Cock Hungry, Part 2: Fast Food

By AgainstMyWill
published November 1, 2011

Sometimes even a straight cop can’t resist a really, really enormous cock.

He didn’t usually eat fast food but today’d been a rough day. The police force was stretched thin in this city already, and today being Halloween, they were called out on every fool’s errand and then some. To make matters worse, some of the calls were legit: more than one robber had the idea to knock over a liquor store, convenience store, you name it, on the day when nobody would bat an eye at an adult walking into a store wearing a rubber mask.

He walked through the garish yellow arches through the swinging door into the dingy, dirty, tile-lined restaurant. Up to the counter.

“Welcome to McDonalds. What can I get for you tonight?”

The voice was muffled. The cop looked up, confused, and saw a donkey standing behind the cash register. Don’t acknowledge it. Just order and get out and get home. Day’s over.

“I’ll take a Big Mac with extra pickles and a large Coke.”

“Anything else with that?”

“No, that’s it, thanks.”

“Fries? A shake?”

“No, thank you.” Just breathe. Just relax.

“So that’s a Big Mac with extra pickles, large Coke, officer?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“No can do. Sorry.”

Silence for one beat. Deep breath. Relax.

“Why not?”

“’Cuz I’m not going to, officer, and you can’t make me.”

The fuck. Deep breath. Look up. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Don’t take it personally, though, officer, I’m just being an ass!”

Irritation rising up. Deep breath. Deep breath.

“… get it?”

It took the cop a moment even after the follow-up from the donkey to understand. An ass. Being an ass. Great. Everyone’s a fucking comedian on Halloween.

“Ha ha, I get it. Hey, man, I’ve had a rough day, sorry I’m a little out of it.”

“Being an ass!” The donkey repeated, ignoring the officer. “Get it?”

Then he opened his mouth - not the rubber mask, but presumably the man inside, and started laughing. The cop wasn’t sure how much of the awful braying noise was him role-playing a donkey and how much was just the guy having the world’s most annoying laugh, but it was loud, grating, and it didn’t stop.

“Look - LOOK! I get it. You’re dressed like an ass. I get it. Now can I get my burger?”

“Nope! No can do, officer. We’re really busy tonight and I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

The officer looked behind him. The entire restaurant was empty. There wasn’t a soul in there.

“But don’t take it personally, officer! I’m just BEING AN ASS!” More of the laughter. Even louder this time.

Anger rising. Turn around to face him. Jaw clenched. Show you mean business so you can get out of here.

But as he turned around the cop spotted something new. It looked like the donkey-cashier had stuffed a giant cucumber down his pants leg, like he had the world’s biggest cock.

“Hey officer? What do you think of my donkey dick, huh? Get it? Donkey dick?” The laughter only got worse.

The officer stared the cashier in the face, which was actually pretty hard because it was this goofy rubber donkey mask with tufts of cheap fake fur sticking up and two floppy ears. The guy’s eyes were all he could see and he couldn’t tell much about the guy from that, just these dark beady eyes shining out behind this anonymizing rubber mask.

“LOOK.” He said it in his firmest cop voice. The donkey stopped laughing. “This shit is not funny. I’m having a really tough day, I already said that, and you’re pulling some pretty inappropriate pranks for a restaurant where families come in and sit down. I want to talk to your supervisor, right now.”

The donkey lost his sense of humor in a hurry. “OK, officer, please, I’m just messing around. I don’t mean anything by it. There’s nobody else here so I thought I could let loose a little. I really didn’t mean -”

“Supervisor. Now.” Stern, cold.

The donkey got really quiet. “OK, officer. Come back this way.” Opened the swinging door beside the counter. The officer followed him into the back office.

They got there and the donkey ushered the cop in, flipped the lights on in the empty office, and showed him to a seat. “I’ll be right back.”

He walked out and the cop heard some noises, and then the donkey walked back into the office and shut the door.

“What’s the deal? Where’s your supervisor?”

“Oh, my supervisor, officer?” The donkey was still facing the door, and the cop heard him flip the latch to lock it. “I thought you said you wanted to see your superior, officer, and I figure this right here’s gotta be pretty superior to whatever you’ve got down there.”

The donkey turned around, and the cop first looked up at his face. Same rubber mask, same gleaming black eyes beneath it. But then he turned his gaze down.

Hanging out of the front of the donkey’s pants was the biggest cock the cop had ever seen. He was so stunned he just sat with his mouth open. He was straight, and would never have stared at a normal cock, but this wasn’t normal. It was huge. It hung there, completely flaccid, probably a foot long and so thick the cop doubted he could encircle it with one hand.

He would have assumed it was prosthetic, but it was throbbing gently as the blood pulsed through it. The cop could make out as he stared the subtle motion of the veins winding across its surface, and as the donkey slowly walked towards him, it swayed and bounced in a manner too lifelike to be fake.

“Yeah, what’ve you got down there, a little pricklet, you dumbfuck cop? Gotta carry around a handgun ’cuz you’ve only got five inches down there?”

Anger rising. And now he wasn’t about to hold back.

Except he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from that cock.

“You shut your fucking mouth, you know what’s good for you. You’re under arrest for indecent exposure.”

“How about you make eye contact when you say that, officer? Seems to me you can’t stop staring at my big ol’ donkey dick, can you? Like it? Like my donkey dick?” The donkey started laughing that horrible braying laughter and the cop’s face grew red with rage but he was paralyzed, staring dumbly at that cock like it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

“You piece of shit.”

“Yeah? Something you want to ask? Seems like my big donkey dick got you mighty interested.”

“Fuck off.”

“Make me, you shit-for-brains cop pig. How about you suck my donkey cock instead?”

As the donkey said the words, images rushed into the cop’s brain. He couldn’t help but imagine himself wrapping his lips around the massive dick, and in spite of himself he started salivating.

“Yeah, got you drooling real good, now, officer. Looks like you’re just a little faggot just like the rest of them, aren’t you?”

“No, I’ve got a wife and kids, you trailer trash son of a bitch.”

“Oh, do you? Do they know their daddy’s a big queer? Huh?”

“I’ll fucking kill you for saying that.”

“No you won’t. You’ll beg me to suck my dick. Do it.”

“Never. Go to hell.”

The donkey took another step closer and his massive cock swung forward and slapped the cop in the face. It smelled - like old sweat and maybe a hint of dried urine from the donkey’s underwear. The cop wanted it, he wanted it bad. He’d never seen a cock that big and somehow all he could think about was getting it into his mouth.

“Can I - can I maybe just… just taste it a little?”

The donkey burst out in peals of horrible braying laughter. “Oh, you can taste it, officer! You can taste it all you want! But first you gotta tell me what a fairy you are.”

“No, come on, man, I won’t tell anyone… I’ll let you go, I just… I’m not queer, I just want to know what it tastes like, that’s all.” The cop hoped the desperation wasn’t too obvious in his eyes.

“Nah, all you gotta do is look up at this cell phone and say “I’m a fairy pervert and I want to suck that big donkey cock.” That’s it. Nobody’s ever gonna see it, and once you do that, you can suck it all you want.”

At the mention of the cell phone the cop blanched but he still hadn’t peeled his eyes off the cock since the donkey first turned around. He thought about it, though the rational voice inside his head knew it was a horrible idea. Why was he sucking a dick anyway? He had a wife, and he loved her, and their sex life was great. But in the end the crippling need to suck that monster dick won out.

He tore his eyes off the cock just long enough to look up at the cell phone. He could see the little lens, gleaming black, inscrutable like the donkey’s eyes under the mask. “I’m, uh, I’m a fairy pervert and I want to suck this big ol’ donkey cock.” Then snapped back down to the dick. Wondered briefly why the donkey was recording it.

“Good little fairy, officer. Go ahead and suck it.” Braying laughter. Horrible rage deep inside, but all the cop could do was reach out and grab it.

The cock was really heavy, and so long and flaccid it sagged in the cop’s hand. He had to use both hands to lift it up, like an under-stuffed sausage draped over his hands, and then with no hesitation whatsoever he took the drooping head of it into his mouth. It tasted even muskier than it smelled, and he moaned with pleasure as the taste of dried cum and urine and crotch sweat swirled around inside his mouth, mixing with his saliva. The cop was in heaven, sucking this big nasty donkey dick.

He was even happier when it started to get hard. He could feel the head of the cock throbbing in his mouth and he felt the huge thing stirring to life like an inflatable toy filling up in his hands. It went from saggy to rigid, buoyant on his hands, swelling up with blood and pulsing as it grew deeper and deeper red.

The cop’s eyes were closed; he was in heaven. He suckled on the head of the thing until finally it grew so large it stretched his jaw open and he could no longer contain it. It popped out of his mouth with a wet sucking noise, and he sat, rubbing his jaw with one hand and holding the cock - well, barely, it was bobbing up just above horizontal all on its own, now - with the other.

“Wow, look what you did, officer, you sucked it real good with those faggot lips of yours and you got my big donkey dick nice and hard!”

“I can’t - it’s too big! I can’t fit it any more. I, oh God, I want to suck it so bad, please let me keep sucking it!”

“That’s the problem, officer, that fag mouth of yours just isn’t big enough. I wonder if we can find something that is, though.”

“I don’t understand what you mean. Please, let me taste it again!”

“Stand up, officer.”

The cop did was he was told.

“Now take off your pants.”


“You heard me, you dumbshit pig. Take off your pants. Your underwear, too. Leave that uniform top on, and those boots. Take off your pants.”

“But I-”

“Look at my donkey cock, officer. You don’t want it to get soft again, do you?”

Anxiety. Panic. No, it was too beautiful all big like that. God, it had to be two feet long. He’d never seen anything like it. It was amazing. Breathtaking. The cop dropped his pants to the ground and stepped out through them. He slid off his underwear and couldn’t get it over his boots and ended up ripping it off.

He stood, his flaccid cock hanging out under his modest gut, his uniform shirt and vest hanging down over his bare lower torso. The donkey pointed and laughed harder than ever.

“THAT? You call THAT a cock? Look at that tiny little thing. That’s hardly a cock at all. You fuck your wife with that thing?”

The cop blushed deep crimson with shame at the ridicule. But for some reason, his cock was getting hard at the same time. It grew to its full 6 inches, and the donkey just laughed and laughed.

“Does she know when you’re INSIDE her?” More braying laughter. The cop hung his head and wanted to cry. His cock was so small. And that donkey’s cock was so huge, and it wasn’t in his mouth anymore, and that made him feel horribly anxious. He wanted it back.

“You know it’s Halloween, officer, and you’re not even wearing a costume.”

“They don’t let us. We have to wear our uniforms.”

“Ha! I don’t think that really matters right now, do you?”

“… no, I… I guess not.”

“Let’s get you into the spirit of the day, officer. You’re in luck: I have a spare costume just for you. Put this on.”

The donkey handed the officer a small ball of pink fluff. He fumbled with it for a minute before realizing it was a tiny pink tutu with a little bow on it.

“You… you want me to put this on?” His hands trembled. The donkey stared back, the rubber mask impassive, expressionless. The eyes gleamed like pools of black ink. Somewhere underneath, the officer had the sense there was someone, and he was grinning.

“You heard me, officer. Put it on and you can have my big donkey dick back.”

Slowly he leaned over, threaded the tutu over his boots and tugged it up to his waist. It dug into his sides, his love handles chafing immediately at the tight elastic. The donkey thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. The laughter didn’t seem to bother the cop anymore, though.

“Can I have your cock back now please?”

The donkey howled with laughter. “Listen to you, asking so nicely! Of course you can. Turn around.”


“Face the desk.”

“I don’t understand, I want to taste it.”

“Listen, you fucking retard piece of shit, we already established it’s too big for your mouth.” The cop looked down and saw the cock, throbbing angrily and dripping a stream of precum from its enormous head, the precum gathering at the base of the head and running down the underbelly, dripping off from several places. Indeed, it wouldn’t fit in his mouth, but he longed to taste all that precum. He licked his lips. “Now turns around and face the desk.”

The cop didn’t think about what he was doing when he obeyed the donkey. He put his hands down on the desk. The donkey shoved him in the back until he was leaning fully forward over the desk, bracing himself with his hands.

And then he felt that donkey cock press against his butthole.

The cop had never had anything in his butthole. Once his doctor tried to give him a prostate exam. He stopped that before it even got started and found a new doctor. No way, no how.

But the donkey didn’t ask permission. He felt the donkey wrapping his arms around his pudgy midsection and then felt the rubberized mask against his neck, the floppy mouth of it crumpling against his neck. It was warm and moist, probably from the hot breath filling the inside of it.

Then he felt the tip start to push its way in.

The cop started howling. He screamed at the top of his lungs, but his arms were fixed to the desk. The pain was unimaginable, the cock was so huge and he was a virgin, but he couldn’t bring himself to fight back.

“That’s right, you fairy little faggot, I’m gonna tear you wide open. I’ll split your faggot ass so you’re ruined for anyone else. You’ll just be a huge, gaping hole down here where my massive donkey cock fucked you.” The voice of the man raping him was right in his ear, a hoarse whisper, deeply intimate, but still muffled by the rubber mask. The cop had no idea who this man was. All he knew was he had the world’s biggest cock and the cop couldn’t seem to say no to him.

The gigantic cock was halfway inside him and the cop felt like he’d been impaled, like he was being ripped open from the inside. Somehow he noticed his little cock was still rock hard and oozing precum. What the fuck was wrong with him?

“Say, “I’m a dumbshit faggot pig and I love getting fucked in the ass.””

The cop’s eyes glazed over, finally, and he opened his mouth and uttered the words. “I’m a dumbshit faggot pig and I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“Good little faggot. Now wave at the camera and smile!”

The cop looked up and saw the donkey’s arm extended, cell phone pointing back, and grinned a goofy grin and waved, hating himself as he did. But then he noticed it wasn’t the same cell phone the donkey was holding earlier. It looked like the cop’s cell phone.

“Let’s see who’s on here… OK, this must be your wife, right?”

The cop snapped back to reality, at that. He was in the manager’s office of a McDonalds. He was bent over the desk. A cashier in a rubber mask was fucking him in the ass. What the fuck was going on?"

“Yeah, and these must be your two boys, right? Both in college? Think they’re spending their Halloween like you, dad?”

“Wait - wait, stop, what are you doing?”

The donkey pistoned his gargantuan cock in and out of the cop’s horribly violated asshole and laughed. “Is this one your boss? Yeah, Sergeant, that’s gotta be him. Oh, some other officers in here, too.”

“No! No, what? You promised nobody would - wait, stop, give me my phone!”

“I’m just fucking with you, officer. I promised I’d never tell a soul.” The donkey laughed and laughed. “But we’re not done yet, officer! Time for the photo finish!”

The cop groaned in agony as the donkey pulled his cock out of his ass all at once accompanied by a loud, wet sucking noise. He felt like he’d just had his guts yanked out. He doubled over and moaned from the pain of it all.

“Oh, YEAH! YEAH!” The donkey yelled from behind him and started cumming. He held his cock in one hand for aim and used the other to film it on the cop’s cell phone. With a mighty pelvic thrust his cock exploded, blasting a bucketload of thick, hot spunk all over the cop’s bare ass. It almost knocked the cop over, and the donkey started laughing that horrible braying even as he screamed with the ecstasy of release.

The second blast streaked up the cop’s back. The little pink tutu sagged with the weight of the thick spunk clotted in it, and the cop’s uniform was drenched in cum.

The cop turned around to try to defend himself against the third blast, but that just gave the donkey a perfect target. He blasted the cop in the face. Plenty got in his mouth, which reminded the cop of the taste of the massive tool, which pushed him over the edge. He fell backwards onto his naked, cum-drenched, violated ass, and fisted his own cock roughly for a second or two until he came, his load significantly smaller but unmistakable on the video footage the donkey was still capturing.

The fourth blast soaked the cop from head to toe. The subsequent ones just threatened to drown him. He was scooping it up with his hands, now, jamming fistfuls of the viscous spunk into his mouth to try to eat as much as he could.

Finally the donkey’s orgasm ended and he just stood there, panting.

The cop’s mind slowly cleared as the donkey’s cock shrank back to flaccidity.

The donkey caught his breath. “Oh yeah, fuck, that was one of the best yet, you sick piece of shit.”

The cop was back in his right mind. He recognized shock, trauma, horror, but he pushed them all aside. He could deal with what had just happened later. Right now it was time for action, before that donkey did any more sick shit to his mind. He leapt to his feet, ready to tackle the masked cashier, but when he looked up, he was staring down the barrel of his standard-issue Glock.

“Look what you took off with your pants, officer.” The donkey flipped off the safety.

“Whoa - whoa. No need to, uh, come on, calm down, I’m not going to do anything.”

“I know you’re not, because you’re going to get up and walk out of the restaurant now.”

“Take it easy. Come on, just… just take it easy.”

“Move it.”

The donkey escorted the cop out of the office.

“Come on, can’t I get my pants?”

“Shut up, dumbfuck. Move.”

The donkey walked the cop out of the still-empty restaurant and gave him a final shove out the glass doors, which he locked behind him.

He shouted through the locked doors. “COME AROUND TO THE DRIVE-THROUGH FOR YOUR PHONE.”

The cop was standing, naked from the waist-down, soaked in cum, wearing a pink tutu. His mind wasn’t keeping up. It was all he could do to follow basic instructions. He walked around the side to the drive-through window. Staring back at him from a safe distance behind the barely-opened window was that same horrible rubber mask and those same inky inscrutable eyes beneath it.

“Here you go, officer. I went ahead and sent that video out to all the people in your contacts.”

The cop’s breath caught in his throat.

“But you said…”

He grabbed the phone and tapped quickly. Recently Sent Messages. There it was. All the blood drained from his face. Panic. Terror. Adrenaline. Heart about to explode.

“Dear everyone,” the message read, “I’ve been hiding this part of myself for a very long time and I’m sorry to have hurt you but I want you all to know the truth about me.”

“No,” the cop shook his head furiously, “This isn’t happening. No, no, no, fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

“Words can never express what I need to tell you, so please just watch this video instead and I think you’ll understand.”

Like in a nightmare, the cop reached out and tapped the video. There it was, all of it. The tutu, the fucking, him cumming, him chugging down the donkey’s cum by the handful. All of it. Delivered to everyone on his contacts. His wife. His sons. His commanding officer. All the other cops on the force. His parents. Everyone.

Now completely lost, the cop looked back up at the window. The donkey mask was still there, the eyes beneath it as impassive as the rubber.

“… why?”

“Oh, don’t take it personally, officer.” The voice was oozing sarcasm. “I’m just being an ass!”

As the donkey reached out to shut and lock the window, the cop’s phone began to ring, and ring, and ring.

The donkey’s horrible, braying laughter echoed through the glass into the night.

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