Popping Alone Ch. 2

By Happy Endings
published December 16, 2017
2022 words

Kevin’s adventure begins

“God, even the bathrooms are clean,” Kevin thought as he looked around. His two friends had a good apartment for what they made; not too cramped but not lavish either. Must have some well-to-do relatives or something. Kevin unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, gently lifting up the toilet seat to do his business. He realized as he relieved himself that in his haste to get to their apartment he hadn’t jerked off yet. Pity, for there was no way he was going to jerk off in a gay couple’s apartment. He wasn’t superstitious or anything, there was just something unbelievably awkward about jerking off in someone else’s space, in his opinion.

He used his free hand to scratch his stomach and spotted something on the top of the basin. Next to a box of tissues was a curiously small bottle with a twist-top. Kevin picked it up, unable to control his urge to investigate. It was lighter than he thought, and he shook it to reveal there didn’t seem to be anything inside. There was no label that he could see, so there was no way it was some sort of medication that they forgot.

Kevin finished his business and tucked his junk back into his jeans. He zipped up and took the bottle over to the counter. As he washed his hands, a thought came to mind. Was it drugs? He knew Neal was a chemist, and a psych major like Hunter would probably know which were dangerous and which weren’t. Kevin himself wasn’t much of a user, but he prided himself on his ability to think for himself and take risks he felt were adequate. He smirked, dried off his hands, and untwisted the bottle. He leaned in closer to take a whiff, and immediately had to grab the counter to avoid falling over and dropping the bottle. He quickly shut the bottle and took some deep breaths, staring at himself in the mirror. Despite the rush, he noticed that his vision and mental state were somehow still clear. He saw his reflection in the mirror and saw how his eyes were wide and focused, but everything else was completely relaxed.

“Fuck,” Kevin whispered, “The hell are they cooking in that lab?” Kevin stumbled his way to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, staring at the ceiling while the high permeated through his mind. It was like every little detail was affirming itself in Kevin’s mind. The ceiling was white. The TV was off. The lights are bright. Everything obvious was entering Kevin’s brain and mulling around, implanting itself. The sensation was a bit overwhelming, and Kevin shut his eyes and tried to breathe until he finally dozed off.

“Pickuppickuppickuppickuppickuppickup…” Neal muttered as he pressed the cell phone firmly to his ear, as if the harder he grasped it the more likely Kevin would psychically intercept his wish.

Hunter, meanwhile, had not had a pleasant flight. His headache had returned and he was busy massaging his temples and muttering back, “Hon, he’s not going to pick up the third time if he didn’t pick up the second. He’s probably sleeping, you know he likes to take naps.”

“Hunt, we were on a six-hour flight, there’s no way he could still be asleep.” He sighed as the phone went to voice mail again. He met Hunter’s annoyed glare with one of his own.

“Whatever, I’m gonna get a soda. I’ll get a lift sorted out to meet us,” Hunter mumbled and walked away.

Neal sighed and hung up to try again. He figured if Kevin didn’t pick up next time, he’ll just leave a message.

Kevin woke up several hours later to the sound of his phone vibrating. His phone was vibrating, his brain said. Ugh, he was still under the effects of the…whatever it was he took. He groggily reached out and croaked, “Hello?”

“Dude were you asleep?” came the voice of his old roommate and friend Brad. Unlike Kevin, Brad had managed to excel at his college career, but was one of the few who stuck by Kevin after he had dropped out, along with Neal and Hunter.

“Yeah, I took a nap at Neal and Hunter’s. I’m housesitting for them while they’re away.” Kevin blinked. He had meant to tell a white lie to make himself seem less lazy, but for some reason he just blurted out the truth. He must still be more addled by the drugs than he thought.

“Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that to me a few days ago. Shit, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later?”

“Yeah, I do, but I can’t just leave the place on the first night, and I’m feeling pretty groggy. You can come over if you want?”

“Nah bro, I’m headed to soccer practice and afterwards going out with the team. Just thought I’d invite you is all.”

“Ugh, soccer. Can’t believe you still play that. I hate sports that require a uniform, it’s just so conformist.” Shit there went the truth-telling again. Kevin winced and tried to stammer out an apology.

“Geez, what was that about?” replied an agitated Brad, “Didn’t mean to offend man. For what it’s worth, I like the uniforms. They make me feel like part of the team. Sure it’s a bit conformist but sometimes a bit of cohesiveness and likeness helps. You really need to loosen up your individuality mantra, you take it to extremes dude. I bet if you played a game with us sometime you could learn to enjoy it, uniforms and all.”

Kevin opened his mouth to reply but he felt his vision start to blur as his head mulled over what Brad had said. Maybe what Brad said made sense. Maybe he should listen to what Brad was saying. Maybe he should do what Brad suggested. Images of soccer uniforms came to the front of his mind and Kevin could only mumble incoherently.

“Dude, are you high? Whatever, get some fresh air and try to wait it out. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” The tone from Kevin’s phone signaled Brad had hung up.

“Fresh air…yeah…yeah I’ll get some fresh air.” Fresh air was good. Brad suggested it. He should do what Brad suggested. Kevin set down the phone and made his way to the living room window, unaware that his phone was blinking with a new voice message.

“-take it, whatever you do, do not take it. Call me back when you get this message, Kevin.” Neal took a deep breath of the humid Florida air and settled into the bench outside, watching the starry sky cascade across the palm trees. He looked over at Hunter, who was halfway through his soda and already looking more comfortable.

“Did someone slip something into your drink? You’re looking happy. What happened to your headache?” Neal inquired.

Hunter returned the question with a smile and a shrug, “It’s not so throbbing now. I found out on Wednesday that if I drink a Coke or something the headache goes away. Don’t worry, I only do it when it gets real bad and I’m compensating the calories and sugar elsewhere. Sorry I got testy earlier.” He leaned in and gave his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Neal perked a brow but figured it wouldn’t be wise to question Hunter’s logic after the day they’d had. Looking over, he spotted their ride pull up in front of their bench. He took a deep breath and figured all he could do now was wait and hope for the best.

Miles away, Kevin pulled up the window and gazed out. Twilight had arrived, and he greeted the cool air with gusto. He took huge breaths, and was pleased to feel his head feel a bit clearer. Wow, doing what Brad said really did the tri—wait, no, the fresh air did the trick. But Brad suggested it. But it wasn’t doing what he said that…ugh.

Kevin shook his head, annoyed as the thoughts jumbled around. He wasn’t out of the woods just yet. No use mulling it over, he figured he would just have to wait for the effects to wear off.

He heard shouting from below and looked down to see a couple of jocks throwing a frisbee in the apartment complex’s courtyard. It was vaguely homoerotic, seeing the jocks, a few of them shirtless, laugh and frolic together. In the last rays of sunlight Kevin could make out the beads of sweat trickling down their foreheads, staining their shirts or making their bare chests glisten. He saw one of them miss the catch and heard the others laugh.

“Dude, you gotta work out more bro!”

Kevin winced as the instruction seemed to bounce around his mind like a pinball.

He heard another one shout, “Lay off him man, he’s had to take more time studying. His grades have already started to improve, and it’s important for him to graduate.”

Kevin shut his eyes, gripping the windowsill so tight his knuckles turned white.

“Really? Must’ve studied in the morning ‘cause last night I could hear you goin’ at it from all the way down the hall!”

“Hey, jerking off’s good for your health bro!” They all laughed as Kevin finally shut the window in a daze.

Kevin could no longer keep his thoughts in order. Everything was swirling around. He slowly stepped towards the bedroom, a zombie-like groan escaping his lips, until he finally made his way to the bed and collapsed again.

He absentmindedly reached down and gripped his cock, stroking furiously and muttering to himself, “Part of the team…he could enjoy the uniforms…graduating was important…work out…jerking off is good.” He tried to think of a hot girl he saw in porn a few nights ago, but all that came to mind were the group of jocks, gleaming with sweat, pulling on their uniforms and making sure each other looked just like the others. In his mind they flexed and started bragging about their sex lives. He tried to imagine them as girls instead, but before he could he felt his cock erupt, spewing rope after rope of sticky cum all over his chest.

Exhausted, Kevin simply lay there drenched in his cum. As his eyes closed to succumb to sleep, Kevin made a mental note to avoid taking that drug again.

Kevin and Hunter, also exhausted, fell onto their hotel bed and each took a sigh of relief.

Neal turned and poked Hunter on the nose. “Boop. Hey, sorry about earlier. I’m just afraid of what could happen to him if he got ahold of the poppers, y’know?”

Hunter smiled but couldn’t hide his wince, “I know, I know. Hey, my headache’s come back, so I’m gonna grab another coke. Don’t judge me, I’m on vacation,” he winked and got up to fetch his beverage.

Neal sat up in the bed, his eyes following Hunter with worry. Was this an after-effect of the poppers? But how? He closed his eyes and went over the formula in his head. Alkyl nitrites, obviously, else it’s not a popper at all. Caffeine to keep the user alert and awake. Sodium thiopental to make the user more open to telling how they felt. A host of other chemicals, and finally a hint of strawberry for a more pleasant smelling experience. Neal’s eyes opened to see Hunter looking at him curiously, beverage in hand. “You okay, babe?” Hunter asked before taking a giant gulp.

Neal watched his boyfriend in horror. Caffeine. A small amount wouldn’t do it, but coupled with the high amount of reward-based pleasure with the poppers…

“Hunter…the poppers…they’re addictive.”

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