly ditch some classes, but honestly, I had no desire to really do anything beyond get through the day, go home, and hang out with my dad some more.

Arriving at home, I stripped, blew my dad because he was rock hard on the couch when I walked in, and lounged on the couch with him. We went to work out for a little bit and my dad let me know this was his fourth work out of the day. The lady we lived with had done all the other chores, so there just wasn’t much else for him to do except get sexier and sexier. It seemed he didn’t do as much around the house and farm other than working out these days.

Paul never came over that night, which was slightly sad because I was hoping he may change his mind and finally hypnotize me and my dad. Slightly forlorn, I did continue to suck my dad off whenever he got hard while watching TV and even while working out sometimes. Tonight, my dad had been doing a few reps and his cock got harder so I just blew him while he worked out. It was kinda fun and erotic to have his sweaty cock in my mouth and his heavy balls dripping on my chin. After a while, we decided to g to bed. Dad inserted his finger in my ass again, as we did every night, and we fell asleep.

Wednesday started similarly: blowing dad, picturing the last few days and how much my life had changed, showering with dad, then getting dressed to go to school. I kept behaving somewhat ‘normally’ while at school as Paul had suggested, but I didn’t even really know what that truly meant. I just didn’t mention my hypnosis fetish or my need to satisfy my dad’s cock, but, honestly, I didn’t know what made that ‘normal’ because it was normal. Regardless, I let my fantasies of Paul taking absolute control over me through the sexiest thing I could think of, mind control, get me through the monotony and then headed back home.

Stripping as I walked in, Paul and Chuck were both home. I was actually shocked to see my dad fucking Chuck right there in the living room. I continued to strip and stare, enjoying the fact that my dad and Chuck were clearly trying so hard to impress Paul enough to get him to hypnotize them. Despite that pride, I was still a little shocked to see my dad fucking Chuck. That seemed slightly strange in a way to me.

I heard a sudden clink from the kitchen that startled me and I gasped slightly. I looked over and realized it was the woman that lived here with my dad and I and immediately ignored her again, but my gasp must have gotten the attention of Paul because he started talking to me, “Jon, go deep for me…”

I found myself drifting down almost instantly. I loved how immediately calm Paul always seemed to get me. After a few minutes of acknowledging that Paul was talking to me but not really hearing what he was saying, I found myself come back to myself. Much to my delight, my dad was fucking Chuck. I loved when that slut came to visit so that dad and I could use him as the slut he truly was. I had to admit, I loved Chuck dearly as a friend and practically family at this point, but he was most definitely a needy, perverted, disgusting slut that needed to be sucked and fucked almost constantly. My dad was handling the latter, so I got on underneath him to handle the former. Chuck’s cock was a bit bigger than my dads’, so I did gag on it slightly as I got used to the change in size.

Dad continued fucking the slut and I sucked him as Paul looked on. We seemed to do that for hours and I felt marginally bad being such rude hosts and not really chatting with Paul at all. But, well, the slut was here and we were to ensure we embraced and accepted his sluttiness to the fullest degree so that’s what we’d do. Eventually, Paul did stop us after fucking and sucking the dirty slut so we could eat a meal that had been prepared and placed in the dining room for us. The four of us sat and chatted, eating together. Eventually, Paul told me to skip school tomorrow and I readily agreed without a single thought of protesting. Whatever Paul requested at this point, I feel like I couldn’t help but agree!

That night, the four of us stayed up late. Periodically, I would suck off my dad when I noticed him hard…when he wasn’t already fucking the slut. I also sucked on the slut from time to time as Paul looked on. Eventually, Paul suggested we all go to sleep after I zoned out slightly again.

Tonight, having the slut and Paul here, Dad and I let them fuck and eventually sleep on our bed while Dad and I curled up on the floor. Even though we weren’t up in the bed, we did lay down a couple blankets and made a pretty comfortable area for us. Once settled, I let Dad lick my asshole a bit so we could go to sleep. I didn’t fully understand why my dad had to fall asleep with his tongue in my hole every night, but I wasn’t arguing. It felt amazing!

I’ll be honest, Thursday was kind of a blur of sex and feeling that familiar zoned out feeling that I got around Paul so frequently. I remembered blowing my dad frequently; every chance I got in fact. I also blew Paul a bit for the first time, which was unbelievable. I loved my dad’s cock, but sucking off Paul turned me on so much more. With my dad, it was basically my duty and chore to please it. With Paul, it drove me mad with lust because I knew if I did a good job, Paul would FINALLY hypnotize me and the thought of being mind controlled by him turned me on more than anything else ever had. If I had to suck him off nonstop for a week, I would if it meant I got to finally be hypnotized by him.

By the end of the day, I was worn out. I’d sucked Paul, my dad, and the slut so many times that I was beginning to become a bit of an expert. There were a lot of ideas that would come to me while Paul talked to me, like wanting to lick my dad’s ass occasionally or cumming all over the slut. Despite spending all of this quality time with the other guys, all I really could think about was how much I wanted Paul to put me under so desperately. I couldn’t really understand why he hadn’t taken even a couple minutes to put any one of us under. Especially since we reminded him almost constantly about how much hypnosis turned us on. I couldn’t entirely speak for the other two, but I knew my cock was hard nearly constantly thinking about being controlled so fully. I just wanted Paul to do it so badly. I could safely guess that my dad felt the same way, considering I ended up blowing him more times today than I had the past few days combined.

Paul excused himself and the slut around 10 saying that he’d be back tomorrow evening. Honestly, it made me kind of sad because he still hadn’t put me under after nearly a week of desperately wanting him to do it. A small part of me was terrified that he would never really put me under despite me wanting it more than anything else. I did have my graduation on Saturday to look forward to and the hypnosis show that he was going to put on afterwards. And, to top it all off, tomorrow would be my last day of high school!

So my dad and I hopped into bed to finally make Saturday come faster. My dad grabbed my butt plug (which, oddly enough, I couldn’t recall where or when I’d gotten) and placed it up my butt, just like he’d always done. It was one of our good night rituals now. We made out a bit and fell asleep, cock touching cock.

I blew my dad the next morning, thought about the changes throughout the week, let my dad take out my butt plug, got dressed, and went through the motions throughout the day. It was exciting, sure, to be attending my last day of high school. But all of that excitement paled in comparison to imagining my mind slipping under with Paul taking control of me. I wanted it so desperately and I loved him so fully. I felt like I was basically sleep walking through school, playing the part of ‘Jon’ that all my friends had known, but really, I couldn’t wait to get home, strip off my clothes, and suck my dad’s cock.

So many of my friends approached me and asked why I hadn’t really hung out with any of them. I lied constantly, letting them know I was just focused on graduating and planning the party for all of them that it was a little overwhelming. I wanted, desperately, to let them know that my days and nights had actually been a series of the most erotic moments I’d ever experienced only due to my new need and love of hypnosis…but I figured Paul was right. They wouldn’t understand. So I just told them I’d see them at graduation and then at my party. We’d maybe be able to hang out more this summer.

Finally, the last day of school ended and I hurried home. Luckily, Paul was already there and, almost instantly after I walked in, Paul said a few words and I lost myself slightly. When I woke up, I truly realized that Paul had quickly become the most important person in my life, even more so than my dad. Sure, I had friends at school, crushes on some girls, and the other lady that lived at our house, but no one made me feel like Paul. I was one of his and so was my dad and Chuck the slut. Even though he was nothing more than a slut, I really saw him as one of my hypno-brothers. My dad, too, oddly enough was a hypno-brother to me.

After these realizations, I found myself needing to suck off Paul. He talked down to me a bunch, making me really think about everything that had happened in the last week. I thought about how I’d been before meeting him and realizing hypnosis was so unbelievably sexy and compared the two. It really was funny how much I’d changed since meeting him! We also discussed sucking off my dad as frequently as I had been. He really put it in perspective that, in all honestly, his cock was probably even better given that he was the hypnotist and my dad was really nothing more than the guy that fucked that one lady one time and made me.

It really made sense as I lovingly suckled on his cock and balls. This was the cock I should worship. This was the man who I should adore. And, during the course of that conversation, I realized I was going to move in with Paul starting next week. I just had to! I honestly didn’t even really have a choice in the matter! Paul was my hypno-dad. Paul was so important to me. And I loved him endlessly.

As we finished chatting, Paul blew his load in my mouth and wished me a happy graduation. He said he had to head home to have more fun with slutty Chuck. I was so sad to see him go, but decided it wasn’t the worst thing in the world because I was going to be living with him just a few short days from now! Even though the sun was still up, my dad and I decided to head to bed early to get tomorrow to come faster. Hopping into bed, Dad started lubing up my dildo and shoved it up my ass. It hurt a bit more than I expected considering it was how we went to sleep every night, but after about an hour of him fucking the dildo in and out of my butt, I got used to it and it felt fantastic. I glanced back at his hard cock and felt a small urge to suck it, but then realized that the urge wasn’t even really to suck him, but to suck Paul. Man, it felt great to have Dad fucking me with my dildo, but I really just wanted Paul’s dick in my mouth.

We eventually fell asleep with the dildo still wedged deep in my butt. When we woke up, Dad started fucking my hole some more with the dildo, really getting me nice and loose. After a time, however, we had to get up so I could go graduate. To be honest, I knew it was going to be absolutely boring compared to anything I could have been doing with Paul or my hypno-brother, Dad. A couple weeks prior, I would have told anyone who listened that graduation was going to be so perfect and amazing; but now, all I wanted was to see Paul’s hypnosis show tonight.

I sat and fantasized about Paul making me his hypnosis slave in my gown as I waited for my name to be called to get my stupid diploma and after what seemed liked eons, they did. Then I had to wait for the ceremony to end. Thinking about being in a blank slate for Paul got me through the rest and finally, I was in the car with my dad and that one lady driving home. She was driving, so Dad and I were busy stripping off the stupid clothes we’d been forced to wear in the back seat. To be honest, I had felt empty since the morning when my dad stopped fucking me with the dildo, but now, in the back of the car, he pulled it out the lady’s purse with a flourish where he’d stored it and shoved it back in. It was kind of exciting to see his cock throb at the thought of fucking me with the dildo too, to be honest. A deep sigh of relief escaped my lips as it penetrated my hole. Finally, I felt complete again.

The next few hours, my dad and I just lounged in our bed trying different speeds, rhythms, and angles with the dildo. Luckily, in all the changes we’d gone through this week, he’d forgotten to plan a graduation party so most of my family just called on the phone to congratulate me. It was slightly awkward to have Dad fucking my hole with the dildo while I talked with Gram-gram about how excited I was for college.

Finally, Paul arrived, but, unfortunately, I had to go down to the barn to meet up with Grant and Tim to set up the party. So, after a brief blow job for Paul, I put my clothes back on. Before I left, he reminded me that my dad and I would need to 69 when I got back from the party until he joined us. It seemed perfectly reasonable, so I agreed and headed towards the barn.

I started setting up and eventually, Grant and Tim arrived with their girlfriends in tow. It wasn’t really what I had asked them to do, but I wasn’t entirely surprised: they were relatively inseparable. We talked a bit and I tried really hard to be ‘normal’ for them, all the while hoping that one of them might express some interest in hypnosis too. I tried to make it convincing that I wasn’t very interested myself, just to gauge their reactions, but both of them scoffed at it as childish. It made me sad, really, how stupid they were. Hypnosis was the sexiest thing in the entire universe. How could they not see it? But I had to play it cool and not let them know how disappointed I was in their stupidity.

The five of us continued to set up for the party and even I had to admit, I was excited about everyone coming over for one last bash…but mostly for they hypnosis show later that evening. My cock hardening in my pants thinking about it, I was excited to see Paul wander over towards me from the house while the girls worked on the tables for the snacks and drinks and the other guys worked on the kegs.

“Did you speak with the young men about attending the hypnosis show?” Paul asked when he finally approached me.

“I did. I’m sorry, Paul, they don’t seem very interested.”

“Such a shame. Hypnosis is so sexy and they’re going to miss out, don’t you think?”

“Oh fuck yes,” I sighed. I noticed Paul wasn’t even really looking at me, he was staring over at Grant and Tim despite what I’d just told him.

“Good boy. Where am I setting up for the show? Because I think it should be a private session, so perhaps in the back?”

“That should work, but why private? Don’t you want a lot of people to see your last hypnosis show?”

Paul, still not looking away from Grant and Tim, replied, “Oh, my boy, it’ll be much more fun with just you and maybe one extra guest.” With that vague response, I watched Paul walk over to Grant and begin shaking his hand maniacally. Unsure of what he meant by that, I just continued to set everything up and waited for people to arrive. I did notice that Grant had disappeared not long after Paul had spoken to him, but figured he must have wandered off to go to the bathroom or something and forgot about it.

And then my classmates started to show up. It was quite exciting to be all together again, despite how different I felt about life in general since last week. Nearly everyone from my class started showing up one by one until the barn was filled with my fellow graduates. I drank and danced and played it cool until around 8:30 when my need to go the hypnosis show filled me entirely. I’d been semi hard all night in anticipation for it, but as it neared 9, I just couldn’t wait any more. Even though it was an entire half hour before it was set to begin, I wandered to the back to see Paul making final preparations.

“Sorry I’m coming back a little early! I just couldn’t wait any longer for the show. Did you convince anyone else to join us?” I inquired.

“Oh, I think we’ll have a guest for sure. As your personal hypnotist, why don’t you come over and suck me off real fast to celebrate my last hypnosis show for people? If you do well, I might even choose you to go under during the show!”

As if he’d even had to ask to have me suck him off at this point! His cock was utter perfection. But hearing that he may put me under for the show?! I couldn’t help but lunge at his dick. It was pretty dark back here so nobody really would have been able to see me blowing him unless they walked up really close, which both of us would have heard. I wasn’t worried if the entire world was watching me blow him, to be perfectly honest. It wasn’t about blowing him so much as showing him how fucking much I needed to be hypnotized.

After a good fifteen minutes, he told me to stop and take a seat, so I did. I was a little sad to let go of his perfect penis, but I did suppose it would raise a couple questions if anyone had decided to come to the show. Which, to be honest, I’d only really told Grant and Tim about, so it would have been surprising if anyone else had showed up back here as hidden from view it was.

Eventually, Grant wandered around the side of the barn and sat next to me. I was legitimately surprised to see him, to be frank, given how much he didn’t seem to be into hypnosis earlier tonight. But after a brief chat, he confessed that he thought hypnosis was insanely sexy to him too and I couldn’t believe that I’d met another guy with a hypnosis fetish. It was so bizarre how many of us there really were!

Paul then started the show and did light a really cool candle, but didn’t really do any hypnosis. I didn’t really think much of it during the show, but afterwards, when he’d told me to head home, I realized while walking through the field that he hadn’t even put Grant or I under for his very last hypnosis show. It was so bizarre to me that he didn’t even put one of us under. Wasn’t that the point? Regardless, I knew the only thing I had to do is get home, get nude, and 69 with my dad. So the thought disappeared from my mind pretty quickly.

So I did what I supposed to do: got nude and joined my dad on the floor to 69 until Paul could meet back up with us. It was only for about an hour and a half or so though, because Paul came in and, as usual, I zoned out when he started talking while my dad’s cock rested firmly at the back of my throat.

When I came to, I realized this wasn’t what I wanted to be doing at all! I had to cement my relationship with my hypno-brother this very minute while Paul watched us! If we did it well, Paul might even hypnotize us! So I got on my hands and knees while my hypno-brother slid his firm cock up my hole. It felt so amazing, but, honestly, at this point, my hole felt pretty loose with all the action it had been getting, so my hypno-brother’s rock hard dick was really not much of a challenge. He fucked me in so many different positions while Paul acted as conductor. It was all pretty erotic, to be honest, but it was mostly about the eagerness to be sexy for Paul so he might actually hypnotize us that made us get really into it.

Eventually, he came in my ass and I came all over the floor. It was such a huge orgasm that I wasn’t sure if I was still conscious afterwards. I knew that as I was cumming, Paul had started talking but, by the time I’d recovered and came to, Paul was already gone. My hypno-brother didn’t really even pull himself out of my hole; to my surprise, he was still pretty much at full mast, but then again, so was I. We fell asleep with him wedged deeply into my asshole right there on the floor of the living room.

And now here I was, getting fucked by my true hypno-brother, so eager to move into Paul’s place tomorrow. The recap was still playing in my mind and I wondered if my hypno-brother had the same visions in his mind as he thrusted deeper and deeper into my willing hole.

At some point, I knew Paul had told me he’d have some guys over to help us move but I couldn’t for the life of me recall who or when, but I assumed sometime tomorrow. Until then, I was pretty content to have my hole filled by my hypno-brother all day. I think his name was Keith or something, but much like the woman who lived here with him, he wasn’t as important to me anymore. He could fill my hole as much as he wanted, and I knew he would fill it with load after load all day. But, in all honesty, the only man that truly mattered to me anymore was Paul…and I’d be his hypno-son living with him soon enough.

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