By Willie Cici
published December 19, 2017

Travel the cities of Europe and experience the tastes of the Continent …

Joshua Mulder sat comfortably aboard his cousin’s day cruiser. His cousin could easily maneuver the winding canals of his native city. The unseasonably warm weather, almost 30 C⁰, prompted Josh and his cousins to toss aside their t-shirts and let the rays of sunshine warm their bodies and tan their skin. Of course, Josh was the first to toss aside his t-shirt. The 28-year-old single male sported a physique that demanded exposure. His sculpted arms and chest, washboard abs, and narrow waist, attracted the hoots and hollers of many of the females walking along the nearby canal paths. (To see Josh, click here).

“Tonight, my friend, Jan, and his girlfriend, Kirsten, are hosting a party. They invited you. Kirsten has been bragging to her girlfriends about the sexy American cousin.”

“Peter, if I were not visiting, would you go to this party?”, Josh asked.

“Jan and Kirsten throw great parties.”, Peter said. “Great parties.”, Peter repeated in a lower tone, in some type of man-speak Josh would comprehend.

“So, if I tagged along, I could get …”, Josh

“Lucky? Ja. You get lucky … couple of times.”, Peter replied, with a big smile.

“Otherwise, Joshua go to bordello in the Oude Kerk.”, Josh said.

“Tourist trap.”, Peter replied, shaking his head.

“The hookers don’t care who fucks them. Euros, baby.”, Josh answered, as he rubbed his thumb and index finger. The boys laughed as Peter navigated the winding canals of Prinsengracht to the Kaisergracht and the intervening canals in between. They enjoyed the sun-filled day, smoked a little custom-blended reefer and relaxed, caring not for anything that would disturb their fun-filled day.

Josh and Peter boarded the Number 4 from Overtoom to Frederiksplein, where Jan and Kirsten lived. The boys found the flat, nearby the tram line, in no time. As they approached the house, the loud music on the rooftop served as a beacon for the boys. As they climbed the steps of the home built in the 1700s, Josh and Peter passed many young ladies, all deserving special attention. Many of the young ladies smiled at Josh. Josh flashed his million-dollar smile and those inviting, light brown eyes.

On the rooftop, Peter introduced his cousin to the party’s hosts, Jan and Kirsten, who in turn, introduced Josh to as many of her sexed-up female friends. Peter laughed as Kirsten practically pimped Josh to her girlfriends. At several times during the party, Peter looked about for his cousin, unable to find him, only to see him creeping up the stairs after being cornered by some sex-demanding blonde or brunette. Josh had no morals, but he did have standards.

As the evening drew late, Peter looked about for his cousin. He could not find Josh. Jan and Kirsten told Peter not to worry. “He’s with someone … I’m sure. Don’t worry.”, Kirsten repeated. Peter accepted the situation and bid his guests good night.

Josh had grown tired of the party. Yes, he did find one plastic blonde who offered an interesting up-against-the-wall experience, and a brunette who sucked him hard. Josh wanted more. He wanted to experience ‘Dirty Amsterdam’. He ditched his cousin, found the closest tram station for the Number 4 to the downtown and headed for the back alleys of the Oude Kerk.

His cousin, when he brought up the topic, tried to talk him out of it. “You don’t need to pay for sex.”, Peter would chide. There was something about ‘Dirty Amsterdam’ that intrigued Josh. Nothing his cousin could say would convince him otherwise.

As he ambled along the cobbled alleys of the Oude Kerk, Josh smirked at the industry of the working girls and the horny tourists paying for sloppy thirtieths.

As he drew close to a ‘video arcade’, two bare-chested young studs stood outside, one smoking a cigarette. “Come in.”, the brunette beckoned. “You take care of us.” (To see the bare-chested studs, click here).

“Like that’s gonna happen, faggot!”, Josh said. The two studs blocked Josh’s path, but the determined American barreled by and walked into the arcade. Josh wanted to experience ‘purchased sex’, as silly as that sounded. He hoped to find some honey inside that would satisfy his lust. The attendant at the front explained the arcade experience. As Josh walked inside and crept along the dimly-lit corridors, Josh saw doorways with drawn curtains. As he walked further, Josh found an open doorway. He entered the doorway, drew the curtain and took a seat on the bench. Perched above the doorway was a television screen, blank for the time being. On the wall, there was a device where customers inserted bill currency to activate the peep show on the television screen. If you wanted the real thing, you rang the bell, to arrange for female companionship.

Josh sat on the bench in relative darkness. He inserted the 5€ note into the slot. Suddenly, the screen filled with the image of a hot, busty blonde sucking some guy’s rod. Her mouth bobbed up and down on the engorged cock, her eyes staring straight ahead, staring as if the blonde were sucking the customer’s dick. Josh quickly became aroused. He lowered his jeans and whipped out his cock from the basket of his jockstrap. He stroked his semi-hard cock slowly at first, letting his spit lubricate his cock. The first spurt of pre-cum further lubed Josh’s cock. The sexy images motivated Josh to stroke his cock faster and faster.

Suddenly, the images disappeared from the screen. “That could not have been more than …”. He knew he was close to climax. Not thinking, he fed the machine another 5€. Suddenly, another series of images flashed upon the screen. This time, he watched vignettes of hot babes sucking many different cocks, every cock erupting with thick white cum. Josh stroked his cock, watching the flashing images. The images flashed faster and faster captivating Josh’s attention. He could not keep his eyes off the images that burst rapidly upon the screen. The more Josh stared at the screen, however, the slower he stroked his cock. He wanted to stroke faster, but he could only bob his hand upon his engorged member one stroke per two or three seconds. The images on the screen now flashed even more furiously. The babes, with their bouncing breasts, sucked cock after cock, swallowing and licking cumshot after cumshot. Josh wanted to orgasm, but edged himself instead of climaxing.

From both sides of the booth, Josh now noticed two openings. Slowly, through both openings, Josh saw two thick mushroom heads sliding through the openings. Josh licked his lips as he saw the massive cocks filling the glory holes. He could not wait. The video screen continued to flash enticing images. The dim neon light of the booth cast an eerie glow upon the cocks. They glistened as if oiled. Josh grabbed both cocks, using both hands and stroked the cocks. He could feel lube on his hands. The speed at which he jerked off the strangers practically wore off the initial douse of lubricant. It did not matter to Josh. He jerked off both cocks, while keeping his eyes on the flashing images on the television screen.

Suddenly, the cocks disappeared. Seconds later, a hand cast the curtain aside, and the two studs who greeted Josh at the arcade entrance, now fully naked, entered the booth. Josh grabbed the boys close to him and stroked their cocks. The blonde stud forced Josh to his knees and shoved his cock down his throat. The brunette stud made sure that Josh did not stop stroking his cock. Minutes later, the brunette shoved his cock down Josh’s throat, substituting his dick for the blondes.

The studs grabbed Josh and forced him to his knees. The blonde shoved his cock down Josh’s throat, the brunette slid his cock into Josh’s tight boy pussy. Josh wanted to moan, but the blonde stared at Josh and shouted, “Shut the fuck up, faggot!” Josh quieted for the moment. He sucked the blonde and then the brunette. He endured the brunette and then the blonde’s thick, cut cocks, sliding in and out of his lubed ass.

After more than fifteen minutes, the studs pulled their cocks out of Josh’s mouth and ass and stroked their cocks to orgasm. Drops of white creamy cum drizzled from Josh’s face, chin and lips. The studs licked the cum and then kissed Josh, forcing the cum down his throat.

The studs looked at each other and said, “We should. It’s the least we can do.” The studs removed the jockstrap from Josh’s body and forced him to sit on the bench. The studs dropped to their knees and, taking turns, pleasured their sex toy. Josh enjoyed the warm, wet mouths of the studs, as they sucked his cock, nibbled at his balls and tweaked his sensitive breast nipples. When Josh began to moan loudly, the blonde stud shoved Josh’s jock strap in his mouth, muting his moans. Finally, after several minutes, Josh blew his load, his cum sprayed about his chest and groin. The studs wiped the cum with Josh’s jockstrap and threw the damp underwear on his chest.

Josh sat there, stunned and still. The studs were surprised.

“Jongen, word wakker.”, the blonde stud said to Josh. When he did not respond, the blonde shouted, “Wat is er mis, fagot?”

The brunette fondled Josh’s junk. His cock tensed a bit. “Deze jongen is voor actie. Het zou jammer zijn om zijn energie te verspillen.”

“Laten we hem naar ‘The Eagle’ brengen voor de Koningsdag.”, the blonde stud said. The brunette nodded yes. Quickly, they stood the dazed and confused Josh, dressed him in his moist, stained jockstrap, his jeans and polo shirt, and sat him on the bench in the booth. The two studs exited the booth to retrieve their clothes, dress and carry away their new friend.

The studs and Josh stumbled out of the video arcade and made their way down the Warmoesstraat, to number 95, ‘The Eagle American’, where the patrons of the district’s famous gay nightclub were celebrating King’s Day, a national holiday. As the jean-decked boys entered the club, they quickly found themselves the object of desire. The studs easily found partners. As patrons of the nightclub approached Josh, they tried to speak to him. He could only answer with the words that flashed on the television screen: “Must suck cock.” Some of the patrons obliged Josh by whipping out their cocks and letting the entranced feast on Oude Kerk meat. The bartenders, however, noticed the studly American and prompted the manager to enlist Josh in the club’s special entertainment that would soon begin at 1:00am.

Josh, the American, found himself entertaining ‘the King’, a naked, cock-swinging beast of a man. It was King’s Day and ‘the King’ must have his day. He used Josh as his personal fuck toy. The King demanded that Josh suck him to the delight of the hooting crowd. Then, the King demanded a demonstration of Josh’s anal prowess. Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, prostate massagers: all found their way into Josh’s lubed and greased hole. Finally, the King demanded his due. He fucked Josh until his royal cock sprayed forth the royal goo. Everyone who watched the spectacle applauded the American’s good nature.

The studs who lured Josh to the nightclub witnessed the entire spectacle. They drew close to the spent, cum-drench Josh. The staff of the nightclub bid Josh and the boys backstage where Josh could clean up and dress in the clothes he wore when he entered the club. Before he exited the club, the house manager offered Josh a gratuity for his performance. Josh, still entranced, could barely speak. The two studs accepted the envelope on Josh’s behalf and helped Josh out of the nightclub.

“We houden dat geld.”, the blonde stud said.

“No, stupid.”, the brunette responded. The blonde annoyedly shoved the envelope in Josh’s front pocket.

The boys returned Josh to the video arcade. They explained to the manager Josh’s behavior and condition. The manager told the studs to place Josh in the first empty booth. When they plopped Josh in the closest booth, the arcade manager said, “Ik zal er voor zorgen. Gaan.”, shooing away the two studs. The manager shook his head as he stared at the entranced Josh, eyes opened, but non-responsive. “Weak mind.”, he whispered.

The arcade manager exited the booth and activated a video on the screen. Josh stared at the video. His eyes focused on the sexy images, busty blondes sucking cocks. He could not help himself. Josh lowered his jeans, whipped out his cock and stroked his cock furiously to orgasm within minutes. For a moment, Josh closed his eyes, enjoying the orgasmic rush throughout his body. When Josh opened his eyes, he felt odd. His ass hurt and his mouth tasted awful.

“What the fuck happened to me?”, Josh said to himself. The arcade manager entered the booth and found Josh, his cock still in his tight grip. Quickly, he slid his cock back into the basket of his jock strap and pulled up his jeans.

“Are you okay?”, the manager asked, in his version of English. “When you wanted some action, she said that you passed out after … boom, boom.” As Josh cradled his head, “You feel better.”

“Yes. I feel weird, but okay. Are the trams still running?”

“Yes.”, the arcade manager said.

“Good.” Josh walked out of the booth, followed by the manager. At the entrance of the video arcade, Josh encountered the blonde and brunette stud.

“You here long time, Mister.”, the blonde stud teased.

Josh ignored the blonde’s comment and walked towards the nearest tram station, waiting for the Number 4. As he walked towards the tram, Josh found the envelope from ‘The Eagle American’, filled with ten fifty-euro notes. He had no idea where the money came from, but it mattered not to Josh. He was on vacation. He was in Amsterdam. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone in the “Venice of the North.”

The Number 4 pulled up to the stop and Josh boarded. As the tram pulled away, he could see the lights of the district casting its reddish glow above the city. Josh smiled. He could scratch another item off his bucket list.

“Now, if I could get paid for fucking. That would be something.”, Josh muttered, a crooked grin pursed on his lips.

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