Conclusion:Seal Of Approval

By cicero published November 9, 2005

A Navy Seal is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.

This is a work of fiction only//the author believes in safe consensual sex in real life

SEAL OF APPROVAL Cicero PART 5 Abdul glanced at the tearstained seal laying on the floor before him. “Is this the great superpower’s warrior.” he taunted. “I cannot see how you could even please a woman!”

Troy looked at Abdul and a flicker of his old pride returned.

“That’s not true,” he responded as his mind remembered the countless women who spread their legs for his 9''babe breaker.

Troy had a reputation among his corp buddies as a high babe scorer and his cock was nicknamed “The Hammer” as a testament to the virgins it had smashed into. His face displayed that arrogant heterosexual confidence he had. Abdul nodded in approval for this was just what he wanted Troy to recall . It would make the plans he has all the more humiliating.

“Then show me this prowess.” he stated in a firm voice that snapped Troy back from his reveries to the present situation.

“Get up on your knees and produce this alleged manhood. I fear that it will not respond”, he subtily suggested to Troy’s pliable inner mind.

Troy rose on his knees smirking . His virility in the sack was a source of great pride to him and no fat Arab could deny that he thought as he began to pump his rod. Abdul watched confidently as Troy stroked his cock . The room filled with Troy’s ragged breathe and the sound of his foreskin slapping up and down.

But, try as he might, Troy’s great warrior remained limp.

“A problem,” Abdul innocently asked with a grin.

“I can’t…it won’t..,” sputtered Troy as he redoubled his efforts to no avail.

"Tsk ,Tsk, " mocked the Arab. “A boy still. No woman could be satisfied with that weak lump of dead flesh.”

“No… wait…. Troy implored as he feverishly beat his meat in an effort to harden. As the seconds passed he grew desperate. He had never had a problem getting a hardon before . At last he gave up. Troy looked down at his limp manhood. His famed " Hammer” had melted and with it his pride in his sexual prowess as a stud. Abdul knew now was the moment to strike!

“This is a man’s equipment,” he stated as he unzipped his pants to expose his raging hardon.

Troy’s humiliation was only increased to see that a fat, over the hill Arab could produce what he a young, once virile military seal could not!

“Come taste a real man my child,” Abdul suggested. Troy was about to protest that he was no pussy faggot when, to his shock, his own body shuffled forward on his knees as if it had a life of its own. the stunned marine came up next to the Arab’s stiff rod. He gazed at the pearly prejis that was leaking from the redheaded dick.

“Lick it ! You know you desire to. Make love to my manhood,” the guard said.

“NO WAY YOU BASTARD!!” Troy yelled even as he found his lips licking in thirst.

“But you know you do”, mocked the Arab, “Now do it!” he ordered !

Troy’s mind reeled as his tongue flicked out of his open mouth and licked the Arabs engorged cock. His lungs filled with the scent of an aroused male causing his hot young muscular body to tingle in excitement. Troy’s mind was appalled even as he mouth slobbered and sucked Abdul’s cock and then his hairy balls.

“That is it suck them, caress them with your tongue.,” Abdul encouraged the seal knowing that Troy, although mentally repulsed , was powerless to resist his body’s desires. Desires Abdul had hypnotically implanted himself.

The room filled with Troy’s gurgles and sucking sounds as he blew the guard like a natural cocksucker. Under the guards instructions he licked and slobbered over the Arabs meat giving it a true tongue bathing and savoring every inch of that hard rod!

“See, you needed to serve a man all the time to truly be what you are!”, the guard stated as he gently began Troy’s reprograming.

Troy felt his self image as a straight stud vanish as ,like some twisted dog in heat, he bathed Adul’s crotch sucking a savoring the Arab’s precum like a fine champagne! The image of himself, a marine seal, servicing the guard like a cheap whore seared into his mind.

His lungs filled with more manfucking scents and his mind screamed in shame.

“Drink then my child,” Abdul encouraged as he felt his climax approaching.

As Troy downed the dark meat he felt the Arab’s balls surge with power and, he found himself swallowing the hot salty bitter jis as it spurted out while Abdul whooped in elation in this latest victory of Troy’s abasement. When he was finished, he removed his cock from Troy’s defiled mouth . He smiled as he saw the young seal crumple to the floor struggling to get non male air back into his lungs.

“Very good ,” the guard sneered, " you are a natural borne cocksucker."

Troy closed his eyes and cringed at the words. He never saw it when Abdul , straddling Troy’s prone body, lowered his naked ass onto the young stud face.

" I think your body craves something to eat!"

“HHHHHHMMMMMM,” was the only sound a now a muffled Troy could make as once more his body betrayed him and ate out Abdul ’s hairy crack.

The cruel guard rested contentedly on the face of the all-American soldier as he felt the warm moist heat of Troy’s tongue. He had crushed Troy’s self image of heterosexual virility.

The Arab rose leaving a degraded marine lying on the ground moaning in strangled tones to no one in particular. “I fucking ate his ass….I fucking ate his ass and swallowed his jiss.”

“Sleep .” Abdul instructed as he contemplated his next move!

PART 6 Troy awoke from his hypnotic sleep with the bitter taste of Abdul’s seed in his throat and the face of his captor before him.

“Ah you have slept enough,” Abdul growled at the weakened soldier. “Since your lack of an erection today proves that you are no longer a man perhaps you will do better as a woman!”

“What… I don’t underst..,” a confused Troy tried to say. Before he could finish however, the lusty Arab grabbed the dazed and disorientated marine by his waist and flipped him over onto his stomach.

“Whats happening,” Troy weakly queried even as Abdul raised the vulnerable young Lt. into a doggie position and spread his smooth muscular thighs apart. Troy’s newly shorn asshole lay bare to the wind causing the marine’s butthole to constrict in a series of almost winklike movements.

“I believe you desire this most of all,” the Arab suggested as he applied olive oil to the shy rose petal of the Lt.’s virginal hole.

“Please….don’t…,” whimpered Troy as he tried to crawl away only to have Abdul cinch his waist tight and pull him back toward the Arab’s awaiting piledriver. “I’ve never…. I’m….”, Troy choked on the words.

" You are what," Abdul eager requested with what he hoped would be the answer that would bring even more shame to the young stud.

“I’m …I’m……no one has ….never fucked there….. I’m a virgin there!” the marine babbled.

“Then I will be gentle as I take your maidenhood”, Abdul assured his captive.

With that Abdul insert an oiled finger in that never before violated gloryhole. Troy let out a gasp as the Arab slowly finger fucked the young marine virgin hitting a spot in Troy that he never knew existed.

“It is exciting for you,” suggested Abdul, “correct”.

“OOOOHHHH…..SHHHIITTTT…,” the marine moaned through chattering teeth.

Abdul reached under Troy running his callused hands down the firm 6 pack of the seal until he felt the soldiers cock. “You see ,” he snorted in glee, " you do enjoy it for now your manhood has risen.

Troy quickly dropped his head to gaze between his shoulders down at his crotch.It was true. HIS HAMMER HAD RETURNED!!

“I can’t…no..not turned on..not while getting fucked,” he whaled to the delight of Abdul. “I’m not some back alley faggot bitch…I’m a marine seal.”

“Oh, but your cock tells us something different,” assured the wily Arab into Troy’s hypno receptive mind as he placed his rod at Troy’s defenseless gate and rammed through the barrier in that act of ultimate defilement, defeat, and humiliation of the macho marine soldier!


“Allah be praised ,” Abdul hooted in thanks as he mercilessly fucked his American ,forever popping the young stud’s cherry!

“You love this my young seal is that not right. Your body is aflame with the joy of this. Say it!!” The Arab commanded to Troy’s inner mind.


GETTING FUCKKKKEDDDDD." A delirious Troy cried out! “But let me help you enjoy it more,” shouted Abdul in reply as he reached under the marine to pump Troy’s now respectably hard as nails cock in a rthymic movement with his own fucking thrusts. “You always wanted to BE FUCKED all this time!”

“GETTING FUCKED…..I’M GETTING FUCKED,” Troy screamed as he went out of his head at the double assault.

“And its all you ever wanted, desired, needed,” Abdul yelled!

“OOOOHHH……MMMYYYY AAASSSS OONNN FIREEE!” Troy howled mad with sexual heat!

“Yes, you ass is alive with sexual needs now!” Abdul repeated. “Women mean nothing to you from now on. Only serving men ….AS A WOMAN WILL SATISFY YOU!!!!” “You need cock …just cock… YOU NEED TO BE THE WOMAN!!!” , Abdul commanded. “Repeat it again and again!!”

“Need cock… Be the woman…need cock….be the woman…need cock,” Troy responded in a series of chants even as his former macho straight thoughts fought back in a futile effort to hold back these new invaders in his psyche. It was a losing position as Abdul’s cock thrusts stroked Troy’s prostate into overdrive sending a series of homoerotic impulses coursing throughout the helpless marine seal brain.If Troy’s mind was disoriented by the conflict his body was alive with surging unfamiliar desires aiding the invaders in the battles. After awhile his brain gave up the civil war raging within him and accepted his own lustful addiction to cock. Women would never arouse him again!

“Need to be the woman,” Troy growled in a sexual franzy to no one in particular! He had to get his rocks off!

Abdul suddenly realized that Troy was wiggling his hips to meet the thrust of his cock . He had won! He had turned a macho American stud into a lustful bitch!

“Your fucking my ass into a pussy”, Troy moaned as his cock and hole boiled in sexual heat .

" Tell me what you need," the Arab replied.

“My pussy getting fucked..fucked…oh God I’m so hot. Take my fucking cherry American marine studhole you bastard. Fucking seed my guts with your Arab spunk !” Troy yelled in a dazed sexual frenzy that send shivers of shame and lust coursing through him.

Abdul increased both his thrusts and his pumping of Troy’s cock. A climax was close for them both now.

“Shit …I’m … going …to …blow my …fucking wad!!!,” the now bitch turned young Lt. shouted.

"Allah be praised,"Abdul howled as he exploded into the recently defiled hole of Lt. Troy U.S. Marine Corp Seal! As the Arab’s hot seed impregnated Troy’s guts with jis it sent the young soldier over the edge .

“AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” Troy yelped as his "Hammer " spewed forth its juices straight into his own face. Without even thinking ,Troy found himself licking around his own mouth to try and get a taste of his own jiss.

Abdul almost clapped in glee. Troy had acted without any suggestion that time. He had bitched the macho American stud!! For the rest of that day, the Arab plowed Troy’s ass in a varied series of disgraceful positions. By the end , Troy was beaten , drained, and exhausted .He had, under Abdul’s encouragement, spilled his spunk over and over again covering the floor in his marine seed. Troy’s male essence lay useless on the ground leaving the young stud spent beyond anything he had ever experienced before with a woman thus proving to him beyond any doubt that he must have enjoyed his deflowering and causing his ego to cringe in the humiliation of it. Abdul knew that this series of “milkings” of Troy would have just that effect on his captive. To make sure the message was driven home into Troy’s mind, Abdul had made sure that Troy licked up his jism mess from the floor on all fours like a dog .

There was only one more thing to crush to totally to complete the victory. Troy’s marine patriotic honor had to be extinguished forever. As Abdul prepared to mount his steed once more for that final ride he bent over the muscular stud (who had been placed in a ‘missionary position’ so he could see Abdul’s face during the act ) to whisper a suggestion to Troy on how to make this ride’s sex talk more interesting. Then ,Abdul ramed his cock back into the howling American and rode his hunky marine steed on to a final glorious conquest!

It was a broken and mindfucked Lt. Troy that lay on his back and greeted the next sunset. Abdul straddled the conquered symbol of pride of American hetrosexual military power. As Troy gazed up, Abdul could see that the macho stud’s arrogance and self confidence was long gone .

" These few days with me have revealed the true inner you," Abdul imprinted onto the mind of the helpless marine who looked deep into the Arab’s eyes without any resistance now, " your body craves the touch of a man.You burn with an uncontrollable urge to serve as a man’s sexual plaything. In fact, the more degraded you are treated, the more you desire it. A women can never satisfy you!"

" Yesssssssss…", coooed Troy involuntarily as he felt his body burning with the surges of these desires. The macho muscle stud ‘s ’ straight and tough as nails’ self image had been forever defeated by the hypnotically induced commands of his body and the newly reprogramed brain patterns. From this day forward, Troy would be helpless to resist his new sexual urges even as his mind ( for Abdul had ordered the seal’s brain center to remain active and conscious of the ‘old’ Troy’s ego and life in order to fully enjoy using the seal in the future) was appalled at what he was doing.

Troy also knew that he could never go home again for, during the last time his marine butt was being fucked by Abdul he had, due to Abdul’s ‘suggestion’, spilled his guts out ( in between his whimpers of revulsion and delight at being plowed ) about every top secret military plan and weapon he knew of. A delighted Abdul had assured him that if Troy ever escaped, the U.S. govt. would learn how Troy had betrayed his country and his marine honor! Troy was a prisoner forever of the village !

Later the men of the village came to Abdul’s house in response to his summons. Eagerly he filled them in on his adventures and the delights that awaited them in the next room. Their faces glowed as each one thought of the joy that would be theirs in the sexual domination and degradation of the American. That Troy would be disgusted but helpless to resist any demand and, in fact, beg for more was a source of joy for them.

That night ,the house was filled with Troy’s moans of shame and desire as each man took his turn defiling the hated American foe.Troy’s mind was filled with their jeers even as his body forced him to plead to them for permission to debase himself further in servicing them sexually. There was nothing he refused to do to gratify them. The more vile the sexual submission the harder Troy became. As the young soldier fulfilled their needs his mind was filled with the knowledge that he, a young, built,former superstud marine navy seal had been ‘pussied’ by a group of overweight middle-aged Arabs. And that he desired more of it!

Later that night, Abdul returned to his duties at the base .He had barely begun his rounds when suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and spun around. Standing before him was a tall muscular Hispanic-American seal holding a knife to Abdul’s throat.

“Make a sound you Arab pussy and I will cut you dead. Got it!” the marine whispered as the Arab nodded, " now ,have you seen another American around here?"

Abdul gazed his eyes over the marine. Unlike Troy , who was fair and blonde, this seal had a honey toned complexion with a classic handsome face all set off by dark sultry eyes. He appeared about 23 years old at most . A quick glance downward over the tight wet suit he was wearing revealed a tight muscular body and, an impressive bulge in the crotch area.

“Look at me asshole when I ask you a question”, snarled the hot looking seal.

Abdul looked into those dark sultry eyes and grinned. Allah was kind!

“What are you grinning at shithead,” barked the cocky marine seal.

“It’s just that you look funny ,” replied Abdul . “What do you mean funny,” the latino seal snarled again as he stared deep into Abdul’s pupils.

Abdul gazed deeply into those hot marine sultry eyes and hoped that this would be only the first of many rescues by the Navy Seal Corp!


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