What's Happened to Me?

By The Slaver published November 26, 2005
Jon is shocked to find he can't remember what happened on Friday.

Jon Norton woke on top of his bed, he tried to remember what had happened last night, and how he had got home and to bed. But all he could remember was going for a drink with his friend John Moon, and leaving the bar just before closing time.

Norton remembered walking along the street with Moon, and stopping to watch someone come out of the old disused collage building in the centre of town. Thinking that this was odd, the two men had gone into the building to have a look around. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a high pitched whine, and everything went black.

Norton tried again to remember what happened after the flash and the noise, but he couldn't. He lay on his bed just steering at the ceiling. Suddenly his dick was rock hard, and he was jerking himself off. He tried to stop, but he could not. No matter how hard he tried to stop jerking himself off, he could not stop. His dick was by now sore from all the wanking it was getting, but still he could not cum. Faster, and faster his hand went, but still he could not cum. Just as he thought he would never cum again, his cell phone rung, just three rings. On the third ring Norton shot his load, not just once but over and over again. Rope after rope of spunk shot out of Norton, straight into the air to landed on his chest and the bed sheets.

Norton's orgasm seemed to go on forever, it was the best orgasm he had ever had in his 30 years. By the time his orgasm had stopped, he was covered in sweat, and his black hair was suck to his head. When it was all over, Norton lay on his bed unable to move for about 5 minutes, the sweat was still running off his body.

After a little time Norton decided to get up, and phone Moon, as he stood up he felt a pain in his ass, and his throat felt sore. Norton stood by the bed, why now, when he stood up, had his ass and mouth started to hurt? Thought Norton. He walked over to the mirror in the corner of his room, and looked at himself. What looked back at him were his slim 5/9 body, blue eyes and wet black hair. But still he could not remember what had happened the night before. Just as he was going to phone Moon, he saw the time: 8:45 A.M he was late for work, his call to Moon would have to wait. Norton dressed and left for work.

When moon go to work, he found that his office was closed. When he asked a security guard why the place was shut, he was told that the building always closed at the weekend. " That's could not be true, today is Friday," said Norton. "No, today is Saturday," said the guard. Norton was shocked. He had gone for a drink on Thursday night, and woke up Saturday morning. He had lost a whole day. It was a funny but the guard seemed familiar, .... He was very sexy looking in his uniform. Norton was shocked by these thoughts.

Still shocked Norton walked away from the office, and headed home. After a few minutes walking Norton saw that he was not heading home, but was near to the old collage building again, he was puzzled, he lived nowhere near this part of town. He turned to leave, and suddenly Moon was standing next to him. Moon said something to Norton, and then everything went black.

Norton woke to find he was in his bed, covered by just a sheet. He just lay in bed waiting for something to happen, but not knowing what it will be. After about tem minutes and nothing had happened he got up. As he pulled the sheet off, he saw that his body was covered in a tight rubber skin. The rubber skin went up as far as the base of his neck, and down his arms to the tops of his wisest. The rubber skin then went down his body, all the way too his feet, they to where covered in a rubber skin. The rubber skin was so tight, that it felt like a second skin.

Norton jumped out of bed, and ran to the mirror, to look at himself. Looking in the mirror, he got his second shock. His head was now completely bald, there was not one hair left on top of his head. His five o'clock shadow was also gone. As he walked to his bathroom, to have a shower and try to remove the rubber skin, Norton noticed that as he walked something was moving up, and down in his ass. But because of the rubber he could not get to whatever it was.

Half an hour later, he was still under the shower trying to remove the rubber skin. But try as he mite, he just could not remove the rubber skin. It seemed like it was stuck to him in some way. Finally he gave up. After drying himself down and dressing, he turned on the T.V. to catch the news. When the news came on he saw that it was still Saturday, but that it was now 8:45 P.M.

He had lost twelve hours, what the hell was happening to him. Suddenly he had a memory flash.

Norton was kneeling on the floor in a room, it was cold there. He could feel something in his mouth going in and out, it hurt his mouth, but he did not want to stop. Suddenly his mouth was full of something, something that tasted like nothing on earth. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. What ever it was he wanted more, but there was no more. But what ever was in his mouth kelp going in, and out, going in deeper with each push. Norton just stood there as the thought went through his mind, he did not know what to make of it. After a few minutes he decided to call Moon. Norton was not sure, but he felt he had seen Moon already today. But no if he had seen Moon, he would have reminder, wouldn't he? There was no reply from Moon's cell phone. So Norton decided to go round to his home.

Norton was surprised to find that he had not walked to Moon's house, but to the old collage building. Just like before as he turned to go, Moon was standing next to him, and just like before Moon said something to Norton. Just like the last time everything went black.

But this time when Norton woke he was outdoors, lying on the ground by a bus stop. All he had on was the rubber skin. As he raised his head, a funny taste came to his mouth, the same taste from his flash back. The sun was just raising, the first light of day could be seen. Norton had to get home, quickly without being seen. As he got up, and run home, he noticed that what ever was up his ass had got bigger. As he got home, he saw that his clothes were in a pile by his front door. He let himself into his home, and slammed the door shut. Once in the house Norton saw the time, it was 6:30 A.M. So it must be Sunday. Norton looked in the mirror, and was shocked to see that he now had a stud in the side of his nose, and an earring in his right ear. He had not had them before.

Norton suddenly knew what he had to do, he had to go to the old collage. That was were everything had started, he thought of calling Moon but decided not to, he would go on his own. He walked to the old collage, and stood outside looking at the old building. Suddenly the door burst open, and standing in the doorway was Moon, he was dressed completely in a black rubber suit, just like Norton.

Norton was shocked by what he saw, why was Moon dressed like that. But before he could say anything, Moon spoke two words to Norton and every thing went black.

Norton woke to find himself naked, on all four on the floor of the basement of the old collage building.

Norton looked round the room, but found he could only move his head and body slightly from side to side. But he could see what was in front of him.

The wall in front of Norton was covered with an assortment of metal frames, attached to two of them were two figures covered from head to toe in tight black rubber, a faint buzzing sound could be heard, and the figures were moaning quietly. There was a large rubber tube wear their dicks should have been, as Norton looked closer he could see that on the end of the rubber tubes was another plastic tube that went to a small black box on the side of the metal frames they were strapped to. The buzzing noise got louder, as did the moans from the rubber covered figures.

"Oh, you are going to finish you're training today, my friend, and there is nothing you can do too stop it." Laughs Moon as he walked into the basement, and over to Norton. "You see my two friends here were very good subjects for mind control." Continued Moon, pointing to the two black figures on the wall. " But you oddly enough, are a must better subject. One flash of the hypno-light and you were mine."

Norton just glared at Moon not saying a word, he did not know it, but he had been given a trigger that would let him talk. But Moon had not said it yet. Moon reached forward, and grabbed Norton's balls in one of his hands. With the other hand Moon encased Norton's balls in a tight black rubber sack, which reduced the size of his balls by half, and restricted Norton's ability to ejaculate. Once Norton's balls were encased, Moon told Norton he could talk again.

"What the fuck is going on here, I oughta come over there and bust your sorry ass!" Cried Norton, trying to get up from the floor.

Moon smiled knowing that he'd soon have Norton eating out of his hand – or better yet, taking cock up the ass, and in his mouth.

Moon spoke again to Norton. "Soon, you will be a good little cock-slut, my friend. You of cause remember the new security guard from work?" The security guard that Norton had spoke to that morning stepped in front of Norton. "Of cause you do, you were all over him and my two rubber friend's dick early Saturday morning. You must really love sucking dick?"

The security guard stepped forward, slowly he lowered his zipper, he reached into his pants and pulled out a monster dick. Norton was on the swollen dick in seconds. He sucked on the dick like it was the last thing he would do. The security guard moaned as he humped Norton's handsome face, his hands on the back of Norton's head, keeping it in place as he fucked the poor guy's face. Norton tried to speak, but all that come out was muffled mumbles.

The guard began to moan aloud. "Oh yeah...unnnggghhh....I've got a cum! Oh yeah, you good little cock-sucker."

Norton gagged as cum shot into his mouth, and went right down his throat. The security guard slipped his limp dick out of Norton's mouth, and wiped it on Norton's bold head.

Moon came up behind Norton, he pulled out his hard dick, and pressed it into Norton's butt. He then pushed harder. "Yeah. I'm fucking your brains out Norton, you are fucking loving every minute. You love having man's dick stuck up your ass, and down your throat. Once Moon's dick had entered Norton's ass, Moon had total control over Norton.

Norton was completely out of it and didn't even acknowledge Moon, or the guard. All he could say was "Oh... fuck me. Oh yeah... fuck me...pleassss...ahh." Moon pounded Norton's ass for ten minute, suddenly he shot cum deep into Norton.

And so Norton became a changed man, he now can not wait for work to finish, so he can go to the old collage. Once there he spends the night sucking, or being fucked by large cocks, or hanging from the metal frames on the basement wall, in his tight rubber suit, having his cum milked out of his dick. He no longer wanted to know, or cares what had happened to him.

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