Odessey Stories Part 4: Why for Art Thou? Where for Art Thou?

By JoJoJo - jaysogga@gmail.com
published November 17, 2017
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New clues, new problems

HEY EVERYONE IM BACK!! Sorry for the hiatus, but the story is still going. Ive got a whole new section of events coming up, not to mention some interesting new men and a very persuasive villianess on the way.

Hope you enjoy this little hint of whats to come!

“Absolutely not.” Loto crossed her arms, looking down from her branch with absolute disdain. Jared was standing beneath her. “Please just help me fix them. Please?” “NO! You literally did the absolute dumbest thing you could have done. Do you have any idea what these flowers are?” “How the fuck should I know?” “What did I tell you? Don’t use more than one on the same person. And what did you do?” “The opposite” “The EXACT opposite. And you still only come to see me so you can use me. Homer was right, you humans never learn from your mistakes.” Jared was desperate. He couldn’t get caught with two mindless men in his dorm room. He had locked them in, then fed a petal to his RA to keep her from discovering them. “Please, there’s gotta be something I can do. They wont leave!” “Heres something you can do.” Loto tossed down a brown package at Jared’s feet. “Figure out what that says. THEN we can work out a deal.” Before Jared could respond, she vanished in a cloud of leaves.

The package contained the single most disgusting looking book Jared had ever seen. The leather was cracked and the title was illegible. The pages were yellow and warped. But worst of all, he couldn’t read what language it was. “This is hopeless,” He said to himself. “…hopeless…” his zombified boys echoed. They were sitting at the end of the bed, exactly where Jared had told them to three hours ago. They hadn’t moved an inch. This really bothered Jared. Sure they were still doing and feeling whatever he told them, but they hadn’t reverted back sense last night. Not to mention they didn’t seem inclined to do anything else. He had told Thomas to go home, but he didn’t seem to know where that was anymore, like he was a shell. Maybe Sarah will know how to read this. He called her three times, getting voicemail each time. That was really weird for her. Before he could call a fourth time, he heard violent knocking at the door. “OPEN UP!” it was Sarah, “GOD DAMMIT LET ME IN ASSHOLE” Suddenly Garrett and Thomas sprang to life and threw the door open. Sarah stumbled through mid knock, almost tripping over the two men. “What, who?” She looked around confused, “Really Jared? Thomas of all people?” “What’s wrong?” He went over to her, “I haven’t heard from you all day.” “I’ll tell you whats wrong prick!” She smacked him, “That fucking flower is insane!” “What did you do?” “Oh no!” she pointed at him viciously, “This is all YOUR fault mister.” “Sarah.” He grabbed her hands and looked her in the eyes seriously, “What. Did. You. Do?” Sarah whimpered, “So you know that cute boy in my history class?” Jared nodded. “And you know Prof. Lympus?” “No way.” “Well, the flower worked… but…” “Wait, hold on. How did you get both of them you only had one petal?” “I might of… experimented with it a bit.” “What do you mean?” Jared asked darkly. “I figured since you were supposed to put it in food or drink, I could just distill it in a spray bottle and…” she pulled out a thin tube, like the kind you see hair dressers use to mist hair, “I made this thing and now I just have to spray someone in the face and…” Jared snatched the bottle from her hand. “What the hell were you thinking?” “Hey I’m not the one handing out all powerful mystic flowers to people all willy-nilly!” There was another knock on the door. “EEEP!” Sarah squeaked and dove behind Jared, “Please hide me” Once more the two men stood at attention. They grabbed Sarah and before she could make another protest, shoved her in the closet. Poetic, Jared thought. He answered the door. Standing there was one of the cutest men Jared had ever seen. Just a bit shorter than him, messy brown hair and intelligent brown eyes. They sat behind large glass frames that complimented his soft features very well. The whole image was ruined however, by the ridiculous tights and blouse he was wearing. “Um?” Jared managed to say without laughing, “Can I help you?” “Terribly sorry sir, to disturb you at such an hour, but I seek a lady by the name of Sarah.” “Oh. Are you?” He was having a hard time keeping it together. “Yes, for you see, I have procured our wedding bands, as well as the dagger and poison she requires.” “Im sorry,” Jared sobered up instantly, “did you say dagger and poison?” “I can see that she is not here at the moment, so I must take my leave.” He swept a cape he had not seen before dramatically, “I bid thee farewell good sir.” Jared closed the door, all but confused. “Sarah.” “Yeah?” “What the fuck.” “I know.” Sarah stepped out of the closet, “I sprayed him, and told him that he loved me. But then it was so weird to have him falling at my feet for no reason, so I told him it was going to be like Romeo and Juliet. He came by my window last night and we talked for hours, it was so romantic. But then it started getting weird, like he dressed up, and talked like he was in a play, speaking in poems…” “Have you ever even read Romeo and Juliet?” “No?” “You do realize that they both commit suicide in the end right?” “They do WHAT!” “Hey look calm down, I have a way to fix everything.” “You do?” Sarah looked hopeful. “This book was given to me by the same person who gave me the flowers, but I need to figure out what it says or she won’t help me.” “Give it here,” Sarah skimmed over the pages. “Shit.” “What?” “It’s a mix of Greek and Afrikaans and a few other languages I kinda recognize. I can’t read it all though…” She looked away, “But I do know who could read it.” “Prof. Lympus?” Jared guessed. “Yeah… but…” “I don’t care. If he can read it then we can start working towards fixing him. Whatever you did to him will have to be a later problem.” “See that’s the problem… I didn’t think he would take me seriously, and I was getting really excited about him changing my grades, so…” “What did you tell him?” “I told him to get fucked?”

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