I Love Him, But...pt 7

By EdIam
published January 31, 2012
5187 words

Guess who’s coming to dinner…

“Oh God…oh God, yeah,” Joel moaned as cum covered his chest, hand, and dick.

Ryan, Kyra, and my eyes quickly moved from the ejaculating man to the door. Joel was in his own world, stuck in post-orgasmic bliss.

Another knock came from the door. “Ryan, it’s me. Paul. I have your Chinese.”

I perked up a little. Well this night just keeps getting more and more interesting, I thought to myself. Paul was in one of Ryan and my classes. We had worked together a couple times, but Paul was a bit of a homophobe and tried his best to avoid me. When Paul did have to interact with me, he’d always been rude, pushy, and most of the time, would harass me.

Ryan and Paul, however, had become fairly good friends. Ryan was just like that; he could be friends with anyone and everyone, even if they held such a discriminatory opinion against a group of people. ‘You can only change minds by example, not by lecture’ was something Ryan said to me constantly when I berated him for his friendship with such a jerk. ‘Yeah? And fuck you’ with a laugh was usually my response.

Before I could really think about what I wanted to do, Ryan stood up and headed towards the door, naked and hard.

Ryan opened it to reveal a uniformed Paul holding our food. With a smile he started to talk, “Took you long…” Paul stopped mid-sentence and stared at his nude friend with a look of utter shock and revulsion on his face.

“Sorry, dude. I was just listening to Kyra’s dad tell us a bit about his sex life while he masturbated for us and I kind of lost track of time. Wasn’t expecting you so soon so you took me off guard,” Ryan grabbed the food from him. Taking a moment to take in the situation, Paul averted his eyes from his nude friend. Unfortunately for him, his eyes went into the room behind Ryan, which revealed a cum covered father, Ryan’s nude and homosexual roommate, and Ryan’s smiling girlfriend all sitting in the living room behind him, all of which was even more shocking to his mind.

Then Ryan said, “Oh, by the way, buddy. Did you start working on your homework for Professor Kagen? If not, you should come over and help me get started on it tomorrow night. I’m a little confused about it.”

Paul looked back to Ryan, clearly having a very difficult time processing everything around him. Grabbing my Megawave, I decided to help this dick understand the situation.

Standing, I walked towards the door. Paul saw the movement and turned to me in shock, “Why the fuck are you naked? Do not come near me like that, faggot!”

I stopped in my tracks. Ryan placed himself in between us. “Hey, hey, hey. Paul. We’ve talked about this. Rob’s my roommate and my best friend. You treat him with respect. And he’s naked because it’s naked Saturday. It’s the rule of the house, man.”

“I’m sorry, Ryan. I just…what the fuck? Naked Saturday? What in fuck are you talking about? I can’t handle what I’m seeing here! You’re standing here naked with your fucking homo boyfriend or whatever. Are you a fairy now too? And you’ve got a nude old guy who looks all wet just sitting there balls out. Wait? Is that cum!? Oh, God, I’m gonna fucking vomit,” Paul turned to run down the hallway towards the stairs to the exit.

Instantly, I put the Megawave to my mouth. “Stop, Paul. Come inside. Close the door and stand there next to the door. You can’t move at all. Ryan, go sit down next to Joel.”

I was fuming at this point. How dare he come to my apartment and call me a faggot? And then try to insult Ryan, who he was supposedly friends with?

As Ryan walked across the room to join the cum-drenched, hairy man, Paul entered the apartment calmly, closed the door, and stood next to it.

“I a uck ih I oo hat? I own awn oo e ear ih oo eensh!” Paul slurred as he stood there, unable to move. His eyes were glued forward in a weird, unblinking manner. Clearly, his mind took the words I used to heart. He wasn’t moving a muscle. Even to pronounce his words.

“Paul, you can’t move your body, but you can talk freely. Tell me what you just said.”

“I said ‘Why the fuck did I do that? I don’t want to be here with you queens!’”

Oh, great. Another insult. This guy just didn’t know when to quit! I was having a fantastic night with my two new gay lovers and he had to be the one to deliver us our food. Well, if he was going to interrupt my fantastic night, I was going to give him a night he wouldn’t forget.

“Paul, I want you to call your work and tell them you had some car trouble and that you could be a few hours or so. Tell them you’ll be able to fix it, that they just need to wait for you.”

Grabbing his phone, Paul called his work and began telling them his car wasn’t working properly, I looked to Kyra, who seemed perfectly content with everything going on. She was just sitting there smiling, as though this were the most normal night with her boyfriend she’d ever had. I then turned to Joel and Ryan. Ryan was sitting there, happy as a clam, staring back at me. To everyone else, he was just happy with the mood of the evening, relieved with meeting Joel and comfortable with his girlfriend’s father. To me, he was clearly staring at his Master in complete awe. And Joel, not knowing what to do with his dried cum covered body, just sat there, wiping his semen covered hand on his chest, still in a state of bliss from the release he’d had. He kept looking around, not wanting to move for fear of spreading his cum all over the room, but clearly unsure of what to do.

I smiled to myself as I heard the phone behind me click. Paul had finished his phone call.

“There, I called them about my car. Now can I go?”

I put the Megawave down and said to him, “No, Paul. No, you can’t move. I’ve wanted to talk to you for a very long time. And here’s my chance. You know what. I want a little privacy while I do this.” Putting the Megawave back up, “Joel, go take a shower. Ryan, you go take one with him. Joel, remember all those things that turned you on? Well, Ryan, you’re going to let Joel take the lead and do whatever he wants with you in that shower. You’ll take about fifteen minutes. If you both cum again, great, but you’ll both remain hard and horny during and afterward. When finished, come back out here and Ryan? You’re going to sit down on Joel’s hard cock. Kyra, you go into the bathroom too. You’ll keep the shower curtain open and lay towels on the floor. Watch your dad molest your boyfriend and, hey, take a notepad and take notes. You’re going to be very interested in everything your father does and you’ll give the notepad back to me to read. Joel and Ryan, completely ignore Kyra and just have fun.”

The two men agreed and stood up to head down the hallway to the bathroom. Kyra grabbed a notebook and pen from the coffee table and followed her father and boyfriend.

“What just happened? That thing made your voice sound all weird. Ok, why does it feel right to hear all that you told them to do. I know I think it’s disgusting what you said but at the same time, those things you told them makes sense for them to do. They just feel right. What the fuck is going on, Rob?”

I placed the Megawave down on the armrest of the chair Kyra had been sitting on and smiled at Paul.

I began pacing around the room. “Long story short, Paul? I made a device that can make a person do and feel whatever I want them to do and feel. I’ve used it on them all day. In fact, your straight friend Ryan took my cock up his ass not 12 hours ago. What do you think of that?” I couldn’t help but thinking that I truly had turned into a movie villain. Here I was explaining my plan to my victim. And yet, I didn’t even care in the slightest! I wanted this homophobe to connect the dots and dread what I could do to him.

“What the fuck, man? Seriously? He…he has a girlfriend, you faggot.”

I turned to him quickly. “Ok. I’m a little sick of you using that word.” I launched at the Megawave and put it to my mouth.

“No…don’t!” Paul said.

“Paul, you’re going to forget everything I say here, but it will still be in your mind. Whenever you use the word faggot, fairy, queer, or any other degrading word against homosexuals, you will remove a piece of clothing and get a boner you can’t explain. You won’t notice the boner and you won’t notice you took your clothes off.”

We both took a moment to stare at one another. “Seriously? You’re not even gonna use it? What are you trying to do? Scare me? Well you can’t scare me. You’re a fucking faggot and there’s nothing you can do to scare me,” he said with a quiver of uncertainty in his voice. But as he said the word faggot, he removed the China Buffet uniform shirt he’d been wearing.

So there was Paul, shirtless in my room. Now that he was showing some skin, I started to notice that he really was actually a slightly attractive man. I hadn’t really noticed before because of the venom he so often spewed out of his mouth. Paul was the disgusting kind of straight guy who farts and burps for comedic affect. He was the kind of guy that loved to make a joke out of everything, even other people’s pain. I always imagined he was the kind of guy that would go to a website and post something just to piss everyone off and then laugh at them as they got mad at him. In short, Paul was a troll.

And I’m usually not attracted to trolls. But here he was. Now, shirtless and a little scared of my power, his sex appeal had gone up remarkably.

Paul had slightly shaggy light brown hair. It wasn’t too long and wasn’t too short, just right. He had a slightly boyish face, dimples and a mischievous grin that was usually permanently on his face (currently, he was frowning, trying to show a lack of fear that was as fake as can be). He kept his face clean of facial hair, something I didn’t usually find attractive, but on him, it added to his sudden boyish charm he was radiating. He had very smooth, hairless skin on his chest and arms. He was a pale white with no blemishes to be seen. He could have passed for a teenager, but being in our advanced class, he had to be 22 or 23, like Ryan and I. He had bright blue eyes that sparkled and twinkled with constant curiosity. Why was this cute guy such a prick most of the time?

He stood there, as if daring me to do my worst while simultaneously clearly scared of my worst. I just stared back at him, my erection pointed directly at his ever stiffening groin.

We both heard a groan come from down the hall in the bathroom. Paul, unable to move, said, “Oh God. What the fuck is going on here.” I turned towards the hallway, smiled at what was going on in there, and turned back to Paul.

“You want to know something, Paul? Everything you think is going on in there right now? It’s going to happen to you. And you’re going to love every minute of it. Tell me, how does that make you feel?”

His face, shifted slightly, even after I’d told him he couldn’t move, to a look of terror. “I…I…please. No. Please. I know that you can, but that’s disgusting, Rob. I don’t want to be a fairy,” he kicked off both of his shoes, “I’ll do anything. I swear I’ll leave you alone. I won’t call you a faggot,” he bent down," anymore. I mean it. Please, Rob!" he removed his socks, "I know I’ve been a douche. I know that I can push buttons, but seriously, all the queer, "he unbuckled his pants and began pushing his pants down, “stuff just makes me want to hurl. I’m sure you can,” he crawled out of his pants, “understand that? I mean, I bet it’s how you feel about stuff with girls. Right?”

Paul stood there, clothes strewn all around him, in his tightie-whities. His boner was pushing at the fabric with his mushroom head peeking out the bottom right section of his underwear. I could tell he had a thick tool, perhaps even slightly thicker than Joel’s, probably about 7 inches long. And his mushroom head was a slightly dark shade of red, huge and bulbous. Despite all the cock I’d had today, his cock truly did look delicious.

I controlled my sudden horniness enough to say, “The difference, Paul, is that I would never make fun of a guy who has sex with a girl. I would never make that guy feel like shit for what he feels and wants to do to a girl. I would never belittle you for fucking a chick or fucking a slut. I would let you live your life and make your choices. You, on the other hand, have tried your best to make me feel like shit. You’ve called me names and treated me like I’m repulsive. So, yes, Paul. I am slightly disgusted by the thought of a vagina. But would I ever make someone feel horrible because they like them? No.” I smiled to myself as I thought, ‘if only Ryan could hear me lecture now, how’s this for example.’

“Ok. I understand. I really do. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I did that. I never meant it. I was just joking. You know how I can get? Right?”

“Yeah. Paul. I know how you can get. But, to be honest. I’d prefer to slightly change ‘how you get.’” I said, with air quotes.

“Rob. No. No. I swear to God, if I ever find out you’ve done anything, I’ll kick your faggot,” fingers on either side of his underwear and pushed down, “ass. I swear to God, man.”

So there he was, naked as the day he was born. Hard as a rock, a boner that pointed slightly downward, but otherwise straight out, and the best part was that he didn’t even realize it. His penis was a pale 7 inch column of flesh ending on a red mushroom head. With every heartbeat, it throbbed up and down. His ballsack was churning behind his cock, his balls stirring to the sudden boner that had a developed. I was surprised to find his pubic area to be almost hairless as well. Other than a slight tuft of hair above his package, he was completely smooth down there.

Shifting my eyesight back up to his face, I said, “Now, now, Paul. Should you really be threatening the guy with the invention here? I mean, I’m already filling in all the villain clichés possible. Do you really want this to be that dorky? Just accept the fact that you’ve been a dick and you should see and feel the douchiness you dished out to everyone else.”

Speechless, Paul just stared back at me. And I stared back. We just stared at one another for a good thirty to forty seconds until Kyra came back into the room with notepad and pen in hand. Sitting down, she handed me the notepad and said, “Took the best notes I could, Rob! Hope they’re good!” just as Joel came in hand and hand with Ryan. Joel instantly took a seat on the couch and Ryan grabbed Joel’s cock, set it against his asshole, and slowly eased himself down onto it. Clearly, Joel had already worked his way into Ryan, because Ryan was having little difficulty accepting the meat into his hungry butt. So there we were, Paul frozen and terrified, Kyra content with life, Joel inside of Ryan’s ass, and me, reaching towards the Megawave.

Let’s get this party started, I thought. Putting it my lips, “First of all, none of you will even think to use the Megawave on me; won’t even cross your minds. Ryan, why don’t you fuck yourself on Joel’s tool. Joel, feel free to moan and tell Ryan what you think of him. Be sure to talk dirty. You two won’t even notice anyone else until I talk to you two. Kyra? Grab some food, go into the kitchen and eat. Let me know when you’re done. And Paul?” I took a moment to really think about what I wanted to do as Kyra stepped out and Ryan began bobbing up and down on his girlfriend’s dad (“Fuck, that feels amazing, Ryan. Yeah, clench that ass on my head again.”). Then I had it. I knew I didn’t want to just have a slave. I wanted him to feel the emotions. Experience it.

“Paul. Whenever I say a sentence that begins with the words, ‘I think’, you will automatically think exactly what I said. You will feel as though those thoughts are completely your own. In fact, after I say them, they will be completely your own. The feelings and actions that result from those thoughts will feel completely naturally and you will rationalize all of them. You won’t notice me saying anything after it becomes your thought. You are also going to forget everything I just said.”

Paul was still frozen in the corner, staring forward. I could tell he was aware that his straight friend was being fucked by the older man on the couch and it was hilarious to me. Paul was sweating from nervousness. And so I thought I’d test my new found power over him.

“I think you can move again but you’re completely calm with everything going on and won’t do anything to hurt anyone else in the apartment. I think you’ll stay in the apartment, realize you’re naked, and try to explain why you are. I think you can’t put your clothes back on at all. I think you will calmly speak with me about everything and anything. I think you are 100% positive I haven’t used my invention on you yet.”

Paul moved quickly. He had probably been getting uncomfortable, frozen in that state. He started to rotate his arms and stretch them out when he said, “Oh geeze. I’m naked. Why am I naked here with you? I don’t remember taking my clothes off…man. Why am I so calm right now? Why doesn’t this bother me?”

“I’m not sure Paul. Maybe I used my invention on you?”

“No, no. That can’t be,” he said as he scratched his head. “I’d remember that. There’s no way that happened. I was so scared you’d use it on me, there’s no way I’d forget it. Wait. Didn’t Ryan say that it was naked Saturday or something? That’s probably why I’m naked…even though I really doubt I’d ever agree to that. I guess I’m just trying to be polite?”

I smiled at him. “That could be, Paul. I think you want to tell me exactly how you feel about me.”

Paul looked at me and began, “I’m disgusted by you because I know you’re gay. The thought of you being around me makes me really uncomfortable. I’m worried that you want to have sex with me and that makes me want to throw up. I wish that you weren’t here because I dislike you strongly but I try my best to be nice because I’m friends with Ryan.” When he said Ryan, he looked over at his friend, currently being fucked by Joel, and looked down. “I really don’t know why Ryan’s letting that dude do that to him. I know he’s straight as an arrow. I feel like I should be angry about this. I should be mad at him, but I just feel so calm right now. Doesn’t even faze me.”

I moved to sit down on the couch two seats away from the fucking men. Joel was gritting his teeth as his pelvis slowly bucked up and down to the rhythm Ryan had created. Though Joel’s dick was completely out of view hidden within the confines of my roommates colon, Ryan’s was rock hard, sticking out, and drooling with pre cum. Ryan was truly enjoying his newfound love of being assfucked. And Joel was muttering under his breath, “Oh fuck yeah, man. You love this cock in your ass. You love being fucked by a real man. Maybe later, this real man will let you fuck him.”

Paul still stood by the door, stretching his arms slowly and assuredly. “Hey Paul? I think you want to sit here next to me so you can get a better view of Ryan getting fucked.”

The look on Paul’s face was still one of revulsion as he walked closer to me. By now, the boner that he’d gotten from stripping had gone down, leaving a soft cock resting on two small balls. He really wasn’t enjoying what he was seeing at all. But he slowly sat down next to me and his fucked friend.

“What do you think of that, Paul?” I asked.

“Well, it’s kind of disgusting. Why would anyone want to be fucked up the ass like that? Why would anyone want to stick a dick up there anyway?” Paul said as he stared at them. “Even here, at a better view, it looks painful and wrong. This is just weird as hell.”

“You’ve never been curious at all about gay sex?”

Paul stirred uncomfortably and turned his head quickly towards me, “Of course not. I love pussy, man.”

I grinned and shook my head at him, “I think you should tell Rob the truth about whether or not you’ve ever been curious about gay sex.”

“No, I’ve never even thought about another guy that way. I really love vag, dude.”

Oh, so he wasn’t lying! Well, I should change that. But first, let’s see his limits.

“Paul, is there anything that would ever convince you to do anything gay? Like, can you think of anything that would make you kiss another man?”

Paul was clearly having a hard time with my line of questioning. And it probably wasn’t helping that the couch was bouncing us up and down as the two horny guys next to him screwed each other. And hearing Joel constantly egg Ryan on with, “Fuck yeah,” and “Take my dick, you whore,” probably distracted him a bit. But through it all, Paul remained calm and replied, “Not that I can think of. Maybe if they needed CPR or something. I guess I might peck a guy on a dare, but nothing more.”

I looked at him knowingly. Let’s try something, I thought.

“I think we’re playing truth or dare. I think you just dared Joel, the older man, and Ryan to fuck. Ryan accepted that dare. I think you know it’s my turn and that because Ryan accepted your dare, you’d be more willing to accept my dare.”

Paul’s eyes blinked a little and then re-focused and looked at me, “Um, ok, I guess it’s your turn. Can’t believe he actually accepted that dare. What a homo!” Paul unconsciously reached for clothing, but finding none, he just rested his hand on his soft cock.

“Ok. Let me see,” I played along with the scenario. “I dare you to…make out with me.”

Paul’s face twisted a bit as he looked at me. “Like, uh, MAKE OUT make out? Like with tongue? Like with a chick?”


“I don’t know, dude. You’re gay and stuff. That’s kind of weird.”

“Paul, you just dared your friend to get fucked by Joel. And he did it. And he’s straight, right?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“So, what’s the big deal?”

Paul sat there for a moment and thought about it. Clearly, his mind was torn. For their part, Ryan let out a moan of pure pleasure as Joel growled back him, “You like that, you little slut?” then started nibbling and biting on the back of Ryan’s neck.

“Oh, fuck it.” Paul muttered to himself.

Paul leaned in close tentatively, slowly bent his head slightly to the left, and guided his mouth towards mine. I tilted my head to fit his and allowed his mouth to meet mine. He started to kiss my lips and I kissed his back. Feeling daring with his new found acceptance of what was happening, I stuck my tongue out and placed it on his lips. He pulled back slightly to the sudden new feeling. But I placed my hand behind his head and pulled him back to mine.

I felt a slight resistance as I placed his mouth back on mine, but slowly, his acceptance resurfaced. This time, he stuck his tongue onto my lips, which I accepted into my mouth. His tongue wrestled on mine for a moment before he pulled it back into his own mouth. He then put his hands up to my pecs. He began to massage them while his mouth began opening and closing even more. His tongue was now licking my lips and the inside of my mouth as I answered in kind.

He tasted wonderfully, as though he’d chewed some peppermint gum before he’d arrived at the apartment. His smell invaded my nostrils, a wonderfully masculine smell. His cologne was kind of musky with a slight hint of caramel.

I couldn’t believe that this man-child was this good at making out! He reacted perfectly to my movements and his tongue danced on mine. His hands moved down onto my back and as they started to massage my back muscles, he pulled me on top of him. I pulled off his mouth for a moment in shock. Ryan was still moaning next to me, bobbing up and down, in a world of his own with Joel underneath him fucking and demanding Ryan to make his ‘cock explode in his slutty ass.’ And now Paul, the self-proclaimed homophobe, had me, hard and gay, on top of him.

He moved his hands behind my head and pulled me back onto his lips. His tongue invaded my mouth again, turning me on immensely. I felt a bit of pre begin to build upon my hard cock and leak down onto his stomach. He didn’t even seem to notice, which surprised me. My hard cock was rubbing against his chest, leaving gobs of wet spots on his smooth abs.

And then I felt his cock begin to harden. It happened slowly, I was on top of him, sliding forward and backward, my mouth on his. I felt it hardening underneath my ass. As it began to stiffen, Paul pulled his mouth off of mine and with a look of shock and sadness, he pushed me back to the open spot on the couch next to him.

He stared down at his penis as it continued to slowly grow. I stared at his face, which was frozen in confusion. Then, after a minute or two, his cock began to shrink again.

After a moment of listening to Joel and Ryan groan in ecstasy next to us, Paul said quietly, “I don’t know how that happened. I mean, I was getting into it. Kind of like Ryan here. But I’m not gay, man. What happened there. Why…?”

“Don’t mean to bother you, but I’m full now.”

Paul and I looked towards the doorway to the kitchen to see Kyra wave meekly at us. She stared at me for a response. I looked at Paul. He looked at me. We both looked at Ryan just as he groaned and cum spewed from his achingly hard cock. Joel screamed, “Fuck yeah, you fucking slut. Of course my cock made you cum, Ryan. You cock-sucking whore. I bet my dick gets you even hotter than my daughter could ever get you.”

Kyra laughed from the doorway and Paul and I looked back at her. “Oh, Daddy. You’re so funny!” She continued to giggle. And I couldn’t help but join her.

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