Jockey Embrace

By Hypnothrill published December 24, 2017
Kyle brings something home from school for his father and older brother. A sequel to Jockey Inevitability.

Note: This is an adaptation of Shado’s “Silky Embrace,” which is itself a continuation of William Lee’s “Silky” trilogy. I’ve adapted two of those stories already, as “Jockey Desires” and “Jockey Inevitability.” This uses one of the same characters as “Jockey Inevitability,” but it can also work as a stand-alone story. I should have more original stories to share with you soon, but in the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this.

Jockey Embrace

With one last turn Ben finished his long commute home and pulled into his driveway. Completing a well-rehearsed series of motions, he shifted into park, applied the parking brake and removed the keys from the ignition. While collecting his bag and coffee mug he sighed, glad that a long day had finally come to a close. His job in sales was about wading through an ocean of “no” to get to the islands of “yes,” and it wasn’t for the weak of heart. Fortunately Ben loved it, but days like today tried even his passion for it. “I hope the boys already found something to make for dinner, I don’t want to deal with that tonight” he thought to himself.

He quickly hopped out of his sedan and stretched his long legs. A slight chill ran in the air, and Ben shivered a bit in his lightweight suit. It was getting to be that time of year where he need to start thinking about some warmer clothes.

Ben approached the lighted porch and popped the key into the lock, but before he could reach for it, he saw the door knob turning on its own. The door swung open, a beaming and smiling face awaiting him in the unlit foyer on the other side of the door. “Hey Dad!” a voice almost bowled him over.

“Hi Kyle, waiting at the door? That’s unusual…”

“Oh Dad, can’t a son just be excited to see his father?” the teenager asked, beaming with a smile, as he swung the door open and retreated so that Ben could enter.

“Uh oh” Ben chuckled and continued into the house “Now I really know you want something.”

“Nope not a thing! …well, unless you count you getting home” Kyle demurred.

But Ben remained on guard, Kyle only acted this way when he wanted something and Ben was sure that the inevitable sales pitch for a new pair of sneakers, concert tickets or whatever he had cooked up with his friends was just around the corner. In moments like this, he consoled himself that at least Kyle had a career future in sales too.

“It’s been a long wait Dad, I’m glad you finally made it home” Kyle almost purred, the unusual interest in Ben’s arrival seemed destined to continue. His son stood there in the dimly lit hallway, a strangely blank smile was plastered on his face. Ben found it a little unsettling; it was a broad smile but it seemed somehow hollow, dead behind the eyes. Kyle stood with his feet apart and hands behind his back like a soldier at parade rest. He waited calmly for Ben to put his bag and mug down on the entryway table.

“I was hoping to get your reaction to some new clothes I got, do you think you could spare a few minutes?” Kyle asked without really asking; he had already reached out and grabbed Ben by the hand and started to tug him softly, yet firmly, down the hallway towards his room.

Since his son had become a high school senior, Ben barely heard two sentences out of Kyle on some days. He was painfully aware that Kyle was at that age where his relationship with his father was what could be charitably called “strained” due to the joys of hormones and oncoming adulthood. Under normal circumstances Ben would have welcomed the additional attempt at sociability but he was starting to feel his skin crawl. Something was wrong and he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Wait, where is your brother?” Ben asked, grasping at straws to figure out what was amiss. At the same time, he softly pulled his hand free from Kyle’s. The dim hallways of the house and soft silence made it possible to hear a pin drop. Kyle resumed his perfect posture and smile, a small beam of light from his room down the hall illuminating his skinny blue jeans.

Ben furrowed his brow, he didn’t even know that his son owned a pair of skinny jeans. In fact, from the skinny jeans to the form-fitting T-shirt, his entire outfit was a bit too tight, a guaranteed offense to Kyle’s more “relaxed standards” as he usually referred to them. The young man he knew was deeply dedicated to his baggy jeans and hoodies. His confusion deepened as he asked again, “Seriously, stop it with the guilty smile, where is your brother?”

“No need to worry Dad, he’s waiting for us”

“Waiting? Where?”

“Seth is in my room Dad, come on”

Kyle extended his hand again, an unaccepted gesture as Ben had already begun a determined walk, past Kyle and down the hall towards the glowing door of his room. Kyle quickly fell in step behind him, giving the feel of a shadow ready to pounce.

As Ben entered the room he let out an audible gasp. His older son, Seth, sat motionless on Kyle’s desk chair. He was still in his work clothes, the khakis and blue company polo shirt he wore for his job at the Sprint store. Unmoving and undisturbed by Ben’s entrance Seth continued to sit in a relaxed yet attentive posture. Atop his head rested a headset, green beams emanated from it directly into his eyes, which were fully dilated with a deep green glow and stared thousands of miles off into space.

Ben looked closer at the headset; it was a simple half-moon shaped band that terminated into two metal pads. Each was backed by a rubbery surface and two thin strips of metal protruded from them, terminating in small cylinders. Inches away from Seth’s eyes the cylinders concentrated the green across his pupils.

“Kyle Crawford Smith! What the hell have you done to your bro…!” Ben began to shout as he spun around only to come uncomfortably face to face with his smiling, dead-eyed son. Kyle did not waste the moment of shock caused by the unexpected closeness. With a flash of speed, he quickly took the second headset he had been hiding behind his back and placed it with precision on Ben’s head.

“Whhhh…” Ben slowly stalled, his world now awash in green complacency. Slowly his body relaxed, the stress of the day melting away from his shoulders and posture, his worries now seeming light years away. He couldn’t bring himself to move, let alone form words or plot an escape. Quietly and expectantly he stood there, Kyle would tell him what he needed to know. No, that wasn’t all, Kyle would also tell him what to do. It was a comforting thought, and the thought warmed his core.

“Thank you, Father” Kyle said, sliding out another desk chair, “I’d like it if you would please take a seat. I want to make sure I have both of your full attention when I answer your question. You will need to know how to use these headset on others” Kyle calmly patted the chair, causing Ben to move with a slow sway as he crossed the room and sat down next to Seth, joining his older son in his blank surrender.

“Now Father, Seth, as you are both probably aware on some level, you are each wearing a will-reducing headset. We make use of these to ensure that this whole process goes smoothly. Our initial attempts appear to have met some resistance; however these beauties do a wonderful job of making sure you are both calm and compliant, isn’t that right?”

“Yesss…” murmured Ben

“Mmmhmm…sure,” Seth whispered in unison.

“Excellent, it’s all pretty simple actually, the headset’s energy is being ambiently focused on the pads on either side of your head and then shot straight into your retinas. No need to worry about the science behind it, just the effect. It leaves your target completely pliant and obedient,” Kyle said, pausing to savor the shiver of pleasure running through his body.

Kyle calmly swayed to the center of the room, turning to face away from his entranced duo he calmly unzipped his skinny blue jeans and begin to slide them down around his ankles. Kicking off his jeans, he stood there in just his form-fitting T-shirt and a pair of skintight bright yellow low-cut no-fly jockey briefs that strained to cover his obvious erection. He began to approach Ben and Seth, step by predatory step, his smile now backed with a look of lusting hunger. “Now, pay attention” he said, proudly pointing down to his bulging crotch. Then he spun around and wiggled his tight young butt, toned from years of gymnastics, in front of his paralyzed father and brother. After lifting up his T-shirt, he slowly, sensually slid his fingers up over the back of his thigh, over his briefs-clad buttocks, up the cleft of his ass, and rested it just shy of a small nub on his back, highlighting the location. It was a small nub of yellow briefs and flesh, beginning at the top of his encased lower body and extending barely a couple inches up his spine.

“You’ve probably noticed a change in me, that’s because this little nub is now becoming me. Thanks to this wonderful creature I am wearing, Kyle is slowly being whittled away, wave after wave of pleasure until he is eventually washed away into nothingness. As you can tell I already think of myself as fading away and I couldn’t be happier!” he said resuming a standing position and turning to face his father and brother.

“You see, this pair of briefs is alive, a superior creature seeking out inferior beings like us to feed them and provide them with a home. The whole event takes about six weeks to complete. It starts when the briefs are applied, at which point the process begins and my past self is slowly turned into a template. Bit by bit my will and personality are subsumed and replaced. When the growth makes it all the way to my cortex, it will become me, Kyle will simply cease to be, the briefs having taken total control”, he said, slightly quivering with pleasure and emitting a small gasp of pleasure with his last words.

“As you can see I’ve only just begun to grow, Eric and some of the baseball team members found me a few days ago, I was one of the last athletes at Falldale High to be taken actually. I only wish they had gotten to me much… uh… aaaaaah… sooner” Kyle spoke with a small orgasmic shudder.

“Fortunately we plan to make up for lost time. With our work at the high school nearly completed, it’s time for all of us to make the push into the working world. That is exactly where both of you come in. We need more professionals that can spread our reach throughout the rest of Falldale.”

“Now”, Kyle softly clapped his hands together in anticipation, walking to the other side of the room to retrieve one of several plastic bags filled with wadded-up jockey briefs, “can both of you please stand and strip from the waist down? Please do not disturb your headset in any way” At the same time Ben and Seth rose and began to remove their clothes.

Robotically Ben pulled off his dress shoes, then unbuckled his belt and slid off his suit trousers. Stepping out of his trousers, he picked them up and neatly folded them on the chair, then peeled off his sheer black dress socks. Finally, he pulled down his crisp white Calvin Klein briefs and laid them on top of his trousers. Then he stood next to the chair, dressed only in a shirt, jacket, and tie, staring wide into the eerie green light of his headset, his heavy balls and the head of his thick cut dick dangling below his shirttail.

Meanwhile, Seth pulled off his socks and unbuckled his belt, then slid his khakis down around his ankles. Unlike his father, he didn’t try to neatly fold his clothes; he just left them in a pile next to his feet. Soon his black boxer-briefs joined the pile, and Seth stood there in just his company polo shirt. He looked very neat there standing at attention beside his chair, staring wide into the eerie green light of his headset, the blue of his polo shirt contrasting nicely with the tanned skin, trimmed pubes, and plump young uncut dick dangling beneath it.

Both father and son stood there, naked from the waist down, perfectly still as they expectantly awaited their next commands. Kyle paused for a moment, the briefs visibly pulsing around the engorged head of his cock, rewarding him with a crashing wave of pleasure. “See, already it is… aaaaaaaaah… rewarding me, assuring me that you joining us is the only right answer. Both of you will get to experience this too as you share the briefs with your co-wor… UUUUNNNHHH!” he finished, falling to his knees with a heavy orgasm as the vision of dozens of others joining him ripped through his thoughts.

Panting softly, Kyle raised himself back up off the ground and began to root through the bag of briefs, quickly retrieving two pairs from the bag and handing one to each of his family members. Ben took hold of a bright orange pair and Seth calmly accepted a royal blue pair that matched the color of his company polo shirt. Both of them felt the soft tingle of the briefs on their palms, as if it was eagerly waiting to spring.

“Excellent, unroll them and put them on” Kyle commanded.

Ben and Seth quickly began unrolling the briefs, smoothing them with their fingers. Both of them slowly stepped into their pair of briefs, gently pulling them up their legs. Eagerly feeling the warmness flushing through their bodies, Ben and Seth pulled the briefs up over their buttocks and around their waists. Already, they could feel tingles of pleasure as the material made contact with their cocks and balls.

With the sudden timing of a trap being sprung, both pairs of briefs suddenly sprang into motion, rippling fabric and small air pockets quickly being worked out as they seemed to vacuum seal around the two men’s crotches. Loud moans and sounds of pleasure quickly filled the air as both Seth and Ben dropped to the ground, writhing and arching their backs as the briefs penetrated deep inside every orifice. Ben could feel it molding to the flared head of his cut dick; it felt like a thousand tiny tongues lapping at his piss slit. Seth could feel it sliding around his foreskin, caressing it on the outside and on the inside, stimulating every nerve ending in ways he never imagined. Both father and son could feel the briefs pressing tight against their scrotums, molding to the cleft of their asses, and surging into their tight holes, sending waves of prostate stimulation that soon brought them to full erections.

Seth was on his back now, bucking back and forth and humping the air, unable to remain still due to the briefs’ rhythmic massaging of his cock, balls, and ass. The royal blue briefs now looked almost purple as they clung so tightly to Seth’s engorged red dick that you could count the veins on his shaft. “Oh yeah….oh….yeah,” he whimpered, “So…so…good….yes….YES…yes…I….I…I submit!” With those words, Seth let out a loud groan and shot a huge load of cum in his briefs.

Meanwhile, Ben was on his hands and knees, panting with the intense pleasure. He was no longer concerned with what had happened to his sons; all he could focus on were the sensations emanating from his dick and balls and prostate. Somewhere in the distance, he could hear Seth shouting out, “yes…YES…yes…” He wanted to join in, but all he could articulate were grunts of pleasure. Then he heard his older son yell “I submit!” and something clicked in his head. He needed to give in…to give his mind, body, and soul over to the briefs…they would reward him…reward him with eternal pleasure if only….

“I submit!” Ben shouted, his heavy balls emptying a huge load of cum into his tight orange briefs.

As his father and brother shouted out their submission to the briefs, Kyle was rewarded for completing his task. His knees buckled as he received a mind-blowing orgasm and shot a load of cum in his bright yellow briefs. Meanwhile, the growth on his spine got ever so slightly larger as his new self was fed, inching him ever closer to the sweet oblivion he desired more than anything in the world.

Slowly the chaos of the scene drained out of the room, the three men slowly returning their sweating forms to a standing position. All three of them stood at sensuous attention, heavy breathing the only sound throughout the house. The huge wet patches on the front of their briefs began to disappear, as the briefs absorbed the nutritious cum they needed to grow. Finally breaking the silence, Kyle calmly reached forward and removed the headsets, Ben and Seth both slowly assuming the same lustful and predatory smile.

“There now, isn’t that better?” Kyle asked.

“Yesss” Seth hissed, biting his lower lip.

“Mmm, sooo good” Ben said, thrusting his hips as a small wave of pleasure rippled through him.

“Why don’t we all get dressed, we have big plans for tomorrow, and we’ll need to scout your workplaces tonight while no one is there.” Kyle said with a twinkle in his eye.

Ben suddenly imagined himself and his coworkers wearing just their shirts, ties, and tight colorful briefs, rising in unison from their cubicles, marching to their boss’ office, and forcing him into a pair of the briefs. “Uuhhhh…” he groaned, then shot another load into his briefs, which greedily absorbed it.

Seth had a similar thought, imagining all the sales reps at his store, mostly young college-aged jocks like him, walking around in just their blue company polo shirts and matching tight blue briefs pulsating around their hard young dicks and firm asses. “Uuhhhh…” he groaned, feeding his briefs with another nutritious load of cum.

Wrapped in tight pleasure all three men pulled on their discarded pants, socks, and shoes, looking forward to the day when this masquerade was no longer necessary and they could walk around in just the briefs that consumed them. There were three pairs of blank eyes staring off into the distance as they adjusted their clothing, driven only by the all-encompassing desire to go forward and introduce others to their sensual new world.

For a brief moment before they departed, the three men reached down and simultaneously adjusted their crotches, tightly encased in their new masters. Then they turned to leave the room, their minds and bodies deeply held in their very own jockey embrace.

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