Jockey Expansion

By Hypnothrill published December 27, 2017
The alien briefs expand their reach into the workplace. A sequel to Jockey Embrace.

As per usual, Ben Smith was up at the crack of dawn this morning. Normally, he’d get up and take a shower, shave, brew some coffee, spend a few minutes checking e-mails and looking at the news online, then head upstairs and make sure his younger son Kyle was up in time for school.

But this was no normal morning. The day before, Kyle had brought home some very special gifts for his father and his older brother Seth, gifts that looked like tight no-fly jockey briefs, but were actually alien parasites that controlled and consumed their hosts. Ben was wearing his right now. And in the bed next to him, so were his sons Kyle and Seth.

Ben sat there for a moment, staring at his 18-year-old son in the dim light. Kyle was still asleep, but his skintight yellow briefs were still pulsating in and out of Kyle’s firm young ass. Ben kept staring at his son’s pulsing yellow briefs. They were telling him something, something he needed to do. He could feel the crotch of his own briefs begin pulsating in response, keeping the same rhythm, bringing him to full erection. Somehow he knew what he had to do now.

Ben slid closer to his son, then ground his hard briefs-clad dick against Kyle’s tight briefs-clad ass. The moment they made contact, it was like an electric spark. The orange briefs pulsating around Ben’s dick started merging with the yellow briefs pulsating in his son’s tight hole. Ben could feel the yellow briefs surging into his hard dick, urging him on to start thrusting into Kyle’s ass. Their masters needed to merge, to communicate with each other.

Suddenly, Ben felt Kyle pushing back against his hard dick; he looked over and saw his son was awake now. Kyle nodded at him, then pulled back the blanket, reached over and pulled Seth closer to him. As Seth slowly began to awaken, his younger brother lined up his hard dick—wrapped tight in swirling, pulsating yellow briefs—against Seth’s blue-briefs-clad ass. Then Kyle thrust his hard dick into his brother’s ass, keeping rhythm with his father’s thrusts into his own ass.

The three Smith men continued like that for what seemed like an eternity, father and son and brother thrusting mechanically into each other, their minds filled with nothing but what the briefs wanted them to think: visions of their friends and coworkers succumbing to the briefs’ control. To Ben and Kyle and Seth, that now seemed like the sexiest thing imaginable. Finally, as the briefs filled their minds with a vision of an orgy full of briefs-clad men in the Falldale Civic Center, Ben came in Kyle’s ass, which prompted Kyle to shoot a load in his brother’s ass, which triggered Seth to fill his own briefs with a big load of cum.

Slowly extracting their briefs-wrapped hard dicks from each other’s asses, the three men then got out of bed and calmly went about their morning routines. For a few moments, they could feel the fresh cum sloshing around against their dicks and balls, before it was absorbed by the briefs. Feeding off that nutritious cum, the briefs would grow a few millimeters more up each man’s spine. Within a few weeks, the briefs would reach their brains, and for all intents and purposes, Ben, Kyle, and Seth would be erased.

Before long, Ben and his two sons were sitting at the breakfast table in their tight briefs, seemingly oblivious to their raging erections as they ate their cereal. None of them spoke a word. They had no need to, since the briefs had already instructed them each on their missions for the day.

Finally, just before they headed out the door, they got dressed in the clothing they needed to disguise their true selves. But if everything went according to plan, they would not need it for much longer.

“I need to talk with you about Erik.”

“The new intern? What’s he done?” Dennis asked.

“Well, it’s best if I just show you. Is it okay if I shut the door?” Ben asked as he stepped into the small HR office.

Dennis nodded. “Please. Now what did you want to show me?”

“It’s this. I found it lying out on Erik’s workstation.” Ben pulled out an odd-looking headset: a simple half-moon shaped band that terminated into two metal pads. Each was backed by a rubbery surface and two thin strips of metal protruded from them, terminating in small cylinders.

“What is it? Some sort of new phone headset? Or some kind of VR device?”

“No, no. That’s what I thought at first. But it’s much worse than that. Try it on and see.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Just tell m…”

“No. No, Dennis. Seriously. Trust me on this one. You just need to try it.”

With a frustrated sigh, Dennis took the headset and positioned it over his forehead. “So, how do you turn this thing on? It’s not doing anyth…” His voice suddenly trailed off as the green lights from the headset shot directly into his pupils, tenderizing his brain.

“Good. It’s working. Now you want to listen to me and obey everything I say, don’t you Dennis?”

“Yes, Ben….Listen…obey everything you say….”

“Good. Now I’ll teach you about the headsets later. You’ll need to learn how to use them because you’ll be the one putting them on every man in this office. But first let me explain why we use the headsets. They make it easier to bring men under the control of our Masters.”

Masters. Somewhere deep in his mind, Dennis knew how very wrong that sounded. But any worries he could muster up got washed away in the waves of green calm that filled his brain.

Ben got up and locked the door. “Now, let me show you my Master, Dennis.” He unbuckled his belt and pulled his slacks down to his ankles, revealing a pair of skintight orange briefs that seemed to ripple and pulse against his obvious erection. “These briefs control me. And they’re consuming me: mind, body, and soul. And…uhhh…” he gave an orgasmic moan, “Oh Dennis, it feels amazing. You’ll see. I can’t wait until you meet your new Master. In fact…Dennis, stand up slowly. Now, make sure not to disturb your headset, and pull off your shoes, pants, and underwear.”

Helpless to resist, the HR manager obeyed Ben’s orders, first removing his shoes and pants to reveal his hairy legs, then pulling down his striped boxer shorts to reveal his untrimmed pubic bush and short but thick cut dick.

Ben then took a small zip-lock bag out of his jacket pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a skimpy pair of green low-rise briefs, in the same style he was wearing. He handed them to Dennis, who gave a little shudder of pleasure as soon as he touched them.

“Now, Dennis. Take your new Master and put it on. Let it caress your dick and balls and ass.”

Dennis did as he was told, and soon, he had to brace himself against the desk as his hips bucked and his body writhed in ecstasy. By the door, Ben also fell to his knees, consumed with erotic pleasure. Watching another man be assimilated by their Masters—it was like his deepest, sexiest fantasy come to life. And when Dennis shouted out those magic words—“I submit!”—and shot a big hot load in his new green briefs, Ben quickly followed suit.

A few minutes later, Dennis and Ben were fully dressed, and Ben was headed out the door. Dennis understood. There was work that needed to be done. For their Masters.

Dennis sat down at his desk and began to write an e-mail to Larry, the head of Accounting. He titled it, “URGENT—NEED TO MEET THIS AFTERNOON”

Seth knew that getting Hakan onboard was essential to his plan. Hakan was their store manager—or rather, as Seth and his fellow employees had joked behind his back, their micromanager. The Sprint Store was his pride and joy, and he noticed every little detail about the product displays and about his employees’ behavior (and he wasn’t shy about criticizing them when he saw room for improvement). When his employees started succumbing to the briefs, Hakan would surely notice that there was something different about them. That’s why Hakan was Seth’s first target.

Hakan was a very stubborn man. As a Turkish immigrant to the United States, he had to be; to make it in this country, you needed to be tough and tenacious. That’s how he’d gotten promoted to store manager. He’d stand his ground whenever a customer would walk in complaining about their cell service contract or demanding refunds; even if he had to argue with them for thirty minutes, it wouldn’t phase him.

So when Seth came to him that morning, raving about this new headset that would “revolutionize the way we communicate” that Hakan just had to try on, he found it easy to say, “I don’t have time for this foolishness. Stop wasting time and get back to work.”

But fifteen minutes later, Seth was at it again. And again. And again. So that finally, he wore Hakan down, and around 2:00 PM, during the mid-afternoon lull, Hakan agreed to go to the back of the store with Seth and try out that stupid headset.

As he slipped the headset on, Hakan critiqued the design, scolding Seth for thinking a flimsy, clunky product like this would ever become a big seller. But then the green lights began shining into his eyes, and Hakan became much more agreeable. In fact, he agreed with everything Seth said. He agreed to head into the small employees’ bathroom with Seth and lock the door. He agreed to watch closely as Seth pulled down his khaki slacks and revealed the pulsating skintight briefs beneath them. He agreed when Seth told him that this was his Master and that serving a Master was the most amazing pleasure a man could ever feel. He agreed when Seth told him that he would enjoy submitting to a Master too. And even though Hakan’s religion told him it was shameful to expose himself in front of other men, he agreed to strip naked from the waist down, not even hesitating for a moment when he pulled down his grey boxer-briefs to reveal his thick cut dick and low-hanging balls.

And when stubborn, strong-willed Hakan slid those skimpy blue briefs over his light brown skin, it only took him a few moments of intense orgasmic pleasure before he was crying out, “I submit!”

After they each shot their loads in their briefs, and Seth removed Hakan’s headset, they just stood there for a moment, face-to-face in the cramped employee bathroom, in their matching blue polo shirts and skintight blue briefs with matching wet patches. For the first time ever, Hakan gave his employee a wide smile. He felt a special bond with the young man. Seth was his brother; they served the same Masters.

“You know what we have to do now, don’t you?” Seth asked.


“Every employee needs to become like us. Every employee needs a Master cupping his dick, his balls, his ass, thrusting into him, sucking him dry.”

The image was so arousing to Hakan that he began grinding his briefs-clad crotch against Seth’s, their hard-ons dueling as the liquid blue briefs swirled around them. In practically no time, they were shooting their second loads into their briefs, gasping with delight as they felt their Masters feed and grow, sending blue tendrils another millimeter up their spines.

Later that afternoon, Hakan sent a message to all his employees. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM there would be a mandatory meeting to discuss a new product line.

“Hey, Erik. Working late I see.”

Erik looked up from his desk. It was Ben Smith, one of the top sales guys. Seemed like a nice enough guy, but Erik hadn’t paid him much attention or hung out with him at work; the guy was old enough to be his dad.

“Oh, hey, Mr. Smith.”

“That shows some real initiative. I like it. A young man like you, you’re exactly what we need.”

Erik felt a little confused. If he didn’t know better, he’d say Mr. Smith was hitting on him. But that was impossible, right? Didn’t he have two sons? But…. was that an erection in his dress pants? It couldn’t be. Could it?

“Say, Erik, can I ask you a favor? This is a little embarrassing.”

Oh god, maybe he is hitting on me Erik thought, but he just said, “Um…okay.”

“Well, my son is an amateur inventor. And he’s developed this new virtual reality games system, and he’s trying to test market it, and…well, you seem like the right demographic, and…would you mind? It should only take ten minutes.”

Erik felt relieved, but he still hesitated. “I don’t know, Mr. Smith. I don’t want it to look like I’m goofing off, playing games at work.”

“Working hours are over. It’s late. Everyone’s gone home.” (Actually, this wasn’t true. Larry and Aaron from Accounting were in the men’s room right now, grunting orgasmically as Aaron submitted to his new Master). “You won’t get in trouble. Just ten minutes.”

“Well, okay…”

One minute later, Erik was trying to suppress chuckles as he viewed the dorky-looking headset for the first time.

Two minutes later, Erik found himself floating on a sea of green. Of relaxing, mind-numbing green.

Three minutes later, Erik agreed that he would do anything Mr. Smith said.

Four minutes later, Erik was unlacing his brown Rockports, careful not to disturb the headset.

Five minutes later, Erik was unbuttoning his slacks.

Six minutes later, Erik was standing there in his navy boxer-briefs.

Seven minutes later, Erik was standing at his cubicle, naked from the waist down, his long curved dick and shaved balls hanging down below his shirttail.

Eight minutes later, Erik was feeling the first tingles of pleasure as he held the skimpy pink briefs in his hand.

Nine minutes later, Erik was already shuddering in pleasure as he pulled the pink briefs over his long dick and slid them up his firm round butt.

Ten minutes later, Erik had submitted to his new Master.

Before he reached for his apartment key, Erik checked the contents of the bag Ben had given him. A headset and two pairs of briefs, one for each of his roommates. Erik felt confident that before the night was over, Tyler and Wallace would also know the bliss of serving their Masters.

Creeping quietly through the apartment, Erik scouted out the other rooms. It looked like Wallace wasn’t home yet. But Tyler was. Through the doorway, Erik could see his blond jock roommate was seated at his desk, focused intensely on his computer screen. And he had his headphones in.

Tiptoeing forward, Erik suddenly placed the headset over a surprised Tyler’s forehead. Before the burly blond hockey jock could even fight back, the beams of green were shining directly into his eyes, burning away his will, making his body go limp. Gently, Erik removed Tyler’s headphones and turned his chair around to face him.

Once he had determined that his roommate was firmly under the headset’s control, Erik stepped out of his dress slacks and proudly displayed his new pink briefs. He’d been wearing them for less than an hour, but already they felt like part of him. He couldn’t wait until they consumed him totally, mind, body and soul. He even told Tyler as much, wiggling his briefs-clad butt in front of the hockey jock’s face as he showed off the little pink nub that was just beginning to grow up his spine.

Before long, it was Tyler’s time to meet his new master. As Tyler pulled down his sweatpants, Erik could see that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Good, that made it easier, Erik thought as he admired his roommate’s thick, veiny dick. He was sure those veins would look very sexy outlined in the skintight red briefs that were about to become Tyler’s master.

As Tyler shouted out his submission to his new Master and Erik enjoyed his third orgasm in as many hours as a reward for converting his friend, neither noticed Wallace standing in the darkened hallway, watching in horror. He’d quietly come into the apartment a couple of minutes earlier and, hearing loud groans coming from Tyler’s room, went to investigate.

He’d seen just enough that it terrified him. That…that thing Tyler and Erik were wearing, that thing that looked like underwear. It was…it was ALIVE somehow. He could see it pulsating, swirling around their asses and hard dicks. What was it, was it some…some kind of ALIEN? And did he hear right? Did Erik just call it his MASTER?

The only thing Wallace knew was he had to get out of here, before his roommates noticed him, before they tried to put one of those…those THINGS on him. Quietly, he crept towards the apartment door, but as he was leaving, he could faintly hear Erik saying his name: “…and when Wallace gets home, we will place the headset on him and…”

That’s when Wallace knew that he wasn’t going back to their apartment. Ever, if he could help it. But he had to do something. He had to tell someone, to get help, to somehow stop whatever was happening to his friends. But who would believe him? Who would believe a crazy story about mind-controlling alien underwear?

He had to get proof. But how?

[To be continued]

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