The Scavenger

By Mark Gordon published November 20, 2005
Athletic college graduate takes the road less traveled

The Scavenger
By Mark Gordon

Sometimes taking the road less traveled can literally become the beginning of the end. Youthful dreams and desires especially become vulnerable on the road less traveled, when the environment changes too rapidly for even the fittest of boys as they try to forge new challenges for themselves.

Case in point- our viral young Johnny Swift, a 22 year old athlete who upon completion of his college studies on a lucrative athletic scholarship, was now free to go out and test the waters and find his place in society.

With his prestigious degree in Business Administration and successful collegiate sports honors, Johnny was not only the top man in his studies but was also the star of his gymnastics team. Leaving college was both a step into the world of business economics but also a sad goodbye to the many teachers and mentors that contributed to his many successes.

At 22, Johnny was on the high road to success and with his handsome face and well toned body, he was a dead ringer to succeed where ever he decided to work.

So leaving his old college friends and faculty with a list of job offers a mile long, Johnny was going to take what he had learned in class and the discipline he learned as a member of at team and infuse it into new career.

With a short stay at home to receive the accolades from his family, Johnny set off for a series of interviews to find the company that could benefit the most from his youthful visions and energy.

Setting out on his trip Los Angeles, Johnny decided to take a route that would him through some less traveled roads, in an attempt to take in some of natures wonders. Being a lover of the out of doors, Johnny picked an itinerary that would bring him and nature together, and packed with all his gear-which included his mountain bike, camping equipment and hiking gear, Johnny had planned to enjoy his trip and spend some time discovering new trails.

Miles from nowhere, Johnny was discovering new territory for his out doors mini vacation and hence the Road Less Traveled.

Johnny had all the maps for the area of wilderness he was going to, but being unfamiliar with this particular geography, Johnny was becoming increasing lost but unaware of his predicament.

It was all fun for Johnny, who was taking on new hiking trails on foot and other trails with his mountain bike. Camping each night under the stars was most exhilarating as the clean mountain air helped him to prepare his mind for the next step in his young life.

As his mini vacation was winding down, Johnny loaded up his new Jeep Cherokee and set his sights on the Los Angeles area of Southern California.

He had planned on an early arrival in Los Angeles to give him time to get familiar with the area and even had a furnished apartment arranged for him when he got into town. All Johnny could think about as he proceeded to get back on the main road, was how it would be living and working in LA and making new friends.

As the dust followed his Jeep through the primitive roads he was driving, it was becoming clear to Johnny that he had taken a few wrong turns and he was now lost.

Even packed with extra fuel, Johnny became nervous that he would not find himself back to the main road before dark and as hard as he studied the maps he purchased for the trip it appeared he had just been driving in circles.

Johnny was not the sort to worry about things, since most of his young life he had mastered everything he every set out to do and this brief inconvenience was not going to become so overwhelming for him.

As Johnny was racing to beat the sunset, he was driving rather erratically. Making sudden stops and screeching turn to find his was back to the main road was becoming tedious and finally frustrating for the young jock who was seemingly the master of his world.

As the sky began to change colors and the forest began to chill down, Johnny was finding his spandex shorts and thin tank top not able to keep up with the dropping temperatures, and his open air Jeep didn't help the situation.

In a rather hastily planned maneuver, Johnny unlocked his seat belt and reached behind him to grab a jacket. It all happened so fast as his eyes left the darkening road for just a second and Johnny and his shinny yellow Jeep were skidding off the narrow road and the Jeep was flipping in the air while Johnny was thrown out of the drivers seat and sent flying into a large tree.

Johnny was instantly knocked out and lay helplessly on the ground breathing erratically bleeding from his head.

The world had effectively stopped for Johnny as he lay there through the cool night and if it hadn't been for his tuff athletic physique, he would have suffered from exposure.

The next morning as the sun hit Johnny's face, the young jock's eyes opened wide and although he was confused and disoriented, Johnny knew exactly what had happened and felt embarrassed he had been so reckless.

From where Johnny was laying, he could see his Jeep clearing a distance away and it appeared to have righted itself and appeared not to be overly damaged.
Johnny's first reaction was to sit up and attend to the burses he had sustained.

OH NO Johnny said out loud as he attempted to move his body- he knew he would be numbed a bit, but he couldn't feel anything below his neck and raising his arms or legs was futile.

OH MY GOD I CAN GET UP he shouted and true enough Johnny had broken his spinal cord and was never going to make it to Los Angeles and to a job he deserved and a life he had dreamed of.

As the morning wore on and Johnny relentlessly tried to find feeling and movement in his young athletic body, he began to break down and for the first time since he was a very young kid, Johnny was crying out for help.

With his body is such a paralyzed state, Johnny's breathing was erratic and the more upset he got the harder it was for him to stay conscious. In fact Johnny had passed out several times as the morning turned to afternoon and it seemed as if he would die in the middle of nowhere and his body would become food for the animals that roamed the woods.

About 5pm in the afternoon, a rather scruffy looking old man was approaching Johnny's body. The old man had a thick white beard and full head of hair, and he was wearing overhauls but with out a shirt, so his thick hairy chest of white hair could be seen visibly. Wearing eye goggles, worn out military boots and reeking from days without proper hygiene and carrying a net sack over his shoulder, the old man soon was at Johnny's side casting a shadow over him.

The old man put down his sack and knelt next to Johnny, putting his head to Johnny's mouth to see if he was breathing.

WE GOT A LIVE ONE the old man said to himself and began to poke at Johnny's body in an attempt to wake Johnny up. After a bit the old man pushed on Johnny's face and Johnny's eyes opened wide and he tried to speak.

It didn't take long for the old man to understand Johnny's fate and as Johnny huffed to ask for help the old man just shook his head and said, "Your going to Die boy!" and Johnny's eyes began to tear up again.

As Johnny pleaded for help, the old man started to remove what was left of Johnny's tank top and used a pocket knife to cut off his spandex shorts.

Johnny could neither see nor feel what was happening to him and was about to pass out again if he got any more worked up.

Johnny gave up his shouting and attempts for help and decided to remain silent just so he could maintain his consciousness.

WHAT A REAL SHAME FOR THIS NICE LOOKING BODY TO GO TO WAIST! The old man said as he felt Johnny's tight muscular chest and stomach and then Johnny's arms and muscular legs.

With his tank top and spandex shorts off, Johnny was laying there in just his Calvin Klein boxer briefs that were damp from when Johnny urinated uncontrollably. The old man lifted the waistband enough to look inside Johnny's briefs and grinned at what he saw inside. Grabbing his own genitals in his excitement, the old man said, DAM YOU ANT GONA NEED THESE ANY MORE BOY and laid his hand over Johnny's young cock and balls and rocked back and forth and soon a youthful bulge tented out from his overhauls and Johnny's young viral genitals as well as his young prostrate magically were transferred to the old mans body and Johnny's brief pouch changed shape as the old man's genitals became Johnny's.

Grinning from ear to ear the old man couldn't keep his hands off himself and quickly got to his feet and unbuttoned his overhauls enough to gain access to his new youthful and fully functional cock.

Jacking himself off, the old man was building up a quick sweat as his heart raced to keep up the needs of his newly acquired breeding machine. With a red face and a heart that was racing hard, the old man was hard as a rock and feeling his new cum machine about to perform like it hadn't in decades.

As Johnny tired to stay conscious and in control, the old man shouted like a wild animal as he shot one rope after another of thick white sperm.

When he was done milking his cock for all it could shoot, the old red faced out of breath man knelled next to Johnny again looking at the rest of his body as fair game to bring the rest of him up to the standards of his new cock.

First the old man took both his hands and outlined Johnny's muscular legs and began to rock back and forth and magically Johnny's legs got old and alabaster white and varicose veins appeared all over them and they took on the features of an old mans legs. The old man however was marveling over his new young tanned legs that now gave him pain free feet in which to travel. But the old man didn't stop there as he mounted Johnny sitting on his hips and waist and outlined Johnny's thin waist, ribbed abdominals, defined muscular pectorals and then Johnny's strong defined arms.

In seconds the old man's body exchanged waist size, stomach, chest and arms with Johnny and the old man was now the owner of Johnny's body except for Johnny's young handsome face and head. Johnny's tight muscle frame swelled and got soft, turning his once hard pectorals into hairy soft skin and his waist and stomach swelled as well.

Johnny laid there now having the old mans body with his young mouth gasping harder to breath with the lungs of a 78 year old man. Johnny knew he was only seconds away from dying and as he made his last attempts to gain air, the old man outlined Johnny's face, head and neck and Johnny took on the old mans face full of hair and old weathered look and then stopped breathing completely.

Tearing off his overhauls and prancing around, the body that was once Johnny's was now in the hands of a very elated old man.

Grabbing his mesh sack, the new old man made his way to Johnny's Jeep and hopped in. Thrashing around, the man went through all of Johnny's stuff, throwing out things he had no use for and found some of Johnny's clothes to wear. The man sniffed Johnny's clothes to find some worn ones and began to put on a soiled pair of boxer briefs, some dirty cargo shorts. Then the man turned the key and started the Jeep up hopping up and down on the seat like a little kid.

In a cloud of dust the man took off down the road yelling and shouting with a huge hard on, much like when he was a 22 year old many years ago, and headed towards his old wooden house deep in the woods.

A month passed and finally a forest ranger found the remains of a body that had been food for many a wild animal and some of the equipment and personal items that the old man had thrown out of the Jeep.

With little to go on, it was assumed that Johnny had met with a gang of thugs and what body parts were left, were unidentifiable. So the bad news arrived at Johnny's parent's home with a brief case containing all of Johnny's interview information and his diploma, wallet and a digital camera with the last pictures that Johnny took of himself.

The old man continued his scavenging in a new young body that soon began to show signs of his life style. Eating off the land and poor hygiene can take a toll on any ones body and even though he was now young and sexually viral again, he had lost his gymnast physique and muscle mass and had re-grown a very thick beard. Who knows who he might find in the years to come on the Road Less Traveled?

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