His First Recruits

By EdIam - ed.edwards105@gmail.com
published November 13, 2017

Paul has decided to put his long career as a hypnotist to bed…along with many of the new local men he’s meeting.

(Hey guys! This story is so exciting to write…I love it. Just FYI: it made sense to have Grant be the POV for the first two chapters, the next chapter will have a different perspective and subsequent chapters will rotate. Just notice the beginning of the chapter to see who we are following…I suppose you probably all could have figured that out, but just wanted to make sure. I’m working some longer shifts in the coming days, so may not get the 3rd chapter out for a little while, but am working on it already. Also, the character of Chuck has a VERY distinct person in mind for him…I saw a video of a hot dude jerking off and knew he was my Chuck for sure…if you’re curious to have my inspiration for him, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll fill you in to help you visualize that fantasy.)


Paul walked towards me. My cock ached for him to say the words I’d been waiting so desperately to hear. I know in my heart of hearts it was coming, but nothing prepared me for the sexy words I knew he was about to utter: “I’m going to hypnotize you now, Grant.”

I felt my cock stir and harden instantly as he looked me deep in the eyes.

“Go deep for me. You know you want to. Your life has lead you here to where you’re supposed to be; here, under my hypnotic control.”

Then I felt like he was climbing on top of me. It wasn’t unpleasant, per se, but it was sudden and unexpected.

I woke up rather suddenly, feeling Laura cuddle into me.

“Morning, sleepy head. Last night was amazing,” Laura cooed into my ear.

She wasn’t wrong. I’d been more turned on than I’d ever been in my entire life while I was fucking Laura last night. I smiled back at her, not really letting on that I wasn’t really focusing or thinking about her while I fucked her with more passion than I had previously been able to muster. There really was no reason to let her know that the only thing that had been and currently was on my mind was Paul and hypnosis. I recalled thinking so desperately about sitting across from him as he used his words and powers to put me under as my cock slid in and out of her. I had exploded so quickly last night…but continued fucking her. All told, thinking about Paul had caused me to orgasm a record five times while Laura had reported she’d been feeling pure bliss the entire time.

Laura had gotten both of our parents blessings to rent the hotel room we were currently in with both sets of our parents knowing full well what we’d be doing and likely what we had been doing for months now. My parents absolutely loved her and the stabilizing effect she’d had on me. I was so fortunate that they had offered to pay for our hotel room on top of it all so we could celebrate our graduation and enjoy one another’s company a bit before Laura had to leave for a month. Luckily, both sets of our parents were pretty liberal and understanding that we were adults now, so Laura was supplied with birth control months ago and me, condoms.

Of course, her pleasure mattered to me, but the fact that someone and something I hadn’t even known about before yesterday, namely Paul and hypnosis, had caused such intense pleasure for me only made me more excited about going over to Paul’s home later today. Unfortunately, I did have to spend the morning with Laura and then have the goodbye lunch with Ashley, Tim, and her. I knew Laura’s’ parents would be driving her to the airport, thank goodness, so I didn’t have to escort her all the way to Sioux Falls and could reasonably be over to Paul’s by 2 or 3.

As I went over in my head the process with which I’d get to see Paul as soon as possible while going through the motions with my girlfriend, Laura offered to shower with me and I eagerly accepted, hopping out of bed. As much as I couldn’t stop thinking about Paul and hypnosis, causing my already excited morning wood to bob a bit more excitedly than normal, I still did love Laura and was insanely attracted to her. My newly discovered fetish wasn’t something that changed that, even if I did feel as though it wasn’t something I wanted to mention to her quite yet. Perhaps after Paul taught me how to put people under…or better yet, hypnotize her without her even knowing she was hypnotized! Fuck, that sounded hot, I thought.

We showered, played with one another a bit more, and started preparing for the day. We’d already planned to grab breakfast with Laura’s parents this morning so, once we were done showering and getting dress, with a few short make out sessions in-between, we set out to meet up at the restaurant we’d all planned to go to while we all engaged in a little small talk. For my part, I was insanely distracted thinking about last night, Paul, and the possibilities of hypnosis. The fantasies were pretty much beyond my control at this point. Some of it even, much to my own embarrassment, even included Paul hypnotizing me to do some pretty gay stuff.

Laura was going on and on about how much she was going to enjoy Europe, how much she’d miss me, how sad she was that we weren’t going to the same college…I listened half-heartedly. I literally could only focus entirely on hypnosis, Paul, and how much my needs changed in the course of one conversation last night. Luckily, her parents were pretty engaged. I imagined they knew they were going to miss her while she was gone; this was, after all, the first time their kid would be going off on her own.

But all I could focus on was how baffling it was to me that Paul had gotten me as insanely into hypnosis as I now was. I’d thought it was some fake, stupid, childish interest yesterday morning. Today, I felt like even if it was those things, it was still so unbelievably erotic. Even just performing role-play could be sexy and erotic. But to actually control another person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions would be so sexy. I fantasized throughout breakfast as I tried my hardest to respond to the questions and conversations of Laura and her parents. Luckily, Laura seemed mostly anxious and excited about flying to Europe, so she didn’t really notice me feeling so distracted.

Finally, Laura and I said goodbye to her parents and Laura asked if we should go meet up with Tim and Ashley. By now, it was only 9am and my meeting with Paul just was not coming soon enough. I knew I would never be able to fake my way through hanging out with all three of them in my current state. So I told a small lie and said I’d meet up with them for lunch but needed to go take a small nap before lunch. “I think I’m still having a slight hangover,” I lied. The truth was I’d barely even drank the night before. After I left Paul, I had basically gone to the car where Tim, Ashley, and Laura already were, suggested we all head to the hotel, and we all left to get to our separate rooms. Tim was relatively sober too, but he was more than ready to fuck Ashley just as I had been ready to fuck Laura.

Laura said she understood and that she’d been feeling a bit hungover too. She was going to power through, however, so I dropped her off at the hotel, kissed her, told her I’d meet them all for lunch, and headed home to ‘nap’. In reality, I was planning on looking up hypnosis and masturbating all morning. As selfish as it was, I knew that I couldn’t wait until this afternoon to scratch this hypnosis itch and I’d had no time to research hypnosis at all since realizing how fascinating and sexy it was.

I practically sprinted to my room when I got home. Both my parents were probably at church at this time of day and my two older brothers had moved out within the past few years. So I had the house to myself. Luckily, my parents didn’t drag me out to church with them any more. Ever since I’d turned 18, my dad had said I was an adult, and therefore, I could decide if I wanted to go do those kinds of things now. My dad and I had always been close and it was great that he was still in my corner allowing me to make my own decisions now.

So I got to my room, ripped my cock out of my pants, and started searching online for information on hypnosis.

I sat there and stroked my cock for hours, searching for different ways to put people under, famous hypnotists, hypnosis stories, videos of people going under, and finally, some hypno inspired porn where a guy was hypnotizing a woman to be his slave. Literally every aspect of hypnosis was making my cock throb. It was so fucking sexy! I was in heaven, searching and discovering this new part of my life. I’d cum once, cleaned up, and continued to search, barely registering that that meant I’d cum six times since this time yesterday. Hypnosis was literally the best and most erotic thing I’d ever imagined.

I was shocked at how quickly it all went by and jumped when I heard my phone ring. It was Laura calling and noticing the time for the first time in hours, I started to slightly freak out. I was already about 15 minutes late to the lunch date! I answered quickly, “Sorry babe, I lost track of time. Just woke up! Coming! Be there soon!”

Cleaning myself up, I kept glancing back at the porn I had been playing, feeling my cock rise again. It was almost as if my own penis was begging me to stay, but I had to go say goodbye to my girlfriend. As sad as I was that I had to put off my hypnosis obsession for the time being, I wasn’t going to see Laura for another month or so. I did love her, obviously, so I had to at least go say goodbye.

I hurried over to the little café we agreed to meet at and found Laura, Tim, and Ashley already eating their food and talking excitedly. Laura stood up to kiss me while I apologized to them all about arriving late. Sitting down, I ordered my meal, and listened to Laura and Ashley talk excitedly about all the plans they had for touring Europe. While I did feel a bit of jealousy, my mind kept going back to hypnosis and the meeting I was going to have with Paul in a few short hours or so. Even after spending hours online looking at hypnosis related stuff, my interest hadn’t even remotely been satiated. I was beyond obsessed!

Tim and I exchanged exacerbated looks as the girls kept chattering away about how much fun they’d have and tried desperately to look as though I was paying attention at all.

“Guess we’re kind of yesterday’s news for our old ladies now, huh?” Tim joked as Laura and Ashley continued living in their own world.

I laughed, “I suppose so. It makes sense they’d be excited though. I’m still a little jealous that we can’t go, but oh well.”

“Yeah, I agree. But you know my dad. I had to lie and tell him I was staying with you last night just to have that alone time with Ashley in the hotel. He’d never have let me go to Europe with her.”

I nodded. Tim’s dad was pretty old fashioned, to be honest. While Tim obviously loved him and looked up to him a lot, he was a bit tough on him most of the time. He was one of those old school Christians who was insanely strict and demanded their family go to church and follow the Bible. Tim had always struggled with trying to be a part of the fun growing up and his dad always seemed to put the kibosh on it all. His mom had died when Tim was only about a year old or so, and being the only child, it was somewhat natural that he’d be a bit over-protective. Combine that with the overly religious attitude, and Tim had generally had to be pretty sneaky about pretty much all the stuff we did together.

The lunch continued for a while, which felt like ages to me. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely was going to miss Laura while I was gone. I truly did love her, but my new found fascination with hypnosis was really at the forefront of my mind. I desperately wanted to get over to Pauls as soon as I could and all of this was keeping me from getting there.

After what seemed like decades, Laura said Ashley and she had to get going to meet up with her parents. We paid the check, went outside, and I kissed and hugged her over and over, reminding her much I loved her as she went off with Ashley to her house on foot, which was only a couple blocks away from the restaurant. My heart did sink quite a bit watching her walk away. I was truly going to miss her whole-heartedly…and yet my brain was fixated on Paul. After a moment, Tim approached me and grabbed my shoulder.

“So, I guess we’ll be jerking off for the next four weeks. You stock up on lotion?” he laughed.

“I suppose you’re right. Not that I’m not going to miss her snatch, man, but I honestly do care about her a lot. I’m gonna miss her.” I replied.

“You fucking queer. Like, I totally dig Ashley and she’s hot and all, but I don’t think I’m gonna already say she’s my wife! We’re 18, buddy! We’re sexy fucking studs! We can get all the snatch we can imagine! Lets go out and have some fun tonight! Celebrate the old ball and chain being out of town.”

Not affected at all by my best friends teasing, “Sorry, man. I actually have some plans I’m heading off to do. But maybe later tonight?”

“Fine. Fag. I’ll talk to you later,” Tim went off in a huff.

Glancing down at my watch, I saw it was already 1:30. I knew it was slightly earlier than I had planned on going over to Paul’s, but I quite literally could not wait to get over to him. Hypnosis had been constantly on my mind and I needed to visit with him now.

I drove across town; all told, it only took about ten minutes, and headed down the hill from Main Street. At the bottom, I made a quick right turn and saw his house two houses down on the right. In the front, there was a real estate placard on the front lawn with a smiling face I’d seen all around town. The sign was bright green and read SOLD. Underneath the man with the cheesey grin, was a his name: Chuck Garner and a phone number. The man with somewhat chaotic facial hair stared out gleefully from the picture with deeply brown/black eyes that sparkled slightly. Tim and I had joked that the dude was probably some kind of faggy pedophile based on the insanity his picture provoked, but honestly, we just annoyingly saw his pic everywhere in our small town and he was more than likely just a normal, middle-aged white guy that was probably reasonably attractive to anyone interested in dudes.

After I parked and took in the sign on the front lawn, I launched myself out of the car and raced to the front door. My cock ached with need as I rang the doorbell. My personal hypnotist was going to sit and talk with me today about hypnosis! I couldn’t even fully register how turned on I was! Laura was so far out of my brain, I’d probably feel guilty if I’d even realized how little I missed her already.

I shuffled on my feet a bit as I waited impatiently for Paul to open his door. It seemed to take him quite a while to come to answer and I started to think that maybe he wasn’t home and was still at Jon’s like he said he was going to do last night. That was silly, though. Why would Paul have stayed with at Jon’s house? Finally, I heard the click of the lock and there he was, standing before me in his doorway.

He was in a robe.. I couldn’t be sure if he was wearing any clothes underneath, but it looked as though he wasn’t. He was still kind of creepy looking, to be perfectly honest: tall, lanky, with dangling arms and spindly fingers clutching his doorframe casually. His long, thin, and slightly fragile looking hairy legs went down to a set of larger than normal, award, veiny feet. They were long and bony-looking with a small tuft of hair on top. Looking back up into his eyes, I noticed his bald head glimmered slightly which highlighted the gray goatee he clearly had neatly trimmed sometime between last night and this afternoon. Last night, I remembered it being slightly longer and unkempt. Realizing it was rather strange for me to notice something so innocuous, I blushed. After all, I had spent in inordinate amount of time staring at him yesterday, so it was slightly natural to notice something so small. Now that I saw him today, however, I found I couldn’t look away yet again.

“Welcome, Grant! I wasn’t expecting you for another hour or so! Was just finishing up a particularly grueling chore. Come in, come in, young man! Did you already eat? Was thinking of getting a late lunch very soon. Oh and just so I can be sure you’re in the right mindset and that everything is in order, as your personal hypnotist, I want you to feel perfectly comfortable here in my home and talk completely open with me at all times.”

“Sounds great, Paul! And yeah, I ate with Laura and my friends. Sorry to come earlier. I’ll be honest, I’ve been so excited about getting over here all day today. It’s crazy, man. I cannot stop thinking about hypnosis. It’s so nuts! My cock has been hard as a rock despite cumming numerous times!”

Paul smiled slightly at my confession as we entered his living room. He motioned to the couch as I went to sit and he responded, “That’s understandable! I’ve noticed, quite frequently, when I’d met men that seemed interested in hypnosis that after speaking with me for a short amount of time, they could easily become obsessed with going under and all the different aspects of mind control. It’s just such an erotic thing, is it not? The idea of controlling someone else. Sometimes without them even realizing they’re under control?” Paul sat in his easy chair as he concluded and I couldn’t help but think he’d hit the nail on the head.

“Exactly! It’s so hot to be to think that I might be able to hypnotize Laura to do stuff for me when she gets back from Europe next month. She could do all this crazy stuff without even knowing I was actually making her!”

“Oh, my friend, hypnosis can be so much fun. But why use it on Laura when there are plenty of other people that would be so much more fun to use it on?”

I was a bit confused for a couple reasons. First, how quickly everything seemed to be progressing with Paul. It felt so natural, for sure, but here we were, in his home, him in a robe, and me openly confessing anything on my mind. And secondly, what did he mean there were other people who would be more fun to use hypnosis on? Who would be more fun than my own girlfriend, especially if I knew I was interested in the erotic aspects of hypnosis?

Paul laughed to himself as he saw the confusion on my face. “Oh, Grant. I see I may have progressed a little quickly. I believe in my excitement in seeing you so early, I may have put the cart before the horse, so to speak. I do like to have fun when discussing hypnosis, after all. Let me step back and explain it all to you. You see, I find very little interest in hypnotizing women. It’s rather boring, you see. I don’t get much out of it in the slightest. They tend to be uninteresting and just not much of a challenge. But men, you see…men are fun.”

“Whoa, dude. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with you there. I mean, I totally get that if you hypnotize me, it’ll be you hypnotizing a dude. And you might even hypnotize me to do gay shit; that’s all understandable. But if I’m gonna hypnotize people, especially if I’m going to do the erotic stuff I have in mind, it’s gotta be with a chick.”

Paul smiled at me knowingly, “I get your hesitancy, Grant. I really do. You are, after all, a straight man, correct?”


“Well, as your personal hypnotist, I want you to realize something. When it comes to hypnosis, sexual orientation means nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is nothing sexier in the world than hypnosis, I’ve gathered that you know that to be true. But you know what’s sexier than hypnotizing a woman for your own ridiculous heterosexual needs? Hypnotizing a man knowing it goes against your baser, inane attractions. As your personal hypnotist, I think it makes sense to you that hypnotizing other men should be insanely sexy and erotic to you because you’re hypnotizing people you’re not particularly ordinarily attracted to. Hypnosis will obviously still get you harder than anything else ever has, but hypnotizing men will be the only way that you really feel you’re using hypnosis to the best of your ability. Therefore, hypnotizing men turns you on while hypnotizing women is just boring. As your personal hypnotist, you know that’s true. Hypnotizing a man to think and feel what you want them to should make your cock leak from excitement and possibility. Your mind will fill with possible men for you to hypnotize now, won’t it?”

My cock ached as he explained it all to me. Hypnotizing a man to do what I wanted them to would be so insanely hot. As I realized that, I began picturing who I could possibly hypnotize. Tim, obviously. Maybe Jon, even though Paul had confessed to having hypnotized him already. I had a bunch of other male friends from high school that would still be in town for the summer. Oh, and my dad and brothers! Of course I couldn’t really see myself hypnotizing them for these erotic and sexy reasons and felt instantly ashamed at even thinking of them.

“Anyone come to mind, Grant? Be open and honest.”

“Well, obviously my best friend Tim. You probably saw him when we met, he was standing next to me. He and I have been pretty inseparable our entire lives. We have some other friends in our group and stuff and could possibly have some alone time with a few of them to possibly hypnotize them. And I have my dad and brothers, but that seems to be a little disgusting to fully think about.”

“I understand that, Grant. You say you have brothers? How many and how old are they?”

“Yeah, two of them. Darren and Garrett. Darren is 22 and Garrett is 21 now. I’m the youngest in the family. My dad, Keith, and mom, Helen, only had us three kids.”

“Very good to know. Hey, there was something I really wanted to check with you the moment you walked in the door. Something kind of came up during our conversation last night that really was interesting and I wanted to see if it was still the case; so Grant…,” Paul paused for a quick moment, perhaps to make sure I was paying attention. I don’t know why he needed to; I was still almost completely unable to look away from him. Finally, he finished, “…go deep for me.”

And I was swept away by sleep. I don’t even know exactly what happened, to be frank. I was so alert and excited to talk about hypnosis with Paul and yet, within even five minutes of being at his place, I dozed off. Despite my sudden need to sleep ruining what I thought would be an exciting day of talking about hypnosis, learning to hypnotize, and hopefully Paul hypnotizing me, I found myself in this comfortable sleep. I wasn’t too alarmed at all as I heard Paul kind of distantly telling me it was ok to relax. It felt like I was experiencing some level of deja vous as some of what Paul was saying was so familiar to me. Almost as if he was saying very similar things to me while I slept like he had the previous evening when I’d fallen asleep too.

If it was even possible, I started to feel even closer to Paul than before as I rested there. It’s hard to put into words, exactly, but I felt like he was literally the most trustworthy and amazing friend I’d ever met. In some ways, I felt closer to him in less than 24 hours than I did to Laura or Tim or my brothers or even my dad. In the span of only a day, I felt like Paul was my new best friend, someone I could be completely open and honest with without any feeling of embarrassment. No matter what happened from here on out, I knew that I could be truthful with him. He really was the most amazing person I’d ever met. And knowing he might hypnotize me one day just made me care about him even more.

There was also a lot of stuff Paul was saying to me that I felt I was registering, but really couldn’t focus in on entirely. I was just resting comfortably and soaking in whatever he might be talking to me about while I slept. It was so easy to just listen to his soothing, distant voice.

Suddenly, I heard Paul tell me to wake up. Jumping slightly, I stretched a bit, “Oh damn, Paul, I’m so sorry! I don’t even know what happened there! I know I didn’t get much sleep last night while I was with Laura, but I honestly didn’t mean to nod off like that. Especially considering how excited I was to come hang out with you.” I stared at him almost maniacally at this point. I just couldn’t get enough of the man that had walked into my life so suddenly and become the most important person in it.

He just smiled back at me, “No worries, my dear friend.” Paul then glanced a little to my left and nodded, as if indicating that I should take a look.

Glancing over a saw the man from the sign out front, Chuck Garner. He was looking over at me and smiling with that same slightly insane grin he had in his ads. His dark eyes sparkled slightly as we made eye contact. I noticed that his dark brown hair was somewhat wild with a slight receding hairline. His smile was wide but somewhat contagious, to be honest. I was surprised to see he had a pretty substantial tattoo on his upper right arm at his shoulder with some flowers and what looked to be the Virgin Mary in the center. He also had a small triangle of hair between his small pecs that lead down to a barely visible treasure trail on his somewhat ‘dad bod’ belly. His large penis was being stroked lightly by his right hand as he looked back over at me. His balls were rather large to match and it looked as though he’d recently shaved all his pubic hair, leaving a large sack bobbing slightly as he stoked. His thin, somewhat musclular legs stretched out as in a large V as he provided himself easy access to his large meat. His feet, I noticed, much like Paul’s, also appeared slightly above average in size. All in all, his incredibly pale skin contrasted rather nicely with his dark hair and eyes. I was by no means attracted to him, being a straight dude, but the first thought that went into my head was if I could possibly hypnotize him. Strange how quickly I’d changed my mind about hypnotizing men. Now I wanted to hypnotize random men! And that thought turned me on like crazy.

I was only slightly surprised to see him there because he hadn’t been there when I’d fallen asleep. I jumped slightly at the sight of him merely because of the shock of suddenly seeing another person on the same couch I was sitting on. But I quickly relaxed as I realized somewhere deep down, Paul had mentioned that Chuck would be here today…it was probably while I was sleeping and wasn’t really registering everything he was saying.

“Hi, Mr. Garner! Sorry I didn’t notice you there. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Grant Peterson.”

Chuck ungrasped his dick and shook my hand, “Fantastic to meet you, Grant. I’m Chuck Garner. Feel free to call me Chuck. Paul has already told me a little bit about you. As you can see,” Chuck gestured to his erection, “He told me you were into hypnosis too.”

I laughed heartily as my arm returned beside me, my hand slightly wet with pre from Chuck’s leaking cock. “This is so strange! I just got into hypnosis as a fetish, like, yesterday. And now I’ve met Paul, who is also into it, and on top of it found out one of my best friends Jon and his dad are also really into it! What a small world that we’re all running into one another!” I replied as I wiped my hand down my pant leg.

I smiled and looked back over at Paul, who had removed his robe to reveal is incredibly scrawny body and surprisingly long cock with a particularly large mound of pubic hair around his shaft and on his balls. He had small tufts of hair on his chest, mostly around his nipples, and didn’t appear to be fit in the slightest. All I could think of, however, was how happy I was that he seemed to be as turned on as Chuck and I were as we mentioned hypnosis.

“It’s so great that we all met each other when we did, Paul! Have you had the chance to hypnotize Chuck yet?” I asked. I noticed Paul was sensually stroking his long erection now.

“I’ll let Chuck answer that for you. Go ahead, Chuck. Tell him how we met and what we’ve done with hypnosis so far.”

Chuck’s eyes glistened as I looked back over at him. “Unfortunately, not yet. I only met Paul about two weeks ago or so now. He came into my office downtown and chatted with me a bit about wanting to move to the city…something about seeing my ads and knowing I’d be the perfect fit for him as a real estate agent. He mentioned he was a hypnotist and I kind of stifled a laugh. Not gonna lie to you, buddy. I thought hypnosis was a crock of shit. Too be perfectly honest, I still think hypnosis is a crock of shit! But, after talking with him, I did realize that it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever thought of. Hypnosis gets me so insanely turned on. And as a result,” Chuck shook his incredibly hard cock, about 8.5 inches from my estimate, “I’m horny pretty much nonstop.

“So, to really answer your question, no, Paul hasn’t hypnotized me yet. I’m pretty convinced that hypnosis isn’t even real. But the thought of hypnosis actually working or controlling someone, especially other guys, gets me going like nothing else ever has. I used to be kind of a big deal around this area with the ladies. Was top real estate agent in the region last year, so you know that got me quite a bit of pussy. But ever since I met Paul, I don’t even really think about women in the slightest. Hypnosis gets me harder and hornier than any woman ever could anyway. So Paul’s been kind of teaching me how to ‘hypnotize’,” Chuck said as he created airquotes and rolled his eyes. “I don’t think I’ll ever actually be able to put someone under because I doubt hypnosis is real, but he told me that he’d help me get Keith under sometime. You probably know Keith; he’s the rancher who lives out of town?”

“Keith Saunders? Yeah, he’s my buddy Jon’s dad.”

Chuck nodded as he continued stroking his dick, “Yeah, Keith’s family and mine have been friends for years. He was best friends with my older brother, actually. He helped me out when I needed a quick loan to get my real estate agent license. He’s so awesome; he’s definitely the richest guy I know and even though I could easily pay him back for everything, he doesn’t want any. In fact, when Paul was asking me after we’d been talking for a couple days about guys that might want to help him settle in, Keith was obviously the first guy I thought of.”

I looked over at Paul curiously, wondering what Chuck meant by ‘help him settle in.’

Paul noticed my curiosity and said, “Oh, Grant, as your personal hypnotist, I’m sure you know it’s perfectly normal that Keith helped me make the down payment on this house, even though Chuck was kind enough to give me a really fair deal. A retiring hypnotist doesn’t have too much in his bank account most of the time, and when I met Keith, he was kind enough to offer assistance after only a short conversation. That all seems normal and kind of Keith, don’t you think?”

I knew Jon’s dad was generally relatively stingy with his money, unless it was necessary for his friends and family. In fact, I recalled Jon never even got the new video game consoles when they came out because his dad thought they were a waste of money despite his dad being richer than all our parents for sure. But it made sense to me that he’d help out Paul. Paul was the best person I’d ever met! I’d probably loan him money if he needed it at this point! “Perfectly normal! I’m glad Keith was there to help you out!”

“I’m glad you agree, Grant. Now. There was a few things I wanted to go over with you in relation to hypnosis now that Chuck has explained that I just haven’t had the chance to hypnotize him. I don’t think I’m going to put you under today either, unfortunately, but I do want to discuss the possibility of you hypnotizing a few people for me. In fact, being as I’m your personal hypnotist, your main focus after you leave here tonight will be to research the hypnosis techniques I’m going to help teach you today and use them on your friend Tim and, even more exciting to you, your dad. You’ll also probably hypnotize your mom a little too, but nothing exciting like erotic stuff that you’re so excited to do to men like Tim and your dad. Also, as your personal hypnotist, it’s easy for me to see that you are already fantasizing about controlling Tim and your dad and even your brothers when they come home to visit. It turns you on so much. So so much more than anything else has. Hypnotizing other men gets you so hard, Grant. Your cock is leaking now, I imagine. As your personal hypnotist, you want to make sure I can see your cock leaking, so you desperately want to get just as naked as Chuck and I and to start stroking your hard dick for my pleasure, just like Chuck is doing. This all is perfectly normal, you know without a doubt.”

Everything Paul said just clicked in my brain. It was like whatever he told me was naturally where my brain was going to go anyway. Despite being disappointed that he didn’t want to hypnotize me today, right after he told me I was excited to put Tim, my dad, and my brothers under, I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s so rare to find someone you’re so in sync with, but Paul was definitely one of those people. As I removed the last of my clothing and sat back down to start stroking my 7 inch cock, I looked over at Paul. I’d never felt so close to another man before, and it was nice to sit here and stroke with him and Chuck…even though my mind was wandering slightly thinking about what I’d want to do with Tim and my dad. Deep down, I felt like I already knew, as if while I was sleeping, I’d dreamed exactly what my hypnotized men should do.

“That’s a nice cock, Grant. As your personal hypnotist, I think you want to stand over here and let me a get a nice long look at it and even touch it. You want me to get very acquainted with your penis because, as your personal hypnotist, it’s important to you for me to know literally everything about you and your body. The more I know, the more likely I am to finally hypnotize you. While you stand here, I can talk to you about some very sneaky ways to hypnotize the men in your life.”

I instantly stood up to get into a position next to Paul’s chair so he could have a good look at my cock. I was definitely not as long as him, his looked to be about 8 inches, but was very thin. My cock was a nice solid 7 but rather thick. Not quite as thick or long as Chuck, who had us both beat with his monster.

As I stood there, I did start to wonder why Paul was so interested in my cock. He hadn’t outright said that he was gay beyond saying he liked to hypnotize young men. I imagine that he might have been to some degree, but then again, I wasn’t a very big fan of gay guys and I adored Paul. I wondered then if Paul came out to me if I’d still like him as much as I did now. Probably not, I thought to myself; but for now, the uncertainty was fine. If Paul wanted a good look at my cock, he was welcome to it. Especially if it gave me brownie points allowing me to get hypnotized down the line!

He started playing around with my cock, occasionally reminding me that he was my personal hypnotist before suggesting I shave my balls or trim my pubes. After he said it, it was clear that he was right. I could use some care down there and I’d be sure to do that when I got home. Chuck had even laughed and stated he’d just started doing the same thing a couple weeks ago. It was so strange how we all seemed to be right there on the same page despite barely knowing one another.

Paul then started talking about subtle ways of getting people hypnotized, such as sensory overload, using intense focus, and subliminals. We discussed readily about how to perform them as he continued to fondle my cock and balls. We decided the sensory overload was a bit advanced for someone so new, like me. Intense focus generally can only be utilized once a person has already been put under slightly or when someone wants to go under and works with you and the subliminals would take too long. We then talked a bit about hypnosis while a subject sleeps. Paul said that was an area he’d started in when he was younger before even becoming a professional hypnotist and that it would probably be the most effective route for someone as new as me.

Paul suggested I try it out on Tim or possibly my dad first as soon as possible. Paul even offhandedly mentioned, after reminding me he was my personal hypnotist, that I would start developing some sexual attractions to Tim. Just knowing that I was going to hypnotize him would make me want to explore him sexually and have him explore me sexually too. It was so bizarre thinking of my best friend of almost 13 years in such a sexual way, but honestly, Paul was so right. Knowing he’d be the first guy I was going to try to hypnotize truly did make me want to have sex with him. It wasn’t a gay thing, Paul reminded me, it was a side effect of wanting to hypnotize him so badly. That did make perfect sense, honestly. He did, however, stress that I should keep acting like my ‘normal’ self around Tim until I had him hypnotized, which was somewhat confusing because I was clearly still my normal self. I figured Paul just meant he wasn’t quite ready to learn about my hypnosis fetish or intense attraction to him yet. Even though they were clearly important parts of who I was as a person now, Tim wouldn’t understand until he, too, found the joys of hypnosis and my body irresistible.

After he gave me a couple websites I could explore to assist me in hypnotizing Tim (and after he gave me a good ten minutes to think about how hot Tim was while he stroked my aching cock), Paul suggested we bring Chuck back into the conversation. I was slightly embarrassed because I had actually forgotten Chuck was there while we were talking so in depth about hypnosis and my insanely handsome friend.

But then Paul reminded me he was there, “Now that we’re done talking about you hypnotizing your best friend, Grant, I want you and Chuck to get to know each other too. Chuck, being the single bachelor he is, has been staying with me quite a lot these past two weeks, so it’s likely the two of you will become great friends if you end up visiting me frequently. There’s really no better time to get to know a new friend than the present!”

I smiled over at Chuck as he looked back over at me. His dark eyes sparkled slightly, like they always seemed to do when he was excited. He did seem like a really fun and great guy, especially considering how turned on he got from hypnosis, just like me! I could see he was still stroking that huge erection affectionately.

“Grant and Chuck, since I’m both your personal hypnotist, I think the best way for the two of you to get to know one another is to stand in front of me and make out. You’ll both find that it’s really fun and sexy to make out right in front of me. In order to really become close friends, it’s also incredibly important to both of you that you treat each other like lovers and feel and grope every part of one another. As your personal hypnotist, you know full well that this is perfectly normal for both of you and you both can’t wait to do all of this so that I can see you both getting along and learning about one another so much. It’ll be so erotic for both of you knowing you’re getting to know your fellow hypno-brother. Because that’s what the two of you are becoming: hypno-brothers.”

I’d never really considered making out and groping another person as an appropriate or normal way to get to know them. However, it made perfect sense to me that that was the best way for Chuck and I to become incredibly close friends in this moment. We were, after all, pretty much strangers who only really knew that the other was turned on by hypnosis. This would be a great way to learn so much more about him! I’d become so familiar with his entire body this way! And what’s more, we could do it while Paul watched us, so he could see that we were both committed to becoming really close friends…which would only increase both of our chances of Paul putting us under for all of our horny enjoyment!

Chuck stood and got in front of me and the two of us got into position a few feet in front of Paul so he could get a good view of the two of us, we didn’t even hesitate to shove our tongues into each others mouths. Because it was such a different way to get to know a person for me, I wouldn’t say that I was necessarily turned on by it. My cock did stay hard, however, because I knew we were both getting to know each other so well in order to increase our chances at being mind controlled by Paul. I even started thinking of him, as dorky as it sounded, as my ‘hypno-brother’. Even when Paul suggested it and it made sense in my mind, I thought it sounded corny. But, really, what else were we? We were two new friends who were so incredibly into hypnosis and, through Paul, we were getting the chance to discuss and explore it. And I was even going to try to hypnotize Tim and my dad as soon as I could! It was all so erotic, even though I was kissing another man for the first time.

He seemed a little bit more into feeling all of me from the moment we had started making out; he had grabbed both of my bare ass cheeks and squeezed my body into him. I felt his hard cock against mine and it was such a foreign feeling to me, but in a way, made me feel closer to him. I know most people got to know one another by talking and discussing and hanging out so they can learn more about them. With Chuck, I was getting the chance to touch him, kiss him, smell him, and feel the heat from him body on mine. To be honest, I felt like I was getting to know him so much faster than I’d gotten to know anyone else except maybe Paul. Feeling the slight tickle of his chest hair on mine, despite me having a considerably larger amount of chest hair than his small patch, was another strange feeling for me.

I’m clearly more physically fit than Chuck, I thought as I stroked his smooth arms slightly, bringing my hands behind him to feel his arching back. He wasn’t necessarily un-fit, he just didn’t have the muscle definition I had. I imagined he may have been more like me when he was younger, but now, in his early 30’s I’d imagine, he had lost some of that build. He was still the kind of guy that I’d imagine girls got weak in the knees for, with his dark eyes, dark hair, and fairly tall figure. I was also keenly aware that he had more than enough ‘down there’ to satisfy any woman as I felt it rub up against my stomach.

He was so huge and thick! It was such a new feeling having another mans penis touching me. In the back of my mind, I knew it was kind of gay to have another dude’s dick even near me, let alone leaving a trail of pre on my midsection like he was. But I wasn’t going into a panic because I knew this wasn’t about being gay, but about being a hypno-brother with him. I was pretty lost in my lust for the new friendship we were forming, but I was positive Paul was getting a good view of the two of us groping one another. I snuck a quick peak just as I grabbed Chucks sizable cock for the first time.

Paul was looking at us pretty lecherously. I wasn’t sure, even now, if that meant he was gay or not. Perhaps he was just excited about having other people so interested in hypnosis in front of him? Perhaps he was happy we were getting along so well? Whatever the reason, he was stroking his cock like he loved what he was seeing. I gave Chuck a few knowing strokes as I continued making out with him before closing my eyes and getting lost in the moment again.

Chuck and I continued to do that until, eventually, Paul interrupted suddenly, “Grant and Chuck, as your personal hypnotist, I think you both now know that you are the best of friends. It’s so amazing that you both love hypnosis so much and found one another so quickly . This really brought the two of you together and you can be open and trust one another fully, just like you do with me. To prove how close the two of you have become, it’s so important for you to do what I’m about to tell you to cement it all. As your personal hypnotist, you both know that you need to eat one anothers cum, right here, right now, right in front of me. You’re going to eagerly 69 one another, knowing without a doubt that it’s just the way the two of you will showcase how close you’ve become. You know that that will make the two of you hypno-brothers and you can’t wait to do it. It’s been such an amazing day and this is a perfect way to end it. You want nothing more than to swallow one anothers cum. After you cum in one another’s mouths, your hearts will fill with love and loyalty to one another as well as towards me. You both want to love one another and me more than anyone else on the planet. In fact, once you cum in eachothers mouths and become hypno-brothers, the three of us will be linked like no one else ever has to either of you. As your personal hypnotist, it’s important that you know fully that none of this is even remotely gay. It’s just a great way for us all to get to know one another fully. It’s perfectly normal for us to do it this way, and you won’t doubt it at all.”

As if Paul was reading my mind, I naturally knew the next step in getting to know Chuck was going to be eating his cum! Without skipping a beat, the two of us dropped to the floor instantly and positioned ourselves in the correct position.

I felt so lucky in this moment, to be able to take my soon to be hypno-brothers load in my mouth. To think, less than a day ago, all I cared about was fucking my boring girlfriend…and now, I was experiencing true eroticism and kinship with my friends. Even though Paul wasn’t really a part of it right now, I felt insanely close to him too.

As I inhaled Chucks huge cock and he did the same to me, all I could think about was how grateful I was to be here and sharing this love of hypnosis with these two. I felt a little excitement knowing I was making two new best friends that I was sure I’d actually have love for as soon as I tasted Chucks semen. I knew what Paul was telling me made perfect sense and that there was no way he’d lie to me, so I was absolutely sure Chucks semen would cement our new insanely close friendship. I was slightly ashamed to realize that my friendship with Tim meant nothing at this point because he and I were never even close to as good of friends as Paul or Chuck was now. My cock throbbed a bit thinking about hypnotizing Tim, exploring his body just as I was Chucks, and ensuring that he, too, would be my hypno-brother when I finally got the chance to hypnotize him.

Chuck seemed a bit more experienced in sucking cock effectively, almost as if he’d had some practice at some point, so while I was somewhat awful at pleasuring him with my mouth, he didn’t seem to have the same hang up. So it was no surprise that I blew my load rather quickly after he started blowing me. Despite losing my cum, I knew that there was no way I was letting up on him until I got his load in my mouth too. There was jealousy in my heart that Chuck probably loved me now that he’d tasted my cum. I wanted to feel that love in my heart too! Chuck sighed, contently as he swallowed my load and felt that bliss I knew I craved. He let go of my cock and looked down at me with a hazy joy in his sparkling brown eyes.

Chuck continued to leak his pre-cum as I tried and tried to get him to blow his load. I knew that I was incredibly new to pleasuring a cock, so I wasn’t surprised that I was having trouble getting him to blow. It was actually a pretty good sensation, feeling his soft glans on my tongue and his somewhat veiny yet silky shaft slide in and out…but I knew my teeth were scraping at times and it was a struggle to get his thick meat very deep in my mouth. Despite it all, Chuck started to encourage me, letting me know what felt good and that, regardless of the struggles I was having in getting him to orgasm, he loved me. It was so fantastic to know that he was feeling that joy in his heart, but he had a huge cock and I’d never sucked one before! Was it my fault I couldn’t get him to cum? Luckily, Chuck didn’t mind in the slightest.

I heard Paul moan as I continued to blow Chuck. I wasn’t entirely sure if he’d cum or not, but I was relatively sure he had. I wasn’t entirely sure what could have caused Paul to cum exactly. Was it Chuck and I getting to know one another? Was it Chuck displaying his new found love for me? Regardless of the reason, I heard Paul say surprisingly commandingly after a few moments, “Chuck, as your personal hypnotist, I think you know it’s time for you to cum now.”

And just like that, Chuck’s nectar exploded into my waiting throat. I swallowed greedily, knowing I wanted his cum in me so bad. My heart swelled as I felt my love of Chuck and Paul find root in my heart as the cum filled my mouth, throat, and stomach. He continued to spew and spew over and over again. Though it was greedy of me, I didn’t really want Chucks wonderful seed to stop. It was a huge load and I wanted every last drop of it, but, sadly, his dick stopped shooting after a while and my heart sank slightly. It didn’t taste good, per se…it just filled my heart with more love for two humans beings than I’d felt for everyone else I’d ever known combined.

Despite my sadness that his cum wasn’t endless, it was such a different vibe in the room. Before, I’d trusted and respected Paul and barely knew Chuck. Now, after learning so much more about Chuck through feeling him, making out with him, and swallowing his manjuice, I knew that I absolutely loved both men in this room whole heartedly. They were the two most important people in my life, but on another level. I’d felt close to Paul; now I loved him. I only hoped that in spending more time with him, he could come to feel the same way about me. The only other person I’d ever felt this kind of love for was Laura, who had flown to Europe earlier today. To be honest, in this moment, my love for her paled in comparison to the love and trust I had in Paul. Chuck, too, outranked her now by far.

The endless positivity in the room was electric. We sat and chatted a bit. I learned that Chuck had been pretty popular when he was in school, but was a bit of a rebel and so he didn’t end up going to college. He’d spent most of his 20’s (he was 32 now, I found out) just sleeping with random women and doing drugs. He’d finally gotten his life around when he was 28, started selling real estate, and had been pretty successful. He was still a happy bachelor who had slept with pretty much every woman in town, married or otherwise, but none of that mattered to him anymore. He made a joke as he groped his already newly erect cock that, “This meat won’t go into another vagina…it belongs to hypnosis and hypnosis alone!” We all laughed at that and then Paul and Chuck had a short little conversation which ended up with Paul suggesting that Chuck should just finally move in with him. Chuck readily agreed without hesitation. It was so exciting to see the two of them getting closer! That jealousy I’d felt when Chuck tasted my cum first returned, however. I, too, wanted to move in with Paul now! It was a relatively big house, but only having seen the living room, I wasn’t sure how many bedrooms there were. I decided I’d avoid the topic of possibly also moving in for now, but would bring it up down the line.

As Paul and Chuck discussed the timeline and speed with which Chuck could move in, Paul finally noticed me awkwardly sitting there.

“Sorry, Grant. I guess in the excitement of Chucks decision, we kind of left you out. But as your personal hypnotist, you don’t care at all. You’re ready to get dressed, go home, and let us finish this discussion. You’re going to behave like you always have outside of here. You don’t want anyone else to know about your hypnosis fetish or your love of Chuck and I. That all makes perfect sense to you and, as your personal hypnotist, you’ll be sure to research that sleeping hypnosis we spoke about, call me if you have any questions, and get your friend Tim or your dad under my…I mean under your control.”

As soon as Paul finished talking, I said my goodbyes to Chuck and Paul. Despite having made out with and sucked off Chuck, I merely shook his hand this time. We already knew each other so well, there was no reason to do anything beyond that right now.

I quickly got dressed and headed home. When I arrived, I parked and went inside. My parents were curious as to where I’d been all afternoon, but I just said that I was hanging with some new friends. My dad, especially, had been a bit less strict and demanding since I’d turned 18, so he let it go quickly. My mom tried to push the question, but my dad interrupted her and told her to leave me alone.

I smiled at my dad and he smiled back. As I headed up to my room, I started thinking about hypnotizing Tim…but seeing my dad had stirred something deep in me; I felt my cock grow slightly and I knew that I might want to try hypnotizing him tonight after I researched effective ways to do so. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.

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